Dalrock’s Departure


Yesterday Red-Pilled Christian blogger, Dalrock, announced on his blog, that he is quitting his blog, after a decade of blogging.  https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2020/01/22/farewell-for-now-at-least-and-thank-you/     For myself, I am saddened to see his site ending.  It helped me a lot, I met a lot of good men there, and was challenged to hone and defend my Bible based beliefs.  I am glad it was there for me at a time when few were.

7 thoughts on “Dalrock’s Departure

  1. I’m very grateful that Dalrock clued me in but we eventually took separate paths once any chance of marriage dried up for me. No hard feelings, his blog was simply the marriage crowd.

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  2. His fanboy crew (commenters) were the problem .. and he played along.

    The larger a blog gets, the more pronounced is the gulf between the average commenter and reality. In a way it’s counterintuitive, but cast your mind back to iSteve, or Heartiste (who had more comments in an hour than Dalrock did in the average three day span).

    Large blogs are sorta like the prison yard, or the junior high cafeteria: A few cliques of loudmouths basically take over the forum, and anyone who doesn’t echo the blathering of whatever lackwit has the most time on his hands is driven out — or relentlessly harangued with volumes of nonsensical insults in the attempt at eviction.

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  3. My finding the ‘manosphere’ is very recent, perhaps in the past 2-3 years. I have never needed help with ‘game’ or understanding women, but I have finetuned a thought here and there.

    I spent little time at Dalrock’s- maybe commenting on 3 threads total. I noticed- in the short time I was there- when it came to the gender roles between men and women, the men were quite loud at how adults should own their lanes with men as protectors / providers and women to their lane as family builders.. but when it came to the topic of daughters the men were patently ‘blue pill’- including the host himself.

    The worst offenders in the subversion of God’s roles is the failure of churchian fathers to train their sons and daughters. For as much as the men quipped they were crimson-red, from my perspective, they were lukewarm only. (Pr 22:6) Sons are to be prepared for their roles as men, daughters to be prepared for their roles as women. With regards to the latter, most men will coddle their daughters with dainty hands in an attempt to have them love them back unquestionably like they desire their wives to… and in-so-doing create a monster of a woman who feels entitled because it was her norm from her father to bathe in male attention un-earned now passing that female onto the next generation creating a troublesome wife that the father does not enjoy. This behavior is WORST among churchian fathers than any other sub-demographic that I have witnessed in society. The stereotype of ‘preacher’s daughter’ after all..

    He served his purpose to the ‘community’ I am sure, but his nod of respect perhaps from men who truly learned from him. It is only here, at PA’s and GQ’s (BGR to a lesser extent) that I have found men who firmly chase Truth of our Earthly lives through a Bible-lens, who do not shy from topics that are labelled by the world as ‘racist’ ‘misogynist’ ‘hateful’ or other. I will save my fond farewell only to the homes who grew me. I will acknowledge only others who served a purpose outside myself.

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  4. Thanks ikr,
    The DODOs(Dads Of Daughters Only) are most usually the worst also. They try to raise their daughters too much like the son they never had.

    Hey! Whom do you mean by “PA”?


  5. There was once a paticulary cowardly churchian on dalrocks site named luke
    Who was beside himself with hatred against honor,justice&christianity!But DAL’ the christian he-man set the unmanly CHURCHIAN coward straight on behalf of DAGBFM,MOSES&JESUS!

    [DAL’rock: GBFM is an acquired taste, but there is a method to his madness.]
    ”lzozozozThanks! but my neocon freudian psychiatrist also said there was a madness to my method lzzozozoozozzozo but how does he know stoopid stooopi zlzozoozozozo

    ”the same people who criticize the GBFM’s lzozozo
    are generally
    the same people
    who think all the culturual decline and rot is fine and dandy
    and even progress
    and who will h8 on a christian brother
    long before
    they would ever pass judgment
    on those who publish and profit off
    of buttehexing lzozozozo
    Then GBFM spoke directly to the unmanly supposed christian brother
    luke!Watch all the clear fine details of honor&maniliness that is not taught in most churchs&never in schools&certain churchian sites we know of too SHARKLY!

    Dear Luke,
    I am curious.
    The same Righteous Rage that you direct at me,
    Do you also direct it at those who publish and profit off of
    churchian-feminazi butthext?
    If so, where can we witness you speaking out against it?
    Or do you only attack your own brothers
    like mark driscoll and the Churchians
    while giving butthextings
    a free pass?”

    I’m betting on the latter, and I haven’t lost yet.
    Then GBFM’S christian girlfriend talked to the churchian luke too!
    ”dear luke,

    this is gbfm’s girlfriend. he is in the shower now but he told me to ask you if you are trying to buttehxt him. lxlxlxoxlozz”
    luke , this is gbfm’s girlfriend again. i told him you haven’t answered his question yet. he told me to post it. please answer, if only to show chilvary to a lady:”

    Everybody see how insidious&dangerous the churchians-feminazis complex is now!?DAL’ even was tempted by the darksides love of churchanity&butthexings,but hes much better now I hear living the carefree life of power-metalist vocalist since he quit blogging like the legendary british actor sir christopher lee did before him!Did you know that SHARKLY!?He called me from the road once last year after doing a pre-grammy awards show for daladiez!

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