Down the cuckoldry rabbit hole and you’re into the church basement.


So I’m exploring WordPress Reader, and it recommends an oddball post about the “science” behind cuckoldry.  And it piqued my curiosity because that is something that I sure as hell don’t understand.  Well, Sharkly bit the bullet, and read through it for you.   It was written by a slut who cuckolds her husband and claims to be a sex therapist who helps other couples enter into this same kind of cuckolding.  Firstly there really wasn’t any “science” cited, although she does repeatedly allude to “primate studies” as she profusely illustrates her post with pictures of Black men.  The pictures and article were such that even I won’t link to it. LOL   But it gets worse.  I tried to read some of this authors other articles on the subject, but my porn filter blocked all but one of them, so I’ll just address the two posts I was able to read.  This deluded slut uses speculation based upon her very non-standard view of evolution theory to arrive at the conclusion that wives should have a sex deprived Beta husband, who provides for and protects them, while the wives should also enjoy emotionally meaningless sex with a number of well hung studs.  The kicker is that the wife has to get the Beta husband onboard in order to keep a “good” marriage going with him.  While all of it was debauched, evil, and destructive to the family, there were some things that jumped out at me.

She firmly believes that women have higher sex drives than men.(likely the personal anecdotal evidence of a female sex addict, her insistence on the emotional meaninglessness of the outside sex is also a hallmark of sex addiction)  She believes that Patriarchy has perverted and inverted our sex roles, by keeping women monogamous.

The bomb drop ~ Step one to becoming a cuck!

Although she doesn’t give away her whole professional method for converting couples to cuckoldry, she does state that women dominate their husbands via sexual denial, and the first step to cuckoldry is getting the husband to willingly accept his wife’s denial of sex.   Wow!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’ve heard that shit preached in church!   I’ve had that turd flung at me in “Christian marriage counselling”.

She says: Fortunately my husband does not see me as a “fallen woman”. On the contrary, he puts me on a pedestal. My husband considers me to be a white, blonde, Greek Goddess, and the more extramarital interracial sex I have, the more he adores and admires me.

In the comments she says:  It would be a big step in the right way if we could have a matriarchal society structure again so that a woman would be free to be intimate with other men if she wants to. 

regarding her cuckolded husband:

No, he believes that he is mortal – and that I am a Goddess.

And there you have it!   The church forces men to let their wives deny them sex with lame excuses.  The ‘great whore’ stole from men the exclusive image of God, and instead deifies women as men’s superiors.  Converting churchmen into ready cuckolds to slutty wives.  Our churches are a polluted fat whore, not the bride of Christ!

Eject!  Eject!  Eject!

3 thoughts on “Down the cuckoldry rabbit hole and you’re into the church basement.

  1. I have a question I’m hoping you are able to answer… God says that men are “fallible and easily tempted”, and must be kept satisfied in a marriage to counteract their natural lack of self-control. Why then, is it appropriate to ridicule a woman who has, with the blessing of her husband, acted on desires very similar to those of men? It seems to me that in calling her a slut and a whore, you are inadvertently calling all men the same, since god acknowledges their desire to perform sexual acts outside of marriage, and the only inhibitor of this behaviour is the efforts of their wives. Also, I’d love to speak more on your opinion on submissive intimacy in a Christain marriage, curious to know your thoughts.


  2. Thomas Doll,
    The way I view morality, much of it is fixed. Adultery is always wrong, even if a woman’s husband approves of it. Now “paper or plastic” at the grocery store, may be a morally neutral choice, for a woman, unless her husband has said to her to only get the plastic bags, for his sake. Then it would be a sin for her to willfully defy that. Yes, anybody who commits adultery could be called a “whore” or a “slut” although those terms are generally considered feminine. There are male equivalent terms. I’m not inadvertently shaming these men also, it is intentional. Men who behave immorally debase themselves and all men to some degree. It is appropriate and even loving to shame men and women for immorality, in hopes of dissuading them from further incurring the wrath of God upon themselves. A wife isn’t the only thing preventing a man from committing adultery, there is also his self-control, which is a “fruit of the Spirit”, there is the fear of God, there is the societal shaming from folks like myself who value virtue and have contempt for immorality, and there is the fear of STDs and vengeful mates, and other factors also.

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “submissive intimacy in a Christian marriage”, but, I do feel like when my wife is submissive, that is very endearing to me, and allows for intimacy, whereas I am distanced by her willful defiance. Some men may like episodes of female domination, but I am certainly not one of them. However, I don’t mind my wife expressing her desires, or even if she demanded sex, since it is God’s will that I give it to her when she desires it, within reason.(1 Corinthians 7:2-5)


    You are batting a thousand& hitting it out of the park with this post!

    Juvenal, though a pagan, captured the spirit of the modern fmeinistes chruchians!!!
    Juvenal wrote, “But most intolerable of all is the woman who as soon as she has sat down to dinner commends Virgil, pardons the dying Dido, and pits the poets against each other, putting Virgil in the one scale and Homer in the other. The grammarians make way before her; the rhetoricians give in; the whole crowd is silenced: no lawyer, no auctioneer will get a word in, no, nor any other woman; so torrential is her speech that you would think that all the pots and bells were being clashed together. Let no one more blow a trumpet or clash a cymbal: one woman will be able to bring succour to the labouring moon! 48 She lays down definitions, and discourses on morals, like a philosopher; thirsting to be deemed both wise and eloquent, she ought to tuck up her skirts knee-high,49 sacrifice a pig to Silvanus,50 and take a penny bath.51 Let not the wife of your bosom possess a special style of her own; let her not hurl at you in whirling speech the crooked enthymeme! Let her not know all history; let there be some things in her reading which she does not understand. I hate a woman who is for ever consulting and poring over the “Grammar” of Palaemon,52 who observes all the rules and laws of language, who quotes from ancient poets that I never heard of, and corrects her unlettered 53 female friends for slips of speech that no man need trouble about: let husbands at least be permitted to make slips in grammar! There is nothing that a woman will not permit herself to do, nothing that she deems shameful, when she encircles her neck with green emeralds, and fastens huge pearls to her elongated ears: there is nothing more intolerable than a wealthy woman. Meanwhile she ridiculously puffs out and disfigures her face with lumps of dough; she reeks of rich Poppaean 54 unguents which stick to the lips of her unfortunate husband. Her lover she will meet with a clean-washed skin; but when does she ever care to look nice at home? It is for her lovers that she provides the spikenard, for them she buys all the scents which the slender Indians bring to us. In good time she discloses her face; she removes the first layer of plaster, and begins to be recognisable. She then laves herself with that milk for which she takes a herd of she-asses in her train if sent away to the Hyperborean pole. But when she has been coated over and treated with all those layers of medicaments, and had those lumps of moist dough applied to it, shall we call it a face or a sore?” –The Ways of Women Satire 6.

    Also this fellow for some reason is never quoted by feminazian-churchians or whore goddess-worshippers either!
    “…one of the chief charms of woman lies precisely in the fact that they are dishonourable, i.e., that they are relatively uncivilized. In the midst of all the puerile repressions and inhibitions that hedge them round, they continue to show a gipsy spirit. No genuine woman ever gives a hoot for law if law happens to stand in the way of her private interest. She is essentially an outlaw, a rebel, what H. G. Wells calls a nomad.”
    – H.L. Mencken

    Yet we are still told by countless fools like jonah goldberg&even this fool woman that so many foolish men would happily worship! will happily tell godly alphas like ourselves that same supposedly ”godly”&”science” backed goddess-crap!

    Their like some churchian fools I ran into a while back who thought they knew how to be godly alphas better than the real deal too!
    Heres some more from this ”goddess” that fools worship!
    ”Here is something I have learned since becoming a wife and a mom. I, as the woman, am the keeper of all knowledge. I love it when my husband offers to help. Until five minutes later. This is when I realize, that although his intentions are good, he is incapable of actually helping with anything more than sitting in front of the TV with the child.”

    THAT sort of sounds like those same unmanly churchians I ran into months ago again!Who say men are not profficiently prepared for ”real women” like
    their own unmanly selves without proper&befitting goddess gina&butt -begging&monkey-dances that fools love to do for ‘hos!

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