No Hymen – No Diamond!

Promise of a woman

About zero if it isn’t backed up by evidence of prior sexual self-control.

Lori Alexander has done a good post on one of my milder comments relating my woeful tale of endeavoring to become the blue-pill superhero, Captain Save-A-Ho.

12 thoughts on “No Hymen – No Diamond!

  1. Sorry I have been preoccupied this last week or more. I’ve been swamped with working overtime, more unnecessary drama, and enjoying the rest of my time with my sons.

    Although I don’t Facebook, I was able to read some of the Facebook comments on Lori’s post linked above. I found the following exchange regarding ‘virginity improving your future marriage’ to illustrate the spiritual depravity of some women:

    No true repentance and remorse over immorality is allowed

    Apparently when one rare lady showed signs of true repentance and remorse for her past sexual immorality, the other women think she just needs help to prevent the feeling, that she wishes she hadn’t done a great and unfaithful evil against the man who is now her long devoted husband.


  2. What *is* the word of a woman worth? Serious question. Empirically, I have not found it much solace. I come back to the story of Boaz checking in with the men of the fields to attest to the character of Ruth, not Ruth nor her mother-in-law. In the Garden, the Father approaches and dialogues with Adam, not Eve. The Mary’s preached Christ’s absence from the tomb, no man believed them- a cultural indicator of trustworthiness? Not a rhetorical: is there anywhere in the Bible where the word of the woman is accepted and trusted at face-value?

    Let’s play spot the false Christian: it’s the one who downplays sin and does not praise repentance. Of what value is repentance when the crime has been reduced?
    *The* female idol is self-esteem. It is the singular red flag for which all men should learn to vet. She has high self-esteem? Pass. She is concerned about low self-esteem? Pass. Her girlfriends rant about self-esteem? Pass. Why? Because in every scenario, the paradigm begins with ‘self’. Only the woman who is not concerned with herself has potential pair-bond capabilities.

    That Heather Terry sure is some catch, and only worth catching in ‘catch-and-release’ waters.

    I know the statistics (you link to one such study in the WK post in the sidebar), I know the *only* assurance of an N-count is 0, there’s no way in knowing if she was ‘in 2 serious, exclusive relationships’ or ‘in 2 serious, exclusive relationships and 14 one-night flings during rebound phases that not even her closest girlfriends know of’.
    I sometimes wonder, as a fast-aging ambiguously 30-some year-old man.. having tasted the sweet forbidden nectar myself, if holding to the ‘0 or no thanks’ makes me a hypocrite or just prudent. I suppose my search for a bride will either be retired or expired in a couple years anyway, so point will be moot.

    Welcome back. You have been missed.

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  3. I agree ikr. And thanks for the encouragement.
    Downplaying women’s sins is a cottage industry for the churchians. I believe it really brings in easy money from the womenfolk. In effect they’re selling indulgences to women. However payment is via donations, so the sermons will be congratulatory claptrap geared towards pleasing the audience by compromising with all their worldly inclinations, or else they’ll set up a straw man who doesn’t orbit his wife, and beat the stuffing out of him for defiantly maintaining his God given headship and masculinity, even calling it “toxic”.

    ikr asks: I sometimes wonder, as a fast-aging ambiguously 30-some year-old man, having tasted the sweet forbidden nectar myself, if holding to the ‘0 or no thanks’ makes me a hypocrite or just prudent.

    I haven’t given that question much thought, because it wasn’t my situation, but here is my first reaction:
    It isn’t hypocritical to want the best, even if you don’t “need” it or “deserve” it. Furthermore, as far as marriage market value, in the sexual marketplace, by asking for a virgin you are incentivizing female virginity and giving those chaste women, who are wiser gatekeepers of their own sexuality, a greater group of potential partners to select from. It isn’t what you think about the relative wisdom of her accepting your past that matters, as much as what she thinks about it. I’d recommend being fully honest up front, confessing your sins against your future mate. If she thinks you’re a brazen hypocrite, that probably isn’t the best beginning for the two of you. However if she is able to accept your repentance as genuine, and is not unaccepting of your past, then you can leave your sin in the past, and be grateful for her quality of forgiveness. However, you likewise should be willing to forgive her other faults, considering the forgiveness she has shown you.

    I think confession is a key part of repentance. Are you really owning your sin, if you won’t confess it even to those you’ve sinned against? My wife cried when she admitted to me that she wasn’t pure, and claimed she wished she had saved all that for me, and asked me to forgive her, but later, if I ever asked about it, she would just claim that it is too painful to think about and talk about, and ask why I was trying to inflict pain on her by even asking about that. She has since been dishonest with me about it, and her sexual history is periodically revised to suit her needs. Her “Number” of sex partners has been steadily dropping, and eventually my self-serving “goddess” wife may proclaim herself the world’s first virgin with two sons. LOL Move over Catholics! Perpetual virginity is all the rage now among the virginity-recycling self-deifying churchian goddesses of our generation.


  4. Welcome back. Any sense your sons are resisting your wife’s poisoning?
    She’s annulled your sex, because her love for you isn’t seen as legit in retrospect of her current state of feelings. Wow. I still hope she comes around though.
    When I was blue pill I couldn’t understand a believing roommate’s insistence on finding a virgin. I tried talking him out of it even, so he’d have a bigger pool to choose from!


  5. Swanny River,
    Yes, I believe my kids are beginning to see a few things for what they are. I believe they are coming to realize that the destruction of their home is almost entirely the result of their mother’s choice to battle, separate, file for divorce, file false accusations, refuse joint counselling, and continue to contend against her husband, and that it is not God’s will, or in their best interest, for her to be doing that. I believe as they get older, they’ll grow to see it even more clearly and might well resent her for her selfish rebellion, that has cost them their chance to grow up in a stable loving family. I don’t want to say too much more about that though because the laughably Feminist cunt-court won’t be happy unless the kids are fully robbed of their unblinded Bible believing father and taught unquestioningly their defiling dogmas of female supremacism, to keep them mired in Adam’s sin of harkening to his wife’s defiling misleadership. The cunt-court will try to blame me for why my kids can feel the destruction of a whole family, where the cunt-court only sees a woman throwing off her husband as a victory for Feminist “liberation”. When in actuality My wife is still just being further enslaved to her sin of rebellion against God and her divinely appointed head. I hope and continue to pray that she comes around too, for the sake of my sons, her eternal destiny, and the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her actions and the father-demoting actions and practices of the foolish cunt-court are simply a wicked generation’s fit of blasphemy against the eternal patriarchal order of our Godhead, the thrice holy Father, and Son, and Spirit. What you witness is just another defiling woman, retaining a liar, and then enlisting another black robed servant of Satan to separate what God has joined together in lifelong covenant. God will not be mocked. Unless they repent, their eternal damnation as vessels of wrath fitted for destruction has been foreordained, that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had afore prepared unto glory, even us… I pity the fools who don’t fear God and don’t attempt to flee from their own evil rebellion. There is nothing they can give in exchange to prevent the unending fiery damnation of their unrepentant souls. And the smoke of their torment shall ascend evermore: and they shall have no rest day nor night… It is a damnable depraved and ungrateful foolishness to mock your Maker!


  6. I looked, but couldn’t find a post where you discuss Genesis 1. I think it is in the comments.
    Do you have a blog post about the”…making them in our image…” portion of Genesis 1.


  7. Swanny River,
    I cover it for a bit in the beginning of this post:

    An important thing to note is; that “man”(or “the man”) “him” and “them” are three separate words in the original Hebrew just like in English. “Them” is intentionally not a restating of “man”, as some try to make it out to be. Young’s Literal Translation puts the literal Hebrew into readable English in this manner: Genesis 1:27 And God prepareth the man in His image; in the image of God He prepared him, a male and a female He prepared them.

    There was no punctuation in the Hebrew, so those three phrases may not have been intended as a single sentence to be read together, but as three separate sentences(complete thoughts) or lines of poetry. It is really quite simple if you are not blinded by a Feminist desire to deify women and effeminize God. Twice, poetically forwards and backwards, God distinctly tells us that the man was created in God’s image and then in stark and intentional contrast we are told that the male and female together were just created by God, intentionally leaving off mention of God’s image regarding the both of them.
    Which is why the unanimous belief of the first church fathers during the patristic age was that: Women are not in the image of God, and Genesis 1:27 tells us that in Hebrew and 1 Corinthians 11:7 tells us the same in Greek.

    1 Corinthians 11:7 But a man shall not cover his head, for he is the image and glory of God; but a woman is the glory of man.

    This idea that God is also part woman and that the “weaker vessels” are also images of God, is a latter day heresy that just blasphemously effeminizes our Heavenly Father and deifies women into goddesses. It is just the worship of a false god, a great prostitute, substituted for our true Love, our thrice holy Father, His Son, and Spirit. It is also the necessary foundation for satanic Feminism. Without the image of God to deify women, men, who are the image of God, were clearly made first and superior and intended for reverence(as unto the Lord, whom we are images of) by the second class, the females of our kind.


  8. Thought provoking, and I didn’t need to wade through the Ace hysterics to see it, thank you.

    An aside, real Christ- focused Catholic family neighbors, with the Dad reminding me of Earl in his Protestant like use of the bible and ability to talk of Jesus. ….But the Mom doesn’t want the kids to marry until they are older and just helped their 20-year old daughter move into her own apartment alone, even though she has a serious boyfriend. Gee, what do you think they’ll be doing in the apartment? All good to the parents, especially Mom, as long as they don’t get married. It’s such a huge and confusing disconnect to observe. Like seeing their 26 -year old son maul his Catholic bartender girlfriend in the street last summer (since broken up).


  9. Swanny, Swanny, Swanny River,
    If you keep talking about Ace, she’s likely to respond, and then you’ll be traumatized by her presence again, and begging me to make her go away. LOL Are you sure you don’t like her?


  10. A very wise man knew ”no hymen-no diamond” very well with the most popular song to ever come from the manosphere period!

    As our mutual friend DETI recently said ”nothing tops onecocrule!”
    DAL’ or dalrock also was highly impressed as in

    You have outdone yourself.”
    That happened aug 1st ’14!
    DAL’&I did’nt always see eye to eye as some ungodly churchians on his site wanted DAGBFM banned in may’15 for quoting what CUNT-worshipping churchians UNLAWFULLY accussed GBFM of,so GBFM could debate&discuss these unfounded accusations!BUT alot of butthexing churchians did’nt like it&finaly our friend DAL’ heeded at that time, their unmanly cries of churchian lawlessness against truth,honor&christianity!

    P.S.SHARKLY Some seem to think that having&wanting a virgin bride is’nt one of the natural god-given rights to men,but thats on purple-churchian sites for those still glorying in fornication lawlessness,right!?Hence their love of butthexing other mens future wives&buttextual ministry aidz from faux masculine frat boys!They have told me many times suffering is only for men&not women,namely their so-called ”princess” daughters that they cunt-worship!They will not like it if&when I come back to stand against their ungodliness that they have ungodly commited against various GOD called&sent prophets to them & the little lost lambs of the blue&purple vareity!
    Otherwise SHARKLY you doing well brother?

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  11. I it’s out dated for a man to expect a woman to remain a virgin until marriage but I also believe it is outdated for a woman to expect a man to get down on one knee with a diamond to propose.


  12. I agree its outdated for whores,churchian-feminazis&tradcon parents to expect men to want to marry whores!
    Western civilization is about to collapse under burdening men with must-dos&still we hear about what men should not expect!
    THAT is why america is failing!

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