5 thoughts on “Mike Adams’ Latest Rant is 100% Awesome.

  1. Good find. His very sporadic writing at Townhall.com the past two years was becoming very frustrating.
    It’s the same guy? I clicked on his name, but it didn’t show a picture or a bio.


  2. Meh. He’s still not blaming the women who demand abortions and violate their kids. Rhetoric like his is as old as Roe v. Wade and has proven to be futile.

    His grasp of divine punishment is also badly lacking.

    “I have not yet read the entire Bible…”

    He should have stopped here.

    “It’s no exaggeration to say that God works through Mother Nature to annihilate those who are enemies of Life and God.”

    “He also tends to spare the innocent, and his word promises that those who embrace God will stand unharmed even as thousands around them are destroyed. (See Psalm 91, below.)”

    The Psalms are not divine promises. David was praising God for protecting him in a specific (undocumented) situation, not thanking God for a lifetime supernatural force field. If Mike has reached Psalm 91 then he should have read Psalm 73 by now.

    The better explanation of how God handles the innocent and guilty is the parable of the weeds in Matt. 13:24-30. He tolerates the existence of both groups until “harvest time”, meaning Judgment Day. Which will not be a natural phenomenon.

    “If a magnitude 9 earthquake destroys every building on the West Coast of California while, miraculously, those of faith are spared and saved, do not be surprised.”

    I’ve already been through the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake on the West Coast of California. Those of faith were not spared more nor less than the wicked. Jesus actually preached on this in Luke 13:4.

    “If an infectious disease is unleashed in America and takes hold in the filthy cities run by Democrats, leading to mass infections and millions of deaths, don’t be shocked, either.”

    Somebody wants California dead. I’m not amused.

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  3. Gunner Q,

    I don’t doubt that Mike has a ways to come, having not read the entire Bible yet, and I don’t doubt that he still has a lot of blue pill beliefs and perspective. However, Mike does have a large audience, and has seriously been fighting censorship of his writing and opinions. I link to his Natural News site. He is not afraid to be bold and vocal, even when his evidence may still be sketchy. I think he has what is needed, more boldness and fearless opposition to the evil, even if we may not agree with all his points or how he arrives at them, at least he has the boldness to swing his sword at the enemy, while most others are still stuck attempting diplomacy with evil. Hopefully we can encourage him, while also instructing him, and bring him alongside, instead of alienating this influential natural ally. Did you offer your good admonishments to him on his site? While in the past he seemed to mainly espouse alternative health options, and conservative politics, he seems to have become open to taking spiritual stands now also, and I see that as a great thing for him, and a potential help to us in the culture war.

    On a separate note, for whatever reason on your site and some others, WordPress seems to not let my comments go through, hanging them up claiming I’m not logged in when I am, and then claiming them to be duplicate comments when I try to repost them, and Etc. I’m apparently not smart enough to figure out what the hang up is. LOL But, I have been trying to comment occasionally on your site, and some others, but getting stymied. Perhaps it is my spotty satellite internet connection.


  4. Gunner,
    I agree with Sharkly, that Adams shows the willingness to battle, and that is such a rare trait.
    I too am glad he is making the bible his reference point and even though I was really surprised that he hasn’t read through the bible either, maybe it’s good that he is willing to admit it. It depends on how long he has been a believer. I thought it was well over 10 years ago. But he put it in writing so he will be accountable to read all of it now.
    How many national writers have fight in them? Cal Thomas is a known Christian, including it in his columns, but is a nice guy, seeking friendliness. Pat Buchanan is more of a fighter who writes as a believer. That’s the only two I can think of. Adams isn’t national like those two though, so it’s a bit of a bad comparison.
    Hugh Hewitt maybe? He’s a complete squish too, he wrote a column a few years ago about having to look up a quote from Job because he hadn’t read the book (or maybe hadn’t read it in 20 years, I can’t recall). I was stunned by his admission- he talks about faith often and hadn’t read Job in 20 years? He, like Pat B are RCC.

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