The Natural Use Of The Woman

The natural use of womankind

The churches all around us today are a ‘great whore’, (a Feminism peddling substitute for genuine Bible based faith) due to their Feminist beliefs they worship and serve women more dutifully than they serve her Creator.  This is shown whenever a choice is made to not offend women rather than to represent God boldly.

Romans 1:25 They changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

26 For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature. 

27 And likewise also the men left the natural use of the woman, and burned in their lust one toward another, and man with man wrought filthiness, and received in themselves such recompense of their error, as was meet.

Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

So, can you serve both God and gluttony?  No!
Can you serve both God and fame seeking?  No!
Can you serve both God and Feminism?  No!

Does your church tell women to remain silent in church?
God does! (1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:11-12)

Does your church boldly tell women to submit to their husbands?
God does! (Ephesians 5:22-24, Colossians 3:18, Titus 2:4-5, 1 Peter 3:1-2)

Does your church tell women to wear a head covering when they pray?
God does! (1 Corinthians 11:5-6)

Does your church forbid women to refuse their husbands sex?
God does! (1 Corinthians 7:2-5)

Does your church teach women that they were created for men, to obey them?
Has your church taught the women of your congregation what their natural use is?

Well today is your lucky day!  I’m here to tell you what the natural use of the woman is.  No apologies, no beating around the bush, no made up feminist “servant-leadership” wrongly applied to families to downgrade a husband’s God given headship.  No, I’m just going to give you the God glorifying truth that God designed into this natural world.

So what is the God intended position of the woman?  Well, there are a lot of good positions for wives to assume.   No, I’m not talking about assuming career positions competing with men for jobs outside the home, and thereby driving down their wages.  I’m talking about positions where you can best be put to your God honoring natural use being the mate God fit for your husband.  I’m talking about positions where you can serve your lord. (Sarah called Abraham lord, and righteous women should emulate her godly understanding with their husbands. 1 Peter 3:5-6)  Are wives doing those natural things that are well pleasing unto their lords?

No, Feminism’s twisted dogma has filled wives, the inferior vessels, with an unnatural sense of equality, which causes them dissatisfaction because they naturally wanted a husband they could look up to.  But Feminism has made them view their husbands as equals or even inferior to them.  And you don’t look up to an equal.  So consequently wives feel robbed by their husbands of their unmet natural desire to serve and physically unite with a superior lord.  They blame their husbands, for not being the superior they wanted, despite their own blindness to see that he is indeed innately their superior, made first, in the likeness of God.   Women, who are the image of Christ’s church, were made to serve their husbands, who are the image of Christ,(Ephesians 5:22-27, 32-33) they were not made to return their husbands implacable malice because of some wrongly assumed equality.  Wives need to acknowledge their husband’s superiority and reverence him.(Ephesians 5:33)  And all husbands, most especially church leaders, need to rule over their own families well, repressing the woman’s natural desire to usurp like Eve first did. (Genesis 3:16, 1 Timothy 3:1-5)

Wives if you want to really be God’s intended gift to your husband, you need to put yourself out for your natural intended use.  Let the image of God enter you and together again become one flesh with him, united through your divine purpose fulfilling use.  The natural use for the woman, mentioned in Romans 1, is to be a ready mate for her husband.  And according to 1 Corinthians 7:2-5 your husband should not defraud you of your purpose when you want to make excellent use of yourself by exercising and strengthening your divine union.

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  1. In summary: to a be a cum dumpster for a husband. No more no less.

    Shall a husband defraud his wife’s natural purpose when her body has been ruined, loose, and ragged from childbirth and she’s no longer a 20 year old virgin? More explicitly-when he’s no longer attracted to her due to aging and the physical body changes that birth brings.

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  2. Ace,
    I wasn’t focusing this post on the “man with man” unnatural capital-abomination that blasphemously violates the image of God, or the fruitless unnatural acts of lesbians, but on what is the natural and God intended use of the woman. Right now many churches will let wives dodge their proper usage mentioned in those Romans 1 verses while still using those verses against homosexuals. Soon however the worldly churches will likely capitulate and let the homosexuals have the same bypass of God’s word for their behavior that the churches currently give to all wives.

    Welcome! A wife having regular natural sex with her husband doesn’t make her a “cum-dumpster”. Now if that’s how she wants to feel about following the words of our loving God given in 1 Corinthians 7:2-5, then it sounds like she swallowed some bad Feminist programming that is likely depriving her sex life, and marriage, and causing her to sin against God and her husband. She’d need to repent of that silliness and learn to love the man she married, like she vowed to. While you try to paint a frightening sexual scenario of this ruined, loose, and ragged woman who is no longer attractive, if she was my wife, I’d still enjoy taking what she had to offer, and seek to meet all her fleshly needs also. It ain’t as unworkable as the bellyaching Feminists always try to represent things to be. God’s word applies to everybody, even self-important feminists who think they’re somehow above their natural use. Heck! After having his kids, she certainly deserves some physical attention.


  3. My body has been ruined, ragged and loose from childbirth (4 kids) and I’m definitely not a 20 year old virgin, but my husband is attracted to me (and my body) more every day 🙂
    If your husband leaves you because he’s no longer attracted to your post-baby, aging body, there’s something a bit deeper wrong with your marriage.

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  4. It is possible for a woman to love her husband/god and in turn supply sex on demand in accordance with submitting to God’s word for marriage while simultaneously experiencing her natural use as “all used up”, is it not? The two can coexist. I don’t see any sin if she’s putting out regularly and doesn’t bitch to her husband.

    The above scenario isn’t frightening, it’s truth. Women are to retain their physical appearance to be pleasing to their husbands. Age and childbirth are both quite natural processes that can drastically change a woman’s body. In a recent post, a married older woman’s sex life was mocked. Is it because older women are unattractive, some overweight? Married couples who continue to live by God’s commands should be celebrated in light of a world full of divorce and infidelity.


  5. Casey,
    I don’t get enough sleep these days, my life is full of turmoil and ignominy, but I spent the last three hours laying on my bed off and on praying and trying to figure out how to even begin to explain my situation. It is so unbelievable, that even I would not believe it if it hadn’t happened to me, nor can I fully describe it to you, without being accused of slandering my wife, being a narcissist, and a liar. My wife has taunted me in the past that, “nobody will ever believe you” and “God will not vindicate you”. But I will try to share a bit. My life of late has truly been a classic tragedy, where a great man is brought to ruin. My story has aspects that resemble the stories of Job, and Joseph, and Hosea from the Bible. The only thing that people hate worse than my stating this sort of thing is that in real life I can back it up with irrefutable evidence. Not only have I been very blessed by God, but I have been tormented and abased by Him. And as God’s providence would have it, the vast majority of the bad things in my life have been brought upon me by the intentional efforts of my mother and my wife. So I have every reason to be frustrated with women, based upon my personal experience with them. They both would consistently return evil for good. My mother never wanted me, never accepted me, and spent her entire life trying to prove that I was a bad accident that never should have happened to her. I think my excruciating ambition that haunted me earlier in my life was the desire to prove that I was in fact a good thing. And to some degree I feel like I did sort of accomplish some of my ambition.
    I started my own aerospace parts business at 27, became worth millions, lived in a custom built dream mansion beside a private lake for a decade, and was peerless where I live. I truly had the respect of everybody but my mother and my wife. And, no doubt many of them were also envious of my success and good fortune, as some of them seemed to take a bit of pleasure in my downfall. My downfall was largely begun by a hostile liquidation of my business turning millions of dollars of stock into nothing overnight, and leaving me unpaid for the previous 8 months, and included the seizure of my assets leading to foreclosure on my mansion, leaving me now living in what was once my guesthouse. It is bothersome to me that my wife was actively badmouthing me to everybody in the business that she could, likely influencing their decision to liquidate rather than to allow me to sell the company even though there was an offer on the table that would have been far more beneficial for everyone. My wife literally encouraged my business partners to turn against me and attempt to take from me what I’d founded and worked so diligently to create. She threw in her lot with my enemies and wanted them to oust me as president entirely out of the business I had almost singlehandedly created. She largely convinced them all that I was evil and deserved to be punished, even though the second business I founded, and made many sacrifices for, was focused entirely on building a better medical device to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Prior to that at one point when my business had been funded by a single investor and he invited me and my wife over to dinner at his mansion, After dinner when I was dealing with my investor in his study, we returned to the livingroom to find my wife balling her eyes out to his wife telling her what a lazy and horrible person I was(I am a “night owl”) and how that they should use their power over me to make me go into work earlier according to my wife’s preferred schedule. She neglected to tell them I worked long days until 11:00PM most nights. Anyhow, in less than a month he reneged on all his prior commitments and quit funding the business, likely due to a loss of confidence in me, intentionally instigated by my wife in an attempt to gain control over me. I then had to go for six months without income, funding the business myself while preparing a Private Placement to privately sell stock to fund the business again. Every step of the way my wife sided against me with my enemies and worked to bring about the downfall of our home. And if I ever even mention all the times she worked to harpoon my business efforts, my wife publicly wails that I’m a man who just won’t accept responsibility, and is trying to blame my own business failures on his dear wife.
    Needless to say my marriage has been the worst experience of my life. I married an “Intimacy Anorexic” who went from being respectful and treating me exactly how I wanted to be treated while we were long distance dating, to completely doing the opposite and intentionally withholding exactly what she knows I crave to try to prevent any intimacy from ever developing further, and to destroy the intimacy she had allowed to develop to ensnare me into marrying her. I would fly out to see her about every other weekend when we were dating, kind of like how I only get to see my sons now. She literally made a complete change the week we got married. She went from trying like crazy to get inside my pants prior to marriage, to trying to get out of having sex with me on our wedding night. Throughout our marriage she has denied me all forms of intimacy while striking up online affairs and taunting me with them. while ever being careful to deny me much proof of her shitty behavior. Most times when we did have sex, my wife would pick a fight beforehand by attacking my character, refuse to allow any foreplay, intentionally deny me the aspects of sex I enjoy most, refuse to let me speak or make any sound, and then she would insult me and our sexual experience and dash off as soon as we were done refusing to cuddle afterward, or bond in any way during sex. She basically just wanted to get her orgasm while abusing me to prevent any intimacy from occurring or a closer bond being created. She has, beginning on our honeymoon and throughout our marriage, taunted me by telling me about things she did sexually with other men and then refusing to do them with me, stating that she doesn’t respect me enough, like she did all of them, just to intentionally distance me. I kept myself a virgin for 33 years out of respect for God and my future wife, only to be taunted mercilessly my whole marriage in ways designed to be most hurtful to me and deny me the feelings of acceptance I so desire. My entire marriage has been an intentional campaign of torment designed to make me not want intimacy with her, as much as she fears opening herself up for intimacy, and a mentally disturbed campaign to make her lack of intimacy for me, seem publicly to be my fault. If I try to tell her that I love her, she flies into a rage and feels she must abuse me hoping I will regret trying to draw closer to her. Every nice thing I attempt to do for her she throws back in my face with contempt. My marriage has been like the story of Hosea where all my efforts to show love have been continually met with her responding by flaunting her unfaithfulness to our union. Almost every day of my marriage has been the hardest thing I’ve ever endured in my life. I get accused and slandered at the top of her voice in front of my sons, our marriage and home is constantly threatened to get her way over every little thing. And my wife constantly uses my religious beliefs against me, as though she were trying to turn me against God. Perhaps I’m rambling here, but my point is that my marriage has never been anything but a drain, a pain, intentional excruciating torment, my downfall, and reduced me to cussing, in exchange for me trying my hardest to be a perfect husband. It can be summed up in that my wife is constantly returning evil for good.
    I have given up my life, my dreams, my aspirations, to remain faithful to a disloyal wife, and to try to give my sons a two parent family to grow up in. I have laid down my life for this!
    Our society hasn’t a clue what love is. The churches don’t understand it. They don’t know the love of God as demonstrated by the prophet Hosea, or by Jesus on the cross. To them love is romance, feelings, reciprocated kindness.

    Yes, I mocked the sex life of a foolish old woman who tried to taunt us defrauded men with it, and impugned my ministry by claiming that if I truly knew love, my marriage would have been the easy reciprocation of kindness that hers is.

    Luke 6:33 If you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same.

    She has a wonderful romance, and I’m happy for her, but she should not mistake her happy relationship of reciprocal favors for the sacrificial love of God that I have been longsuffering. Sacrificial love and obedience to God likely would have looked like her giving up her aspirations for a legal career to focus on raising her children and keeping her husband’s house, but she chose otherwise, and mocks those of us who endure undue spite and scorn from our mates for the sake of Christ and out of the fear of God. She was foolish and showed indiscretion by lording her sex life over the defrauded. Those who have been reduced to enduring like eunuchs for the Cause of Christ often through little or even no fault of their own.

    Mathew 19:12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.”

    perhaps I could have handled it differently, but sometimes you have to answer a fool, who is wise in their own eyes, according to their own folly. I don’t have time to explain that though.

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  6. Sharkly, why would your wife make so much effort to destroy you? I’m assuming that if you were a millionaire, she would have had a pretty good life. A care-free life. Having lived at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, having to rock hungry, crying children to sleep because there’s nothing to feed them; begging on the phone in tears to get extensions for bills… wrapping my children up in blankets to keep them warm while eating dinner because we couldn’t afford to turn on a heater…. having to choose between paying the rent and buying food…. not able to afford petrol… putting off urgent doctor’s appointments because the kids needed shoes… living life that is a constant worry. Stressful. A lot of tears and heartache. It’s awful. Why would your wife intentionally sabotage your business in order to live like that? I don’t get it.
    And I’m not saying I don’t believe you – I do. I know that some people are just evil. But I don’t understand why someone who doesn’t have to worry about money would intentionally make decisions that are going to make their lives so much harder. Especially a woman. Women, in general, like to have enough money that we don’t have to worry; we like financial security. We like stability.

    Also, after reading this, I owe you an apology for most of my comments. I completely under-estimated the evil heart of your wife, and assumed she was fairly normal, albeit with control issues. But it is clear the issues she has go way beyond normal and are very damaging.

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  7. The singular purpose for God having created woman, is procreation. Of course feminism seeks to pervert this, telling women that a man’s libido is creepy, that her body her decision. And then seeks to normalize frumpy, ugly, loud, contentious in society, so that *no man* can enjoy his wife.

    Show me a woman who drains her husband’s loins on the daily, and I’ll show you a woman walking the path intended for her life as ordained by her Creator.

    Guarantee she has a happy husband, content children, and no complains in her life. But those are all just the perks.


  8. Ace,
    Yes, my wife wanted stability and safety. In fact she has an irrationally strong need for safety, including safety from being discovered. But intimacy anorexia is an incredibly destructive behavioral addiction. A counselor told me that “Intimacy anorexics break people around them. Its what they do!” There is still plenty more to tell, but I hope you generally get the picture. This aberrant subconscious thought pattern was cemented in earliest childhood, she would have been this way no matter who she married. However if she marries somebody else, she will treat them differently. She won’t do what bothers me, she will find what most destroys them, and do that to them. She hones her ability to discreetly hurt the other person to protect herself from closeness and being known. There is deep childhood shame causing an unusual subconscious fear of being flawed and somehow unlovable, that irrational fear of being flawed then keeps her from ever internally acknowledging her contribution to the problems in the marriage and always convinces her to then blame her lack of desire for intimacy on some flaw or fault necessary on my part. She will not stop until she has found a way in her mind to blame every evil act of hers on me for somehow having forced her into it. She doesn’t just have two diagnosed mood disorders, she also has a diagnosed thought disorder, meaning her thinking is not rational, even more than other women’s. I believe her mother and grandmother were intimacy anorexic also, so she grew up seeing that behavior as being perfectly normal. I don’t think she intends to make her own life worse, she just does what her twisted behavioral addiction leads her do, and like other addicts, she refuses to come out of her denial that she could have a problem and even be her own worst enemy. Everything has to be my fault in her mind, and if she can convince others of my fault, then I think that helps her to stay convinced herself that things are all my fault, which she wants to do, and thus the constant need to publicly trash me and get everybody on her side against me, and her natural affinity for all my enemies.

    Please pray that she would relent and allow me to get her to go together for counselling, even if only for the kids sake. If I’m out of the picture, as they grow up and are capable of having a more mature and deeper relationship with their mother, she will then turn to distancing them and cause them great pain also as they are kept distant from intimacy with their own mother.


  9. ikr,
    I agree with your sentiment, but I’d say that the woman’s primary purpose for being created was “for the man”, as both a helper and a mate, and also she has other uses like bringing glory to God through other deeds and acts of worship. However, if you find a woman who feels she primarily brings glory to God apart from serving a husband or mankind in general, you’re most likely just seeing a rebellious and awfully wrongly prioritized life.

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  10. I pray for your wife to repent of her behavior and to know the truth to get the psychiatric help that she clearly needs. Mental illness is tricky and she is in dire need of treatment. That is truly awful that she offered no red flags when you were dating/vetting her.

    I don’t buy into feminism and it doesn’t affect my marriage. It’s the part of knowing that I’m less than human, an outlet for a man’s release, and a vessel for children that will damage my appearance (much to my husband’s chagrin) that’s a bit unnerving. In the same breadth, knowing these are God’s ways and He is good, I accept my role as subservient and pray indeed there is reward for the righteous.

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  11. Sharkly,

    “Count it all joy, my brothers,[b] when you meet trials of various kinds, 3 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. 4 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

    5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. 6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” James 1:2-6 ESV

    You have been, and are still going through a very tough, and very long trial.

    The wisdom in verse 5 is specific wisdom to understand what God is trying to teach you through this trial. Also wisdom to know how to respond correctly to God, to your ex-wife, and to your children. Ask God for wisdom so you will know, and also learn, and also obey the lessons He wants to teach you through this trial.

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  12. Casey – Having children won’t necessarily damage your appearance. Sure, our bodies change from pregnancy, but my husband thinks it’s a good change. God designed women’s bodies to bear babies. Our husbands don’t suddenly fall out of love with us simply because of a few stretch marks.

    Sharkly – Your family continues to be in my prayers. Boys need their fathers. I truly do hope that your wife does come to repentance and gets the medical help she needs.

    If anybody is so inclined, please pray for my son. We have another test in the morning to try to find out what is wrong with him. His seizures are getting worse, and answers would be really good. Thanks.


  13. Ace,

    Prayers to your son & family.

    The pressure on women to remain thin and fit throughout pregnancy and quickly postpartum is rampant. Men are visual and marry to be fed a steady, varied diet of exciting sex over the course of their lives. For the record, I don’t mean few leftover stretch marks in inconspicuous places. I’m referring to postpartum hair loss, acne, sagging breasts from nursing, and traumatic below-the-belt changes that sometimes accompany childbirth.


  14. Casey – Thanks for your prayers. They’re appreciated.
    After 4 kids, my body has been through all the damage you mentioned. You’re right that there’s a huge amount of pressure and men are visual, but my experience has been that my husband has embraced the changes to my body as I have carried and birthed his babies, and the way he views me certainly doesn’t seem to have changed.
    I understand that all men are different, but I would think the vast majority of men are not going to be put off by body changes after babies if a wife is still attentive and loving and striving to meet all his needs.

    Sorry for the TMI but my first birth destroyed my lady parts completely – 47 stitches. Healing took a long time. But intimacy can still happen, we just need to be creative.


  15. Ace,

    I appreciate your reply and willingness to share your experience. I lurk around at Christian manosphere blogs to be the best wife my husband deserves and also seek to understand him better.

    As I said I don’t buy into feminism and I don’t associate closely with feminists. What is blogged, for example, that make women unattractive are weight, cursing, wearing yoga pants, having a job, and withholding sex. I’m probably overweight by 5 pounds (my BMI is 19 so that’s my standard, because I’ve been enjoying some fall comfort food lately), I curse rarely but I’m working on improving it, I wear yoga pants around the house per husband’s request, I work 20 hours/week, and I never withhold sex- however husband is gracious when I’m obviously under the weather.

    So technically speaking, I have aspects of a whore (yoga pants) and a feminist (cursing/weight/career). It seems like to be a model submissive Christian wife, a woman is to both be flawless in appearance and attitude, yet also require her husband to keep her line, even if she’s not rebellious, chatty, or disrespectful.

    Can you see where this makes no sense?


  16. Hi Casey
    Yes I agree that it absolutely makes no sense! I don’t read any manosphere blogs; I found this one off a Christian women’s blog.
    Personally, I don’t worry too much about what others think I should be doing, and try to focus on what my husband wants me to do. I’m not a feminist either, although I have worked part-time for much of my marriage, and my husband and I have a business which I help run. We both bring different strengths to the business, so complement each other well.
    I fail dismally in the model Christian wife department and it’s likely I always will, but for the most part, my marriage is a happy one.


  17. Ace,
    I prayed again for your son.

    Casey says: I’m referring to postpartum hair loss, acne, sagging breasts from nursing, and traumatic below-the-belt changes that sometimes accompany childbirth.

    Well, ladies, you’re in luck! I can help you with one or two of those things. Fixing saggy breasts is quick, cheap, and simple. Buy a bottle of Fenugreek pills. Walmart sells them now. Take three a day, one each, morning noon and night. in two weeks your boobs will be engorged and full again like when you were nursing. Then back off to one pill a day for maintenance. Also if you let your husband massage them daily, especially the nipples, they will fill back up even a bit faster. And try taking vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid to see if it reduces your hormonal acne. Seriously that’s all no joke. My wife’s boobs had gotten deflated to looking like tennis balls in tube socks,(which I still loved just fine, as I was almost able to suck an entire one into my mouth) but she complained that she didn’t “feel” sexy, so I had her take just one or two Fenugreek pills a day, and within a couple months her boobs were so much bigger that she had to get new clothes because her chest was so much fuller. Also if you take 5-50Mg per/day of supplemental iodine you’ll never have to worry about breast cancer, and it will soften dense fibrous breasts and reduce breast pain. That’s some awesome advice that your doctor can’t legally give you, free of charge. Also it is best to take some selenium with the iodine, to prevent developing Hashimoto’s. Your husbands will like the results, and the process too, if you “make” him to do the daily breast massage.

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  18. Alum powder or gallic acid solution wiped in your hoo-hoo 5-10 minutes before sex supposedly both provide a brief temporary little bit of vaginal tightening, but I can’t promise a miracle with either of them. Might be worth a try though. My wife and I never really needed that, but, I tried them out for recreational/research purposes.


  19. Thank you for your prayers Sharkly, it’s appreciated.
    I’m keen to see how well the fenugreek works. If it works as you say, my husband will be grateful 😀


  20. “If you let your husband massage them daily…”

    I have no choice in this matter. My body is his and I cannot refuse him, scripturally. There is no “let”, it’s whatever he wants. This is the confusion I’m referring to.

    Thanks for the remedies!


  21. Casey,
    I’m not sure exactly what you’re getting at. You have me confused. Are you complaining that your husband owns your body? Are you saying that I semantically misstated things by using the word “let”? Are you just venting that a woman’s role is so hard and you want me to exhibit more love through greater understanding and compassion for your struggle? Just remember that this life is just a brief test of faith.
    Daniel 12:2 And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3 And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.


  22. Sharkly, that’s often the reaction received to the statement about the woman’s singular purpose. No, that’s not to say she doesn’t have other uses as well in this life, but God having created Eve was to fulfill the commandment received by all of creation to be fruitful and multiply, where Adam had no helper suitable. Thus, Eve’s creation.

    All of a woman’s usage has as a fount this seed of a purpose. Not dishonoring him (chastity), undermining his authority (quiet and gentle), the keeper of his progeny (place of duty: the home).

    What is the meaning of life? To bring glory to God. How does God receive glory? By keeping His commandments. What is the commandment of man? To work, to take dominion over creation. What’s the commandment of woman? To bear children, submit to her husband.

    ‘But there are other usages to!’ Sure, but enough men and women in this life struggle to even remotely satisfy the first, foundational step in understanding. This was so markedly critical that it is highlighted as the singular item on the list of things that will save a woman in 1 Ti 2:15.

    The first test of a woman is honoring her father. The second is remaining chaste. The third is submitting to her husband. The fourth is draining her husband’s loins. The fifth is keeping his home. The sixth is raising his children. The seventh is training the young women

    Notably absent: growth in politics, establishing a career, becoming well-traveled or ‘cultured’ (whatever-the-F-that-means), mission trips, women’s ministry, academic achievements/milestones. NONE of this is taught in the church today. It’s all well and good she’s ignoring the singular purpose of her having been created to satisfy the idols of self-worth, self-worship, self-seeking.

    It’s all a bait-and-switch. All of it. Utter skunk excretion. Women, get back to having children. And not a designer home of executive husband, housewife mom, one boy and one girl with a family dog- we’re talking about 4+ children here. Birthing until the gift of birthing has been removed from you via complications and/or age. That’s a life well lived for a woman.

    All of the women of the Bible understood this. Hannah cried out to God for her barren womb. Rachel lamented that Leah kept having children and she could provide her husband with none. Every single example in the Bible of a Godly woman involves children- or the yearning for children which was then granted by God.

    Christians: it is not about YOU. It is about Christ. And Christ’s plan for our lives has been detailed time and again. All this female push-back is stemming from the hearts and mouths of rebellious, contentious women. There is no Christ in them. There is the World. They honor Him with their lips, then dishonor their husbands with their other lips. Get off your high horses.

    The natural use of the woman is sex in marriage, chaste-before, with as fulfillment of the act the production of new life.

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  23. The confusion is that the women who are following God’s word, who think not of themselves but of their husbands, who are shamefaced, and who freely and without discussion keep their husband’s balls drained on the daily, keep his stomach full, and his house clean are continuously told it’s not enough. I simply don’t know what else to do to please husband/god and the Lord. Even though I’m checking all the boxes and my heart is immersed in His word, my existence as a woman brings evil into the world and will never be pleasing to Christ.


  24. IKR,
    From your lips to the 2 or 3 believers who agree with you. On the one hand, I am encouraged by what ypu wrote, OTOH, now you’ll draw out Ace’s and the other women’s “improvements ” and corrections.
    A quipI was working on during a walk on the bait and switch- “Better to Fight than submit and be wrong (or less comfortable or happy).” It’s there job to correct or everything will be ruined- EVERYTHING.
    You had a good list of false items of marriage and I was surprised you left out a key one for them, “self-actualization .”


  25. It appears a lot of men on here have sex starved marriages and for that I am sorry. They are deeply disobeying God. Vetting a mate wholly as a person and not simply on attraction is essential for a Christ-centered marriage. Look hard and honestly into a woman’s past flings (if any), her family, her relationship with Christ, her career if she has one, tattoos, etc.


  26. Swanny, the thoughts of women whom I’ve never met who cannot sit still in their own homes so they seek spiritual guidance and to guide others online? These spiritual charlatans should know- if they were true Christians as they profess themselves to be- that they are to seek guidance from the husband in their life. And yet. And yet they are here.

    A woman who tries to correct a man? 1 Ti 2:14
    A woman seeking guidance- online- from any man who isn’t her husband? 1 Co 14:35
    A woman who provides a shortlist of academic achievements? 1 Co 3:19
    A woman employing passive-aggressive tones towards Scripture? Pr 21:19

    Every woman who comments here is in an indefensible position. They are case studies in everything that a Christian woman is NOT. Oh, the swarm will buzz about how godly they are, but a tree is known by its fruit. The fruit of these women is rotten.

    Two verses to remember in life:
    ~ Pr 31:3
    ~ Mi 7:5
    As men- creatures build in Elohim’s image- these are the burdens we will bear in life. We are islands. We are alone within Creation. A woman can only ever be a helper, but never trusted. Such a woman is so rare as to not exist: the mother of the king speaking in Pr 31 affirms this very idea. Her usage, in the meantime, is for procreation.

    Women- as an entire half of humanity- are fickle creatures. Predictable. Testers and tempters of men. Recognize these cackling hens for what they are: noise.


  27. ” It appears a lot of men on here have sex starved marriages and for that I am sorry. They are deeply disobeying God. Vetting a mate wholly as a person and not simply on attraction is essential for a Christ-centered marriage. ”

    Is she sorry? No, she isn’t. If she were sorry, truly sorry, then she would enact in her life- her area of responsibility- that which she proclaims to be sorry about. She has the opportunity to be in the gym, gettin lean and mean, in a hot shower, softening up her skin, shaving them legs for her hubby, and draining his balls every morning noon and night. But instead she sits online lamenting how bad OTHER men have it. Meanwhile, her own man suffers so she can feeeeel- connect- with the pain of those around her.

    Next up we witness the attempt to guide the conversation away from her own shortcomings. Hey guys! Let me instruct you on what you need. Don’t mind the physical attraction, check out all the other things she has going for her. It’s another lame-duck attempt to establish control over men by convincing him of his own interests.

    Rather, I know that my libido as a man is secure. Song of Solomon pulls no punches in detailing the delight a husband has in the breasts of his bride, of suckling her pussy juices and having her sample his man-seed. Leah knew she would need to be more feminine as Rachel was more beautiful. David bedded Bathsheba because the woman was so shapely just out there on her balcony in the nude soaking up the sun that he was spurred to the point of sin just to plant his seed into her garden.

    Rather, a godly woman knows the value of her sexuality and keeps her virginity for her husband. Her body is his alone. She delights in giving him herself, exclusively, throughout her life. She works hard at keeping it all toned and tight for him. He’s out in the world bringing home the bacon, and she’s at home making it all worthwhile for him.

    But, she can’t be focused on this if she’s focused on writing that next book. She can’t be working on her body if she’s working on the body of photographs for her hobby modeling career. She can’t be fulfilling her role in the home when she’s splitting masters with the roles the world has to offer her. Besides, there are men who are WRONG online and her time is better spent for the good of the Kingdom to argue with them than focus on her direct commandments.

    I know my Bible, I know my Creator. I sin in the process, but the desires of my flesh are not sin itself.

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  28. Taking 5-10 minutes online doesn’t take precious time away from my waxing appointments, showers, making gourmet meals, or my part time job as a cycle instructor. I take advantage of my free gym membership 7 days a week. My husband is more than satisfied with my body and I’ve stated multiple times that I never withhold intimacy.

    I asked honest questions and was not argumentative. Physical attraction is important, but if you’re a vetting a wife and she’s a sexy tight thang BUT she’s not a virgin, posts nearly nude “model” pictures on social media, and has a family history of mental illness, then she’s probably not marriage material no matter how enticing her breasts/ass/lips/hair are.

    I appreciate your time and insight.


  29. You seem like you’re doing your best to be a godly wife Casey, much respect. No one is perfect just keep striving to be what God designed you to be. The only thing I could see being an issue is the job thing but to each their own, as long as your husband is cool with it and all “wife” areas are checked so be it.

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  30. ikr Says, Every single example in the Bible of a Godly woman involves children- or the yearning for children which was then granted by God.

    I saw that comment last night and was planning on commenting on that today. Unfortunately now it will seem I’m piling on. LOL I’m not trying to, but I thought you might have not made yourself clear there, because the way I read it, it seemed to miss the Godly women who are mentioned without any specific mention of their children or desire for them, like Esther and others. I would naturally assume that if they were in fact Godly, they would want to serve God’s purpose for women, but in some cases we are not actually told either way, so, I was wondering exactly how you meant that?
    I really appreciate all the rest of what you have contributed on this post, as some of it challenges even me, to realize how much Feminism is still lurking in my head from all my years of being blue pilled. I think sometimes people miss the truth because they get offended by the presentation. Like Christ we often become a rock of offense when sharing the truth, especially if you are angered by the wickedness you’re speaking against, then it is extra easy to be offensive. Hopefully the more rational minds will find it easy enough to see past our devout invective to find the truth in our words. There is a time for everything, including being angry, like God so often is. We just need to remember that our anger by itself does not work the righteousness of God, although we can and should sometimes channel our anger into works and words of righteous fervor.

    plk, I don’t believe ikr is married.

    Bbb, I’d much rather correspond with somebody who is honest about what they know and don’t know, than a person who claims to know everything. I didn’t learn about “the self-actualized man” until Psychology 101 in university, and have forgotten it since.


  31. BBB, you’ll forgive me, of course, for my ignorance of the term. You see, in junior high, the language I spoke and the education I received was not English and not on these shores. The dreaded humble-brag, yes? This is what you call it here?

    Swanny, save my ignorance, brother. Women will log in to take pot-shots at the person, but none of the passers-by are stopping to assist with the topic.


  32. Casey,
    If in fact you are doing and trying to do all the things you have led me to believe, then you are truly a remarkable woman for this generation.

    Casey says: Even though I’m checking all the boxes and my heart is immersed in His word, my existence as a woman brings evil into the world and will never be pleasing to Christ.
    You need an attitude adjustment. All sinners bring evil into the world. However Christ is pleased with those who are repentant, faithful, humble, and obedient, and Etc.

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. 10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

    To have joy amid life’s trials we must have the rational faith to overcome our emotions and believe that God will work our trials out for our eternal good. So persevere and pass the test, and try to choose to be joyful, knowing that God loves you, as evidenced by the fact that He who cannot lie has told us that He will work all things out for our good, if we love Him. And we know that we love Him if we fear Him and flee from evil and keep His commandments. Don’t imagine that you are the only one struggling to be joyful in your role. I have been encouraged just by hearing how hard you are trying to be righteous. I will say a prayer for you.


  33. On a slightly different topic I commented last night over at and my comment automatically appeared, since I have commented there before. But today Bnonn apparently took it back down. LOL So, I’ll just post it again here:

    Bnonn says: Why, then, is woman the glory of man? Is she not made in the image of God? Any modern Christian who claims not to get at least uneasy reading this passage—and probably tight under the collar—is fibbing. We are so conditioned by feminism we can’t help it.

    Ha Ha Ha! There is your whole problem. You’re a “modern churchian” who worships a goddess – a Great Whore, or at least you blasphemously make God our Father a hermaphrodite deity imaging both women and men. The truth is simple if you just believe God at His word, and don’t add your religion of Feminism to it.

    The inference about why it is disgraceful for a woman to pray uncovered, and vice versa for a man, didn’t bear spelling out for him [the Apostle Paul]

    Wrong! He spelled it out as plain as day!
    7a For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God:

    Only men are in the image of God, therefore the difference in protocol is necessary. Thus men are inherently superior to women, and thus females are lesser vessels, women are their own unique image, without the man’s “glory of God”, and so Feminism is clearly shown to be an utterly baseless deception of Satan the usurper.

    Bnonn says: There is a sense in which she is the image of man—since she was made from man (cf. Genesis 5:3)—yet Genesis clearly ascribes God’s image to her also.
    Wrong again! That verse tells us that Seth, Adam’s son, was in the likeness and image of his father, not Eve.
    Nowhere in all 66 books of the Bible is any earthly woman ever said to be in the image of God, while Adam/man/men are said to be in the image of God in plenty of places. God even came in the flesh and got circumcised. God is not sexually dimorphic. And I don’t worship any “Queen of Heaven” like the Great whore seated on the seven hills does.

    Since your Feminism has tainted your reading comprehension let me explain it to you, so that, like the unanimous belief of the early church recorded in the writings of Origen, Tertullian, Augustine, and Etc., you can see that women are not the image of God. And that they were later heretically claimed to be, originally to bolster the deification of Mary at the end of the fourth century starting in Rome, the city seated on seven hills.

    Let me paraphrase parts of Genesis One:26-27 for you:
    And God said, Let us make the man, Adam, in our image, after our likeness: … So God created the man in his own image. In the image of God created He him.(singular) Both the male and a female,(of “them” not of Adam(meaning: ruddy – like the red “dust” he was made from)) were both separately created by God.

    The punctuation is not in the original, verse 27 was likely a three line (three separate sentence) piece of Hebraic poetry. And we see that in 26-27 four times clearly it is revealed that Adam was going to be the image or likeness of God, and then in stark contrast it only says that the male and female were “created”, noticeably omitting the four times repeated image or likeness of God that was attributed Oh So Clearly to Adam alone.

    Forasmuch as the man is the image and glory of God, it would be a dishonor to put a bag over his head when he endeavors to enter the presence of God through prayer, being as how he resembles God Himself. You wouldn’t cover the image of God in the presence of God, that would be a dishonor or an insult as Paul explained. But, the usurping prone woman should not seek to enter the presence of God without visibly showing that she understands that she is beneath the authority of the image of God, whom she once usurped, lest she anger all the heavenly host of angels with her brazen approach, not rightly adorned with shamefacedness.

    It is really that simple, if you pull the Feminism back off that has been deceptively spun onto the Bible by Satan and his great prostitute church. You don’t need to write a whole book to explain what the inspired Word clearly says. But you might need a big baffling book to try to explain it away![Bnonn is planning to write a whole book telling why women but not men should wear an extra head covering when praying, since he doesn’t fully believe the apostle Paul’s explanation that it is because men alone are the image and glory of God.]

    If you can’t believe that men alone are in the image of God, then you make the inspired word’s of God become a confusing lie, when Paul clearly explains that the difference in protocol is because the man is in the image and glory of God. Rather let God be found true, and every man a liar. Romans 3:4

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  34. Without looking it up, I couldn’t tell you the difference between self-actualization and “finding oneself. ”
    I take it to mean a woman does whatever she wants, such as travel, or seek a degree or job when she has children or an interested suitor, because she needs to actually see the talents she sees in her self be nurtured. It means turning away from her obligations to find a bigger spotlight on her self as star.


  35. Sharkly, that double-posting when two post at once..

    I’m glad you bring up Esther. In typing what I did, I did feel the urge to single out her story but repressed as her story- along with Deborah- is so often misconstrued in church that I did not wish to distract from what is God’s explicitly outlined intention, both in mandate and model.

    We must take all statements of the Bible within context, and use them to evaluate other areas of the Bible. “Using the Bible to interpret the Bible.” These seemingly contradictions on the surface serve to etch granularity into understanding of what is acceptable and pleasing to God, and what is not.

    Thou shall not murder (Ex 20:13). But yet, if I kill someone in my home in the middle of the night, I am not guilty of murder (Ex 22:2). Ah, so now I understand the delineation between kill- a broad term- and murder- killing with specific connotation. If I take someone’s life because they were in a place they had no right being doing unknown activity- done out of protection- I am not to bear the punishment. Now, if I kill to take- one’s property, wife or other- now I am killing with greed as a motive, and I am guilty (2 Sa 12:7). The price of blood must be paid in blood (He 9:22). Capital punishment could not be *more* biblical- a tangent for another time.

    The beginning of understanding gender roles is in Ge 1-2. This roles in Creation has already been laid out in this post. Ma 2:15 answers the question about offspring. The yearning women of the Bible have for children, including that bitter ungrateful Sarai, demonstrated the model of women who understood this. Where does Deborah fall in? Where does Esther fall in?

    Well, if we are faithful in the little things (Lu 16:10), we will be entrusted with more. God uses His servants- with all their imperfections- but He does select based on performance (Lu 1:42). Understanding the role of woman is procreation, God would have used Esther only after she had mastered (for lack of a better term) beauty (which we read about), a quiet and gentle spirit (which we read about), and undoubtedly was draining his loins on the daily. What is not recorded either way is her state of motherhood. But she would not have been used as the supposed ‘savior’ of the people Israel had she not mastered the smaller tasks to which she was assigned. And we know women are assigned the role of multiplication, take your pick: Ge 2:18, Ge 3:16, 1 Ti 5:14, 1 Ti 2:15… I could go on.
    (Lastly, worth noting: her story is canonical uncertainty- notably absent from the list of discovered works in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Is her story one of approval by God, simple recorded history, or fabrication?)

    I can think of no examples of God using a disobedient servant to bring about His will. Jonah was the one being taught the lesson about his own unbending heart. David is recorded as being a man after God’s own heart because he truly repented at his wrongdoings. Moses’ disobedience came with the bitter pill to swallow that he’d live to see the Land, but not walk in it. Joseph was faithful in the smallest of circumstances on more than one occasion, before he was entrusted by God with command over all of Egypt’s logistics. Among women, Sara called her husband Lord. She fell into the same trap of disobedience than did sisters Leah and Rachel in offering her maidservant for the sexytime when she believed herself barren. While this act had ramifications still felt today, her ‘heart was in the right place’ on the matter. Hannah pleaded with the Lord for a child- pleaded. She understood her role as a woman was not complete without being a mother. The examples continue to stack up.

    Does God allow some women to be barren? Sure. And He also calls home a girl at 1 years of age who dies from drowning in my friends’ backyard pool during the 30 seconds both he and his wife were tending to their other 5 children. I do not question God’s methods, timing, nor decisions. But I do strive to be clear on his mandates and models, and I do not question them. Anything other than this is sin: we are told to study Scripture (2 Ti 3:16), and we are told to be bold (Ac 4:29) about the Word.

    The masterpiece of biblical work, the collection of texts, the woman is for procreation. All other purposes are either derivative or ancillary to this fact. It is the woman who understands this and executes it faithfully who walks in the Lord when her husband tasks her with greater responsibility. And this- this- is the proper interpretation of Pr 31. Like a man who faithfully fetches the coffee as an intern, every step of the way, will conclude his career with the corner office, so too the woman, faithfully executing the seemingly mundane will prove herself to her husband and grow both in his love and respect, and duties and responsibilities.


  36. Good comments, Pastor Sharkly. They want to make Papa a woman, an androgyne, anything except what He is. Any way they can figure to dilute, ignore, or annul His masculinity.

    “But, the usurping prone woman should not seek to enter the presence of God without visibly showing that she understands that she is beneath the authority of the image of God, whom she once usurped, lest she anger all the heavenly host of angels with her brazen approach, not rightly adorned with shamefacedness.”

    Running a little late on that.

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  37. Self-actualization is to do with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s a pyramid describing the different levels of needs that each must be met, before needs higher up in the hierarchy can be attended to. Put the other way, it’s showing the reasons why the vast majority of people never meet self-actualization: because their more basic needs weren’t fully met. Working with at-risk teens (as I do) it’s really good to understand this stuff. To help kids reach their full potential (work towards self-actualization) we need to make sure their basic needs are met, then we can work on their psychological needs. When that’s sorted (usually beyond the teenage years) they can work on their self-fulfillment needs.

    If you know anything about Maslow you’ll know that growth needs aren’t from a lack of something, but they’re from a desire to grow as a person. It comes from within us.This is true spiritually, too. Maslow’s entire pyramid works on a spiritual level just as it does on a worldly/personal level. In fact, “official” changes to the original 5-stage model include “transcendence needs” as number 8 – after “self-actualization” needs. When we’re walking step by step with Jesus, we’ve reached the very top of the pyramid.
    I’m really not sure why it is being implied on here that self-actualization is a bad thing?

    Swanny River – You really need to give it up, getting your knickers in a tangle over my comments. It’s amusing, in a rather pathetic sort of way. I’m just a woman. In your world, women are nothing.


  38. Swanny River said: For example, I do skip over the Ace comments here now, because they don’t have anything for edification. Just emotional accusations and argument that you and others start engaging with, taking away from the spiritual growth and focus of your posts.
    Even if she cleaned up her act, I wouldn’t be interested in what she has to say because she comes here to scold and argue. Which going back to my first point, results in me shutting down.

    LOL How right you are. Was that just the godly wisdom of a man, or was that just now a divinely validated prophecy? Sometimes it is hard to know. Just to be on the safe side, I hope your head was uncovered when you wrote that. /S

    Since Ace likes to try to fix men, I offered Ace a deal:
    “All that being said, I probably should try not to throw off the weaker brothers with my strong language. So, I’ll propose you a deal. If you’ll try to refrain from speaking disrespectfully of men, I’ll try to refrain from using some of my most provocative words, unless I really feel they are appropriate. The Bible says:
    1 Peter 2:17 Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.
    You are commanded to honor all men, along with reverencing your own husband. So my deal shouldn’t be something for you to balk at, since you stand to win something, for doing what you already should be doing. Let me know if you are willing to try that deal out.”

    Ace has still never come out openly and agreed to that deal yet. LOL Apparently she’d rather reserve the right to continue being a scold, than to agree and see if I can moderate my language.

    ikr nailed this behavior previously:
    Swanny, the thoughts of women whom I’ve never met who cannot sit still in their own homes so they seek spiritual guidance and to guide others online? These spiritual charlatans should know- if they were true Christians as they profess themselves to be- that they are to seek guidance from the husband in their life. And yet. And yet they are here.

    A woman who tries to correct a man? 1 Ti 2:14
    A woman seeking guidance- online- from any man who isn’t her husband? 1 Co 14:35 …
    Oh, the swarm will buzz about how godly they are, but a tree is known by its fruit. …
    Women- as an entire half of humanity- are fickle creatures. Predictable. Testers and tempters of men. Recognize these cackling hens for what they are: noise.

    Swanny River, just keep on disregarding her mocking. If women want to contribute, they should contribute, if they can, not be detractors. Some find that incredibly challenging. Tourette’s or not, Ace should be able to learn to contribute positively, honoring all men. Just please bear with her in her infirmity. We may be able to make a difference, and help her to win her husband with respectful and pure behavior. Sorry if that sounds too hopefully optimistic, but we can also pray not only for Ace’s son, but for her, and her whole family.


  39. “1 Peter 2:17 Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.
    You are commanded to honor all men, along with reverencing your own husband.”

    Every single other translation uses the wording “Honour all people” or “respect everyone”. It’s not a command to women to honour all men who aren’t our husbands. It’s a command to everybody (both men and women) to treat everyone in a respectful manner. Nowhere does that verse indicate it’s a command just to women.

    I do honour my husband, and I treat people with respect, until they do something to lose it. Swanny River lost my respect, and he has never treated me with respect on here, so to expect me to treat him with anything less than the contempt he shows me is asking quite a lot from a mere woman, isn’t it? According to the attitude on here, men are superior to women in every way, so that would include morally superior… yet you’re expecting my morals to be higher here. That doesn’t make any sense at all!

    I’ve actually been treated better by Mongrel Mob members (one of NZ’s most prominent outlaw gangs) than I have by some of the men on here. And that doesn’t bother me – it’s kinda what I expected to happen with the attitudes that are found on here – but it does speak volumes when criminals in a violent gang obey 1 Peter 2:17 better than “Christian” men.

    Thank you for your prayers for my son, they’re greatly appreciated. We still have no answers and it’s a very scary time. But it is bringing both my husband and myself, and our other children, closer to the Lord.

    And Sharkly – as I’ve already said – your language doesn’t offend me. My husband swears an awful lot, too. The difference is though, that when he’s serving the Lord, he doesn’t swear at all. It’s just one of the many ways our Lord is able to change our hearts when He’s living in us.


  40. Ace,
    Many Bible translations use the word “men” in the phrase “Honor all men”, because that is the gender that was used in the original. Many newer translations neuter those type of terms, but they seemingly alter God’s word haphazardly to accommodate Feminism and to be more inclusive than the original text. The King James Bible is one of the best when it comes to getting the gender and the number of people being spoken to correct. Surely, you will notice that replacing “thou/thee/thy/thine” with the ambiguous “you/your” does NOT clarify, but tends to muddy, the Scriptures. Here is a link to a site I use that shows many translations of that verse use the English word men, because obviously the Greek original text indicated the masculine phrasing: A few of the versions even went so far as to neuter “the brotherhood”, but that doesn’t make it right, just because somebody decided God’s words needed to get with the (insert: current decade). I thought you said before that the members of your near perfect church fellowship were fans of the King James. Apparently however, it needs to be pitched when it encroaches on your Feminism.
    It will be difficult for me to get you to correctly apply it, if we can’t even agree on what was said.

    Separately, I see that you must be unfamiliar with manosphere memes, tropes, and clichés. Just as you didn’t understand why I wanted the ladies serving sandwiches at the first Patriarchy Parade. It appears that you also must be unaware of the cliché that churchian women invariably favor biker-gang bad-boys over the Christ-following men God approves of. But thanks again for the laugh, as you demonstrate how true that red-pill cliché is. You see, women need to be taught, that even though the masculine outlaw gang member might make her vagina tingle, she needs to be self-controlled, and think with some other organ, lest she one day find herself complaining she is married to an abusive stoner with imprisonable friends.
    I’m not saying I did things right. The church taught me wrong! They taught me that forgiveness fixes everything, and believe women because they’re more virtuous, and people are repentant if they say they are. I’m just hoping to help other people not make the same mistakes I made.

    When you imply that Swanny River wears knickers, and is pathetic, you are not being respectful of him as a man. Do you think your attack on his manhood will make him submit to your ways? I’m sort of here to teach men how not to fall for that abuse and usurping. And unlike many other manosphere sites, I think it is good to practice and exercise and grow by getting good at deflecting the fiery arrows of Feminism, and strike back with the word of God. How will patriarchy ever “come out of the closet” if men can’t stand up to the first woman who points and shrieks at them? FYI my wife threatened to call the cops on me tonight if I didn’t give in to her manipulation. I didn’t. At around 11:00PM she and a few police cars were parked outside my house. However Thanks to stuff I learned on the manosphere, I kept the door locked, and I declined to step outside and talk with them, my front doors are glass, so I could speak with the police woman just fine while neither allowing them in or stepping outside. I assured her that the children were safe, answered her probing questions, and then apologized for my wife’s drama, and asked them to remove her from my property, and went back down into my basement to continue watching a movie with my sons and then put them to bed. I don’t know what will come of it, but I used to back down to her when she would threaten to call the police. Now I’m to the point where I think I’d rather not cave, even if I risk getting sent to jail falsely and losing my job. I should have been taught to start at that point. Women get in a habit of threatening men and men get in a habit of caving in because they don’t want to be destroyed. I guess the lesson to be learned is that if you ever give in, your marriage is already effectively destroyed, unless you can somehow get whatever it was back at a more opportune time. You might as well force the showdown and see if she cares to stay married, or has to have her own way. You only make things worse by teaching your wife that she can threaten you into submission. I wish I could go back and throw the cunt out of the honeymoon suite when she nuclear shit-tested me on our honeymoon. But the churchians had taught me to submit to women’s crap, and I thought they would help me straighten her back out. LOL They just shit on me for having a troubled marriage, instead of helping, and seventeen years later they’re cheering my wife on with her divorce, refusing to follow the word of God or even talk to me about the situation. God sees all.

    Ace, if you think Swanny River needs to treat you differently, why not try treating him with respect and see if that doesn’t improve your outcome. Men generally respond well to those who respect them.
    Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
    In fact, why don’t you take me up on my deal to start honoring men, instead of just claiming now that my language really doesn’t bother you? It kind of makes your comments about my language seem a bit disingenuous, as though Swanny River might have a point about you being a scold. Here you have the opportunity to improve my language by showing men some honor, and you can’t seem to pull the trigger on your Christianity because it involves shooting your Feminism. I hope and believe you can change for the better, Ace. (1 Corinthians 13:7 says that’s love)


  41. I am not implying that Swanny River wears knickers. I assumed that the phrase “don’t get your knickers in a tangle” or “don’t get your undies in a wad” was universally accepted to mean “don’t get upset” but perhaps I was wrong on that. It’s a very common expression here in Kiwiland, said to both men and women, with no disrespect meant.
    To be honest, I don’t think me treating Swanny River with respect will achieve anything at all, because if you go back and read through the comments, I had never disrespected him at all until very recently, but he’s had an issue with me right from the start. Maybe he just doesn’t like women? In any case he doesn’t like me, and that’s fine.
    But okay, I’ll take you up on your deal. I like challenges 🙂

    Yes my church fellowship uses the KJV exclusively. A few of them use the New KJV. Other translations are not used at all in services and some of the preachers discourage us from reading other translations even at home, as they believe the translations are not as accurate. However, that verse in Peter has been taught often – as a commandment to all people to treat everyone with respect.
    Yes, I would agree that my church fellowship is near-perfect. I’d almost go so far as to say that the way itself IS perfect – it’s the way that Jesus taught. The people following the way are imperfect, though. But as we know: Jesus didn’t come to bring the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.
    It has none of the “churchian” stuff you talk about. It doesn’t teach that forgiveness fixes everything – although it does teach that forgiveness is imperative – God won’t forgive our sins if we can’t forgive other’s sins. It definitely doesn’t teach that we should believe all women because they’re more virtuous – they’re not. It does teach that we should listen and follow the guidance in scripture for how to solve disputes between believers. And it teaches that repentance means “turning from (sin) and turning to (God)” – so repentance is going to be visible. It’s more than just words. It’s a whole change of heart. It certainly doesn’t teach that men should be submitting to “women’s crap”. The leaders of these so-called churches are going to have a lot to answer for on the judgement day, I reckon.

    “Women get in a habit of threatening men and men get in a habit of caving in because they don’t want to be destroyed. I guess the lesson to be learned is that if you ever give in, your marriage is already effectively destroyed, unless you can somehow get whatever it was back at a more opportune time. You might as well force the showdown and see if she cares to stay married, or has to have her own way. You only make things worse by teaching your wife that she can threaten you into submission.” – Yep, pretty much. We want our man to be worthy of our respect. We want him to be stronger than us, to take charge. Most women aren’t going to threaten to call the cops without very good reason, and if things do escalate that far then the marriage is probably in trouble, but yeah, if we push, it’s because we want our man to push back. And we want him to win. We want to be overpowered. We want him to win our submission. And once he does, in most cases he’ll have it for life. (Speaking generally here; obviously some women are complete nutters and this doesn’t apply). If we’ve married a good guy, we absolutely want him to be in control, but we don’t want to just surrender that control. We want him to fight for it.

    Yes, I’m unfamiliar with manosphere tropes etc. I have no idea what they are. I am familiar with the cliche that churchian women prefer bad-boys over Godly men, although from my experience, it’s not just “churchian” women who are like this. It’s more of a universal thing. We want the thrill of danger, and we want to “tame” our bad-boy.


  42. Sharkly,
    I skip Ace’s comments so I didn’t know she threw shade my way. Even knowing it, doesn’t make it different. To make my explanation less personal, I don’t read TGC anymore. There are nuggets of wisdom there, from believers, but it is better for my focus to not visit the site like I used to. So it is with your three-letter harem you have here, of whom Ace is only one member.
    If you are motivated to engage them with the hope that your patient love and teaching will help them, then you should do so, it seems biblically mature.
    For myself though, I find it better to honor men by keeping my limited finger-strokes on my phone aimed at other men. If you had a dual site that was men-only, then I would not visit this one. I have enough examples of female rebellion in my own house and work without adding to it more when I surf. Does that help you Sharkly, understand why I skip the harem’s comments now? TL/DR- if I won’t read TGC, why would I read the harem?
    I think it is fair to ask, though a bit out of place, if you had your druthers, would you rather not have me comment if I am not going to engage or read all the comments and commenters?


  43. Swanny River, my brother!
    I really like hearing your perspectives and dealing with your, always more sensible, questions. If you feel like not reading anybody’s comments then do as you feel led. I am grateful that you comment here, and I wouldn’t trade you for ten of these high-maintenance ministry opportunities. Lord knows I’ve got enough interaction with silly women at work too. I’m really glad you’re here bringing your wisdom.


  44. I do not wish to scare away your readers, Sharkly, so I will stay away from your blog from now on, so Swanny River can be at peace. I did tell you that me being respectful to him would make no difference – looks like I was right!! (I do have pretty good insight to people – it’s what I do every day)
    And honestly, you’re not going to “change” me or “help” me because I truly do believe that the way my church teaches is right, and I can find everything there that my soul needs. This is just fun for me… a way of killing time at work in our shop between customers and I have enjoyed it while it lasted. But my goal is certainly not to scare away the men who actually get something from this blog that helps them.
    I will continue to pray for your family; it’s really tough on kids being in a broken home.
    Thank you for interacting with me on here.
    Apologies to you Swanny River – I truly did not realise how much my presence here disturbed you. I have teenagers – I’m used to drama – but this obviously goes beyond that for you. I honestly did not mean to cause you so much offence.


  45. Ace,
    LOL What a bunch of excuses. You’re fine provoking people.
    Being respectful of any man makes a difference, because he is the image of God, and God commands it. It will probably make a bigger difference for you spiritually, than for him though, but it will make a difference for both of you. You finally agreed to try to be more respectful of men, in contradiction to your Feminist tendency, and now you’re blaming a man for why you must not stick around and show any of the respect you agreed you would try to show. I see through that dodge. I suspect you’d rather hang onto your Feminism and antagonize men rather than work on showing them honor. You really could turn over a new leaf and make comments that are uplifting of men, to the glory of God. I’m sure no men would be bothered by that. I’d sure like to see you make that productive change. I just am not sure you could keep it up for more than about three comments if we could even get three comments honoring men out of you.


  46. Sharkly, I’d be more than happy to stick around because I do enjoy a challenge and while I am not a feminist, I’ve never bought into the whole man-is-superior thing but yes, you are right that God commands I am respectful to everyone so I will try. But your previous comment to Swanny River made it clear you’d rather have his presence here than mine, and my presence seems to disturb him greatly, so I was trying to do the right thing by going.
    Yes I do enjoy provoking people, a character flaw I inherited from my father. My son is the same – he could pick any subject he liked to do his school speech on and he chose baptism – specifically adult baptism is better than baptism of infants – because he goes to a Catholic school and he finds it amusing to provoke people. But neither of us actually desire to cause so much offence that someone would be genuinely insulted, or would choose to not read a blog they clearly enjoy.


  47. ” I am not a feminist ”

    then 1 paragraph later:

    ” Yes I do enjoy provoking people, a character flaw I inherited from my father. ”


    Pathological they be. They just can’t help themselves. Gotta laugh at the irony, it truly is humourous.


  48. Ha ha ikr that’s nothing to do with feminism, it’s the truth! My father is a good man, who’s character flaws are far better than my mother’s. My mother is a cheating slapper; my father has a slightly warped sense of humour. Let me inherit my father’s character flaws any day!!


  49. Oh, IKR…..give it a rest and go work out. You yourself said you were overweight. Even submissive, perfect Christian women don’t like fatties.


  50. Ace said: “I am not a feminist, I’ve never bought into the whole man-is-superior thing…”

    ikr, I didn’t even have to skip another word before I found the contradiction. A red-pill truism is that almost all women are either feminists or at least ready to willingly benefit from the feminist climate’s unfair system that is rigged against men. So any woman who says she is not a feminist is to be suspected of at least being complicit if she is not actually actively engaged in deconstructing feminism.

    If Ace does not believe that men are superior, then she obviously believes that women are either equal to or better than men. Which is sort of the bulk of what feminism begins as, before it descends into the usual sexual promiscuity, baby killing, penis-envy/emasculation, man-hate, lesbianism, cat-collecting, bossiness, body desecration, screechiness and Etc. She resorts to her feminism pretty quickly also. “Knickers in a tangle/panties in a wad” She tried to act as though that is not an emasculation in any language. Where a man is accused of both figuratively wearing female undergarments, and implied to be having the unnecessary irrational emotional outbursts of a woman. While there are many Feminazis who are more feminist than Ace, she is in denial if she can’t see she is floating along in the feminist current, and not swimming upstream very hard.
    I have invited Ace along to try beginning to honor men, as she has promised, and perhaps as she begins to attempt that, if she can, she will eventually come to realize how entrenched the feminism really is in all of us.

    Ace’s friend Lori Alexander answered this question yesterday:

    4. Do you think that God could have given some women less meek and more boisterous personalities?

    God gives us free will. Are we going to live for Him and obey Him, or are we going to go with our natural bent which is usually opposite of God’s will? He wants women to have meek and quiet spirits. Those with boisterous personalities need to learn to tame them.

    I am awaiting Ace’s more man-honoring future comments with great faith and hope. Since it will probably be difficult for her to honor one of us while she is contending with us,( I think she would do well to honor Swanny River with an appology) perhaps she can start by giving us an ode of honor aimed at uplifting her longsuffering husband. She seems to be able to claim he’s better than us, thereby briefly exalting one man in order to put others down. It ain’t exactly adoration of all men in God’s image, but it might be a first step, and bring her closer to her husband, who is the man she needs to always honor the most anyhow.


  51. EBB, thank you for the critique. I’m happy to report that I have been diligent over the past couple months and am back up to 16 dead-hang pullups. Please hold me accountable for New Years of being at 20.


    Liked by 1 person

  52. Well, IKR… dead-hang pull-ups. Wow. And just think, while you’re clutching that bar doing pull-ups, you can’t be frantically typing on a blog at the same time. It’s really amazing how you have such a command of the English language since you claim it’s not your first language. Almost (but not quite) as amazing as those 16 pull ups.


  53. EBB, it’s a start. The race is not won by the strong nor swift, but by those who perservere. Goal is to get back to maxing the USMC PFT (kipping is for the birds). Healthy diet and discipline, healthy diet and discipline.



  54. Sharkly – I did apologise to Swanny River. On the very comment that you replied to, saying I was full of excuses and was leaving so I didn’t have to be honourable to men.

    In the true definition of feminism which is equality of the sexes, yes I am a feminist. I absolutely do believe in equal rights and opportunities for women, and absolutely believe that women should have the vote and be able to pursue their dreams without being held back because of their gender.
    But that’s not what feminism seems to mean anymore. These days, feminism seems to be about female superiority and hating men, and I’m not onboard with that at all. That’s why I say I’m not a feminist, simply because I don’t identify with the extreme views so many feminists these days hold. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’m dead against them. But I do believe in gender equality. So take from that what you will.

    I don’t know that I have claimed anywhere that my husband is a better man than anyone on here. But he’s MY man, so I’m always going to be on his side and do my best to build him up and support him.

    I guess seeing as how I’ve turned over a new leaf on here and am now honouring all men, I can’t tell IKR that I can beat him in the dead-hang pull ups department? I can. I train with my 16 year old son, and he can beat IKR too 😉

    Get your knickers in a knot is a very common UK expression and is in no way dishonouring to men. The Kiwi version – knickers in a tangle – means exactly the same thing. It’s obviously a cultural difference between here and the USA which makes it somehow offensive, although I do have (male) friends in MIssouri who now use it, so maybe not.

    One of our older preachers a few years ago addressed that topic that Lori Alexander answered, in the quote above. Well not that exact thing, but very similar – our personalities, and how we use them to excuse sin. He said: You might have been born that way but you were not born again that way!
    It’s very true, and something I forget all too often. But God hasn’t finished with me yet; He’s still busy moulding me to His will. So I will keep trying.


  55. Ace, I guess when I read the apology the first time, I didn’t take it for actually being sincere. It still sounded a bit emasculating, like, Sorry you’re such a thin skinned shrinking violet who gets so easily damaged that I have to leave so you don’t die from all the drama. Part of my wife’s condition is her extreme irrational fear of being flawed and thus unlovable, that makes her want everything to be somebody else’s fault to the point that she denies that anything is really ever her fault. Every bad thing she does to me is somehow a reaction that I deserved and instigated or whatever, so she really can never give a sincere apology because she never really ever sees herself as being at fault for anything. I guess I’m used to hearing that sort of backhanded apology. So perhaps, out of habit, I saw that in yours.

    I can see that I’ve got my work cut out for me, teaching you how to honor men. Based upon your statements, you don’t really, so we’ll have to start out working on faking it better first, until your change of heart arrives.


  56. Nope it was a genuine apology. I don’t say sorry unless I actually mean it – fake apologies drive me nuts. I genuinely did not mean to offend Swanny River as much as I clearly have done.
    But again: Swanny River – I apologise. Truly. Offending you was not my intention.

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  57. Also, please do not mistake me for your wife, or assuming that she is a typical example of most women. From what you’ve said, she most definitely is not. I will admit that I don’t have much time for snowflakes – we have to be tough to survive in this world. Years of constant bullying at school due to my Tourette’s (and fuelled by my family’s very conservative church beliefs) taught me that. It was either stand up and be strong, fight back… or give up and die. I came very close to the latter on several occasions.

    I have many flaws, and I admit to them. Sometimes, I even try to get rid of them. But I’m incredibly lucky that a huge number of people love me even with these flaws 🙂

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  58. ray says: “…Pastor Sharkly.”

    I’m not sure about that honorific title. As I fear God, I know the title comes with a lot of responsibility and greater judgement upon teachers. Furthermore church leaders are supposed to rule over their own families well, and although I feel like I have always had the best intentions and been a good father and husband, my efforts have so far only been rewarded with continued evil behavior from my wife, which may disqualify me. I don’t even rule over her at all, she is in full rebellion. She called the police on me this last weekend because she refused to answer a simple question when she called me.(insane story) Then Tuesday she refers to her own stupid actions as “the stunt you pulled”. LOL She has a diagnosed thought disorder. No, my wife is certainly not an example of being in godly subjection to her husband. My parents had prayed that I would be an evangelist when I was born. However I seem to be drawn to calling for repentance like Jesus, John the Baptist, and the prophets called for. I’m not sure really what to call myself, besides that I am a servant of the living God. I think that all Christian men should be contending for the faith.


  59. ACE — “But I do believe in gender equality. So take from that what you will.”

    She is a feminist. And here I thought ACE was the place with the Helpful Hardware Man. :O)

    The foundation of all rebellion is Lucifer’s lie that men and women are equal. It is the very definition of feminism; he knows human nature far better than humans ever did, or do now.

    Ancient Babylon, btw, was the first culture to codify ‘equality’ between men and women. And Babylon — ancient or modern — is the enemy of God and of REAL Christians.

    The male is the spiritual cover, and spiritual authority, over the female. There is no equality whatsoever in this. Neither is there equality from one man to the next. The Kingdom of Heaven is strictly hierarchic. Satan’s kingdom on Earth is Equalist. Gender equality is rebellion.

    Pastor Sharkly — I like it fine that you do not take titles to yourself. This is something about Dalrock that I approve of likewise. Neither do I take titles to myself, although they exist. The King will let everybody know (publicly) who is who down the road a bit.

    I do have authority to discern within the Church, and if I say you’re a pastor, you are. They are few and far between, in truth.

    That oughta get Ace and some of the others wound on up! :O)

    I have not forgotten your request that I pray for your wife’s repentance, and have given it much thought. Please be patient a bit more and I will contact you soon about this matter.

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  60. Ray – I already said I’m a feminist if you consider feminism to be strictly about equality between the sexes. I’m not a feminist of the more modern man-hating movement that seems to be getting more extreme each day.

    I’m really not sure why you think I would care if you consider Sharkly a pastor? These days anybody can start up a church and declare themselves whatever they want. Here, we have the controversial Destiny Church with the self-,appointed Bishop Brian Tamaki getting rich off the back of his followers who mostly all live in extreme poverty (generous tithing is compulsory in that church). It’s the perfect example of what a Biblical church is not… but a few people blindly follow it. Not that I’m comparing Sharkly to Brian Tamaki, just giving you an example of titles meaning absolutely nothing. Although teachers will be held to a higher standard as their responsibility is greater, so titles (especially self-appointed ones) may well matter on the judgement day.


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  63. ”So, can you serve both God and gluttony? No!
    Can you serve both God and fame seeking? No!
    Can you serve both God and Feminism? No!”

    HERES some more thoughts on that!
    MOST of the following is based on this neoconth feminazian-churchian article from
    more from the goldberg article:
    jonah goldberg writes,

    “Forgetting the question of decency and morality for a moment, there’s the matter of national interests. Female equality seems to be a pretty reliable treatment for many of the world’s worst pathologies. Population growth in the Third World tends to go down as female literacy goes up. Indeed, female empowerment might be the single best weapon in the “root causes” arsenal in the war on terror.”



    hahahahahhaah!! or lolzzlolzzlolzzlolz!!

    neocon godlberg hates the traditional patriarchal family, which was destroyed by the fiat-funded feminist movement!!!

    as a neocon goldberg want to rule the world via fiat, which means he must destroy fatherhood.

    he and his neocon fiat masters have been quite successful in depopulating the western world.

    the genius of it is that goldberg and his neocon buddies conquered without ever firing a shot, yet.

    tehy just printed a bunch of fiat debt and handed it to women and told them to abandon their husbands and families and abort their children as the central planner sees populatioon growth as bad.

    the great neocon jonah goldberg sees the death of fatherhood and the family as a good thing, as it kills population growth, leaving more resources to the neocons.
    Jonah Goldberg, working for the Fed which must convert its fiat debt into $$$ via the neocon’s divorce regime, writes today, “The reason strikes me as fairly simple. Women civilize men. As a general rule, men will only be as civilized as female expectations and demands force them to be. “Liberate” men from those expectations, and Lord of the Flies logic kicks in. Liberate women from this barbarism, and male decency will soon follow.”

    Actually, since Roe vs. Wade, there have been over 50,000,000 abortions in the US alone. Every one of these was a woman’s choice. Half of these were men. Ergo women do not civilize men, but they murder them.

    Today over 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women. . . .”

    See if any femnazi-churchianz can refute any of that!

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