Bnonnas Foster: a delightful treat

Bnonnas Foster

Quite a tasty appetizer

But, today I’ll have to serve up the accompanying meat.

I just received a lengthy new update from Dominic “Bnonn” Tennant and Pastor Michael Foster AKA “It’s Good To Be A Man”, #8: Androgyny is literally paganism.

Bnonn & Foster present the case that Satan wants to completely muddle the inherent natural divisions between the sexes and/or invert the God ordained ranking of the sexes.  And that any attempt to diminish the God ordained fundamental differences between the sexes, or to invert the male superior order to the sexes, is to help Satan’s cause and to oppose God.  They teach that androgyny is not just people who get “sex changes” or are transvestites, but also includes those who actively work to diminish the public belief in inherent sexual differences and to change the natural roles God intends for each of the sexes.  Bnonn & Foster seem to imply that those whom they call “Christian androgynists” will not go to heaven unless they repent:

What we mean by this is that androgyny is a “gospel issue.” It is a kind of sexual immorality, the practitioners of which will not see the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9, NASB). In other words, androgyny is not a faux pas, where you violate the social expectations of men and women in God’s kingdom. It is a heresy, where you violate the integrity of the gospel itself by syncretizing it with another religion. [Feminism – or Androgynism as Bnonn & Foster call it]

Bnonn & Foster quote “Christian androgynist” Rachel Green Miller:

For instance, Mrs. Miller claims that “submission in marriage and in the church is an example of equals agreeing to submit to the authority of leaders they have chosen for themselves. There is order, but not subordination” …  We have been stewing in androgyny culturally for so long that much of it looks completely normal; the thing that has begun to seem strange and offensive to us is God’s design.

The upshot is that if you ask Christian androgynists why women are not to be pastors or heads of houses—why, in other words, it is always the woman who must “choose” to submit in these relationships of equals?—they do not have an answer. It is as if God simply declared it by fiat to test our faith. They strenuously deny that women should not be pastors because of their ontology, their being.  If they were to accept that, they would also have to accept that women should not be presidents or policemen for the same reason—and that is unthinkable in a culture of androgyny. As Mark Jones puts it in his own review of Mrs. Miller’s book, “What is the actual reason for submission/subordination?  Is it simply because God says so (positive law) or is it also because God has made it so (creational, fixed)?”

It is at the heart of paganism to deny that God has made it so.

So, Bnonn & Foster make many good points, but in the end they just fall short and can’t make the only argument that will hold up, because they both are still completely in the Christian androgynist’s camp when it comes to both men and women equally being the image of their apparently hermaphroditic God.  Consequently, according to that, any reasonable mind can figure out that men and women are still left morally exactly equal by both equally imaging God Most High, God does then therefore rule by capricious fiat, and Bible believing men are really just control-freaks and pretentious usurpers of women.

If the reasons why women aren’t allowed to preach are solely biological, then it only stands to reason, that they are matters of varying degree from person to person.  While the ancients held that men were generally stronger physically, mentally, constitutionally, and emotionally, these are all matters of degree with exceptions too numerous to be counted.  There is likely some old salty woman who is less gullible even than these two young Christian teachers.

If the qualification to represent God is something exclusively male, like a man’s penis being the measure of what makes a good preacher, then correspondingly I should already be one of the greatest, and everybody should fully comprehend these thoughts as I relay them, by virtue of my exceptional natural giftedness in that regard.  However, I don’t recall the apostles or the great preachers of old extolling their manhoods to back up their calling, so I don’t believe my schlong is what qualifies me to share God’s word with other men.

So, what really makes men the images and representatives of Christ, able to represent God as teachers of His Word, while all women are not?  Well I fully believe God’s Bible when it tells me:

1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

Is the apostle Paul deceiving us there?  Why must the reason that all women are commanded to wear head coverings to pray while men are not, be something other than the only reason the inspired Apostle Paul gave us, directly from God Most High Himself?  Should we not believe God?  Men are not to cover the image of God when seeking to enter the presence of God, because it is a dishonor to cover the image in the presence of the One whose likeness it is.  Whereas women are instead to cover their heads and be adorned with shamefacedness, which would clearly not be a fit treatment for the image of God in the presence of God.  So, if God is telling us the truth, and women are just the glory of men and do not represent God Himself, then one would expect that men would be the only sex that represents God here on earth, while wives are relegated to representing God’s church which is then to reverence God, and His image.(her husband ~ Ephesians 5:33) and we are each also therefore to honor all men.

Early church father Ambrosiaster backs me up, saying: Paul says that the honor and dignity of a man makes it wrong for him to cover his head, because the image of God should not be hidden. Indeed, it ought not to be hidden, for the glory of God is seen in the man. … A woman therefore ought to cover her head, because she is not the likeness of God but is under subjection.

So, if men alone are in the unsurpassable image of God Most High, then there can be no way that any woman could ever be any man’s equal.  The basis for Satan’s entire lie of Feminism is destroyed and laid bare as a falsehood, once you know this truth.   The truth is that the women of the early church all wore head coverings for the exact reason given by the Apostle Paul.  The fathers of the early church were unanimous in their writings, that women are not by themselves images of God.  The heresy of women independently imaging God came about towards the end of the fourth century AD, in Rome, after Constantine had made Christianity the State religion, and state/church leaders were looking to make their religion more acceptable to the many forcibly converted goddess worshippers.(by deifying Mary.  To make her divine, she had to also become the image of the divine.)  Prior to this syncretism with goddess worship, the church fathers handed down the truth they had learned from the apostles regarding who was in the image of God:

Tertullian said: And do you not know that you are Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. Because of the death you merited, even the Son of God had to die.

Augustine said: Woman does not possess the image of God in herself but only when taken together with the male who is her head, so that the whole substance is one image. But when she is assigned the role as helpmate, a function that pertains to her alone, then she is not the image of God. But as far as the man is concerned, he is by himself alone the image of God just as fully and completely as when he and the woman are joined together into one. 

Augustine said: “. . . woman was given to man, woman who was of small intelligence and who perhaps still lives more in accordance with the promptings of the inferior flesh than by superior reason. Is this why the apostle Paul does not attribute the image of God to her?”

So, Bnonn & Foster are still befuddled by this latter day heresy of women somehow representing God’s likeness, perhaps imagining the Father & Son exploring their “feminine side”, and it causes them to have to grasp at straws and paint God as a bit unreasonable in his preference for the male of our species .

But hey, if God is also female, why wouldn’t she be attracted to me?  This farce just continues to write itself.  LOL

As I mentioned in a previous comment, I had posted an argument on that the reason men don’t wear head coverings to pray, while women do, is because just the man is the image and glory of God, just like The Apostle Paul told us, but the woman is the glory of man, but Bnonn deleted my clearly reasoned comment.  Apparently, to these teachers who would have you believe the image of God is androgynous or hermaphroditic, my original early church belief that I reflect a male God, not a female goddess, is just unthinkable.

When lies have been accepted for some time, the truth always astounds with an air of novelty. ~ Clement of Alexandria

Just when you thought this farce could go no further … over at, where my masculine early church view is censored from the discussion, Bnonn is content to be discussing one man’s strange view that the “covering” actually means testicles!  The early church must have got it wrong, the women were supposed to wear testicles on their heads, or cover their testicles, or some sort of absolute Bnonnsense.

Bnonn says: I don’t discount the possibility that Paul specifically uses peribolaion to evoke a double entendre, to allude to Hippocratic physiology—but I don’t think that is his primary meaning. Certainly he may also want his audience to think of how sensual a woman’s hair is; that it is akin to a sexual organ, and therefore should be covered in worship.

Folks, the Apostle Paul wasn’t writing about women wearing testicles on their heads, that is just Bnonn being a nut-head.  Professing themselves to be wise, they make absolute clowns of themselves when they must ignore the plain meaning of the scripture to accommodate their own syncretism.  Yet God has those mockers who would try to neuter Him, in derision.  They just apparently can’t see what eternal clowns they are making of themselves.  LOL

(Referring to 1 Corinthians 11:7) Bnonn says: Why, then, is woman the glory of man? Is she not made in the image of God? Any modern Christian who claims not to get at least uneasy reading this passage—and probably tight under the collar—is fibbing. We are so conditioned by feminism we can’t help it.

LOL  Poor Bnonn!  all hot and bothered!  Speaking of testicles … Maybe he’s got a case of spiritually undescended testicles.   He and Pastor Michael Foster perhaps should both consider acquiring a functioning pair.  Perhaps because I know that I am the manifest image of God, and women are not, it gives me greater confidence when speaking to them.  I have no problem whatsoever telling women that they are not the image of God and remaining as cool as a cucumber.  And I can give them God’s Bible verse for it too. ~ 1 Corinthians 11:7

32 thoughts on “Bnonnas Foster: a delightful treat

  1. My opinion is probably biased because I know Bnonn and his wife personally, (we lived in the same town, years ago) and I know their beliefs, but I can’t help but think you’re making this whole “man is the image of God” thing way more difficult than what it needs to be.
    Humans are a species of the animal kingdom. The reproductive system of all mammals is very similar. It’s not the reproductive organs of the human species that makes man in God’s image – it’s humans, as a species, that is in God’s image.
    Animals don’t have souls. Humans do. Animals can’t think or reason – they’re driven by instinct. Humans can both think and reason. You don’t have to look very hard to see the similarities between all animals, and the difference between animals and humans. It’s these differences that have made us – humans, as a species – in God’s image. It’s nothing to do with a penis. Where in the Bible does it say that God has a penis? But as God created mothers, He must have a nurturing, gentle, more feminine side instead of being strictly masculine as men on this blog like to think.

    By trying to prove that men are superior to women, you’re making the whole concept of Christianity difficult when really, it’s so simple.


  2. You’re right, it is simple. Nothing needs to be proven, men are superior to women, that is biological fact that cannot be ignored. Just because it is fact does not mean men see women as inferior, we merely accept knowing men are superior to women. Are there exceptions? Of course, but collectively, men are superior. That is the simple truth, and no matter how much you wish to disagree, that will not make it so.

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  3. Ace,
    You and Sharkly just go around and around on this subject; he says only men are made in God’s image and you say women are equal. He has quoted 1 Cor 11:7 which seems to prove his point. I am a woman but have to agree with his position. This doesn’t make women less valuable, it only makes women different. Continuing to banter this point over and over and over is going to get you nowhere. “Where in the Bible does it say that God has a penis?” Well, nowhere but it doesn’t say he has a nose either; does that mean he doesn’t? I would be considered a feminist by the standard on this blog because I believe women can own property, vote and be educated. I haven’t seen Scripture that convinces me otherwise but I have seen Scripture that says man is made in the image of God and woman is made in the image of man.


  4. Snowy – Sharkly will be chuffed, I’m sure, to know a mere woman agrees with him 😀
    You only have to read Genesis to know that both men and women are made in the image of God. Genesis 5:2 makes it particularly clear.
    Sharklys friend Bnonn Tennant has a good blog post on it, as does Michael Pearl, and they’re both very much believers in patriarchy. It is the accepted view of literally all mainstream Christian faiths.

    How can you believe women should be able to vote, own property and be educated if you don’t believe women were made in God’s image. It’s incongruent. If woman is only the glory of man she should neither own property nor vote. And an education would be unnecessary for her.
    And if it’s only man in God’s image, what nationality man are we talking? Nobody who holds that position is able to answer that question.
    Humankind as a species being made in God’s image is the only thing that makes sense.

    Terry S. In what way are men superior? By virtue of their strength? So that would make a smaller, weaker man inferior to a stronger one? The Bible doesn’t say that.


  5. Welcome Terry S.,

    I and a commenter named Paul have contended with Bnonn about Genesis 5:2 and the whole topic of the image of God here:
    for those who don’t care to read that all, I’ll share a quote I cited from the early church father, Saint Augustine:
    But we must notice how that which the apostle says, that not the woman but the man is the image of God, is not contrary to that which is written in Genesis, “God created man: in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them: and He blessed them.” For this text says that human nature itself, which is complete [only] in both sexes, was made in the image of God; and it does not separate the woman from the image of God which it signifies. For after saying that God made man in the image of God, “He created him,” it says, “male and female:” or at any rate, punctuating the words otherwise, “male and female created He them.” How then did the apostle tell us that the man is the image of God, and therefore he is forbidden to cover his head; but that the woman is not so, and therefore is commanded to cover hers? Unless, forsooth, according to that which I have said already, when I was treating of the nature of the human mind, that the woman together with her own husband is the image of God, so that that whole substance may be one image; but when she is referred separately to her quality of help-meet, which regards the woman herself alone, then she is not the image of God; but as regards the man alone, he is the image of God as fully and completely as when the woman too is joined with him in one.

    Bnonn never would answer me, that if in Ephesians 5, the husband images Christ, and the wife images the church, which one is in the image of God. I doubt Michael Foster cares to answer that either, because the answer doesn’t suit their Christianity syncretized with Feminism. Bnonn tried repeatedly to duck out of continuing to discuss the matter, and has ended up blocking some of Paul’s comments and my own from his website. I hope both of these teachers, Bnonn & Foster, will come to see that God has only told us that men are in His image, and that from that honor flows much unique duty and responsibility. Yes, voting is the type of responsibility usually best left to menfolk. However, not being in the image of God, doesn’t prevent a woman from possessing property, or even other creatures. Koko the gorilla owned a kitten. However women are clearly human and above all the beasts. Women are due some honor as joint heirs of the grace of God. Just because women are inferior does not mean they cannot behave honorably and serve God and men well. They also taught Koko the gorilla sign language. How much more so should we try to educate women. Shoot! That’s why they’re welcome to learn here. I’m certainly not opposed to educating women, although much advanced education is wasted on women and often men too. I think women should definitely read the Bible, but they should realize that they are often reading things written to men. “Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife…” does not imply that a woman reading that needs a wife. She can read it, but just needs to realize that it was originally written to men. Thus it is also good for her to ask her husband at home to explain it to her, as she is told, when she has difficulty understanding what may have been more intended to be understood by men.
    The Bible speaks of God’s “loins”, and Jesus was circumcised, so I think it would be blasphemous to attempt to emasculate God just to suit Feminism. Feminism a subtype of Androgynism as Bnonn & Foster call it in their article, is opposed to God’s intended order.

    Ace, you need to learn that your ancestor helping to bring about early Feminism in New Zealand is not a claim to fame, but a claim to shame instead. Just look at the way families have decayed and been weakened and marriage has become unappealing to so many as a direct result of that foolish rebellion against God’s patriarchal order. Be wiser than your forbearers, and learn from the bad fruit of their best intentions.
    I hope that eventually Bnonn & Foster will see that only men are the image and glory of God. It makes everything more easily understandable, once you have that foundation securely in your mind. Laying your fight against Feminism down upon a foundation other than the one God first laid down, is foolishly building upon shifting sand. The likeness or image of God is foundational to who most represents God here on earth, and why they are to be reverenced and have the other subjected to serve them. Without such a reason, except for a divine fiat, women are going to be understandably discontent with their role. With the foundation properly laid from earliest childhood, women will be far more attracted to men, and happier to serve them and then their children.


  6. Sharkly – Of course women should read the Bible! There are verses directed specifically to women in it. The few that come to mind right now are in Titus 2, Ephesians 5:22, 1 Peter 3:1 & v3 and there are more, those are just a couple of examples.

    I was reading today about Phoebe in Romans 16 – Paul’s letter calls her a deacon of the church. It seems that she was a fairly wealthy woman who contributed financially to Paul’s mission and provided hospitality to him, and was a leader of a church in her town, probably hosting a house church. Which kinda throws a spanner in the works of women being nothing, doesn’t it? She is recognised by several different faiths as being a pretty important woman. The Catholics have a feast day for her on September 3, I believe. Traditionally, the Catholics are as patriarchal as they come, so she must be a pretty important woman for them to acknowledge her.

    So if Phoebe had her own money and was a leader in her church, that would make her a terrible feminist person, wouldn’t it? Except that she had the support of Paul… so she clearly wasn’t a terrible person, despite being on equal standing with men. Paul trusted her. There is no mention of a husband. Wow, she truly *is* a feminist – she’s single AND makes her own money! And Paul makes it clear that Phoebe was doing the Lord’s work.

    My ancestor who was a suffragette here in NZ isn’t famous but, just like Kate Sheppard, she was a married Christian woman who believed the Bible taught that men and women are equal in worth and value. And no, I’m not ashamed of her work. Quite the opposite, actually.


  7. Pastor Sharkly —

    You got a better chance of teaching Koko the words and ways of God, than you do with Ace and her legions of fellow-travelers.

    Koko isn’t full of resentment and bitterness that she’ll try to pass off as Christianity.

    My suggestion: You GO, Koko!


  8. Ray,
    I read the initial comment here, and I am of the same mind as you about Koko, except what came to my mind was the word, “intractable. ”
    Who knows though, maybe if Sharkly keeps at it, then in another 5 to 30 years, the 3-letter harem(Ace/KAK, CLR, and BBB) will be sweet and pleasant. Stephanie was, so I am now encouraged that it is possible. I was thinking the harem was as good as it gets.


  9. It is a worthy start, I’ll agree. Yet pittance, he will have a whole bevy eventually.

    BTW Koko ought not be dismissed casually, she’s got upside. Eats cheap bananas, doesn’t nag, in fact talks just about the right amount . . . fuzzy and warm at night. Ok forget that last part.

    I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to pray that Sharkly get a bigger harem or not, I will look at the Bible and see if there’s anything against it. I mean I don’t want to upset the ladies or anything.


  10. Ray: seriously get a grip. Stop praying to gorillas. You’re kind of a pig if you look at the whole picture. Settle down already; knock off the whole anti-woman vibe. You are very transparent and low IQ in the whole MGTOW scheme; knock off the whole anti – feminist vibe; you’re not a player in the big league so step aside and shut the hell up.


  11. I am reminded of our title ~ Laughing At Feminism
    I have been doing some research on things I will likely share in upcoming posts, so I have not had time to respond, but, I have got to say that, the last four comments and how they have played out has really given me some much needed laughter. I probably shouldn’t laugh at ray’s jokes, or at somebody getting triggered by them, but I can’t help but find it all just too amusing not to laugh. I hope this doesn’t seem less than masculine, but, I actually laughed until I cried. Please accept my apologies, CLR, I know you weren’t probably trying to make me cry from laughter. I don’t doubt that you have been through some personally tough times and have your own internal struggles to battle daily, and I don’t want to belittle your angst. Please forgive me and know that I seek to bring harmony between the sexes, with each man or woman properly fulfilling their role towards the other sex to the glory of God. Perhaps we can all grow together towards God’s righteousness in spite of ourselves. I will say a prayer for us all.

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  12. I know you men here like to laugh at feminism. I know how much you believe that women are inferior to men and their sole purpose is to serve men. But after today, I’m more convinced than ever that we NEED feminism.
    I work two days a week with children from families destroyed by domestic violence. Today, 6 young kids were brought in, ranging in age from 2 weeks old to 14. A mixture of boys and girls. They are from a “good Christian” home where the father is an associate pastor of a very fundamentalist church – by all accounts a good, decent, God-fearing man. I’m really not sure what god this “man” (pig) worships, but it’s certainly not the God of Heaven. The midwife tending to the family (here in New Zealand midwives do post-natal checks of mother and baby for six weeks after the birth) rang the Police because the woman had horrific injuries – her stitches had all been ripped open and she was bleeding heavily. Her “good, God-fearing” pastor husband had taken his conjugal rights, by force. He didn’t care that his wife was still bleeding post-partum and had not yet healed. He’s done this after every single baby, usually just 2 or 3 days post-birth. She submits to it. It’s painful and makes her cry, but she thinks she’s being a good wife by submitting to this maltreatment. And this is the first time he’s actually injured her, so it can’t be that bad, right?

    His wife wasn’t the only one in the family this man had sexually abused. He’d also been getting it on with his 8,12 and 14 year old daughters. His 2 sons and baby are safe from his vile attentions, I think. It was heartbreaking, speaking to these girls today, trying to counsel them. How do you help girls through that? I mean I know how to do it, theoretically. It’s what I’m trained in. But honestly, these girls are so broken that I don’t even know if they will ever be able to go on to develop normal relationships with men.
    The mother is now out of hospital (she needed urgent medical attention) and safe with her 6 children, the father is currently behind bars, awaiting a court date. A range of professionals are working with the family, supporting them. I’m not sure how they will ever be okay again, but I hope they will be. I have no idea how he will explain his disgusting behaviour to his church, but I’m sure he will find a way to sweep it all under the carpet and pretend everything is hunky-dory and he’s done nothing wrong and if his wife had only been more submissive…. or more whatever…. then it wouldn’t have happened. Because it’s not his fault. It can’t be – he’s a man. It must be the fault of the woman, somehow.

    This is the kind of sickening thing that happens all over the world. This is why we need feminism.
    All this bullshit about women being “intractable” and women having to honour men (ALL men, apparently, including asswipes like this… not just decent men who deserve honour)… it’s sickening.

    I copied and pasted a disgusting comment from elsewhere on the net by a misogynist man who likes to comment on Lori Alexander’s blog. She refused to publish it (which is probably for the best as the comment was truly disgusting) so I know how prevalent the attitude of ‘woman submit no matter what’ is. It’s the type of comment I would expect to see on here, if you men weren’t all mostly single.
    That is what infuriates me about you men on here. You seem to truly believe that all men are good men (they’re not) and that women have to submit no matter what, and have to be quiet and meek and gentle, no matter what. And you have no idea how dangerous this is.

    Yes, some women are bitter. Women are getting hurt by men, every single day. And men like you lot on here seem to think that’s acceptable, because it’s a woman’s lot in life. She should be willing to suffer for her faith, even if it causes her death (and sometimes, it does). She should be putting out for her husband, as often as he wants, no matter what. Because men are gods, apparently, and they can do no wrong, because they’re gods, and what they say goes. They’re (solely) made in the image of God, apparently, and therefore worthy of worship. They are the head, so can treat their wife however they want.The Bible tells their wife to obey them, and they use that power to control and abuse. And wives have to just suck it up because they’re just women and they don’t matter.

    And yes, I know I promised to try to honour all men on this blog. But after what I saw today, I’m struggling hugely with that right now. I see the worst of men masquerading as the best of men, and it’s incredibly disturbing and so, so wrong. Men like this are NOT worthy of honour. Neither are men who think treating women like this is acceptable. The second I got home, I fell into my husbands arms and just cried, it was so awful. And I can’t even talk to him about it in any detail, because of confidentiality and this being a small town.


  13. Ace,
    Sorry to hear that churchian leaders are false. Unfortunately I’m already well aware of those wolves and have been trying to warn people away from them. They will quite literally rip you open.
    Acts 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. That being said, your anti-man rant is still unwarranted. Women are worse. A kooky Kiwi who “gets it on” with his own daughters is not any example of Biblical Patriarchy, that’s an example of lawlessness. Incest is not the choice of any Godfearing man.

    I am continuing to see a pattern of distortion in some women’s comments on here. I never said all men are good men. You women like to beat up a strawman. I never said women should be kept uneducated, or that women shouldn’t be allowed to own property. You try to pin over-the-top Feminist claptrap offenses onto Christ’s servants, and seem to do it as a diversion from discussing the faults of Feminism itself. You act as though we’re trying to make women non-persons, which we are not. We would in fact like to see women become trustworthy and upstanding persons, fulfilling their divine purposes.
    If I say, some obese women need to eat less, you howl something like, he wants to starve all women to death. And Etc.

    “And I can’t even talk to him about it in any detail, because of confidentiality and this being a small town.” Don’t worry! Your secrets are safe here with us on the World Wide Web. 😉

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  14. “You try to pin over-the-top Feminist claptrap offenses onto Christ’s servants, and seem to do it as a diversion from discussing the faults of Feminism itself.”

    Yes, same tactic the Left uses — point screech ‘n accuse. Always on the offensive, always shifting blame and target elsewhere.

    I understand that ACE is sensitive, seeings how she is a feminist pretending to be a Christian. That’d cause some internal conflict alrightee.

    Of course I don’t read her screeds, they all follow the same basic pattern, some horror story calculated to divert criticism of feminism into . . . oh well gee willya look at that! . . . more horror stories designed to push female-fear and male-protective emotional triggers. How very primal.

    They all do it essentially the same way. Almost as if a herd mentality is imperative. But that can’t be because women and men are equal. ACE is proving that!

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  15. I find it interesting that you (kind of) condemn a father for molesting his daughters, but remain silent on the husband taking his conjugal rights from his wife who has very recently given birth and has still not healed. Sometimes, it’s what you *don’t* say that matters.

    You claim that my “anti man rant” was unwarranted and that women are worse. How, pray tell? Please tell me what is worse than forcing your wife to endure sex immediately post-birth and molesting your daughters? My “anti man rant” was entirely about the attitudes that are prevalent on this blog, that *cause* this type of abuse. It is the belief that women are inferior and men are the heads, and are in control, that leads to this type of abuse of power.

    You deny that you are trying to make women non-persons, but that is what this blog is all about. And yes, you pretty much do claim that all men are good men and are worthy of honour.
    Here are a few quotes: “I do firmly know that women are currently categorically inferior by way of creation and divinely assigned rank to all of us menfolk” – see that? *all of us menfolk*. All men are superior to women. Even disgusting men who see fit to abuse those they are charged with protecting.

    ” I know I am superior, a great gift was bestowed on me by God, who fearfully and wonderfully made me a glorious likeness of Himself, to rule over women in His divine stead.” – the use of the term “rule over” is problematic – it leads men to believe that they can do whatever they like to their family and that is okay.

    “No, the husband is the rightful head, because he is the most noble aspect of humankind, and best fit to command women and children with his discernment” “Every husband should be honored as the God ordained and inherently superior shepherd of his own household” – oh absolutely!! (sarcasm) because all men are so good at this and stun us with their noble discernment and superiority! The correct wording here should be SOME husbands… not all of them. By insisting that ALL men are superior to women you absolutely are relegating women to non-person status, if women aren’t even as noble as the most disgusting man.

    And this one. This one is so good I laughed so hard I spat my coffee all over my keyboard. “Likewise, a gorgeous woman, who has charm and wits and clearly superior to me in intelligence, stamina, and willpower, still won’t have the rank, status, and quality I do.” Right. Because that makes so much sense. A man is superior to a woman who is clearly superior to him in every way, just because he’s a man. Right. Non-personhood.

    “Most all marriage issues can be solved by the wife submitting in whatever is the root issue, and showing her husband his due respect” The woman whose story I shared above did submit. She submitted so much that she let herself be badly hurt, physically. She let her children be molested. She did respect her husband, and look where it got her!

    “give your husband as much great sex as he can handle” – does this include when she is still bleeding post-partum and hasn’t yet healed?

    “You are to keep at home and be obedient to your husband, who is in the image of Christ, ” – yep, this man was clearly in the *exact* image of Christ. (sarcasm again, just in case you can’t tell)

    Women, you show that the love of God is truly in you when you keep God’s commandments, by staying with your husband, in subjection to him, reverencing him, and fulfilling your vow before God to be his” – yep, along with letting him damage your healing lady parts and letting him molest your daughters. The more suffering the better, right?

    “Those who teach you to flee your husband are teaching that from unbelief.” – No, we’re teaching from a place of keeping women and girls safe from disgusting men who think they have the right to abuse. “Don’t squander this fading life in vain self preservation, instead show your children, this world, and all the host of God, a firm faith and obedience that stands even through death…” – Yep, the girls in this family were taught a fantastic lesson there, weren’t they? They may never recover from this, but that’s okay, cos obedience to husbands and all that…

    “Every woman who marries a man, will marry up! That truth should be comforting for them to learn.” – yep I’m absolutely certain this woman will be extremely comforted by knowing this (sarcasm). I’m sure this knowledge will help her daughters immensely, too.

    All those comments are off just a couple of posts on this blog. It’s truly disturbing. And this teaching and this attitude is exactly why a pastor of a fundamentalist church thought it was okay to molest his daughters and abuse his wife.

    Also, don’t worry about my secrets being safe on the world wide web. I’ve bounced my IP address to somewhere completely different to where I live and I work for a refuge safe house, so this woman is not from my home town. And the man is likely to have permanent name suppression when the case goes before the courts next week, as to protect the children he destroyed.


  16. “I am continuing to see a pattern of distortion in some women’s comments on here. ”

    I am wondering why on earth are they harassing you (and other men here) so much? What on earth?


  17. LOL Ace,

    I fear ray is right about you.

    Sometimes, it’s what you *don’t* say that matters.

    Women often leave reason behind and resort to arguing based upon feelings, emotions, and even alleged inferences. Your anecdote about a presently untried & unconvicted man, whom you tell us was bad, is trotted out to upend all of God’s design for marriage and the family.

    Ecclesiastes 9:18 Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroyeth much good.

    Wisdom knows better than to allow one sinner to be made into a Feminist weapon to destroy God’s order for the world. Your reaction to this anecdotal happening in your area is being used to besmirch all men, and that is entirely silly and illogical. It reminds me of how each time some individual kills people with a gun in my nation(usually illegally owned) the knee-jerk reaction of the weak minded is to want to outlaw the 400 million legally owned civilian guns. It is insane to let a few law breaker’s crimes void the rights of millions of law abiding men and women to use their guns to protect themselves from crime and the usurpation of their other rights.

    “It is the belief that women are inferior and men are the heads, and are in control, that leads to this type of abuse of power.”

    So then God who created women lastly as a weaker vessel to serve the stronger vessels, is really the culprit who has set up these ‘abuses of power’. God asked that husbands be submitted unto, in everything, as unto Himself. I’m just God’s messenger, it is God’s message that you’re really fighting against.

    ”– the use of the term “rule over” is problematic – it leads men to believe that they can do whatever they like to their family and that is okay.”

    Well, once again, God is your problem, since that is God’s terminology. “… thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” “… one who ruleth well his own house …” Men aren’t asked to rule poorly, but are to rule well. Your anecdotal exceptions do not in any way negate God’s intention that all men rule their own houses well.
    With regard to my comments that you quoted, you disagree, and mock, but you haven’t disproven them.

    “And this teaching and this attitude is exactly why a pastor of a fundamentalist church thought it was okay to molest his daughters and abuse his wife.”

    LOL Now you’re just pulling conclusions out of thin air. I believe what I post, and it doesn’t make me do any of that. Plus I’ll bet you anything that dude was one of the vast majority of churchians who have been deceived into believing women are in God’s image. The false teacher probably even taught others that.

    Furthermore, your whole wife abuse accusation is likely more minor than you make it out to be, He didn’t tear her birth canal up, God, the baby, and the birth apparently tore her up, which is really the fault of women, not just that the midwife may have been substandard and contributed to the tearing, but that it was EVE’s sin in the first place that brought about the curse of painful birthing. If it weren’t for Eve’s sin she wouldn’t have been in stitches to begin with. People often tear stitches and bleed with out ever having sex, I can’t assume he meant to harm his wife, and although he may have been inconsiderate, he is likely in jail because of the incest allegation, if that part of the story is correct.

    As far as women being non-persons, I let you post here, and I often reply, which wouldn’t happen if I viewed you as a non-person. So that too is a ridiculous assertion. Women have to be people, otherwise which animal would men have sex with? God tells us that there were no animals meant for the man, so a special mate needed to be created for God’s image. And that’s where you fit into the scheme of life. You’re here to serve and please your longsuffering husband, and bear and nurture his children, to the glory of God. But Noooooo! You women led men into sin and got both of our jobs cursed and the whole world cursed, even causing the Son of God to have to die.

    Which brings me to – I can’t believe you can’t figure out that women are worse. Since women got “liberated” just a few decades back and demanded the right to kill their innocent babies, more innocent lives have been hacked to bits by far than all the wars in world history combined. What about the female couple who ripped the little boys penis off, sliced a vagina into him, and then later stabbed him to death? For every disgusting thing men have done, women have done as bad or worse. The majority of child abuse is done by women, Etc., Etc., Etc. I could go on, but I’m not here to dishonor women, just to tell them that God is no fool when He says women should be shamefaced. He is your Creator, He ought to know!

    Anyhow, since you have been struggling with our deal where you were to honor men more, I have a wonderful assignment to help get you back on track. I want you to think of three great things about your husband that you respect about him. Then go tell him, and then post them here, if they are appropriate. However, if you try to twist this into some backhanded insult to other men, like, “I’m glad he’s not like you men …”, then you’ll just be assigned more penance to get your honoring of men back on track. I understand that this Kooky Kiwi pastor incident has got your latent man-hate all fired back up again, and I get that, but now it’s time to try to let that go from your mind and focus on the positive in your own man, before you do damage to your relationship with him, over some other man’s actions. I’m hopeful for you on this, Ace.


  18. Thanks for your support, Stephanie. Apparently this incident at Ace’s work has got her turned upside-down. Hopefully she can quickly get back upright. I’m glad you’re here putting a positive face on womankind.


  19. I’m pretty bad at spelling. Thank the Lord for Spell-Checker! Anyhow, initially I ended my comment to Ace, by saying, “I’m rooting for you on this, Ace.” But, I wasn’t completely sure if I had spelled it correctly, since the spell checker on here does not tell you if you have chosen a homophone, of the word you intended to spell. So I googled “rooting”. Anyhow, Google apparently tells me that it means something completely different in Australia, and I assume the New Zealanders may talk like them. Anyhow, that was completely not what I was meaning! Hence the hasty edit.


  20. LOL Sharkly “I’m rooting for you” means exactly the same thing here as it does in the US. The word rooting can have several different meanings depending on the context.

    You’re right – I did allow that disgusting man’s actions to upset me and I know that not all men are like that. In fact, most men condemn his actions. I’m pretty disgusted that you think it is acceptable for him to be forcing sex with his wife so soon after childbirth, though. Yes the child molestation charges are why he is in jail, but he has been charged with assault of his wife as well because our laws recognise that mistreating the woman you vowed to love and cherish is not on.

    So while I recognise that most men are good men and I apologize for insinuating otherwise, the prevailing attitude on here IS dangerous because sick men use it as an excuse to take their power to extremes and misuse it, to control and abuse. Yes that man will have to answer to his actions on the judgement day but that’s not helping women now, is it? It’s not helping his poor wife and it’s definitely not helping his daughters. Everything taken to extremes I’d dangerous – including the attitude that women are inferior to men and men are to be in control of them. God was not giving men licence to take control to extremes and abuse their wives and you and I both know it. Yet so-called godly men use those verses to their advantage, to the detriment of their wives.


  21. Addressing one more point: I am not familiar with the case you mentioned, but it sounds awful. I hope those disgusting excuses for women were brought to justice.
    I don’t have the international statistics on me right now but I know that in NZ physical abuse and neglect of children are committed fairly equally by both men and women. Sexual abuse of children is committed far more by men (over 85%) than women.
    For domestic violence in general, 76% of intimate partner death is perpetrated by men. Usually when the woman tries to leave him, or soon after she manages to. Leaving an abusive man is very dangerous for a woman. That’s why men on here think she should stick around and suck it up, right? So there is less chance her man will kill her? Because suffering and pain is what women are called to endure?

    Also, you know abortion is not a new thing, right? Women – especially prostitutes and those in extreme poverty – have been killing babies forever. Ancient methods weren’t as effective as they are now, and often resulted in the death of the woman as well. And that’s not entirely women’s fault – it’s more to do with society in general. If American women are having so many abortions, that’s a sad indictment on the culture of America. For a country who often proclaims itself the greatest in the world, the USAs abortion rate is absolutely shameful. Men and women clearly need to learn to keep their pants on. Here in NZ abortion is a crime, outside of very narrow criteria, but it’s currently being debated. Not sure what will end up being brought in. If will be legalised completely, I think. Very sad. But again – a culture problem, not a woman problem. It takes 2 to make a baby and if a pregnant woman is supported, she’s far less likely to abort her baby.


  22. Sharkly – I’ve just completed my assignment 😀 there are way more than 3 things I love, admire and respect about my husband – I’ve been with him nearly half my life so we know each other fairly well. Admiring my husband is something I do naturally, every day. It’s not something I need an assignment to do. His kindness and generosity were the things that attracted me to him in the first place (as well as his looks, cos he’s a spunk) and his sense of humour. Today, specifically, his muscles as he lifted a few weights were pretty spectacular. But that’s shallow, isn’t it? The things I respect most about him are those important qualities that never change – the things that make him “Mr Ace”. The way he’s started a business from nothing 4 short years ago, after having to change careers completely due to injury. His dreams – and how he works to make them come true (and mine, too). The way he plays with our kids. He’s my rock. Strong, steady, immovable, always there when I need him. And he makes me laugh more than anyone else I’ve met.
    Today, at the dairy buying smokes, he grabbed me a chocolate bar – I love how he spoils me.
    This case at work isn’t going to affect my relationship with my husband because he doesn’t have the same women-are-inferior attitude that is found on here.


  23. “…the prevailing attitude on here IS dangerous because sick men use it as an excuse to take their power to extremes and misuse it, to control and abuse.”
    Lawless men don’t need God’s law to do their wickedness. They will do what they want regardless, and use whatever they want to justify it. They only bring greater condemnation on themselves if they pervert God’s laws to justify truly abusing others. Women however do need to be taught to obey God’s commands and to submit to their husbands, as the Bible tells them to, in everything. And normally with a loving husband, the husband will truly have her best interest in mind, especially if she isn’t a cruel wife, but shows him honor. I think it would be pretty hard for a saved husband to greatly mistreat a wife who was treating him honorably. While it takes two people to make a Baby, either one can refrain from it, and it only takes an evil woman to kill their child. Men Get zero real say in it.

    There is a ton of support for women who want to keep their babies in my town. Free housing, food, clothes, medical support, transportation, counselors, mentor moms, you name it. If the “baby daddy” flakes, there is still a full safety net for those who will just ask for the help. Plus, if you want to put your child up for adoption, I believe you can make a large chunk of money. So it isn’t like women can’t afford not to murder their children, they choose to for their own personal convenience, reputation, or career & family plans. I once knew a friendly young lady who was a live-in counselor at a home for unwed mothers. Apparently she hung around it too much, and ended up not following her own advice and became an unwed mother herself. LOL I guess she could counsel herself then about poor choices.

    I never said I recommended that A man try to snag his dick on his wife’s surgical stitches, I just am not going to throw Kiwi-strawman under the bus for the sake of making women feel I’m sensitive to their Feminist screeching. In spite of all the wailing about how mean and inhumane we men are, I’m pretty sure most all the men on here would treat a woman as was good for her. Some women are just incessantly manipulative, and like to subject men to their constant testing, hoping to win a round when the man is weak or tired or softens.


  24. Sharkly — “Women have to be people, otherwise which animal would men have sex with?”

    You know, Pastor, I do believe you stumped me there.

    I scoured the Scriptures and even had lunch with King Jeshua (ok not, perhaps later) and I could not discern a way around your logic.

    So, ya got me. I guess women ARE people after all. All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Live n learn.

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  25. Unlike dear Ace I am a true unapologetic man hater. Never used to be. But after spending time in the real world I now have plenty of reasons to hate men. Go to hell every single one of you.

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  26. I just thought I’d mention, I had once subscribed to receive free updates from; “It’s Good To Be A Man” which is headed by Dominic “Bnonn” Tennant and Pastor Michael Foster. I just noticed today that they had been so consistently begging me for money, that Gmail, to be helpful, automatically started sending their updates straight into my “Promotions” folder without them ever appearing in my “Inbox”. LOL I had to manually train my Gmail that their newsletters weren’t entirely self-promotional solicitations. Perhaps the artificial-intelligence was noticing something that I should be second-guessing as well?

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  27. Here is a quote from today’s IGTBAM update:
    “Btw, every major to medium decision we make, we run past our wives.
    Is this because we need their approval to make a decision?
    Not at all.
    It’s because we desire their wisdom and feminine insight.
    They are our helpmates on our mission, and we find them to be very helpful.
    Thank God for godly wives!”

    I’m not buying it.
    So why is It Good To Be A MAN, if you still have to get all your plans preapproved by your wife? LOL
    They and their wives are sharing the pants because she isn’t content to submit in every thing, as unto her Lord. Bnonn and Michael realize this and they are on the defensive about why they can’t just rule over her in the image of God.
    Did I mention Bnonn and Michael think she is the image and likeness of their goddess! LOL That fundamental misunderstanding of who God and everybody else is, and their refusal to believe 1 Corinthians 11:7, leads to all sorts of confusion, dysfunction, and discontentment.

    And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife … cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.
    Some fools will never learn!

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