Sexual Mysticism

What is the spiritual component of human sexual behavior?

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Rasputin ~ Sexual Mystic “holy man”                   File source:

Mystical definition:  having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

Once again, Jack, over at Σ Frame, has stirred me to think new thoughts. In his recent post “How is illicit sex related to one’s spiritual state?” Jack relates; having the experience of falling in love, bonding, and feeling accepted and blessed as a result of humbly opening his heart while engaging in illicit sexual encounters.  Seemingly, Jack is wondering at the mystical aspects of sexual union.

Jack isn’t the only one who thinks sexuality is spiritually charged.  In the unintentionally funny video below, Ms. Tylor shares some NSFW explanation of her sexual mysticism and also basically describes becoming an “Alpha Widow”, without using the term.

The Bible warns extensively about sexual immorality, not just forbidding it, but also saying that in spite of the fleeting pleasure, it changes us negatively and irreversibly.  There is a significant lasting spiritual component to the acts of disobedience against God’s commands.  The illicit sex mystically impacts both our spirit and body, and so God warns us of the imperceptible damage being done.

1 Corinthians 6:15 Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? Never! 16 Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body with her? For, as it is written, “The two will become one flesh.” 17 But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. 18 Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. 19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Recently reformed Pick Up Artist Roosh V. speaks of the fruitlessness of illicit sex:

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fornicate, fornicating, traveling to more effectively fornicate, and writing over a million words about fornication. What did I learn from all that? It’s an experience that gets more dull with repetition, like any other experience. However, it also leaves you with a massive hangover where you find yourself at a loss. What was the point of all that? Is there anything I’ve truly gained? What lasting glory have I achieved? If I wasn’t a writer, I would have nothing to “show” for my efforts besides memories that are as likely to make me cringe as give me happiness.”

Roosh’s eventual conclusion is now reminiscent of King Solomon’s similar statements of the vanity of such consuming pursuit of fleshly pleasure.

However, when reserved completely for marriage, sex between virgins has the divine ability to bond just them together into one flesh and to be a source of exclusive intimacy between them, unspoiled and incomparable, in reward of their obedience.   Statistical evidence shows the greater holding power of this unspoiled mystical bond against the marriage wrecking forces of our current culture.  Our children need every possible advantage in their marriages.  As parents we should make sure they know about, and get, this divinely revealed dividend of sexual immaculacy.

5 thoughts on “Sexual Mysticism

  1. There was a LOT to unpack in that video.
    All I heard from that ramble was a woman who hates men because she was loose with herself. Woman… still projecting blame. Does Woman know responsibility, maturity?

    She uses ‘ho’ ‘whore’ ‘dog’ to describe loose men. She also reduces Man to his sexual organ. She’s clearly interested in belittling Man, not understanding no man gives a damn. Trying to invert the negatively-charged, high-connotation terms we use for a loose woman and employ them on a man never works. (She also demeans women as ‘prostitutes’ if they are ‘ok’ with the power of sex, especially the power over women that sex has- described further in my 4th paragraph.)

    Reading between the lines, she’s extremely attached to the soul-filling pleasure a woman extracts from a man. She speaks as if she is due this pleasure. In multiple examples she demonstrates not having it on the regular. It has clearly given rise to her anger. Now, she’s trying to shame man into commitment into both out-of-the-bedroom interaction and secured in-the-bedroom interaction. Hilarious if it weren’t tragic.

    Yes, intercourse is designed to be soul-filling. Next to salvation, sex is God’s greatest gift.
    Yes, a woman ‘crumbles into’ a man during intercourse. It’s called pair-bonding, or an element there-of. “That will actually bind her”. Yes! And for the women who aren’t loose, would have it no other way! (Hell, even the loose ones would have it no other way, they just loathe life when their regular becomes their not-regular. Hence, your described ‘alpha widow’.)
    None of this is in error. It is intended for good.

    Great conclusion of toting her own whistle at the end. She complains about men (to another woman! great target audience) then builds herself up with her academic achievements. In the history of mankind, no one cared about academic milestones other than as a symbol of projected ability to provide. Even less so for a woman. No man values a woman for her income nor degrees. Classic feminism.

    For the women who are trafficked, sell themselves into the sex trade due to extreme poverty (ref: Venezuela), I am saddened. I must believe God will not judge them harshly. For the women who have had a protective home and every opportunity at life, who CHOSE to slut around…

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  2. Also, what is up with women and rhyming?
    “If you’re gonna earn your man, you gotta learn your man” … proceeds to speak of nothing pertaining to ‘earning’ a man for 10 minutes.
    “You were man enough to lay, but not man enough to stay” (ref: hit it and quit it).
    “You need your Bo-az, not your Po’-az, Broke-az…” (ref: daughter of the one true King)
    etc etc.

    Women love poetry. It doesn’t need to have any sort relation to the topic at hand. Bonus points if it’s void of meaning altogether.


  3. There was a LOT to unpack in that video.

    That is quite an understatement. And for some reason I found the concluding statement by the large woman who happens to be Alexyss’ mother, who also happens to be an ordained minister of some silly sort, to be incredibly funny, even though I’m sure she meant to be serious. I also just discovered that the mother abused her own son to death. Wow! And she apparently used to abuse alexyss also. Other sites describes alexyss as not only being a “rape baby”, but also as “a firestorm of dysfunction.” Apparently she had An incredibly dysfunctional upbringing, and is to be pitied.

    I’d like to unpack some of what she said, but first, I’d really like to hear a woman try to unpack some of it, and see what they get, and perhaps don’t get. Alexyss gets some things right, but she also gets some things exactly backwards wrong, like she seems to have figured out parts of some men’s rationale, far better than she understands her own rationale. If any men or women want to take a shot at giving us some more analysis, I would greatly appreciate that, and might be able to springboard off of that then. I’d really be curious to know if others see, what I see.


  4. Okay, I’ll try to unpack. I’ll play the part of June Cleaver in the movie Airplane. Gentlemen, I speak Jive, and I can translate for you.

    “If you want to earn a man, you have to learn a man.” Here she is not really talking about earning anything. She simply means that in order to be in a relationship with a man, or get a commitment from him, you have to understand men. I disagree that women in general talk this way and like to rhyme. This woman is talking in a particular cadence and tone, reminiscent of a Black preacher. I have also seen Black male preachers on TV talk this way with the rhyming, so it is not particular to women. She never really explains the “earn a man, learn a man” idea because the hypothetical woman in her story already has a husband, and a good one at that. So I think this was just meant to be a catchy opening phrase.

    By the way, this video should come with a parental advisory. Definitely not appropriate to watch around the kids. This woman is vulgar. I’m embarrassed on her behalf.

    I don’t think that she is trying to shame men by using the terms “ho” or “whore.” Her intended audience is women, particularly Black women, so her message was not directed at men. She is using language that her intended audience can relate to. And she was specifically talking about a particular kind of man. You might call him Chad. And while the woman is responsible for her own actions, Chad is not exactly a good guy. He has no qualms about having sex with another man’s wife. She also praises the beta provider in her story for being a good man, so she is not saying that all men are like that.

    As for her overall message. She tells a story of a hypothetical woman who has become addicted to sleeping with an attractive man (Chad), or men, and then she cheats on her husband with Chad, who would have sex with her but wouldn’t give her a commitment of marriage. The hypothetical woman has either cuckolded her husband during the marriage while cheating, or perhaps she brought the children into the marriage from a previous relationship. Either way the beta provider is raising and providing for children who are not biologically his own.

    When she calls women prostitutes, I don’t think she is trying to demean women. She is literally talking about women who have sex with men for money and how they don’t get attached to their clients. This was in contrast to a woman who has sex with a man whom she is very attracted to, and she becomes very emotionally attached to him. She uses very graphic language to discuss how a man might talk to a woman while having sex with her, at a moment when she is particularly vulnerable to him, in a way that psychologically brings her under submission to him. She discusses how it would be especially emotionally painful if she experienced that psychological submission, giving him ownership of her, and then he bails on her for another woman. At times it is not clear if she is really talking about a hypothetical woman, or if she is actually talking about herself.

    Experiencing this deep emotional attachment and submission is an amazing experience in the context of marriage. It’s incredibly damaging to a woman when it happens outside of marriage.

    And that’s all June Cleaver has to say on the matter.

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  5. Welcome Housemouse! And thanks for playing along.
    The jive scene in the movie ‘airplane’ was hilarious.

    By the way, this video should come with a parental advisory. Definitely not appropriate to watch around the kids.

    Above the video it says NSFW that means Not Safe For Work. If it shouldn’t be watched at work in front of other adults, I’d definitely recommend not watching it in front of your children. Sorry if you are finding this out too late, and the little ones are still asking to see you bend like a pretzel.

    Here are some quotes. Alexyss says:
    “She’s gotta man beside her, he’s a good provider. But he’s not hittin’ the walls and workin’ the middle, like that Dawg she havin’ that sneaky sex with.”
    She’s going to be hooked, and think that that’s love, or at a deeper root level she’s going to become sexually, emotionally, and mentally attached.
    That woman will still sneak and get that ‘Penis Power’.
    If we’re hooked on the ‘Penis Power’ and this man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silvers. And that plate whut $2.99?
    We have to see what our issue is. Because a man like that don’t respect a woman.
    But because you’re so hooked on him, and hooked on the ‘Penis’ you will sacrifice and sell yourself out.
    When your real man, that don’t have the same ‘Penis Power’ is handling all the expenses. So a woman thinks she’s getting over, and oh that’s the best sex, but she’s really playin’ herself, and he’s playin’ her.
    With a penis all up in yo vagina, Man! you don’t have no defenses. Unless you just really are thinking, this is not about a love experience, this is about a money experience …
    But when a woman’s really likin’ this man, and she’s feelin’ him and what he’s doing, especially if she’s sneaking around wit him and he has nothing to give her, and her man is treating her better than he is, he has already got her defenses down where she is very weak.
    I’m very upset about being made a fool out of.
    Then Alexyss’ mom says:
    All this Power comin’ at ya, then a girl ain’t got a chance. So I’m going to have to stay prayed up.

    While I’ve only ever had sex with my wife, I think she is pretty representative of women. She seems to not have a lot of feeling for or awareness of what goes on deep in her vagina. Unless I really bash her cervix, she doesn’t seem to know exactly what I’m doing, or unless I go too far into the posterior fornix and overstretch her causing pain. Even then, she doesn’t seem to know exactly what happened. I’ve also noticed that the exact same mechanical motion that she really liked one time might fail to “work” the next time when her mood or mental state is different. As though my “Penis Power” rating had suddenly fallen, even though I know in reality the change all happened between her ears. And guess what! I’m better at make-up sex than other kinds. LOL Apparently after I’ve stood up to her in an argument, she gains a temporary bit more respect for me, and that gets her off like crazy. But if I try to explain it, she will deny it and claim I was somehow doing something way better.

    It seems to me that the ethereal “Penis Power” is just an imagined mental device, to absolve this woman of responsibility for her changing feelings and disloyal choices. I assume Alexyss’ “hypothetical”(autobiographical) woman slept with her “good man” lots before she married him. I assume she initially respected him and consequently he had plenty enough of this “Penis Power” to satisfy her promiscuous self when she agreed to be married to him for the rest of their lives. While Alexyss is right, that not all penises are created equal, I’ve got to assume that most men could hit the walls and work the middle.
    So Alexyss’ “good man” gradually loses his “Penis Power” as she emotionally and mentally detaches from him and becomes un-hooked, as she loses respect for him. New men that she now sees as more Alpha than him, and cheats with seemingly have more “Penis Power”. She becomes sexually, emotionally, and mentally attached to them, or hooked. Her good provider who is handling all the expenses gets her disdain because he is reduced to paying for her sex, she now has a defense to his “Penis Power”, and that defense is not seeing his sex as a love experience, but as a marital transaction, like a hooker earning her money. Alexyss is drawn to men who don’t “respect” her as an equal partner. Actually she is drawn to men who respect themselves far more than her. While she imagines her “good man” is transacting sex for his provision, causing her to see him as a pathetic ‘John’ who has to buy any sex he gets. All protestations aside, the dawg’s “penis Power”(her respect) went through the roof when he wouldn’t even buy her the $2.99 fast food shrimp, for her sex. The guy who respects himself so much that he refuses to give her anything for sex, because the way he sees it, she’s lucky to be getting bent over and spanked by him, that’s the guy who knows how to hit all the right spots, and work all the right angles now. She could have the same thing perpetually with her good man, if she would humbly choose to reelevate her level of respect that she let erode, and see him as a god again. But a new man is always granted more respect than the old man, and thus is far more thrilling.
    So is she just a disloyal ho, who is disrespecting a good man?
    No, Voila! Its “Penis Power”, and the new man always has more of it. /S
    The hypothetical woman is “playing herself”. Yet Alexyss is very upset that some mystical “Penis Power” was used to make a fool of her. A girl ain’t got a chance! It’s Jesus fault this dawg seduced me into bed with his “Penis Power”, I was even prayed up! It seems to me that she doesn’t want to take responsibility for reverencing a dawg instead of her good man, so the magic “Penis Power” is her explanation. It couldn’t be that a woman’s diminished respect for her sex partner leads to diminished desire and diminished sexual response. /S


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