The Sin of Obesity


Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

We live in deranged times where sensible thinking has become rare.  Evil is called good, and good is called evil.  One of the bizarre offshoots of Feminism is the “Fat Acceptance” movement.  The deluded adherents of “Fat Acceptance” vilify all people’s well meaning attempts to point out, the truth, that obesity is unhealthy, and degrades a person’s options in life, labelling it as “fat shaming”.  The Bible speaks against gluttony and it has been categorized by some, as one of the “Seven Deadly Sins”.  I won’t go into the overwhelming evidence that obesity is unhealthy and leads to the worsening of many other health problems, but, rest assured, there is more evidence about the ill health effects of obesity, than a person could read in a lifetime.  Perhaps the Feminist Fat Acceptance movement has adopted the slogan: “If you can’t be a man, be a manatee“.

Our churches also teach a false view of what love is.  They teach as though love is giving license, overlooking opportunities for correction, and avoiding any discipline of others at all cost.  We are taught that love is “being nice”, even when a person would benefit far more from being corrected.  And we are lectured that offering others correction, is mean, antagonistic, divisive, and unloving.

Perhaps this is part of how we come to find ourselves in the midst of an obesity epidemic.  And I believe that obesity is actually worse among church attendees.

1 Corinthians 6:19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?

The Bible calls us to be good stewards of the bodies God has given us.  The bodies of redeemed Christians are in fact temples of God’s Holy Spirit.  We should honor God by taking care of the bodies He has given us, and by requiring good bodily upkeep from those whom we have been given charge over.  It is our duty, in love, to lead others to respect their own bodies and to keep them as fit tools for God’s service.

What is obesity, if not proof of a long term failure to avoid gluttony?  Do you become obese by inhaling too much air?  Or do we already know that it comes from eating too much calorie filled food and drink?

Is it loving to let Feminist inspired fatties deceive themselves?  Is it loving to let them babble about health excuses, while they’re eating in excess of their current metabolic rate?  Many claim they’re obese due to various health issues, but do those issues actually keep them from eating less?  Have they fasted and prayed for deliverance from their gluttony?  Obviously not enough!  They choose to indulge in gluttony, while the church approves, and accepts even the silliest of excuses for their undeniable bulk, stored up from an extended period without godly self-control over their appetite, and their lust for food.  They are, in effect, carrying around a huge burden of sin, which is weighing them down.  And the churches appear completely blinded to this sin of routine gluttony.  The apostate church leaders are blind guides!  Their churches are full of every kind of sin, because they, the shepherds, are blind and lost as well.  Open your eyes!  Those manatees are missing the mark, they are not living self-controlled, as God intends.  The churches are apostate, a “great whore”, a bloated and perverted mimic of God’s remnant, the bride of Christ, that endeavors to willingly follow His whole word.  The members of the Great Whore are full of wickedness and self indulgence.  While the fat of the followers may be a smaller issue, it is an enormous visible sign of their disregard and irreverence for their Creator and His holy guidance to avoid gluttony and all other sins.


  • Yo Momma is so fat, last time she wore high heels, she struck oil!
  • Yo Momma is so fat, the KFC cashier asked, “What size bucket?” and yo momma said, “The one on the roof.”
  • Yo Momma is so fat, kids jog laps around her for exercise.
  • Yo Momma is so fat, she has more rolls than a bakery.
  • Yo Momma is so fat, bears have to hide their food when she goes camping.
  • Yo Momma is so fat, she brought a spoon to the Super Bowl.

3 thoughts on “The Sin of Obesity

  1. They’re fat only because of how men treat them. It such hard work always trying to please men, (as if that’s what they are doing).
    My wife laid on the couch all weekend and then said it was my fault because a question I asked her made her feel like loser.
    So Sharkly, your premise is incorrect, there is no sin of gluttony, at least for women, there are only abusive or aloof men, that cause the obesity.


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