Hello, world!

LOL!   I think I’ve been to their church a few times.

Welcome friends!

I’m just experimenting with my blog right now, and I’ll probably make plenty of mistakes, so for now, feel free to post a comment about anything that comes to your mind, we’ll discuss it.  Any tips or pointers or preferences on operating the blog would be appreciated also.  Feel free to argue and rant and abuse any others who show up.  I don’t have a policy page up yet, but just follow WordPress’s policy about specific threats of violence.(they don’t approve) Keep them vague.  Feel free to try out the features.  If I have any features?  I didn’t pay a cent for anything yet.  See if you can post photos, or videos.  Preferably entertaining ones if in fact you can post them.  Also feel free to post self gratuitous links to your own stuff, and mention if you’d like me to link to your blog or hate-site, or whatever you’re pushing.  Stuff may take a while to post initially until I get your first post greenlighted.  I look forward to getting some of this blog administration stuff figured out, and getting on to becoming a rock of offence, stuck in the Feminists’ craw.

7 thoughts on “Hello, world!

  1. Welcome to the big time, Blog Author Sharkly!

    “Any tips or pointers or preferences on operating the blog would be appreciated also.”

    It’s all about the content. What do you have to say and with what kind of style? What makes you different from all the other blogs? Experiment without mercy as you start up. Mistakes are most easily forgiven and forgotten at the beginning. You might not end up where you’d expect. I started out as a specifically Protestant Manosphere blog, I thought there was a need for one and there probably was, but I ended up doing mostly physiognomy, “the rest of the story” & true crime.

    Fisking others’ content allows me to post frequently. Few bloggers are both original and high-volume. I can only think of the Z-Man at the moment. Dalrock does one or two analytic posts a week while Vox Day does several per day that are little more than headlines. You might start out by writing responses to other bloggers’ posts when you have more to say than a simple comment can express.

    “See if you can post photos, or videos.”

    Linkage is always great but pics & vids that aren’t stored on your own site are the most common form of bit rot. Hmm, I should take my own advice and back up those youTube cop videos. The Goolag won’t host films of police capping their political allies forever.

    What’s up with your URL? It doesn’t roll off the tongue.

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  2. Thanks, Gunner Q,
    That sounds like good advice. I didn’t pay a cent, so that URL is just the domain name WordPress gave me for free. I guess I don’t own it. Could somebody bump me off of it later, since I haven’t paid for it?
    I guess it wouldn’t be too bad to lose my site, this early on. Are there some things that I should spend the money to get? I was once advised to just start out completely free.


  3. “Could somebody bump me off of it later, since I haven’t paid for it?”

    Not really. I’d merely wondered if there was any significance to the code, as with Boxer’s address.

    If you leave WordPress for any reason then your site URL will be forced to change. I originally made gunnerq.wordpress.com to facilitate my commenting but when I went full blog, I paid for gunnerq.com (plus storage space and no advertisements) so that if I ever have to change hosts, it won’t create years’ worth of dead links for everybody. Turns out that my posts are rarely linked to anyway.

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  4. OMG, Dude. Get some counseling!
    You rant on and on about your wife and then say you love her. Every other word is “cunt” and then you throw Scripture on top of it. God is SO pleased with that.
    You had to have supervised visits with your kids and your paycheck is garnished but you did nothing wrong??? Your evil wife is divorcing you for no reason? And when she submits fully to you you’ll stop her contributions to her cunt- worshiping church? You actually think she’s going to submit to you at all? Hahaha! Good luck.
    Love your post on obesity; I actually agree with some of it but where’s the mention of the guys with the 40 pound beer gut? You know, the ones who whine that their wives won’t submit to their demands for sex everyday?
    And really classy way to approach your wife’s church….you’re lucky you’re not locked up.
    Get some help. Stop misusing Scripture on this pathetic blog.
    Whine, whine, whine. What a victim.
    Grow the hell up.

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  5. You don’t like the word “Cunt”, huh. LOL That’s exactly why I use it. Of all the words to speak of the female sex, it seems to have the worst connotation. I’m quite intentionally taking your goddess’s name in vain just to be an affront to those with Feminist leanings. Perhaps I need a warning on my site, that some folks will get triggered.
    Your synopsis of some of my situation is correct. I was denied access to my kids for quite a while, more than half of my wages are garnished, and I have been divorced for no-fault. It seems like you can’t imagine a sinful woman ever doing a good man wrong. And there has been plenty more stuff to make a man mad. My situation is quite trying, however, I’m enduring and overcoming and trying to live as I believe God would have me live.
    I’m glad you liked the post about obesity. For whatever reason it is trailing far behind the other posts in terms of people who open it up. I don’t know if the picture disgusts people, or if folks just don’t like to be told to deny themselves and be more self controlled. I didn’t intend the post on obesity to only apply to females, guys with a 40 pound beer gut certainly need to take better care of their “temple” as well. I bet if their wives did submit to their demands for daily sex, they’d have a more positive outlook and would likely be better motivated to take command of their diet. Many people eat to soothe or comfort themselves. I bet for some, it takes a lot of junk food to comfort their way back to contentment after repeatedly being sexually rejected.
    So far I’m on the loose. LOL But I wouldn’t be afraid to be locked up or even martyred for my beliefs, and that day may come. Feel free to point out where I’m misusing scripture, and tell us what it really means. I enjoy discussing God’s word.


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