Boxer blogs my encounter with the leaders of my wife’s coven(church)

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Boxer assesses the situation

Boxer gives a good insightful assessment of my recent encounter with the elder board at my wife’s church.  Boxer, while far from being a Christian, understands the situation all too well.

4 thoughts on “Boxer blogs my encounter with the leaders of my wife’s coven(church)

  1. Purely anecdotal here, but I cannot help but shake the impression that in life right now, women OUTSIDE the Church do a better job at living to the standards/code of conduct than do women INSIDE the Church. ‘Daughter of the ONE true King!’ sass is another notch in the belt on the entitlement checklist that pagans cannot claim. The white knights of the modern Church aid and abet, no question about it. Nothing wins more earthly righteous points than a good, clean-shaven Church man sniffing out that badly-behaved, non-repenting sinner! He dared disrespect that daughter of the ONE true King!

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  2. I have noticed that also. Christian women expect and demand forgiveness for their willful disregard for their husbands, even while they remain unrepentant. While the women of the world, without such churchian misleading, seem to operate off of pragmatism. While a churchian wife will deprive her husband of sex, and expect her church and the Bible will keep her husband faithful to her and loving. Many women of the world, are under no such delusion, and realize that if they aren’t going to put out, they should move out, because they’ve already chosen to end any chance of the relationship being good for both of them. My wife has a sister who claims to believe in “New Age” instead of Christianity, and she is far more respectful of her husband and submissive to him than her supposedly Christian sister.


  3. Pragmatic. This is correct, you put the label (word) on it that I was missing.

    I wonder, as a mid-30s male, if a bride still exists for me that she isn’t outside of the Church. If she has a teachable spirit (not exclusive to Christians) and aligned values/morals (but not Faith), she has the tools to follow me in life and establish herself before the Creator. I’d rather a woman who takes ownership of the home, gives up the V with regularity than one of these borderline obese church-goers who spends more time at her women’s ministry events than with her husband. The former may well ‘come around’ to Christ where the latter will always treat housework and sex like chores. Hell, do those Ukrainian mail bride services still exist? I’d set up a contract and treat marriage just like a business deal at this point.

    “I love God!” Yes, sweetheart, but you’re a land whale. Clearly you have no discipline.
    “I love the gym!” Yes, sweetheart, but you have no substance. You need a walk with your Creator.
    ‘Equally yoked’ has proven impossible. At mid-30s, it’s just a numbers game at this point.

    Pragmatic. Thank you for this word.

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  4. Hell, do those Ukrainian mail bride services still exist?

    Well, if your bride doesn’t speak a word of English, it might make it somewhat harder for the churchians to poison her mind against you.

    I’d set up a contract and treat marriage just like a business deal at this point.

    Like how it was a deal between the fathers back in patriarchal times. If only we could. Our court systems have gone way out of their way to invalidate any sort of prenuptial contract or anything that would hold a woman to performing her end of any deal.


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