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This past week former Wichita Kansas Mayor Carl Brewer passed away at age 63 after an extended illness with kidney complications that were further complicated by cancer.  Mayor Brewer served two terms as Mayor of Wichita from 2007 to 2015.  I was saddened to find that out when I receive an email this Monday, that mourned his passing.  I had met with Carl Brewer about four times a decade ago while he was Mayor, and Carl, along with his son Carlo, had even been to my house and purchased a fishing lease from me.  I had offered to give Carl the lease, but Carl had insisted on paying the full price of $200.  As with any great politician, Carl made me feel like I was a close friend, even though I had only met with him a few times, and we did not hail from the same political party.  After fondly remembering Carl, I decided I would post about a family tragedy that happened to the Brewers, partly because of Feminist child-custody policies.

Carl Brewer with Evan Brewer inset

Carl Brewer shown with his grandson Evan Brewer (inset)

As you may know, mothers are wrongly given preferential custody of children in many jurisdictions, including here.  This stems from the Feminist “tender years doctrine” that presumes young children need their mother more than their father.  Statistical studies have now proven, however, that children raised by single fathers have far better outcomes, on all important metrics, than children raised by single mothers.  Meaning that as a society we are preferentially giving women greater custody of children even when they are clearly the inferior parent.  This is a modern application of Feminist thinking, and was not the case in the past.  In times past children were left in their father’s care unless he was unwilling or was proven to be unfit to parent them.  Consequently children then benefitted when divorce was far more rare due to mothers having that important incentive to keep their marriages solid.

Wichita Kansas does not typically have a lot of murders, however, the city of 400,000 people does seem to make up for their lack of quantity, with the eye-popping level of atrocity in many of their high-profile murder cases which have gained worldwide attention for their savagery: Dennis Rader (BTK), the Carr brothers, Cornell McNeal, Etc.

The sad story

The following are all news citations regarding the murder of Carlo Brewer’s son, by the boy’s mother Miranda Miller and her live-in boyfriend Stephen Bodine:

A Kansas prosecutor is praising the jurors who sat through days of grisly testimony and evidence before finding a man guilty of abuse and first-degree murder in the death of a 3-year-old boy whose body was found encased in concrete.  Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett says the jury performed an extraordinary service to the community while having to absorb more than 500 pieces of sometimes “wretched” evidence.

Stephen Bodine was sentenced to 109 years Monday for the murder of 3-year-old Evan Brewer.  Bodine was found guilty on all charges, including two counts of first-degree felony murder, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, one count of child abuse and one count of aggravated child endangerment. All counts will be served back to back for a total sentence of 1,314 months.

Miranda Miller, 37, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, child abuse and aggravated child endangerment under a deal in which she faces a prison sentence of about 29 years. With credit for good behavior, she could get out of prison in about 25 years, District Attorney Marc Bennett told The Wichita Eagle after Miller’s hearing in Sedgwick County District Court. 

Miller is also charged with murder in her son’s death. In exchange for testifying against Bodine, she will be allowed to plead guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder.

The boy’s father said after the hearing that he was pleased Miller took the plea deal because that means there won’t be another trial that the Brewer family will have to endure.  “It doesn’t make her any less of a monster than Bodine,” Carlo Brewer said, “because she’s just as guilty.”

[Carlo] Brewer had been fighting for custody of Evan in the months leading up to his death, and authorities had been alerted at least six times that Evan was being abused .
Brewer says other children imagine monsters under their beds or in their closets, but that Evan “had real monsters.”

some of Evan’s abuse was caught on film by a motion-activated video surveillance system Bodine and Miller set up in the home they rented at 2037 S. Vine in Wichita.

Video and audio recordings showed during the April hearing depicted Evan being forced to stand naked in the basement of his home with his hands behind his back and a belt around his neck, as well as the child being taunted and slapped while he screamed and cried.

Among the photographs and videos which police found after their arrest is one which allegedly shows his mother spanking his bare buttocks in a bed, shouting at him for moving around.  They were found in a Google account called ‘ballbuster’ which was assigned to the email address

An autopsy couldn’t determine the cause and manner of Evan’s death because his body was so badly decomposed by the time he was chipped out of the block of concrete. He had Benadryl in his system, and Miller said she thinks Bodine sickened him in the days leading up to his death by force-feeding him large amounts of salt.

In her testimony against Bodine, Miller said in her son’s final days, he was unable to eat or drink.

At a court hearing in April, Miller testified that leading up to Evan’s death he’d been ill for three days — possibly from being forced to swallow large amounts of salt for angering Bodine — and was refusing food and drink.  When the boy gagged on doughnuts and juice his mother force fed him and didn’t eat quickly enough, the couple beat him. They then sent him to stand in a corner for hours with his hands behind his back until he collapsed.  When Evan refused to get up, Bodine slapped him and hauled him into the bathroom to stop his screams, Miller testified in April.  The next time she saw Evan, he was lying unresponsive in Bodine’s arms. The boy’s head was wet and Bodine was telling her to perform CPR.  Evan never recovered.  The day was the culmination of abuse of Evan that included withheld meals, beatings for not greeting Bodine in the right tone, being cursed at and being smacked for not lying still in bed. The boy was so scared of Bodine he wouldn’t pass by him to go use the bathroom, resulting in potty training accidents that reportedly angered Bodine further.

According to Bodine’s former wife and his daughter, he was abusive, violent and prone to beating children.  They told of how he kept his daughter’s head under water on three occasions for so long that she would have to be revived by CPR.

Friends of the couple have since told police that they took and dealt methamphetamines.  One person told police that Bodine allowed men to molest his daughters from a previous relationship in exchange for drugs.

[Miranda Miller] said during a preliminary hearing that a few days later Bodine told her that he wanted “to take care of Evan before he started to smell.” She said he mixed up several bags of concrete and buried the boy’s body in it.  Evan was discovered entombed in the concrete in early September, after Miller and Bodine had moved out of the property.

Evan suffered as his father’s family tried repeatedly to get the Kansas Department for Children and Families, Wichita police and judges to intervene for the boy, says Brewer family spokeswoman Shayla Johnston.

At a May 4 court hearing, a woman testified that Bodine admitted to her that he had already beaten Evan to death, but revived him, Johnston said.  Evan still could have been saved then, Johnston said.  At the court hearing, Johnston said Miller was tweaking – a frantic, compulsive kind of behavior associated with methamphetamine use. “She was obviously a drug addict,” Johnston said. “I told her if she didn’t leave Bodine, he was going to kill them both.”  The police affidavit quoted witnesses saying that Miller and Bodine used meth and sold it from their rental home and that the boy was a “hindrance” to them.

Miller said Evan died because of her drug addiction and her abusive relationship with Bodine.  Brewer family attorney Shayla Johnston argued against that after the sentencing.  “Just because you’re a victim of domestic violence yourself does not give you an excuse to not accept help that’s given to you,” she said.  “Miranda Miller knows very well that she was never a hostage in that house. She was in this courthouse on May 4, 2017 while Evan was still alive and I offered her. At that time, I got her out of the seat away from Bodine and I took her out to the jury room and talked to her and told her I could help her right then,” Johnston said. “I said if she didn’t get away from Bodine that not only would she risk her life and her child’s life, but she risks losing custody of her child to Carlo and her words were, ‘Over my dead body will Carlo have custody of this child.’ So she chose to let her child die rather than let the father bring his child to safety. She’s no victim.”

Evan was last seen alive by his biological father Carlo Brewer in March 2017 when he saw him with what he thought was a broken nose.  When he asked Miller if she had been abusing him or if Bodine had, she lashed out and threatened that he would never see the boy again, he claimed.  He told police about it and they tried to contact Miller and Bodine at their home but there was no answer, it is claimed.

Family spokesperson Shayla Johnston said in December that the child protection system failed the boy, who was the grandson of former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, a Democratic candidate for Kansas governor.  Records that DCF released to The Wichita Eagle [newspaper] in March showed that for more than a year, people reported to the state that Evan was suffering in a home of chronic methamphetamine users.  The records also said Bodine abused Miller and bragged about choking her and the boy until they were unconscious.

Among those who spoke Thursday was Evan’s father, Carlo Brewer, who was kept from his son by Bodine and Miller in the weeks before the boy’s death.  “The day Evan was found, I was in disbelief and denial. I thought there was no possible way that anyone, even the worst individuals, could look into his beautiful, innocent eyes and harm him. I didn’t believe that a mother was harming or allowing someone to harm their child,” Carlo said. “The individual who gave birth to this child betrayed him, and was his predator.”

‘Simply put, the system is broken,’ the former Wichita mayor said in April in a statement. ‘And our children, the ones we should be protecting the most, are suffering.’

“I just have to keep reassuring him that he did literally everything that he could do,” Kirby said about her husband, Carlo.  Records show Carlo Brewer contacted Wichita Police and the Kansas Department for Children and Families as well as fought for Evan in custody court. Records we obtained show he made dozens of reports.  “He took every legal path. He fought so hard and did everything the right way, the legal way, did everything they told him to do and there was nothing else he could have done literally other than kick down that door himself,” she said.  Kirby said Carlo was trying to do everything the legal way and the way he was advised so that he would never put Evan in jeopardy. She said he didn’t want to break down the door thinking it could put Evan in Miranda Miller’s custody.  She said that would have been different if he’d have known.  “He definitely blames himself a lot because there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to go back and if he would have known this, he would have kicked in that door himself. I mean, no jail time or anything could have come close to what happened,” she said.  The Brewers, Kirby said, believe there are many failures and many ways in which the system let Evan down.  “First and foremost, the people that killed Evan failed. They’re the first ones to blame,” she said. “Second I would say DCF because they’ve been contacted for a long time by several people, even before this custody battle began. The last time they were contacted for abuse, they closed the case out without even seeing Evan. They just saw her [Miranda] and closed it out and told Carlo he’s fine. But they didn’t even see him.”  Kirby said Carlo called police dozens of times and officers would try to make child welfare checks with Carlo but Miller would never open the door. She said she thinks police could have tried harder to get warrants to search the home.  Kirby also said she blames the courts too for not intervening when they had the chance.  

“Whether that’s changing a law or figuring out what law, what didn’t work. What didn’t work that failed to protect him because he [Carlo] did everything from every legal way he was told to do and it didn’t work,” she said.

“It just, it doesn’t make any sense,” she [Kirby] said. “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just, why she [Miranda] wouldn’t just give him to Carlo if she didn’t want him. If she was going to hurt him or if she was going to let her boyfriend hurt him. I don’t know why she wouldn’t just give him to Carlo.”

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  1. The video at the link: Carlo Brewer Testimony is especially moving.
    Feminism is destroying far more children than just those millions of babies wantonly ripped apart in women’s wombs. And so many children have their lives destroyed when they are stolen from their natural fathers and are often raised calling multiple men “daddy”, including some who don’t even want them around. The lifelong emotional damage to the lives of those bastardized children and stepchildren who survive forced separation from their fathers is truly incalculable.

    Sirach 4:10(RSV) Be like a father to orphans, and instead of a husband to their mother; you will then be like a son of the Most High, and he will love you more than does your mother.

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  2. Divorce rates would indubitably be far lower and society far healthier if women were not allowed to so frivolously steal a man’s children and drag them along with her into her subsequent adulterous relationships. Women who now foolishly love to bleat against good husbands about “abuse”, and desert God’s divine law, would then more likely endure some sacrifice and stay together as families, benefiting themselves, their husbands, their children, the testimony of the Gospel of Christ, and their nation. It is abusive to children that we permit abusive women to frivolously steal them from their natural fathers, for “no fault”, and make them bastardized, by being raised by others with far less duty and natural inclination to appropriately care for their welfare. If a woman foolishly picked such an “abusive” first husband, why should the children’s future be bet, double-down, upon her almost infeasibly selecting a miraculously good stepdad who is supposedly out there, in limbo, just waiting to love another man’s children more than their own father. It is almost inconceivable that children will ever be better off without their natural father. And statistics and the evidence base supports the fact that children are far better off when raised by their fathers, than by their mothers. We should not have enshrined into law, a woman’s foolish choice to plunge her kids into bastardy even when their has been “no fault” shown on the part of her husband. We are sacrificing our kids and men’s fatherhood at the altar of woman-worship.

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  3. The father owns the children, even when infants. The father owns the seed, the father plants the seed in the garden (womb) where it grows. The father tends (provides) for the garden while the baby grows. The father owns the mature fruit.

    If the wife departs, she leaves without the children.

    The father keeping the children was standard practice for thousands of years until an upper class woman in England used sob stories and white knights to get the laws changed. This happened in the 1800’s.

    The father can care for infants, he can hire a wet nurse or enlist the aid of a female relative to help care for the infant. Most divorced moms put their infants in daycare. Dads can use daycare’s too.

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  4. feminism does untold damage to all of society and culture, but the root is sin. bad parents are not ‘new.’

    14 But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. 15 Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. James 1:14-15

    it’s as old the fall.

    kids need both parents if at all possible.

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  5. Thank you Pastor Sharkly for composing a piece I have attempted to write many times over the past two decades. A few times I have managed partial output, but the grief overcomes me. However, this post gets the job done.

    There has been a MASSIVE increase in the abuse of boys in America and the West, concurrent with the rise, and victory, of feminism. Most of those boys were under the age of three, which is Prime Target Area for the ´caring and nurturing´ gynocracy. Neither the government, media, colleges, LE agencies, or churches have any interest in addressing — much less stopping — this horror. And why would they? For they are complicit, feeding fat at Jezebel’s Table, raising the fist in solidarity and bowing to Baal, seeking forgiveness. And after all, what with the millions of years of Oppressive Patriarchy, why, the little males deserve a bit of retribution, eh? Thou National Mind.

    There has been ZERO exposition of, or interest in, the ongoing torture and severe abuse of little boys in the U.S., for reasons that need little explanation here. It’s the result of a nationwide, concerted, heavily funded HATRED of men and boys, the triumph of total feminism, and the assumption that children only need mothers and women, because of course, females can DO IT ALL and don’t need no Patriarchal Oppressors around to protect the little boys from the seething malevolence of Super Single Empowered Mommy and her band of F-buddies.

    When the man or husband is removed by the Feminist State, sometimes with collusion by the Feminist Churches, little boys are completely defenseless before the malice and rage of America’s empowered princesses. Often the near-death suffocations and other tortures go on for many months, or years. But hey, it takes a Village!

    The husband is spiritual AND physical covering for his wife, and for all children in his family. And with Daddy ‘legally’ tossed from the New Amerikan MammyFamily, little boys are wide open to satan and his servants and allies in this world, of whom feminists are front-and-center perps.

    New Amerika is creeping up on fifty percent of households without a dad present. Lucifer´s Dream Paradise.

    So you folks reading this who proudly proclaim yourselves feminists, you who rationalize your power-seeking feminism as ´necessary´ because this reason and that, just know that I am fully aware of what has been done to boys in America and elsewhere over the past forty years of Empowerment For Some, and I will not forgive either you or your allies.

    I will throw just as many of you into hell with my own hand as is possible, at the earliest opportunity, and if you are wondering why, then re-read the piece above. I have been watching little boys being tortured to death in America for many years, for no other reason than Muh Feminism. It has torn me up the past decades but I am emerging from my grief, and after that is over, I will be looking for my enemies, and for all the enemies of little boys in this demonic world. And I will find them too, with a little help from my friends.

    Kudos to Pastor Sharkly for finishing a composition that even I could not fully manage, but that heaven desperately demanded and desired.

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  6. Reading this was heartbreaking.
    Here in NZ the “default” in the family court is 50/50 custody because it’s in the best interests of the children to have as much access as possible to both parents.
    But sadly, we lead the world in child abuse statistics and leading those statistics are the boyfriends of young mothers who left the father of the baby before it was even born. It’s not fathers killing the children (most of the time). Nor is it mothers (most of the time). Nor is it genuine stepfathers (even rarer than mothers, I believe). It’s boyfriends who have only been on the scene a few months.
    Far too often, the father is watching by helplessly, begging Oranga Tamariki (child welfare agency) to do something about it, and is ignored. Because these fathers have never played a part in raising their children (because the mother left them and had the baby alone) Oranga Tamariki often doesn’t take them seriously and puts it down to the father causing problems.

    I just looked up the stats I have on hand (from 2014) and 58 children have been murdered from 1990-2014. Of those, 51 cases the biological parents were not married. 27 of those deaths were done by the boyfriend of the mother. The remaining cases were either the mother, a relative, or unknown. Just 4 of those children were killed by their father.

    Broken families are killing our babies.

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  7. FEMINISTS and FEMINISM are killing ‘our’ babies.

    ACE, quoted from the post immediately prior —

    ‘Men’s control over females NEEDS to be reduced! That men have less power is a good thing, not a bad thing.’

    ‘But I consider myself fortunate to live in a country where feminism has given women choices, and equal pay so we can support ourselves and our children without having to rely on either welfare or a man, and we do not have to be trapped in an abusive marriage. Women in other countries are not so fortunate.’

    And that’s just the last post. I could go on with other quotes for awhile. Boilerplate feminism, partially chewed so as to be comestible, even to silly and credulous Christians.

    ‘Broken families’ are not ‘killing our babies’. FEMINISTS and FEMINISM are killing GOD’S babies.

    And you, ACE, are a feminist. You are among the legion of tsaw-raw cited in the Book of Revelation as the enemy of God and humanity.

    The massive outbreak of child abuse the past four decades upon infant and toddler boys in America, about which Pastor Sharkly and I wrote, supra . . . the direct result of FEMINISM and FEMINISTS and their rule over American and Western law, culture, and ‘religion’.

    And YOU, o ACE, are a proud and vocal member of Feminism, Inc., and I am not confused nor misled in the least by your clever manipulations of the emotions of persons here, and elsewhere, to suit your purposes.

    You and all like you will answer, and I will be there on the day that you do, and you will be manipulating precisely no one when that day dawns.

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  8. Ray – You don’t know me and frankly, your opinion of me matters nought. You are not my judge, you do not know my heart, and what on earth makes you think you will be anywhere near me on judgement day? The Bible is quite clear that we will be standing before God alone. By trying to claim that you will be there too, and that you will be sending people to hell with your own hands (above) you’re trying to put yourself up there with God and that’s a far greater sin than feminism.
    The Bible is very clear that there is only one God and Him only we shall serve. I’m really not sure who you think you are but perhaps you might benefit from some psychiatric help. Perhaps a therapist might be able to remind you that you are a mere man, not any one of any importance as far as other peoples salvation goes.

    I don’t live in America and know very little about the treatment of boys there. My knowledge of child abuse is limited to NZ. More than half of child abuse cases here are directly related to drugs, mostly methamphetamine. But I’m sure you’ve managed to blame feminism for drugs somehow too, right?

    Your bizarre ramblings made me laugh, so thanks for that. A good laugh first thing in the morning sets me up well for the day.
    I’ve spent time in prayer already this morning and am about to head off to have fellowship with more of God’s people. He has enveloped me with His peace, and that will get me through another rocky day.


  9. The Bible is quite clear that we will be standing before God alone.
    Ace, could you give us the reference for that statement, that nobody else will be there or witness our judgement?

    “a mere man”
    I don’t really like your wording. When compared to God, we are mere men, but when compared to women, men are the stronger vessel, made preeminent, and men have rightly been given dominion over womankind, which was made, not for women’s own ends, but, to serve and reverence men made in the image of God. Your phrasing reeks of Feminism, not reverence, as rays comment alluded to. Please try not to be so combative or contentious, Ace. In this cyberspace, I don’t want other readers fleeing for the virtual corners of the rooftops.

    But I’m sure you’ve managed to blame feminism for drugs somehow too, right?
    Right! You must not listen to Country Western Music down there. Every other song is about how some woman has driven some man to drinking. Feminism damages marriages, families, children, and people of all ages. When the world is thrown into disorder and people are hurting, damaged by Feminism, it would be expected that many of them would seek to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. While those drug users are still accountable for their own lives and behavior, don’t discount that the curse of female rebellion has plunged this whole world into sin and degradation. God rightly tells women to adorn themselves with shamefacedness. Women are the source of more evil than Feminist churches will admit. The church wasn’t so shy about it before the church was co-opted by Rome.
    Woman is the root of all evil. ~ Saint Jerome AD 347 – 420


  10. Yes Sharkly the “mere man” comment was men in comparison to God. Judging by Ray’s ramblings, he seems to think he’s some kind of God or supernatural being with powers – “throw into hell with my own hands” “I will not forgive” etc. There are many more examples like that, those are just two from an above comment.
    For starters, he can’t throw anyone into hell and secondly who really cares if he forgives random people he doesn’t know or not? The only salvation that will be affected by his lack of forgiveness is his own. Bizarre ramblings like that, like he thinks he’s akin to Jesus or something is bordering pretty close to blasphemy.
    The first comment I remember of Ray’s said “I won’t tell you who or what I am” like he really thinks he’s important. He’s not. He’s no more important than any other man on here.


  11. Sharkly – it actually might be the words of an old hymn that my belief we will be standing alone before God came from. I don’t have time right now to do an in-depth Bible study but a brief glance at the verses I thought might clarify it didn’t state that there wouldn’t be an audience. I asked my husband and he said he wasn’t sure so I will have to do some study and see where my belief came from. It’s something I’ve believed for as long as I can remember but thinking about it, it’s possible it did come from a hymn, because there are several old hymns I can think of with the words “standing alone on that great judgement day”.

    Feeriker – I agree that words and deeds show a glimpse of what is in our heart. Anyone looking upon my deeds will see a woman doing her best to follow her Saviour, leaning on God’s grace and strength, a woman who loves her husband and children as the Bible commands her to and is honouring her marriage vows. They will also see a woman still in God’s workshop, struggling to put off the things in Colossians (anger, bitterness etc) and slowly adding to her faith the things in Ephesians – brotherly kindness, charity etc. They will see a woman battling to support the man she loves through the complete rejection by his parents (who claim to be Christian) and reassure him over and over again that she will never desert him. They will see a woman desperately trying to bring her teenage children to Jesus while they are being tempted away by alcohol and a good time. They will see a woman in tears on her knees, crying out to God repeatedly to please don’t forsake her. Help me. You will see that daily.
    And at every church gathering, when I’ve gone alone amongst all the married couples, you will see people come up to me with a hug and whispered words of encouragement and how inspired they are to see me still coming even with everything I have against me.
    Yes, words and deeds show part of our heart. My love for the Lord is on display daily as an example for my children.


  12. Slightly off-topic, but government folks taking kids is in itself the act of abuse many times. I would like to know how many times the overweight social worker interview results in children wrongly being taken away.
    Someone made a false complaint about someone I know and his child with cerebral palsy was taken away for a few days. What helped my friend was a friend of his that has a self-abusive autistic kid. Often bruised, so strangers on the street would call and that kid was removed three times before the parents were able to get the paperwork and system figured out to prevent the ongoing government abuse.
    Government will enforce the abuse Sharkly’s wife is carrying out by making sure he doesn’t see his son’s more than some secular pinhead do-gooder says. That constitutes abuse, but will not be recorded, by people, as abuse.

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  13. The State, through its agencies that are incompetent at best and downright malicious at worst, has killed more people –adults AND children– than any random criminals have ever killed.

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  14. ACE — ‘The Bible is quite clear that we will be standing before God alone.’

    Same day, after being asked to show Scriptural evidence:

    ACE — ‘Sharkly – it actually might be the words of an old hymn that my belief we will be standing alone before God came from. I don’t have time right now to do an in-depth Bible study but a brief glance at the verses I thought might clarify it didn’t state that there wouldn’t be an audience.’

    Scriptural evidence nonexistent. However, ACE was SO EAGER again to accuse one of the brethren that she couldn’t bother to search the Book of Truth, and instead went with . . . whatever lie emanating from her mind might refute my testimony and reduce me before others.

    How very consistent!

    ACE always has time sufficient to accuse the brethren spuriously, and LOTS of time to expound on this Christian blog why Feminism is a good thing, how necessary Feminism is, etc. — but lacks a few minutes to consult Scripture before making claims against it, and (you may have heard this before) accusing the brethren.

    Pretty much another Day at the Shop for the tsaw-raw that infest this blighted, cursed planet. The place was so serene and beautiful before rebellion entered the mind of Woman, and lodged there to expand down the millennia. And far from expunging that rebellious and covetous spirit in Woman, my wise God multiplied the wish of her dark heart. I submit the evidence before you. All around you.

    Even so, it is good to be alive, good to be making war upon the Children of Belial. Hail Tsah’rah! Thou art Legion! lol

    As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

    The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

    And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13:40-42)

    He sent upon them His burning anger
    Fury and indignation and trouble,
    A band of destroying angels. (Ps. 78)

    Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand

    In that day shall the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory, and for a diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his people

    And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate. (Isaiah 28)

    Cheers to the residue and remnant, who turn back the battle at the gate!

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  15. Apologies Ray. It appears my belief about our aloneness on judgement day does not come directly from the Bible, but rather, conditioning. From hymns, as I’ve said, but other influences too. At the Christian book shop I visited this morning to find the book Feeriker recommended above, there was a canvas with a quote from RC Sproul about being judged on the last day alone.
    The Quran says the same thing.

    When my father died a year ago and was revived, he felt a crack and his spirit left his body and he was looking down on it before entering a tunnel with bright lights and pressure and he believed he was about to go before God right then. He was very frightened and did not believe he was saved, although he is a faithful man. My husband asked if he called out to God but Dad said it was too late.
    He was alone, there was nobody else in the tunnel. He was revived before he left the tunnel.

    My maternal grandmother had a similar experience, but was pulled out of the tunnel to stand in a beautiful garden and there was a man in a white coat. She was revived before she got to speak to them.

    I guess it is also these stories that have helped shape my understanding of death.


  16. Babies and children are wrongfully taken by the state here, too, and far too often are abused while in state care.
    All it takes is one “witness” for the state to step in and remove children from good, loving parents.
    Last year, my oldest son was caught wagging school. The school rang me and my husband went and met my son as he came back in the school gates. A teacher “saw” my husband “punch” our son. He didn’t, of course. But the police were called and there was an investigation. My son told them he had not been hit, there were no marks on him, my husband insisted he had not hit him. They were going to take our other children away and do an investigation. It was only when my boss (very high up in the social work chain) vouched for me that they backed off. There are few things more terrifying than being helpless in the face of someone else making decisions for your children and the very real possibility of them being taken away from you.
    This happens more often than what people realise.
    Children are being failed at every turn.

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  17. hey Sharkly – i’m super behind all the comments at Spawny’s but did see your comment about skin cancer … but can’t find it again. would you mind reposting here so i can have that info, please? i’d appreciate it 🙂


  18. Oh look, she picked an abuser drug pusher. Shocker. Tell me again why a father’s buy-in (or at least the buy-in of a concerned and involved patriarch) is no longer required? Pastors who officiate weddings where the father does not give “enthusiastic, willing, and ongoing consent” are acting as arrogant usurpers and should be treated as such.

    There’s got to be something about child birth that actually “breaks” women. It must function like a toggle switch between chasing the dark triad and wanting the “safe” boring guy.

    In the direction above, she must suddenly be aware of his evil nature. To her solipsistic squirrel brain’s perspective, it looks like the guy suddenly “became” abusive. In the reverse, he no longer gives her the tingles, but she still wants to extract resources while living in his house and letting “chad” do all the things she said she wasn’t into with her husband.

    Sometimes the switch is of the momentary single pole single throw variety and springs back to the original position after some time has passed.

    I also notice that all cultures before ours seem to have understood this. Gee, if only the institutions set up to pass down this knowledge (Fathers, male relatives, and the Church) weren’t so cucked.

    [Sorry, this comment was held up unnoticed in the spam folder for a while.]

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  19. I believe as I have posted elsewhere:
    If a man and a woman agree to be married and have sex, then that union is consummated and God has joined the two into one flesh, and they are married.

    The Catholic church, which claimed to be able to decide who is and isn’t Christian, first made European royals get their marriages approved by the Pope to control the royalty in Europe. They could declare your betrothed to be an unbeliever and prevent the royal union in countries where Catholicism held sway. To demonstrate their sanction of the political unions that the Pope approved of, they would perform a ceremony in a church with much pomp and pageantry. Soon the lesser royalty wanted these “church weddings” too, and would pay a hefty sum to the church to buy their approval and be seen showing their regalia. And from there it eventually became today’s racket with every girl dreaming of a fancy church wedding and various churches “marrying” all customers for a fee.

    So I agree with your assessment that a Pastor claiming to “marry” people in violation of God’s patriarchal design is usurping. While he may serve as an agent of the state and be able to sign a marriage license. The church ceremony is a civil ceremony, but not recognized or prescribed by God to consummate a marriage in God’s eyes.

    Here is a Biblical account of a true patriarchal marriage:
    Abraham’s servant returns from the land of Aram with Rebekah:
    Genesis 24:63(YLT) and Isaac goeth out to meditate in the field, at the turning of the evening, and he lifteth up his eyes, and looketh, and lo, camels are coming. 64 And Rebekah lifteth up her eyes, and seeth Isaac, and alighteth from off the camel; 65 and she saith unto the servant, `Who [is] this man who is walking in the field to meet us?’ and the servant saith, `It [is] my lord;’ and she taketh the veil, and covereth herself. 66 And the servant recounteth to Isaac all the things that he hath done, 67 and Isaac bringeth her in unto the tent of Sarah his mother, and he taketh Rebekah, and she becometh his wife, and he loveth her, and Isaac is comforted after [the death of] his mother.

    And they lived happily ever after.


  20. “And they lived happily ever after.”

    well … ‘happily’ is relative …

    Genesis 25:27 So the boys grew. And Esau was a skillful hunter, a man of the field; but Jacob was a mild man, dwelling in tents. 28 And Isaac loved Esau because he ate of his game, but Rebekah loved Jacob.

    parents played favorites … Rebekah persuaded Jacob to deceive her Husband. can’t imagine there not being any fallout in the marriage over that.

    but … ‘ever after’ … yeah.


  21. A disgusting story.

    One little tip: I always remember to post at least one photo of the skank-ho slut single mom, and also for any accomplices (boyfriends, etc.), when reporting. One will notice that the feminist media always bends over backwards to hide the identities of child-killers and other assorted empowered heroes. It’s our job to increase their exposure. This is especially important given the fact that the feminist judges tend to release wimminz like these after only a few months, so that they can continue killing more children.

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  22. Wow! 11/10! This bitch is super hot. I’m sure any man would jump at the chance to lay up with a quality looker like her.


  23. I’m not sure how methamphetamines work, if they help you to find the attraction? But, either way, she is off the market for a quarter century. I’m not an expert at reading faces like GunnerQ is, but I almost think she looks a bit like she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Face.


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