Weddings: a Rite of the Patriarchy?

I came across the following post warning about the “sexist” history of many aspects of contemporary wedding ceremonies:

I found the authors alarm to be amusing.  Who knew history was so politically incorrect?

If only the white dress was the lone part of the bride’s wardrobe steeped in the patriarchy. Unfortunately, the veil is just as guilty. 

2 thoughts on “Weddings: a Rite of the Patriarchy?

  1. Here’s the author’s bio:

    Hopefully GunnerQ will drop by and do a physiognomy analysis in more detail, but from her pic, this one has a “Run, Forrest, RUN!!!” vibe about her. I sincerely pray that no man will ever lead her into wearing any kind of wedding dress, patriarchally oppressive or not.


  2. In Israelite tradition, a cow would be slain and the two halfs strewn about. The bride and groom would walk through the carcass and declare to the effect of ‘if we breach this union, let us become like this animal’. I’m sure the vivid imagery and dire consequences avowed led to very low infidelity and divorce. Also, fun fact: in Jewish tradition, the husband and wife are to perform relations every Friday night, hell or high water. I guess there’s no dead-bedding to lead to infidelity and divorce neither.

    As far as this list goes, the entirety is simply framed to create an article: lots of nothing. I find modern weddings over the top, and the pricetags would suggest this conclusion to be correct. All a modern wedding needs:
    * Some form of male officiator, part of the church -NOT- the State.
    * Father escorting bride to groom, groom accepting bride. (symbolizing the passing of authority over the woman from her father- a man- to her husband- a man)
    * Bride, in the presence of witnesses ‘before God and man’ taking her vows. Eph 5 will do.
    * Husband, in the presence of witnesses ‘before God and man’ taking his vows. Eph will do.
    * A honeymoon whereby the bride and groom do not return until the bride is pregnant.

    Everything else to the ceremony is just flavor.


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