Some things to chew on


I just came across an insightful post, that is well worth reading, about part of why we keep losing the culture war:

I also came across this comment by Wintery Knight:

A while back I was asked to mentor a girl who had cohabitated with an atheist, had an abortion, and had become a Christian after they broke up. I asked her why women have premarital sex. And her answer was “it’s a way to get control over men, without having to be nice to them”. As a virgin myself, I am not interested in marrying a woman who used sex as a tool to manipulate men. That very quickly turns into sex-withholding in a marriage.

I believe Wintery Knight nailed it.  An ungodly woman will show respect and offer sex and make promises of unlimited sex, prior to marriage, to secure what she wants, but then once a loyal and devoted man is bound to her by marriage, then the ungodly woman’s manipulative power is secured through the wicked withholding and rationing of all that she vowed.

And once she has filed for divorce, you will get absolutely nothing but the opposite of what she vowed, while the bigoted cunt-court will force a man to continue to materially provide most every benefit the wife received during the marriage.

Stay strong my brothers!  Together we can become the biggest setback to Feminism since the invention of the sandwich!  And I plan to share some details about how we will do it, in an upcoming post.

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