Red-Pill Religion?

Bnonn's Baby

Lately there has been some discussion of whether the “Red Pill” is Christian or not.   I think it is a fool’s debate, but here goes, I’ll wade in against the foolish.  Recently I read two somewhat opposing articles regarding this.  First I’ll deal with the foolish one: Bnonn throws the baby out.  Fence-riding Bnonn, at the Purple-Pill “It’s Good To Be A Man” takes a break from fighting his enemy ‘Blue-Pill feminist Status quo’ to take a swipe at his other enemy, ‘Red-Pill patriarchal wisdom’.  Bnonn begins by saying: “Our conviction is that, while the red pill shares certain commonalities with biblical Christianity, and often sees the nature of things more clearly than mainstream evangelicalism, it is actually a separate religion in its own right.”  So, Bnonn recognizes that there are some Biblical principles in the red pill, and that this truth leads Red-Pilled people to seeing the nature of things with greater clarity, but he then proceeds to ‘point and shriek’, branding this truth, this source of greater clarity, as a false religion, outlawing seeking this truth and wisdom from Christianity.  Now I’ll spare you the bulk of his bnonnsense, as the author is reduced to painting the red pill with a very broad brush, citing various individual foibles and some red-piller’s lack of Christian morals, and such,  as reason to advise his readers to shriek and run from any truth or wisdom that might be inherent in the Red-Pill movement, and to let men like himself do your thinking, and all consideration of it, for you.  As Bnonn so often does, his articles generally go into lengthy drawn out contortions to twist some unrelated tidbits into seemingly supporting his contentions, and apparently to either impress or baffle his readers  he opportunistically throws in the biggest and most arcane words that he knows, but in this article mainly he foolishly paints with an overly broad brush and throws the good out with the bad.  Bnonn concludes with: “Hence, we are not red pill Christians, and actively warn against the very idea of such a thing. We are Christians who have benefited from the observations of red pill thinkers about God’s creation, and are striving to integrate that knowledge into a positive biblical theology of masculinity, femininity, and how men and women are to work together to extend the dominion of the house of God.”

As you can see, Bnonn cleverly shifts dominion from individual men under the headship of Christ,(1 Corinthians 11:3) to the church, “the house of God”, of which he is a thought leader.  Bnonn’s preface and conclusion, given above, defines his ilk as Purple-Pill, and attempts to scare his readers off from becoming any more Red-Pilled than Bnonn himself.    He claims to be riding the fence at just the perfect balance point.  So as always, your ideas and discussion are not permitted there, just your donations, so they can afford to continue doing all your thinking for you, and in exchange they’ll limit your dominion a bit less than a more Feminist church.

Job 12:2 Truly ye are the people, and wisdom shall die with you!

Now on to the Good.

Over at Biblical Gender Roles, the host asks: Is Red Pill Biblical?

As you know, I myself, have been teaching that men are exclusively in the image and glory of God,(1 Corinthians 11:7) created preeminent, to be delegated divine dominion over women and all of creation, with the command to rule them well.  I have stated that we men have been deceived into trading our birthright ~ blessed Patriarchy, for a mess of dysfunctional Feminism.  This Bible based belief also fits well with the Red Pill.

The host quotes popular secular Red Pill Blogger, Rollo Tomassi as saying: The authority men used, to claim innate legitimacy [from] in the past, is now only legitimate when a woman wields it.  Men need to retake this authority and own it as is their birthright once again.”

I won’t dissect the Biblical Gender Roles article here, since it is worth reading for yourself.  I will however welcome all your discussion of it here.  I personally have found it difficult to get my comments to appear at BGR, and Bnonn’s article does not allow any comments at all.  Feel free to share your thoughts about whether the Red Pill movement contains wisdom and truth that our Feminist churches have been misled to currently try to deny, or any other thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Red-Pill Religion?

  1. The ‘red pill’ is a term for secularists to embrace a list of truth-values within this Existence. It allows a man or woman (they apparently have their own ‘red pill’ to optimize their mating market values) to navigate this life with a compass, a strategy. Ultimately, it is a wayward ship, because it lacks BOTH Truth AND (centralized) Power: it is still based on the World, and not on He.

    The purpose of our lives is to bring God glory, done through keeping His commandments. Is 43:7, Jn 14:15
    The goal of our lives is/ should be to accept salvation. 1 Th 5:9
    It will not bring them closer to God- done only thru His Son. Jn 14:6
    The red pill is counterfeit Wisdom. 1 Co 3:19

    Trying to align Biblical manhood or womanhood with being ‘red pill’ is a veiled pass at making our Walk palpable to the wayward. It adopts a world’s label. And we know how that always, always ends…

    Where there are similarities, great! Good for those ascribed to the red pill. Where there are not, woe to the sheep. The Bible, stripped of all worldly lenses (eg. altruism, feminism, socialism, pacifism, tolerance, DIEversity etc) is plenty real enough. It is the Rock on which to build one’s life. Endpoint.

    TL:DR the ‘red pill’ is this era’s Jefferson Bible. (I have read the other articles, and they are decent reads for general worldly awareness IAW Mt 10:16)


  2. I agree with you too ikr, however this reveals why I think, whether the “Red Pill” is Christian or not, is such a fools debate. It becomes an instant strawman, because it means so many different things to different people. When I come at it believing that the Bible is the inerrant word of the omniscient God, I judge what I accept, based upon its compatibility with the Bible. So then my personal “Red Pill” is all that is wise and fits with the Bible and nothing that doesn’t. It is additional wisdom in tune with the Bible and God’s creation. While somebody wanting to throw it all out, can claim it is mainly helpful to bed whores, instead of solid advice to best help you wash your wife free of her many persistent blemishes. I guess it is what you make of it, so to speak. But I think it is silly to declare it all non-Christian and ignore the parts that are helpful to Christians. What you call counterfeit wisdom, another calls disguised foolishness. Even Bnonn starts by acknowledging that the red pill shares certain commonalities with Biblical Christianity, and often sees the nature of things more clearly than mainstream evangelicalism. He just insists that you have to let the bad corrupt the good, and then call it all a false religion, instead of finding the true religion that is in it, the truth that frees you from errors, and promoting that part. No, it is not the Gospel of salvation, but, those parts which are true dispel deceptions of the devil, which often deceive even the saints, and lead them into error and make them set up to fall into sin’s trap.


  3. Sharkly, to be clear, the major tenants of ‘red pill’ (I’m no expert) appear very much aligned with salty (ref: Mt 5:13) Christianity. Useful mainly, as I perceive it, to embolden the adherent.

    At the end of the day, if I am asked why I am such a suave, handsome-as-Cary-Grant ‘red pill’ dude, I calmly correct the eejit and tell them I am not what their loaded question assumes, but rather, I am a Servant of my King (and obtw He can be your King too!).

    That’s the delineation, as I perceive it.

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  4. Theres too much purplepill religionists out here today like bnonn&many other apostates to the TRUE religion!WHY does this bnonn like so many other churchian purple pillers
    Never speak of NATURAL LAW&fathers EXALTED rights!?Or of the adhesion contracts{Take it or leave it!For men of course not the defilers known as women or tradcon churchian parents!} known as marriage certificates!?
    They are butthexting liars like national reviews jonah goldberg’s defilers{Women&butthexting ”masculinists”}& their father the devil is mainly why!
    I remember a group of chrchian butthexting purplepillers recently trying to fullfill mark driscoll dictate of husbands being headshiped by their wives&one paticulary churchian to the nth degree apostate who was a known h8ter of the GREATBOOKSFORMEN,MOSES&JESUS was leading the charge of husbands being lead into all kinds of PROFANE churchian perversion,BUT
    Blessedly some clear thinking&honorable TRUE REDPILL prophets seemed to have made the churchian purplepillers ashamed of their ungodly&detestable actions against
    GBFM,MOSES&JESUS as now their all about faux news just like they were all about faux headship masculinity a month ago!
    Dear bnonn
    Get on the narrow path that leads to salvation instead of the wide path of destruction that your fellow purple churchians go down into the lowest pits of hell!

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