Lying for their lord – churchian cover-ups ?

Well, if you don’t already think our current generation of churchian misleaders are some of the most cringe inducing cucks to ever walk the face of this earth, Jerry Falwell Jr. is here to see to it that you do.    LOL

The story about him, his wife, and the pool boy, is all over the news right now, that story will rightly be his lasting legacy.  Of course the world’s media is trying to use his nasty disgusting hypocrisy to smear both Donald Trump and Christianity, their two most hated enemies.

Now cuckold Jerry Falwell Jr. and his whore wife Rebecca Falwell might well soon claim to be repentant, and go on a speaking tour to further fleece their stupid sheep.  Liberty University, which Falwell just resigned presidency from, already has over 3 Billion in assets.  But rest assured God is not fooled.  Those charlatans are not on their way to God’s heaven:

1 Corinthians 6:9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

The handsome pool boy, Giancarlo Granda claims that he and Becki would have sex while Jerry would watch and sometimes even film them.  And Becki has verified that it was a three way relationship.  The Falwells set young Mr. Granda up in business by buying him a beachfront two-story property at 810 Alton Road with an LBGTQ friendly hostel upstairs and a liquor store on the ground floor, and made him manager and 25% owner.  Mr. Granda who was first approached by the older Mrs. Falwell for sex when he was just 20, claims the rich and powerful Falwells groomed him, while he was young and foolish.

Now, libertine Falwell and his ho have been all over the place making wild claims.  The important thing to remember, is that those who will commit adultery will most certainly lie.  They are claiming that for years they have been the victims of blackmail, extortion, and aggressive harassment by this young man whom they kept doing “their business” with and never reported to the police.  However, after this crap all hit the news, Falwell claims that he and his wife finally went public with their story to stop Mr. Granda’s predatory behavior, because they are worried that “We believe that he may have targeted other successful women in similar ways,”  LOL

Here is what the pool boy would tap for many years:

Jerry Falwell Jr. & Becki Falwell

She looks about all tapped out.

Jerry Jr. claims he has lost 80 Pounds just from the stress of Mr. Granda’s destructive behaviors towards his family.  However earlier he had claimed he lost 75 pounds due to he and his wife working out and dieting with trainer Benjamin Crosswhite, another young handsome man that the Falwells have helped to start a multi million dollar fitness business, unethically, using Liberty University’s money.

John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Needless to say you can look online and find all sorts of rot that this corrupt and immoral couple have done, I can’t write even a fraction of it.  The point is, that they always think they’re doing the right thing to lie and deceive and cover things up, and they claim this is done for the Lord.  Which again just proves that they don’t know the Lord, who is called Faithful and True.(Revelation 19:11)

What would a real Christ follower do?

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Christ’s real followers don’t lie about their sins, but confess them, repent of them, and are forgiven.  And as mentioned in scripture up above adultery is never the act of an inheritor of the kingdom of God.  Do not be deceived, those two perverts are not “saved”.

I’m not done yet, I’ll add more to this later … when I get the chance to finish.


My wife’s church, which is probably typical of most, has openly refused to conduct church discipline on my wife.  I asked them in the name of Jesus Christ to perform the church discipline called out in Matthew 18:15-17, but they absolutely have refused to allow my wife, or any woman, to be put through the process Jesus prescribed.  I confronted one of my cousins who is a leader there about why they did not have the balls or godliness to ever follow the Bible in performing church discipline on any female, and he began trying to claim that they had once disciplined a woman.  However, when I asked him to tell me about it, he claimed that he couldn’t mention it because the church wanted it kept secret, but that a certain family had secretly been asked not to return.(presumably as a result of something the wife had done)

How utterly laughable and sad that they are so emasculated and apostate!  However, the real problem is that those impotent cowards are completely typical of today’s radical Feminist churchians.  They refuse to take any action regarding my frivolously divorcing wife who is foolishly tearing her children’s home down with her own hands, and thereby blaspheming the Gospel of Christ.  And when I pressed one of their leaders for an example of how they have ever performed Jesus prescribed church discipline on a woman, the only example he can come up with is an example of where their church instead performed a cover-up of an unrepentant woman’s sin, instead of publicly renouncing her wickedness before the church.(and a watching world)

I have called them cunt-worshippers before.  Meaning that when given the opportunity to either serve God or to serve anybody with a cunt, they will invariably give the worth-ship of their service first to the entity with the cunt, even if that means entirely opposing the commands of God our Father and Christ His Son.   If God’s prescribed solution to unrepentant sin is to expose it, and publicly separate the church from the unrepentant, and yet when a person with a cunt is unrepentant, they instead hide their sin and sneak them away, whom are they showing their worth-ship of service to?  Are they worshipping God by their defiance of His instructions, or are they instead showing the greater worth-ship to the unrepentant cunt that they are covering for?

By refusing to publicly address my wife’s unrepentant publicly filed sin of rebellion, filed based upon “No-Fault” of my own, they are choosing to support her in blaspheming the Gospel of Christ.(Titus 2:4-5)  They’d rather support the blasphemy of God’s Gospel than quit the worship of their true goddess, womankind.  Exactly like the Serpent in the garden of Eden, these snakes’ true goal is first to get all men to hearken unto the voice of their wives, who will then usurp their husband’s God-ordained dominion, from within the man’s own house.

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  1. Sexual bondages occur in many variegated typesets and often the process is triggered by pornography. I have seen many fall to same in my life on this wretched planet and it can happen to anyone as it has to both husband and wife in this situation. I do not feel like throwing stones, but rather look back on my own existence grateful for what God has kept me from, knowing even my life was spared on several occasions but not being aware of why He did that as I know I merit naught but death, judgment and damnation. I have no condemnation for them as they know the error of their ways, how they got there, and how to get out. The guilt must be immense and intense, and I feel bad for them both.

    It clearly states “There is none righteous, no not one” and I read no exemption for myself or anyone in that and the many other verses relative. Charles Spurgeon instructed on each of us determining and remembering we are miserable evil wretches, with an inherency to wickedness and sin. He was correct.

    I save my anger, contempt, condemnation and even hatred for workers of iniquity such as human traffickers, pornographers, terrorists, etc never forgetting God defines three classes of people…saved, unsaved, and workers of iniquity. I hate the last category, as the Word states “God hates the workers of iniquity” and He is THE perfect example. He loves the other two categories. So must I.

    Being aware of my own spiritual battles is enough to know the reality we are ALL fallible and capable of sin/evil. God is true, and every man a liar.


  2. edward kennedy,
    I unfortunately have to almost completely disagree with you. If nobody who is a sinner, can exercise judgment, to judge others, and throw a stone. Then no discipline and order is going to be possible in the church. And so it has come that we have arrived at an almost completely lawless church. However, the good news is that we’ve all been taught a false gospel by the Great Whore of Rome, and if you take their apocryphal additions out of the New Testament, then we can, and in fact should be able to exercise judgment up to and including stoning adulterers. The story of the woman caught in adultery is an apocryphal tale added to Latin New Testaments in Rome in the 400s AD. Please read my two comments regarding it here, and you can check out the imbedded links also:

    Obviously I need to do a full post about it here. We as Christians should be able to quickly renounce and condemn sin, whether it is our own or anybody else’s, especially within the church.

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  3. On a slightly different note:
    I have been thinking about Christ’s church. And starting one. However, I live in the middle of nowhere, but the idea of an online fellowship functioning somewhat as a church seems to have a lot of benefits, since it has a worldwide reach, and can operate at all times of night and day. I think what we do here has some church features, but as of yet, I have not asked the women to remain silent. I will admit I have gotten some requests to do just that, and after thinking it over, I think that is a good next step. So, for now, women, I am asking you to refrain from commenting. If you have something you just have to bring to my attention or that you really want me to mention, you can use the contact page to send me a message about it, and if I feel it bears repeating, I may mention it for you.
    Now I will say that my three commenters with the most comments are all women. So, I will need those of you men who requested that I keep the womenfolk silent, in accordance with God’s wisdom, to help keep the conversation going by commenting more, so that we can all be sharpened by each other’s input. And my moderation will be changing, I’ll be deleting comments I believe are by women, that I deem to be unwanted. And my apologies in advance to any soy boy who might sound so Feminist that I mistake him for a woman and remove his comment. Over the internet I won’t be perfectly able to know everybody’s sex.


  4. You have an opinion and I do not get riled about differences of opinions unless some miscreant thinks he would like to kill me in which case I would quickly and unhesitatingly exercise my right to self defence up to and including lethal force.

    So you disagree but there is one part of your response that is as true as the unrecognizable taste of homemade apple pie and it is this>>>”We as Christians should be able to quickly renounce and condemn sin, whether it is our own…”

    Have the Falwells admitted theirs? Have they/are they making excuses? The only proper confession is a voluntary confession and it is the only type God accepts as legitimate as HE KNOWS THE INTENT OF OUR SPIRIT in such serious matters. I am aware scriptures instruct ministers to “Cry aloud and spare not your voices” and condemn sin but in my case, I have/had a pride problem and my place is to focus on myself. Pride is the deadliest sin and can lead to any other sin. I am aware of that. I have had to reign myself in but can be and am outspoken on many social issues and groups in society destroying people that I hate with a passion, such as human traffickers, murderers, terrorists, the pornography industry, and most politically correct poltroonity seen far and wide that is the enemy of all that is good.

    Note that HE said to the adulterous woman, in the face of the religious leaders of the day, “Let he who is without fault cast the first stone.” That does not mean we are to condone sin but we must be in tune with the reality we were ALL conceived in sin and have the potential to sin/fail. I do not feel like kicking someone who is down in the head, especially when I had greater sin than they…pride is the worst sin.

    One does not need to expose others and as to the church organization, Jerry Falwell had big shoes to fill and his son had a big responsibility on his shoulders. Had I knowledge of sin in the life of someone, who were in a leadership capacity, I would PRIVATELY speak to them, indicate my knowledge and promise to not mention it to others. I would urge them to seek help from other church leaders and deal with the stain in a proper way.

    My immense and intense awareness of my potential to sin by my membership in the human race makes me a candidate for sinning for as it is written,” There is none righteous, no not one” for all have fallen short. It is true. Only God can accurately judge the intent of the heart.

    As to women, I deal with dozens every year in my profession and have noted there are genuine sincere, proper women untainted by the poison of political correct insanity and “femistalinism.’ Men and women were never meant to compete but the strengths of one overlap the weaknesses of the other in a marriage to make a strong united unit. I am very close (appropriately) to a few of them, most younger and real women who are what God intended them to be. I know all about Eve but I also know that God created everything sequentially from lesser to greater. Who/what was the last creation? Woman, specifically Eve. I know a few who demonstrate what the last half of the last chapter of Proverbs speaks where King Solomon describes the ideal woman. He is talking of his mother.

    I cherish the few real women I know for who and what they are. I am aware of scriptures on this topic but there were and are noble women in the time of Jesus and there are still such types around. Guess who did not desert Jesus when He was crucified? Mary Magdalene. Guess who denied Him? Peter. The names tell the gender and yes, there are but only two genders.

    Men and women each have their place, and I will say with no guile that the women I am close to are very intelligent and proper, in fact, I expect them in IQ to be in the top 1% of the population. Yes, I have known “bad” ones but not all of them are bad. Just like my gender, some bad and some good.

    I used to be very harsh and still am in some ways BUT I have/am taking a far less strident tone from what I used to and still manage to get people angry at me. Best way to do that is to tell the Truth.

    As to all here, far better to condemn the majority of religions, most which are apostate and the hireling leaders preach the lie, “there are many ways to God.” No. There is but one Way to God, through Jesus the Son of God, who died for whosoever would humble themselves, ask His forgiveness, acknowledge Him as Savior and confess His name as the only Savior. In fact, religion will be the biggest solitary cause of more people being condemned than any other thing or sin or activity or evil action. Most are apostate with false preachers professing a false faith and preaching lies/heresies.

    I could continue but that is enough for now.


  5. I forgot.

    What is the full story? Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn you, GO AND SIN NO MORE. IN those five words HE identified her sin, labelled her as a sinner and instructed her to cease and desist from her sin.


  6. I will respect your request for women to not comment anymore, and I will leave this blog for the men. But I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have interacted with me on this blog over the past year or so. I have learned a lot, and have been greatly encouraged. I have enjoyed my time here.
    Thanks 🙂

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  7. God created man and woman. He did not nix the woman in the mix so to speak. I regret women being denied their perspectives to be here especially since they have much to offer. That has been my experience noted over many years of life on this wretched planet. God knew what He was doing creating woman and while it is possible to live without them, they have different but valuable insights men do not. It is a mistake to want them to leave. And in reality, without them humanity would become extinct. Either God knows best or He is not omniscient, We know the answer to that and he gave His vote of confidence to them clearly. To ignore that truth is a mistake.


  8. edward kennedy,
    … I used to and still manage to get people angry at me. Best way to do that is to tell the Truth.
    Amen! While the truth has the power to set people free, most do not want to admit they are in bondage to their own sin.

    Part of my prior point was that twelve verses John 7:53 through John 8:11, the Pericope Adulterae, are an apocryphal addition to the Apostle John’s Gospel. It was first added into Latin manuscripts, not the original Greek, in Rome, in the 400s-500s AD. A popular apocryphal story about Jesus, it was stuck both into Luke’s Gospel, and John’s Gospel at various different places, before the early Roman Catholics who added it, agreed on its current location in John’s Gospel. That is like if the apocryphal story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, were added to history books as if it were an accurate historical certainty, and not just a popular concocted story with no corroboration by anybody who actually knew George Washington.

    So I believe the Pericope Adulterae, as it is known, is not a part of any inspired Gospel nor was it written by John or any other Apostle. It is a popular far fetched story that does not agree with the rest of scripture, it was belatedly added into New Testaments by the Great Whore of Rome and has helped to subvert Christianity and the church by inducing lawlessness by condemning those concerned with leading others to righteousness who would rightly try to hold others to account for their evil, by upholding God’s moral code within the church.
    So we cannot even know if there actually was any incident that the story was based off of, or if Jesus ever said any of the words He belatedly had put in His mouth, by Rome. To quote it to me as Gospel, no longer works, since I now know the truth, that it is a fraudulent addition to John’s inspired Gospel.

    I also disagree that women being made last makes them better than men. The apostle Paul explains that they were the last thing created and the first thing to transgress God, and also that they were created from the man and for the man, to be under the dominion of man, in subjection, and that the man was NOT created for the woman. Furthermore Peter tells us that women are the weaker vessel. God informs us that the man is to rule over the woman way back in Genesis 3.

    While Pride is certainly a bad and besetting sin, that leads to many others, it is not on the list of sins that would keep us from having any inheritance in the kingdom of God, we all have it. Nor was pride, a sin of attitude, given very much prescribed punishment to be carried out by men. God will punish pride.

    My post here is not designed primarily to “kick someone who is down in the head”. I am using this unrepentant couple, who are still full of lies and denial, and continuing to change their story daily, as an example for others. Jerry Falwell Jr. just within the last 24 hours claimed he has done nothing wrong. LOL He has apparently been spending too much time learning the ways of his politician buddies, instead of teaching them the ways of God. If the Falwells were to read this, perhaps it could kick some sense into their heads, but I doubt it, they seem pretty deluded by their own falsely taught churchian excuses.

    If Jerry Jr. had sinned against me, I would have gone to him privately first, in accordance with the following:
    Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. 16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

    But I’m just using that apostate man who pimps his wife out, paying others to commit adultery with her, as an example of spiritual wickedness in high places, revealing here on earth, whose path is being followed by these churchian leaders, straight to destruction. While Jerry has helped to build up a 3 Billion dollar earthly kingdom at Liberty University, he has neglected God. And now when caught in grave sin, that unrepentant loser, twists Bible verses in defense of his own wickedness. Yes, I’m trying to shame them, and vocally distance the kingdom of Christ from their disgusting depravity. It is my duty to do just that. And even though I’m a sinner too, I am not discouraged by God from exposing their wicked deeds and condemning them as anti-christ.
    Ephesians 5:11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;
    Show me where in the Bible I shouldn’t contend against their heinous unrepentant sin spreading to others, without using the bogus Pericope Adulterae. They’re still trying to slander a man they led into sin, who has exposed their duplicitous lives of corruption and sexual degeneracy. The absolute best thing the church of Jesus Christ can do right now is to shout from the rooftops that deviant Jerry Falwell Jr. and his whore wife are not Christ followers, and that their lives are not the lives of redeemed people. To try to make their sin seem like an acceptable part of Christianity is to publicly spit on Christ and discredits the righteous deeds of those who strive to live far more righteously in obedience to a God who desires our holiness.
    I for one publicly declare that Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife are not of Christ, and they clearly do the detestable works of their lord Satan. I am not like them in that regard. I have been redeemed from ever having their sort of life, by the grace of God. While I still sin, I don’t want to do it, I don’t relish my sin in my heart, I don’t refuse to confess it, or refuse to be ashamed and repentant of it. I am a new creature who does not live for the works of the flesh, even though the fleshly desires are still present, but I want to lead many to righteousness.

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  9. It is a mistake to want them to leave.
    I did not say that I want women to leave. I just have decided that I don’t want them to directly comment here, so that the place can be more like Jesus Christ’s church.
    1 Corinthians 14:34 The women are to keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak, but are to subject themselves, just as the Law also says. 35 If they desire to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is improper for a woman to speak in church.
    They can go to their own husbands at home and discuss the things mentioned, and their husbands are welcome to ask questions and share their thoughts and scriptures here. So they are able to be represented here by their spiritual heads. And I understand that not all women have a Christian husband. Those women are to focus on doing their best to win their husband over in accordance with 1 Peter 3:1-6.


  10. Falwell has resigned from Liberty University. That is an admission of guilt.

    I submit the perspectives of the proper fairer gender have depth, value and substance as well as the element of empathy.


  11. I see your “modus operandi” but my experential perspective in my association with REAL women proves to me their opinions are of value. I hope you have thought this whole decision out thoroughly.


  12. ‘I know all about Eve but I also know that God created everything sequentially from lesser to greater. Who/what was the last creation? Woman, specifically Eve.’

    Sounds like Feminism 101. Or just updated Gnosticism and their stupid goddess Sophia. Perhaps you are not a woman, but certainly you are a feminist. And you demonstrate that you do not know the first thing about Eve and about Woman. Much less the last thing. Woman is America’s true deity, and the evidence everywhere is around us.

    Your inversion of the LORD’S created order is standard in this age, both for those outside the Church, and for those imagining themselves inside the Church.

    Far as Falwell goes, he got the kid-gloves here, but I was pleased to see him exposed — not as a sinner, but as a false pastor. His sins do not disqualify him from being a pastor, or there’d be no pastors at all on this planet. What disqualifies him is that he has no anointing to office from the LORD, and never did. That is, he never was God’s choice to lead to begin with. The World called him and embraced him as one of its own. Not the LORD.

    God did not appoint young Falwell to lead His people, nor to be a shepherd of any standing. Like almost all modern ‘pastors’, Falwell took leadership of God’s people unto himself, imagining he was ‘owed’ it by being born to a preacher-daddy. Well it doesn’t work that way folks, sorry. We do not anoint ourselves. You might try reading the Old Testament. Gonna come as a huge surprise one day to the hordes of false pastors in the U.S., and in the Church generally.

    Oh and btw, you all are going to find out eventually who and what ‘Liberty’ really is. For the moment, I will just say that the Fallwells named their university, and their deity, with great honesty. lol


  13. I hope you have thought this whole decision out thoroughly.
    I thought about it some. But mainly it is a faith based decision. If I leaned entirely on my own understanding, I’d have probably kept doing what I had been doing. But I trust God who created women knows best.

    The story continues, with another pool boy-toy emerging:
    Falwell went on to call Granda a ‘criminal’ and ‘liar’, saying: ‘I grew up as a preacher’s kid and we were under a microscope. ‘
    LOL His defense is that because he was a preacher’s kid he couldn’t possibly be into doing bad things.
    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve known a few preacher’s kids. LOL
    It is like Beelzebub has a devil set aside for Preacher’s kids.


  14. Just as an example of how I learn things here myself, I first learned that the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery was not originally in the New Testament, when, after I indicated wondering about the story, commenter, burnstaicho, shared the truth about it in the following comment:
    Then, after extensive online research, I, myself, came to agree. So I really do benefit from the sharpening that goes on here. And figuring that bit out was another key piece to the puzzle.


  15. So when does everyone stop adding to or taking away from the Holy Bible? The section claimed not original has nothing that represents a problem or a contradiction with the rest of scriptures. Cults like the JW have their own version that is calculated to support their heresies so it is easy to see what is going on here.


  16. I just wonder when stupid sheeple are going to finally get a clue about dynastic megachurches and the “pastors” who lead them. How many of these have NOT been involved in sordid scandals that inevitably forced their way into the public eye? The lack of discernment among “Christians” has reached horrifying proportions.

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  17. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve known a few preacher’s kids. LOL
    It is like Beelzebub has a devil set aside for Preacher’s kids.

    Spot on. Almost every preacher’s kid I’ve ever known has been a demon in human flesh.


  18. “Men and women each have their place, and I will say with no guile that the women I am close to are very intelligent and proper, in fact, I expect them in IQ to be in the top 1% of the population.”

    You cite women who are four standard deviations away from normal, to establish “normal”? That’s like saying all women have beards because the circus.

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  19. Decades ago Jimmy Swaggart in his heyday preached a sermon naming the three dangers to ministers. They were and are love of money, pride of life, and the opposite gender. It was not long after that he fell, fingered by another minister/evangelist as being with a prostitute. Ironic for sure but that is how it happened. I remember an acquaintance of my gender remarking about the pretty wife Jimmy Swaggart had and being shocked at Swaggart going to a prostitute when in fact he had a veritable doll for a wife…clean, decent, pretty, poised, etc

    Nobody had an answer. I did not attack him, criticize him, ostracize him and I am the same with every minister who falls. We had best be careful we do not watch ourselves from getting in our own messes. I have no time for pounding on someone when they are down nor does it suit me to do so.

    It does no good and once the truth is out regardless of denials, truth is relentless in its proferred evidential realities and the target at some point cannot deny it nor can he run and hide. To me it is a sad thing, and I much prefer to attack baby torturing aborticidal workers of iniquity, pimps, terrorists, sex trafficking trash and others who as workers of iniquity, are HATED by God. He is an example and we ARE to hate such things as HE hates.


  20. Gunner Q, you seem to miss the point. Just like our gender, there are good ones and bad ones. Women are no different and it is not logical to group women together under the one banner of gender. Matter of fact, one of these proper and class women I speak of asked me last week, “Where have all the men gone?” What she meant was why are there so many mini character chicken wussie males who have no courage and who are cowed by the politically correct creeps of the leftist loon gallery who have about as much appeal as congealed dog snot on a cold door knob. She was as usual right on and accurate. A very close woman client of mine when several years ago I asked “Where have all the women gone” answered immediately, “Yes, we have lost it.” I knew exactly what she meant. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE SHADOWS OF THEIR FORMER SELVES on this wretched planet we inhabit. I have seen and heard such from very astute people. It is true. Law of Entropy applies to humans.


  21. ““Where have all the men gone?” What she meant was why are there so many mini character chicken wussie males who have no courage and who are cowed by the politically correct creeps of the leftist loon gallery who have about as much appeal as congealed dog snot on a cold door knob.”

    Heehee. Oh no, that’s not at all what she meant.

    “I remember an acquaintance of my gender remarking about the pretty wife Jimmy Swaggart had and being shocked at Swaggart going to a prostitute when in fact he had a veritable doll for a wife…clean, decent, pretty, poised, etc”

    A case in point. Men don’t go to whores when they’re happy at home. You blamed the man instead of connecting the dots.

    “We had best be careful we do not watch ourselves from getting in our own messes.”

    We had best start having higher standards of conduct for our celebrity leaders than Joe Sixpack at the liquor store. God is blasphemed when the exemplars and public faces of our faith screw up!

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  22. “Heehee. Oh no, that’s not at all what she meant.”

    You are merely projecting again. The history of that gal includes her recent loss of a real man who was not afraid to tell it like it is. That was the context of her comment. That was exactly what she meant and my return question to her was how can any women be interested in a coward and fake man. Her response was “I do not know, such men do nothing at all for me.”

    “A case in point. Men don’t go to whores when they’re happy at home. You blamed the man instead of connecting the dots.”

    Really? Real men do not run with prostitutes when there are problems at home. They honor their marriage vows and address the problems in the relationship.

    And back to the reality that there are few real men and few real women.


  23. “[Real men] honor their marriage vows and address the problems in the relationship.”

    If she does not honor her marriage vow then why should he? Where is the condemnation of women who refuse to marry young and keep her man happy? Male sexual sin manifests as porn and prostitution but do you know what female sexual sin looks like? It looks like HOARDING. Monetization. Denial.

    I know your type. You teach the boys in your church to wait for marriage then teach the girls to never get married. When men break under the strain of no marital satisfaction, you blame him for being weak.

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  24. “So when does everyone stop adding to or taking away from the Holy Bible? The section claimed not original has nothing that represents a problem or a contradiction with the rest of scriptures. Cults like the JW have their own version that is calculated to support their heresies so it is easy to see what is going on here.”

    The Bible, or at least the book of Revelation, at the Bible’s end, condemns those who would add to it or take away from it. God’s inspired statement would have been a foolish waste of ink, if nobody was ever going to actually do that. In answer to your question, I defer to the early manuscripts, and to those Christians who have greatly studied these things. I believe The original writing in the original language was “inspired” or “God breathed” and “sealed” before the foundation of the world. The Old Testament, has been preserved miraculously well, without so much as a “jot or tittle” being changed in the original Hebrew, over thousands of years. The Hebrews had a remarkable system of preserving the text delivered by God, and the earliest manuscripts do not differ, even by a letter from manuscripts written thousands of years later, and a great many ancient manuscripts have been found, and continue to be found, proving this. The New Testament, was not always handled in exactly the same manner, as the Hebrews handled the Old Testament. Some people did try to make later additions, both to reliably known books and sometimes entire books were written and belatedly claimed to be older inspired works. With regard to the New Testament textual criticism, there are only two passages that now remain in most English New Testaments that do not appear to have been in the original works.(John 7:53 through John 8:11 and Mark 16:9-20) Most notated English Bibles published today will have a note indicating that these sections were not recorded in the earliest manuscripts. There were other verses once added as well, but due to scholarly textual criticism, they have all since been removed.(e.g. some bits had been added to “strengthen” the doctrine of the Trinity) The “end of Mark” passage was added much earlier than the Pericope Adulterae, and the arguments that “the end of Mark” could possibly be authentic, though weak, are far stronger than any arguments for the possible validity of the far later addition of the Pericope Adulterae. However, don’t just take my word for it, do your own inquiry and study into the matter. Over the years there have also been occasional typos in the Greek New Testament books, but by comparing old manuscripts found from all over the world, they were easy to identify and correct. With the two exceptions I mentioned above, no book in our Bible is questionable in its inspiration or in its preservation. Any book which was at all questionable in its inspiration, or in its preservation, was thrown out of the Biblical Canon, and not included in our Bibles. And since the time of canonization, better copies have been found of some works that were once recognized to have been inspired, yet were not fully enough preserved to have made it into the canon. While I don’t know any of these extrabiblical books to be inerrant, there is some truth that may still be gleaned from a few of them when guided by discretion, skepticism, and hermeneutical principles. However, the majority of the extrabiblical books are just pure crap, written by ignorant men to recast Biblical truth. I have given the extrabiblical books that were quoted within the Bible my greatest attention at this point.

    It is also important to remember that our English translations are just translations of the inspired original texts. And most early English New Testament translations were once translated from Latin translations, and have only in the last few hundred years been brushed up by editing the translation according to earlier Greek manuscripts. That is why the King Jimmy Bible originally copied over the same apocryphal Latin additions from the, then popular, earlier English Geneva Bible, that they mostly plagiarized. It is just silly that some folks believe the King James Bible translation to be inspired in itself, and even more so than the original Bible texts.

    In answer to your question, I never went looking to remove passages from the Bible. I just wondered in my mind and spirit at how obviously incongruous the story of “Jesus and the woman caught in adultery” was from the rest of Bible teaching, and then commenter burnstaicho pointed out to me that the entire passage was an apocryphal Latin addition done by the Great Whore of Rome. And like anybody should, do your own research and study about it. The Wikipedia source I linked is just one of many sources I read, however it seemed pretty balanced in its presentation of the matter. Those who want the addition deleted from Bibles usually cite all the early manuscripts, whereas those who want to keep it seem to argue towards latter church tradition being infallible, and just really wanting all the “liberty” it adds to Christianity.

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  25. 1 Peter 4:17 For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

    Although I too hate the evil deeds of pimps like Jerry Falwell Junior,(who have involved “Bicycle Becki” in trading money for sex) and I hate murderous abortion, and child pornographers, pedophiles, and molesters, we as the church are first to get our own fellowship together, behaving faithfully, before we run like hypocrites to flagellate the world for the exact same stuff that even our church leaders are involved in. A morally corrupt church will not have a correct effect on a morally corrupt world, as you can see today. We men of God are to preside within the church, judging rightly, in preparation for the day when we will eventually judge the angels.

    1 Corinthians 6:1 Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints? 2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? 3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? 4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. 5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? 6 But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.

    God hates lawlessness and the antichrist is even called the man of lawlessness. We men of Christ’s church should not fail to judge those who claim to be within the church, and thereby allow the churches members to live lawlessly. Many churches allow their members to live as lawlessly as the world, with naught but a bit of encouragement to try to do better. LOL They are less than lukewarm and have already been spat out from Christ!
    Whoremongers like Jimmy Swaggart have denied the Gospel and gone after the world. Leave them go, and proclaim it to all, that such whoremongers are not among the redeemed. Nor was Christ’s blood shed for anyone more than once! Once redeemed, you cannot kill Christ anew allowing you to continue in grave and willful sins. Your latter state (unredeemable) is worse than your first (unredeemed).
    Speaking of False teachers like Jimmy Swaggart:
    2 Peter 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. 21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

    Hebrews 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    We Judge others within the church out of love for the body of Christ, and we want what is best for them, holy living, not lawless bondage to sin. Church discipline is an act of love. And to withhold it, is to withhold the love of Jesus Christ, and to let churchgoers wander onto the broad road to eternal damnation. The shepherd is to use their proverbial rod and staff on individual lambs to keep them and the whole flock from wandering astray into peril and predation.
    1 Corinthians 5:9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: 10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. 11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. 12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? 13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

    The presumably unchurched sex trafficking trash referred to, should be dealt with by the state, and as a citizen you can push for harsher sentencing and tighter enforcement from the state, but the job of the bride of Christ is primarily to ready her own self for Christ, to be pure, and be a witness to others. The church has not been pure but undisciplined within and lawless. And so the church has lost almost all credibility and influence in society, to the point where abortion, homosexuality, adultery, no-fault divorce, and fornication are all now legal and even encouraged. And the churches refusal to judge and remove those who are blemishes on the name of Jesus Christ, has resulted in such a lawless ineffectual and impotent church that the people of our world, completely unconvicted by churches that won’t even convict their own leaders or members, are now pushing for the legalization of sex with children and bestiality. And Churches that welcome damned whoremongers like Jimmy Swaggart back to mislead them, while hollering about the world’s sin instead of holding their own accountable, and casting out wicked leaders and members, wonder why the world can’t see their holy light shining. LOL


  26. edward kennedy,
    I like your temperament, I hope, even though we men are grating against each other to sharpen each other, that you will not be discouraged, or feel unloved as we challenge each other’s beliefs, but that you will continue on here and be open to considering the things you read here, as I and others consider the things each commenter shares.


  27. “If she does not honor her marriage vow then why should he? Where is the condemnation of women who refuse to marry young and keep her man happy? Male sexual sin manifests as porn and prostitution but do you know what female sexual sin looks like? It looks like HOARDING. Monetization. Denial.

    I know your type. You teach the boys in your church to wait for marriage then teach the girls to never get married. When men break under the strain of no marital satisfaction, you blame him for being weak.”


    I find it ironic that the howling of coyotes in the forest area behind my country residence has awoken me, yet the cacophony of sheeple people regularly drunk on the kool aid of political correctness spewing their nonsense is as the continual buzzing of flies in my ears which I ignore merely bores me. Political correctness has indeed infested disorganized religion but goes unchallenged by most who focus on the “God is love” mantra but ignore the reality He is the epitomy of Justice to an equal degree.

    I would query you since when is one supposed to soil himself with the slimy vomit of adultery in response to one’s spouse being unfaithful? Adultery is a serious sin, and to mimic one’s spouse in his/her sin as a “gotcha” get even tactic is tantamount to observing someone vomit, and instead of being repelled by the stench, instead runs for a fork to capture and gobble the chunks.

    I am well aware of the problem MANY eligible young men have in finding a real woman who will love, honor and obey in return for those actions in a spouse. Yet one cannot stereotype all women and cast them in the same mold. I have met women of excellence that take my breath away, some much younger than I who embody excellence of character and trust in a degree rarely found in a society run amok where man biting dog is deemed as normal.

    As to your arrogant projective nonsense about “knowing my type,” you are grasping at straws in your less than credible effort to label (LIBEL) me and then crassly condemn me while sitting on top of the manure pile exuding a stench of hypocrisy that overpowers the odor of excrement totally.

    One thing you miss, in what I see you trapped in as an existence of puerility, is that God is not a slave master, and gives each of us free moral choice. The same right applies to women.

    As to your pontifications condemning women, you have not yet appeared to exercise logic in observing that stereotypical libelling of a group such as the fairer gender is a fool’s game.

    Conversation does give vent to character, and yours indicates to me, though I hesitate to judge, that you have a knot in your face about women in general. Existing in my life, as a divorced man, refusing to make a problem worse by remarrying in violation of scriptures, and thus creating confusion/hurt for the victims in it all, notably my grown children and grandchildren, I need no lectures from waifs who have the IQ of a deflated beach ball, walking around arrogantly projecting their misogynistic judgments on the fairer gender in a stereotypical manner befitting a buffoon.

    I have instead focused my life on my grandchildren, and children, who were/are the real victims. I am logical enough to instead, “gird up my loins” and note my part in the marriage failure, and own it. I have also become in process, the recipient of cherishment as well as the giver of same towards a few women who got me through the process of separation and divorce, and remain proper, appropriate, and “hands off” close friends in symbiotic relationships. The biggest beef of these rare women has been and is the reality my gender is sexually inclined towards them when all they wanted/want was a close friend of my gender who was/is respectful towards them. They found that in me and never let me forget it.

    My reward for being what they wanted, was and is close, emotionally intimate, friendships with an agape base demonstrating respect for me and a correlative support structure for me in my current existence. How supportive is it to have intelligent, caring, warm and exceptionally attractive women cover my emotional wounds with the elixir of proper affection in a manner only “daughters of Eve” with excellence of character can do?

    One in particular, the most intelligent person I ever met, who came through horrific abuse, was born and raised in coastal California, a surfer girl, whose demeanor is totally feminine in every way and whose inner beauty flows out and over her, in process over and through me. Beauty in a woman must necessarily begin and emanate from within, in order for her to be beautiful, this being the sum total of a definably genuine woman.

    I am tempted to project my own opinions about you but that is the game and folly of arrogant fools. As this masterpiece of God’s handiwork indicated to me a long time ago, validating me, by saying “Edward, you are not a stupid man'” I choose to with hold words of opinion presupposed merely on arrogant verbal swaggering as many in superficial existences do.

    She would offer you counsel that you would also, in the best interests of your image and character, do the same. I doubt though, proven by what I have observed, that you would listen, nor have the logic to at least consider such sage advice.

    Each to his own.

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  28. ray,
    I’d like to hear more about America’s woman worshipping, prophetic destiny, and the goddess Libertas. I know you know a lot about that sort of thing.


  29. Sharkly, I read your comment directed at me, and assure you your expectations of me and my reactions correlate accurately. I do not get discouraged to the extent I abandon the ship, nor situations encountered in life. My temperament is not as it once was BUT I still become irritated with what I see happening in the USA and in Canada. (Canuckistan) I am intolerant of politically correct crazies and “chicken little ” stalinist enviro whacko degrowthers, politically correct poltroons, leftist political loons, aborticidal baby murder promoters, alphabet soup nitwits, Antifa cracker asswipes, Black Lies Matter, and other assorted pea brains with the IQ of a fence rail who squint out of the left side of their eyes and speak out of the left corner of their mealy mouths. I was once told by a superior if I was an example of a Christian, he wanted nothing to do with that belief system. I told him “If you think I am bad now, you should have seen me before.” That was over four decades ago. We all change for better or worse except the thrice holy God who is the same forever.

    Learning is a voyage, not a harbor. So is everything else. Man is born to trouble as scriptures state and insanity resides in all who embrace political leftist lunacy. I am not trying to rock the boat, I want to turn the damned thing right over.

    If you read my response to the guy improperly representing himself with the picture of a fox, you will better comprehend me. I am a “Dr. Jekyl/Mr Hyde typeset and people either love or hate me which is how I like it.

    I myself either love or hate as a typeset of reality where things are opposites…up vs down, black vs white, cold vs hot, stupid vs intelligent, left vs right, and the ultimate Good vs evil (Heaven vs hell, God vs Lucifer)

    All is quiet now, coyotes have stopped howling, back to sleep. God is always true, and every man a liar in a broken world filled with broken people.


  30. “I’d like to hear more about America’s woman worshipping, prophetic destiny, and the goddess Libertas. I know you know a lot about that sort of thing.”

    The problem is not that, it is the brain washed last two generations of children who exited the pseudo educational CYSTem who were taught by liars and miscreants not how to think critically but WHAT to think with the emphasis of politically correct insane leftist loonyism.

    This bunch, especially the generation now in their late teens and twenties who have drunk the kool aid and form the rank and file of Antifa domestic terrorists and the Black Lies Matter movement filled by cracker kooks and the perpetual victim status adopted by fatherless negroes who wear their negritude on their snotty left sleeve and their victimhood on their right ragged one. These fools have been and are being manipulated and used to the interests of the current leftist dimocrap leadership with criminal liars like Pelosi, the late and not great Cummings, AOC, Schumer, Biden, Waters, and of course the previous ovomit and moochelle with their entire ASSministration.

    This is the problem, and the social constructs these enemies of all that is good have purposefully created. The solution necessary to remedy this is drastic and akin to the remedy for dealing with mad rabid dogs. This is part of an orchestrated attack on the USA, because if the USA goes down all other so called free nations will fall as well. The USA is the greatest nation on the face of this wretched planet and always was but the enemies of Freedom and Justice have tried to destroy it. The ovomit was the first stage and hellery was supposed to have been elected to finish the job. It was a foregone conclusion hellery would win but God had other plans and against all odds President Trump won.

    I expect a similar result in November but I am of the opinion there will be violence perpetrated by the left that will have to be dealt with by lethal force. Hope I am wrong but I think I am not.

    The “woman” and “man” devolution is just a small part of the big picture, an offshoot of the politically correct mantra.


  31. Edward,
    Why do you use the word “gender” in such a forced and unnatural manner?
    I work with lots of wackos and maybe one has spoken like that, “People of my gender…”
    Since you say you aren’t with the PC agenda, why have you used that word so often? Instead of saying sex, or something like this, “other men?”


  32. “The biggest beef of these rare women has been and is the reality my gender is sexually inclined towards them when all they wanted/want was a close friend of my gender who was/is respectful towards them.”

    QED. You teach the boys in your church to wait for marriage then teach the girls to never get married. When men break under the strain of no marital satisfaction, you blame him for being weak.

    *mic drop*

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  33. ‘I know all about Eve but I also know that God created everything sequentially from lesser to greater. Who/what was the last creation? Woman, specifically Eve.’

    He created the angels long before man. Is man then greater than the angels, being created latter? That is not what Scripture says. (Hebrews 2:7)

    Therefore your personal theory of latter creations being greater than former — glittering and modernly satisfying as it may be — is refuted by Scripture.

    I am still waiting to hear your Scriptural evidence for Woman, as the last creation, being greater than the man. Take your time, you ain’t going anywhere.

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  34. Kudos to Ace for a good signoff. She started off by insulting everyone here as bitter and angry and that she just wanted to observe us. Like monkeys in a cage, but more reprehensible.
    God blessed Sharkly’s patience and as we wanted (or speaking for myself, I did) it sounds like she and her marriage are better off for his restraint and thoroughness. I am glad she eventually seemed to see us in a more Christian way instead of a clinical secular way

    I do wish she would have let Sharkly talk to her husband though. Men need each other like that, and I think it would have been an opportunity for growth for Ace to let it take place.


  35. Well now I have heard it all and I thought I had seen a lot of things. Word usage is my choice as it is for anyone/everyone but now I see the thought police are at it again, expecting me to conform to their OPINIONS and of all things, to their personal word utilization. Freedom of speech applies to word utilization unless the new age inquisitor of the moment imposing the flavor of the month club dictates that there is a rule in using different words. Tell me SW, will you be asking the color of my underwear and then if it is not “swannically correct,” will you will be telling me I am a pervert or weirdo for not wearing the same color as you do? Talk about straining at gnats. This is something I would expect from the derelicts of the left but to see you in the same niche is indeed illuminating and revelatory.


  36. CR,
    I don’t know if you read up above about the commenting changes, but we are no longer requiring your input. I sent your comment to the spam warehouse. While I was there, I found a comment from edward kennedy that had gotten held up, and I just released it.

    Anyhoo! A note to everyone:
    Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

    Part of my intent here is to have a fellowship of men who not only discuss things like bringing the return of patriarchy, but also model a patriarchal society by showing other men the kind of respect that men should get shown in a patriarchal society. As long as men refuse to give each other honor, women will push the boundaries of disrespecting men as well. First we have to model the behavior, and then insist women behave according to our leading. Even when debate gets heated we should strive to be honoring and not insulting. Sick to arguing the points and avoid personalizing attacks when possible. I’m not asking y’all to become dandy gentlemen and engage in flattery, which is a sin. Just to be respectful of other good men, and to try to honor others when you can in a genuine way. It is still OK to shame wickedness, and those who epitomize it, but in general don’t disrespect others just because you disagree with them, even if they are completely wrong, instead try to win them over by showing them a little bit of respect, and thus lowering their guard that otherwise would be raised against you and your ideas.


  37. @Ray…I do not even think I should dignify your superficial “erroristical” ways by a comment, but you need to look at context. Next thing is that you cannot compare apples and oranges and expect to gain any respect from others by committing such a folly. The context here was and IS the creation of the earth, from “A” to “Z” and angels are far out of that context. WE ARE SPEAKING OF THE EARTH IN THE BEGINNING GOD>>> GET IT?

    The biggest gaffe you made was not to search the scriptures…Try Psalm 91:11 Hebrewas 1:14 Luke 4:10 Scriptures clearly say that man will be made more valuable than the angels. Angels were and are servants of God and their first act of protection was to defend God, and defeat the rebellion of Lucifer.

    Come back when you know what circular reasoning is. I have no time to educate anyone to the finer intricacies of logical and critical thinking. Your education has indeed been sadly neglected.


  38. Next in line is Gunner Q who seems to mimic a damaged record stuck on the line,
    ” You teach the boys in your church to wait for marriage then teach the girls to never get married. When men break under the strain of no marital satisfaction, you blame him for being weak”.

    Is that all you have? Actually I never taught many boys in church but found myself selected as a teacher of senior teens. I found that there were some who refused to be graduated to the young adults and instead decided to stay sitting under my tutelage. Funny that huh? Perhaps it was because I did not run from controversy or avoid social issues, but faced them head on with candor.

    Okay Gunner, once more, repeat your mantra to us all again, oh great oracle of wisdom.


  39. And that folks ends my responses to the conga line of legends in their own mind…Lord have mercy. Stay tuned as it forms again.


  40. I’ll get 1st in line – my question was a real one. Why, or how, did you ever get to use gender in such a PC way?
    I don’t ask the wack job at work, because he’s a socialist lib who wouldn’t understand the question. But you understand it, so how does a man, and with grandkids, so I am assuming you are at least 50, start saying of my gender? Are you trying purposefully to include sex-switching folks by using gender?
    Straining at gnats to you, but not to me. With all the crap Romney has pulled I can’t get past his proclamation that he “is a severe conservative. ” That is such an odd formulation, much like your use of gender strikes me.
    I’m not here to argue bigger issues with you, that’s between you and God. This post is about churchian coverups and your wording seems akin to that to me.
    I don’t think I care about whether you are approvable in my mind, but you sure are annoying, the weird words, and the weird repetition of saying how awesome you have found women to be. It’s as if you didn’t understand why Sharkly said he’s not wanting women to post here.
    Why passively accuse him of not appreciating women? You really think he doesn’t know there are excellent women? Maybe his bitterness and anger has blinded him to that but you are here to save the day?


  41. Swanny River never misses a chance to air his intolerance and vapidity by judging others based on their speech patterns. What a maroon. I do not believe I have ever seen anything so moronic in my entire life since the ovomit gave billions to the Iranian islamostalinists that right away filled their terrorist support coffers worldwide. So when is this he bull going to ask the color of my underwear. I really do wonder where in scriptures it states Thou shalt not use language/phrases/communicatorical patterns that are not approved of by Swanny River, the guardian of the faith, who pounces on those who dare violate his tyrannical decrees, labels (libels) and paranoid personna that is revelatory of someone with the IQ of a dirty sponge. Whoops, I bet he is leafing through scriptures looking for a verse to justify his varying stages of insanity that whispers to him anyone not speaking in lisps as he does could be demonically possessed. Sad to say but I find such as he prove the saying “Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.” Time to go to the back of the line again, and figure another angle to attack people from. Maybe hair not parted as he does his is the indicator of an immense sin unto death? Unbelievable bigotry based on the ruminations of someone courting dementia. Spare me such projective pathetic pedantry. Whoops! There I go again but this time I have come to the conclusion perhaps he has no idea what he is talking about. Sit down SR, take your shoes off, put your knee pads on and investigate the stalls separating public bathroom fixtures for magic marker etchings and ditties. You might learn something.

    If you would enjoy another verbal thrashing, come on back. My young grand daughter is taking over the keyboard for me.


  42. I must needs confess my sin unto death of meeting hundreds of the fairer gender every year in my profession of every race, creed, belief system, political identity, age, socio economic status and interacting with them. Want the results of my observations? The ones most generous, intelligent, perceptive and unselfish are atheists. One in particular, a skilled doctor, sharp as a whip, married to an orthopedic surgeon, has given me tips in the four digit value. She has paid us to do work for an elderly neighbor of hers with financial deficiencies.

    My worst clients? They were professed Christians…stingy, selfish, always whining about costs and attempting to manipulate me. Complete ingrates that the stench of hypocrisy rolled of that would gag the proverbial maggot. Waitresses I know tell me the cheapest people they serve are religious people who come in after church Sunday morning to eat a noon meal and leave pennies along with gospel tracts. Sure are a great witness to Christianity!!!!! SARC! They are hated.

    So my point is I am NOT a Christian. I am a “believer.” Anyone notice the harshest language Jesus ever used was against the religious leaders of His day. Religion will damn more people to hell than any other cause…or sin. There are 1.6 billion moslems on this planet following a false religion. That is 1.6 billion people hell hath enlarged its mouth for. Most Protestant mainline religious disorganizations are apostate and led by hirelings/liars/cowards who are preaching their flocks into hell.

    Yet there are fools who worry about speech patterns, parrot a dogmatic ditty, or make pronunciations of guilt against others repetitively while ignoring such things I have mentioned above. Freaking unbelievable!!!


  43. Perchance women should not be silenced here, but some of the crazy male characters high on their puerility, who self identified by the utterances of voluminous vapidity. Utterly amazing. Gotta go. Have estimates, consultations and accounts owing to deal with tomorrow. Long days and short nights. One client I have not seen in years called me and is looking forward to seeing me again. Oh my! Those vile, mean and wicked, evil and nasty members of the fairer gender! Her name is Elaine. How terrible!


  44. What I see here are people imposing their subjectivety, but what have any of you really done. It is a spiritual battle but also a temporal one. We are to fight and hate evil as well as the workers of iniquity. Ask yourself what have you done. Talk is cheap, but how many of you have merely mouthed platitudes while hiding your wallets in the closet? This is a key characteristic of fake Christians. How many have been beneficient to their neighbors when noting true needs in others? Huh? How many have supported good causes or given to those on the point? That is the major proof of committment. It is called sacrifice. It is called giving of time and resources. It is called “entering into the fellowship of my sufferings by Jesus. I see lots of blathering but very little action.

    Lots of pathetic projecting. Lots of scraggy finger pointing judgmentalism. Lots of unmeasured words. Rebels without a real cause and many tigers without claws. So what else is new?


  45. Well, the Falwell saga continues to come out into the open. Yesterday a former Liberty University band student claimed that while staying with his friend Trey Falwell at the Falwell’s house one night, to his surprise, Becki jumped in bed with him pulled his pants down and performed oral sex on him. And the first pool boy told about Becki telling him about herself and Jerry junior going to a swinger’s club, but more preferring to do their swinging in a private setting. Expect more to come yet.


  46. I have no time for pounding on someone when they are down nor does it suit me to do so. It does no good and …

    I disagree. While I might not do much good for the Falwell’s themselves, the whole reason for this post, is to do good, by making it known that the Falwell’s behavior is not any part of authentic Christianity, not the fruit of the redeemed, and that it will not be tolerated by the remnant of Christ followers who have the good judgement to publicly and privately separate themselves from the likes of these false teachers who are known by their bad fruit. These spiritual wastrels should have been shunned from good company a long time ago, long before their depravity and corruption became the international news story that it is today. All Christians are witnessing the name of Christ being blasphemed all over the world on account of these two who were allowed to publicly sit as King & Queen over a large “Christian” organization while being utterly apostate from Christ and Christian morals. While not everything they did in secret was known, there was more than enough corruption known, that these two should have been removed from Christian fellowship, according to the revealed will of God:
    1 Corinthians 5:9 I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people; 10 I did not at all mean with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world. 11 But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler—not even to eat with such a one. 12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 13 But those who are outside, God judges. Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.

    In my opinion these two wicked ones should have long ago been cast out of the fellowship of Christ followers to be swindlers and swingers under some other name than the matchless name of Jesus Christ. But considering that such an opportunity to refine the church has already been foolishly squandered, the least foolish thing we can do now is to wipe that shit off of ourselves and belatedly distance ourselves from them, and hopefully teach others that sweeping corruption under the rug, “on God’s behalf”, is never ever really on God’s behalf. God is holy, not corrupt, and no corruption is of God. To hide corruption instead of exposing it, is to serve Satan instead of God who wants corruption exposed and rooted out, not hidden to encourage further corruption.


  47. What I see here are people imposing their subjectivity, but what have any of you really done. It is a spiritual battle but also a temporal one. We are to fight and hate evil as well as the workers of iniquity. Ask yourself what have you done. Talk is cheap…

    Hopefully that is all rhetorical, and you didn’t want to encourage somebody to list out all their works and alms on behalf of the Lord. You said you have struggled with pride, and perhaps for that reason God instructs us, regarding our almsgiving:
    Matthew 6:3 But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,

    I see lots of blathering but very little action.
    LOL Actually most of us can’t really see what our online friends are really doing, except for their words online. Nor should men feel the need to reply to what in the manosphere is called a “shit test”.


  48. I need no lectures from waifs who have the IQ of a deflated beach ball, walking around arrogantly projecting their misogynistic judgments on the fairer gender in a stereotypical manner befitting a buffoon.

    It seems that you are OK generalizing or stereotyping certain races and certain political types, yet you don’t want to allow us to make negative generalizations about women.
    Upon first glance it would seem that you are immersed in the same Feminism that many in today’s church culture are. The great news is, that helping to unravel that, is a lot of what we do here, and partly why I’m here for you.

    Since you like words, as I myself do, the word “Worship” is Old English in origin, circa 1300AD, meaning “Worth-ship” or having the worthiness to be deserving honor and reverence.
    If you observe most modern churches they will defy the command of God, and slight God, to avoid slighting women. They are ashamed of God’s word where it indicates that men and women are not equal. And like yourself, they may even make the occasional statement indicating that women were created superior to men, or that men are in someway lesser, or more easily corruptible.
    What that all really can be classified as is the worth-ship of women. In a way it is kind of a mirror to what Freud observed and classified as most women’s “unresolved penis envy”, our churches, on the other hand, engage in cunt-worship. Finding any who have a cunt to be worthy of exaltation, praise, service, pedestalization, and etc. And I say “cunt-worship” to make it intentionally offensive to the cunt-worshippers, by taking their deity’s name in vain by using a derogatory term for the iconic vagina which is the primary sex organ of the female, and center point of focus at the heart of woman worship, just as Freud encapsulated women’s natural perception of inferiority to men, as “penis-envy”, and found that many women’s inability to come to terms with their inferiority, resulted in a pathology he called “unresolved penis-envy”, which Feminist women clearly suffer from.

    Anyhow, We celebrate men, the image and glory of God(1 Corinthians 11:7) here. And try to help people to view the two sexes correctly how God has told us. While women are worthy of some honor, and that varies by the person, it generally is not equal to that which a good man deserves. And wives are therefore commanded by God to reverence their own husbands.(Ephesians 5:33)

    So while you may say women are the fairer sex, I would say that men are more glorious and image the Father and Son, and thus men should be honored and husbands reverenced by the fair ones. The Bible tells me so. Even God gives men the great honor of coming before Him with our heads uncovered, something the Cherubim don’t do.

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  49. The context here was and IS the creation of the earth, from “A” to “Z” and angels are far out of that context. WE ARE SPEAKING OF THE EARTH IN THE BEGINNING GOD>>> GET IT?

    edward kennedy,
    The book of Jubilees claims that the angels were created on the first day of creation. Many of the church fathers believed that. Do you have another source telling when they were created?


  50. Actually Sharkly it makes no diff when angels were created, especially in light of their purpose as entities to serve God. The ultimate comparison of function is the litmus test of the matter.

    Jesus died for the sins of humanity in the most painful and cruel way imaginable which emphasizes his agape love for all humanity which is not proferred to workers of iniquity who God hates. Angels being created the first day of creation adds nothing to the discussion. The context is the creation account in Genesis that mentions nothing about angels and personally I believe that God and angels pre-existed this creation period.

    BTW, I am thinking lots of MY GENDER here have never met a real woman yet and base their entire stereotypical fraud on the typeset of women who cannot hold a candle to a REAL GENUINE woman. To be true, I never realized what a real woman was until I met a young woman of wisdom and class girl and recently two others whose aura of femininity, propriety, poise, class, affection, femininity rolls off them in full recognition unavoidably impossible to not see, hear but more importantly feel.

    All these women have a basis/background in things of God throughout their lives…church attendance, principles, integrity, etc etc etc and actually make me feel inferior when I dare to compare myself to them.

    Eve is regarded as the one who was tempted and who fell as well as influencing Adam to submit to the same temptation BUT HE HAD A CHOICE TO MAKE AND THE FAULT IS HIS FOR SURE. We are to reject evil and sin and to say “the devil” or someone else made you do it is a lie. Gird up your loins and own your sins, failures and insufficiencies.

    In my separation/divorce I had around me a licenced marriage counsellor who was a legitimate and scripturally accurate minister, a woman counsellor and her husband who worked in tandem, a best friend of my gender who I told I have more faith in than I do in myself(he divorced his wife because the first time he forgave her for adultery was followed by another act of adultery on her part.) I had the amazing support of the most intelligent, beautiful and ideal woman I ever met, and the extent of it all as an emotionally staggering event relative to the havoc it plays can best be understood by a picture of me standing in a HIE parking lot on the day I was to leave, with her, saying our goodbyes with me capitulating to the overflow of emotion, placing one hand in her long hair and the other around her waist and crying over the whole situation. She wrapped both arms around me and stood silent and there we were for at least two minutes. When we drew back I saw a deep look of sorrow and empathy in her eyes and knew no words were necessary. I had also cried over her when told of the trials she had been through and the hurt/abuse suffered which cemented our care, concern and cherishment of each the other.

    When one finds that such women actually exist then it raises one’s respect for the opposite gender even though such are few and far between. Everyone is under attack currently by the enemy of all that is good and this should be the target of anyone who cares about Freedom and Justice, of which God is the Epitome. God and Lucifer each work through people, and today innocent unborn children up unto and including the moment of their full term birth, are under attack. Men are under attack by pornography, radfems, and miscreantic morons of the CYSTem while women are under attack by sex traffickers, pimps, and BOTH are under attack by the media liars, “assademic” teachers and professors, “follywood,” and by the politically correct kooks on the left as well as by liars in the pulpits.

    I have a rule that is true in all cases with few exceptions. Any race, religion, creed, gender, etc under the spell of politically correct insanity are enemies of all that is good. Conservatives of the above named groups are generally good people.

    Liberalism, socialism, leftism, are the religions of Satan and his pawns are apostate religions and their leaders. It was so in the time of Jesus, it is true now and will be until the glorified Christ comes to rule with an iron rod and eliminate His enemies.


  51. “Actually Sharkly it makes no diff when angels were created, especially in light of their purpose as entities to serve God. The ultimate comparison of function is the litmus test of the matter.”

    Well, if it makes no difference when the angels were created, then you should not have disrespected ray over something that makes no difference. How is it that you purport to have these glorified Agápē driven “friend zone” relationships with women, yet you are so quick to insult men?
    Now I realize that some of them insulted you first, however, our Agápē should be longsuffering. I said I liked your temperament, before you then responded in kind, returning insult for insult. LOL
    We should all be inclined to argue our points without insulting the men we presume to be the “devil’s advocate”. Even though we may claim to “know their type”, we should still admonish other men as respectfully as our character allows us to. We should exhaust all Biblically required efforts at reconciliation of the individual, before jumping straight to public condemnation of the individual. Now people’s beliefs are different, if they are false, we can condemn the falsehoods immediately, while attempting to instruct others and admonish the misinformed ones.

    “The ultimate comparison of function is the litmus test of the matter.”
    Now, if we apply that to men and women, we’re going to make progress. Men were created to worship and serve God, and God gave men dominion(lordship) over all His earthly creations, including women. While women were created to reverence their husbands, rightly calling them “lord”, and to be a fitting helper for men. Yes, women are to worship God too, and they do this in part by subjecting themselves to God’s patriarchal hierarchy.(1 Corinthians 11:3) One can see how submitted a woman is to God, by how submitted she is to her own husband. Excuses need not be applied. All Christians are called to suffer unjust abuse for the cause of Jesus Christ, just as innocent Jesus, our example, first suffered and died for us.(1 Peter 2:13-23) Then 1 Peter 3 starts out by saying: In the same way, you wives, be submissive to your own husbands so that even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives,. 1 Peter 3:1-6 describes the obligation of holy women. Any woman who does not oblige to follow 1 Peter 3:1-6, and suffer abuse for the cause of Jesus Christ as mentioned in 1 Peter 2:13-23, is not being holy. By ditching out on God’s will for her at the first sign of “abuse”, she makes it plain that she was not the seed cast into the good ground in the parable of the sower. Her seed got scorched or choked out by “abuse”. She worth-ships herself above the commands of God. It is only Feminism, and preferring to worth-ship women above God, that makes those statements of God’s uncomfortable to some people. For those who adore God above women, it is a no-brainer that women should subject themselves to the ordinances of God, like marriage, even when God tries their faith through some men’s cruelty, even up to the point of death, if need be, just as Christ didn’t dodge an unjust death for our sakes. If we truly have Jesus Christ’s love, we will be capable of laying down our lives for the sake of God. As most churchian wives are quick to remind their husbands. Am I, a man, a member of the only sex to whom God gave the good character to endure cruelty for His sake, as He did for our sake?

    While I don’t know you, “Edward, you are not a stupid man”, however, I think from your comments, you may be caught up in the worth-ship of women. Catholics have tried to claim they don’t worship Mary, by hair-splitting “worship” out into Veneration & Adoration. They claim “Adoration” is only for God and it involves “manifestation of submission, and acknowledgement of dependence”. LOL By that half-baked theology women are then commanded to Adore their husbands, as unto the Lord. Which ain’t wrong, since men are gods, virtual images of God most high. However the Great Whore of Rome, somehow still manages to push the worth-ship of women, despite their definition of “Adoration” reckoning the woman’s role to her husband as an equivalent to our role towards God. I don’t mean to get sidetracked into something that I might need an astute Catholic to try and explain to me.
    However, I see your comments as not only venerating women, but creeping towards what the Catholics would call “adoration”.

    And yes, I have known some good women with Godly character, but, as I got to know them better it became apparent that they too have weaknesses that make them needful of a man’s shepherding. To imagine them otherwise is infatuation. God wasn’t wrong to institute a strict and holy patriarchy as both His heavenly and earthly hierarchy. May God’s patriarchal will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


  52. From an internet news story: An alumni group called Save71 that had been calling for Jerry Falwell Jr. to be ousted said: “For years Liberty’s board allowed Falwell to harm Liberty’s reputation, permitting him and his family to run the school like a personal business and sitting by while Falwell’s words and deeds disgraced the name of the Lord again and again.”


  53. However, I see your comments as not only venerating women, but creeping towards what the Catholics would call “adoration”.
    Correct. And why should I not adore women of substance and principle? King Solomon in the last chapter of Proverbs describes the ideal woman in glowing terms as an example to others. He speaks of course about his mother.

    I remember well an article by Isaac Isamov decades ago titled “Praise Excellence” and I have done that most of my life.

    In Ephesians 5, and Colossians 3, explicit commands are given, and clear indicators to love one’s wife as he loves himself, that is, an unmistakable reference to equality. I present the antidote to the lie of femistalinism.

    Men are both inferior and superior to women. Women are both superior and inferior to men. Get it? The master plan in marriage cannot be realized unless both participants in a marriage understand that it works by accepting the reality the different weaknesses of either gender are covered by the strengths of the other. Marriage is to be cooperative venture and the truth is males are NOT created perfect but have weaknesses that women do not have and vice versa. For things to work as intended, each must accept that the other is both superior and inferior to the other, identifying one’s own weaknesses and leaning on/allowing the wife or husband to compensate.

    Femistalinism insists women are equal to men but this is a lie from hell. Each gender has strengths and weaknesses in different areas of endeavor and character. That is a fact.

    I do adore women of excellence. I do demonstrate this openly. Examples? Young couple next door have three young children. She just had a baby. Ever consider the reality women do the heavy lifting in the area of begetting children? Nine months of carrying them, and almost two decades of hands on work raising them. Husbands have a part as well but I think the wife has the heavy end of the load. I noted this young couple in the traditional mode of the family that is under attack and has been for decades by the enemy. THE WHOLE FAMILY REVOLVES AROUND THE WOMAN. She is a wife to her husband, and the mother to her children. I marvel at the magnitude of skills embodied by the fairer gender. I am candid and openly expressed my appreciation of this woman in person in the presence of her husband. She is the typeset of the ideal wife. Talk is cheap. I asked her husband if I could buy her a gift to put some concrete reinforcement to my words and he quickly agreed. Shortly after she came home from the hospital, I bought her a bouquet of red roses and told her these are a token of the reality of her excellence. I opined she and her husband had and embodied a great family and I encouraged her to hang on and stay true to her “calling.”


    Neighbors on the other side are excellent people as well. I have bought for her, flowers and jewellry on occasion in recognition of her excellence. I have bought for her husband practical gifts as well. A woman of excellence lost her husband a few years ago. He was a good man. She is an ideal mother and wife. They were a near perfect match. She misses him terribly. I recently bought her a garnet necklace. It was the birthstone of her husband, purchased in memory of his excellence as a husband, father and man. She is admirable. It is a tragedy. A gift like that to a hurting woman means something. What means more to her is that I respect her. Another woman, alone and abandoned by her husband to raise their children alone also lives close by. I have bought her gifts and done things for her around her home. She is another example of sacrifice and dedication.

    Why should I not adore/cherish such women? Why should I not help them? There are others. But there have been gifts in return. I have received a four digit tip from a client greater than the value of a job I did for her. She has given me various items of value, and of note she gave me a very expensive new wood stove valued at $3600.00
    It is a quality piece of art, like her.

    I have reciprocated in various ways. I cherish ALL these women. Why should I not? I encourage them. I help them. Why should I not? There are others as well.

    Now is it not logical for me to place a high value on the fairer gender, especially these ones? Why would I not defend these women of excellence? They are all better people than I and I will continue to do so. Attraction? Of course but I and THEY are committed to our chosen existences. These are people of character, why would I ever feel the need to lord it over them? I do not. Their lives and accomplishments surpass my own. Their character surpasses my own. Their worth surpasses my own. Their opinions and counsel to me is wise. None are at all inferior to me. In fact they are superior.

    Get it now? Huh?

    One more thing Sharky. I have met and seen some women hurting badly, who have made wrong decisions. It makes me sad. It engenders hatred in me to know damned pimps and sex traffickers abuse girls and women. The fairer gender is under attack. Did not Lucifer exploit Eve?

    I place a high value on the fairer gender noting their contributions to the scheme of things.

    Finally, I let others set the rules and I play by them. Insult and disrespect me and you get the same from me! I have no time to suffer fools and grandstanders. I have no time or energy to pretend I am something I am not. I deserve death, judgment and hell/damnation. The only thing preventing that is the mercy of Jesus Christ, the ONLY WAY to salvation. I confess HIM and He alone as the propitiation and remedy for me and anyone.

    My existence does not include any misogyny or disrespect for the fairer gender, in fact, those women mentioned here I acknowledge as better than I. Yes I have known and even tangled with “bad” women but my experiences with women have been mainly positive. There is no “c–t worship” here, in fact, the focus is their excellence of character. Interaction with women mentioned here abides a peaceful, easy, feeling both sides embrace. They are a joy to be with. God knew what He was doing when He created WOMAN. I believe I have a nominally greater appreciation for women than most and hear “I love you” from select women of substance. This is not “I lust you” nor does it indicate romantic inclinations. Being friends with women of excellence carries a greater beneficience and totality than with my own gender.

    There has not been any “funny stuff” which would in fact destroy the sanctity of the friendships I have made with them. The foundation and strength of these friendships is respect. It is the quintessential ingredient in the mix without which the whole cake would self destruct. Sex cannot be part and parcel of such close friendships though many fools project it is an invariable eventuality in same. Some of these friendships are two decades old with no strings attached and no straying from propriety. Why? Because I and they realize sexual interaction would destroy the closeness and sanctity of something few others can understand. In fact, one of these gals has told me it is unwise to try to explain how two people like “us” could be friends for decades without physical improprieties because it is beyond their addle minded and filthy selfish sex focused sub mentalities to ever imagine how they could themselves avoid the sex element in such an arrangement.

    I however have friends of my gender who in fact not only understand, but have a similar situation with their own women friends. John Gay said, “A woman’s friendship always ends with love.” It is true but he fails to mention/identify the all important typeset of love. You can figure that out for yourself.


  54. “It is nice to hear you are on our side, not many men are I think because they do not it because they cannot figure us out haha,”

    And this accurate statement comes from a divorced woman of sound and reasoned demeanor, a principled existence and quality of character who I have had as a client for a short while. Like the acutely sharp ones, she is always watching me closely when we discuss any topic, looking and watching while listening to me for any evidential clues I am not being sincere and believe me, such women are indeed sharp and can separate “real” men from fakes effortlessly.

    The problem is not only many of her gender have lost the ability and/or desire to be real women, but that real men have as well become extinct and/or withdrawn from women in frustration from being able to find genuine women unblemished and not diseased from drinking the politically correct kool aid tainted with the poison of radical femistalinist excremental excesses.

    Do not tell me I do not know what I am talking about, I meet hundreds of new clients every year of the fairer gender and have done so for over two decades. I have noted with the passage of time that starting with the “free love” lie of hippiedom hypocrisy, inter-gender relationships have declined/taken on lesser quality quantitive interactions and attachments. I blame the femi-stalinist stooges of the liberal/left when their early leaders like Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinam started lying/lecturing by puking huge pools of slimy vomit to which their adherents responded by grabbing forks and fighting over the chunks they gobbled. When those were all gone, they grabbed straws to suck up the slime and licked the dirty floors dry with their lap dog tongues. Thus the radical femistalinist crusade began, replete with its excremental program of indoctrinating women with man hating aptitudes, unborn baby torturing and murdering barbaric techniques of aborticide, and a callous disregard to the noble attributes that once resided in the very spirits of most women.

    If you want a name of the mastermind, it was a scum sucking money hungry fake man, twisted like a pretzel, named David Rockefeller who lived into his nineties with the credit of being the one who caused the most damage ever to the fairer gender. God is the only perfect judge but for all the world’s gold, I would not want to be this servant of Satan who I believe will have one of the hottest places in hell right beside Allah the misogynistic “fella” and all the aborticidal maniacal mental midgets whose love of the damned dollar fueled their actions to not only torture and murder innocent unborn babies, but also totally ignored and NEVER mentioned imposed on women under going aborticide a huge MENTAL, PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL DESECRATION. I would love to say “damn you stupid greedy bastards” but their actions have well done that and the perfect Judge will pronounce the fitting and just punishments for each by His flawless ability to judge the intent of these men and women. On that day, I fear so much the wrath of God and His perfect justice, I will be on my face. Abortion is the worst abomination/sin ever and to have even a tiny understanding of God, is to know that He creates life, and is the only One who should terminate it. He numbers our days and makes the perfect decisions of when to draw back His hand to allow Death its way with each of us.

    God has been, is and always will be true, and every man a liar.(note there are no exceptions to this but I do ponder that since two men did not taste of death but were translated by God, one being a dynamic prophet and the other described as one who “walked and talked with God,” perhaps they found the highest favor with God than anyone) These two are considered the two latter day witnesses murdered by the “beast” and after a few days, will be taken into Heaven, thus making true the pronouncement we ALL must suffer a physical death.

    But I digress once again, but there is a clear connected trail.


  55. ‘ray,
    I’d like to hear more about America’s woman worshipping, prophetic destiny, and the goddess Libertas. I know you know a lot about that sort of thing.’

    I spent a couple decades writing about those very topics, on my own web sites. Back in the Internet Pliocene. So I’m not sure I can summarize such an ancient, vast and subtle operation.

    For the moment, I will say only that satanic agents already were active on what is now the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, long before the first Puritans showed up. The true destiny of America — or Columbia, to use her occult name — was always to create precisely what you now see in America, and everywhere in the Western World: feminist nations that invert God’s created order, and set the female in power over the male (under the assumption that females are ‘better’ or ‘greater’ than males). As you know, Pastor Sharkly, this demonic doctrine long ago was embraced and assumed by citizens of the West, most certainly including so-called christians and conservatives.

    You see my brothers, when Goddess Columbia migrated from the Old World to the New, she spawned two sons. The elder was named Mason and the younger was named Christian. And as with Adam’s two children, the elder is ever intent upon the murder of the younger. Here is just one example of that taking place in real time:

    In recent years, online sites have been created which present the information that I wrote about in more compact form — easier to grasp and digest that my wide-ranging essays from decades past. I will give your request some thought, and may post some of those sources here for folks that wish to understand the hard truth about the genesis of America.

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  56. ‘BTW, I am thinking lots of MY GENDER here have never met a real woman yet and base their entire stereotypical fraud on the typeset of women who cannot hold a candle to a REAL GENUINE woman.’

    Yes that’s correct boyo, you have found us out, only YOU have the necessary masculinity and discretion to know a REAL GENUINE WOMAN when you see one! . . . not like us lost, deluded fools who have gone our entire lives without the sense or the cojones to accomplish YOUR feat!

    I was gonna address some of your other lies and accusations, supra, but I have decided instead that I am done with you. And with the legions like you.

    Buzz off with your adolescent shaming and guilting rap, with your Feminism 101. I am so sick of you gelded Christo-feminists. You better hope you see Jesus before you see me.


  57. ‘Part of my intent here is to have a fellowship of men who not only discuss things like bringing the return of patriarchy, but also model a patriarchal society by showing other men the kind of respect that men should get shown in a patriarchal society. As long as men refuse to give each other honor, women will push the boundaries of disrespecting men as well.’

    I understand your point, and of course it is your website. But I do not subscribe to your idea that failure of mutual-respect in men is what drives female rebellion. Nor does Scripture assert such. Eve did not rebel because men ‘did something wrong’, although I’ve seen many modern ‘pastors’ suggest this.

    However, if it is not apparent already, let me make myself clear. My respect is given rarely, and only after due observation and diligence. It is NEVER given lightly nor automatically.

    I do not respect men due solely to their maleness, except to acknowledge their general place and position as stated in Scripture. Nor do I respect a person based on their claim of Christianity. I do not follow the doctrines of Equalism and Egalitarianism when evaluating other persons — the assumption that everybody is equally worthy of respect, equally admirable, should equally be heard, and that such assumptions are a fit basis for establishment of patriarchy.

    Patriarchy is NOT egalitarian, and neither is Christianity. Both — like the heaven from which they derive — are hierarchic. As in heaven, in patriarchy each person has a place and position of ORDER within the hierarchy. Respect and place are not automatic, and are never awarded en masse according to equality. You earn respect, or you are not respected. Period.

    However, I do not wish to drive your website in a direction you do not desire, and so if my methods are disagreeable to you, I will take no offense at removing myself from your pages.


  58. I see referential comments to divorce here made by some and as one in that categorization I would communicate the knowledge I heard at church one Sunday preached by a true minister.

    My youngest daughter was there with her family and as the minister progressed on a brief ditty about divorce, we looked intermittently at each other with mouths open in amazement wondering if he was referring to my own separation/divorce.

    Here is how it usually happens. Husband or wife will do or say something that makes the other feel the other does not care about them. It can be anything. Flirting with the friend of one’s spouse. Taking the other for granted. Neglecting one’s duties to the other. Spending too much time alone or with friends doing activities without one’s spouse. It is not big things like adultery (which is an indicator of a serious break down in the relationship and usually caused by far more serious problems in the relationship)

    So one moves a bit away from the other and that process continues tit for tat until there is such a huge distance between them that all affections are dead in the water and they even refuse to sleep with each the other.

    At this point the court jesters and peanut gallery moronic legends in their own minds enter the picture and start pontificating on what they see as the problem and the solution. These nut jobs only make things worse.

    In my case a woman located 2000 miles from me and who I confided in identified the problem and to her benefit, she never criticized my X as the process unwound but told me I was much too close to one of my X’s friends and to put distance there which I did immediately. She also told me to go see a marriage counselor and if necessary drag my wife by the hair to get her to go there with me. Meanwhile a husband and wife counsellor team working in tandem became involved and a two hour session with the woman in the team gave the marriage a 95% chance of total failure. She also lauded me for owning my share of the problem.

    At a certain point, opposite gender individuals can and do enter the picture and when this happens there are vulnerability issues with each of the married couple and inappropriate and adulterous interactions can and do often result. I was not like that nor am I at this point. I immediately reordered my life to focus on my grown children and later my grand children. The marriage totally dissolved and we went our separate ways. At no time was I guilty of adultery and have still maintained that status to this point, set on continuing to my end of life.

    In doing this, I owe much to the exceptional women friends I have as well as interested clients of the fairer gender who care about me. I feel bad for the men who go through the divorce process without any support from women friends. There is a huge void and one man I know whose wife ran off with the painter he had hired told me that those in similar situations become drunks first and then philandering promiscuous *****masters. Then they awake some morning to look at the strange woman they are sleeping with in another one night stand and wonder how in bloody hell they came to be this way and regret it. NOT SO ME!!!

    I cheated but not in the sense of the word most take it to be. I had an immense support structure of two good ministers, an exceptional male friend, a marriage counselling team, and last but foremost, an unbelievably beautiful inside and out young married woman highly principled and focused, who cared about me, who I had supported in her difficult times, riding shotgun on the stagecoach of my life, protecting me, encouraging me, guiding me, who not only loved and cherished me but let me know it.

    In the midst of the storm, in the darkness of the emotional trauma, she was a beacon of bright light through the Stygian darkness of despair, rejection, hurt and pain. How could any man be really down having a friend like her who was honest, REFUSED to take sides or be critical of X, and whose sweet voice repeated her cherishment and concern for me. She was my salvation from all the negative things that happen to most men separated and thrust into the quagmire of hurt and pain, the emotional cauldron of indescribable torture, more than a few who are destroyed by the process and end up as either drunks. or a mere shell of their former selves.

    I did not draw close to her through this, we were already close friends with a solid established respectful and proper relationship platonic but with great depth and propriety. No, I did not seek, orchestrate nor calculate any unseemly attachment of a physical nature, nor of course did she. There are things a same gender friend cannot provide that an opposite gender friend can and while there can be dangers therein, these are, according to the psychiatric profession, manageable by merely sitting down with the other, admitting these dangers are real, and instituting rules and lines to not be violated before the friendship is started. It is to be noted the weakest in the pair will often pull the other one down so both must be strong.

    To a man who has been rejected, there is something uplifting about having the care and concern of a dynamic, priceless, true, principled, balanced, strong, noble character woman of inner beauty whose sublimity flows from within her to without in process accentuating her outer beauty in synergistic combination with her femininity that uplifts and restores one’s hope and lifts one Spirit as high as the sky. This I figure translates into the thought, “Why should I be down, X chose the divorce route but here I have a woman of high emotional, character, physical and mental estate who really cares about me. There must be some good in me or something she sees that encouraged/encourages her to cherish me and wanting to see me happy again.”

    Bingo! It is all about self worth! A woman can add this or take it away merely by and with a few words of either criticism, or encouragement/affection.

    I am now approaching a decade of being separated/divorced and pursing the best interests of my family and grandchildren, my profession, and of course all with the company though from afar of a woman who I admittedly adore, cherish and love. (NOT LUST) While I have been tempted at times, it was never by my women friends, but mostly by clients. (it happened yesterday again) At this point I have still not violated the lost marriage bed nor have I dallied in either adulteries or fornication. Yet I am cheating because I have taken opportunity to make/be friends with women who really care about me as I do them and who fill the void created when suddenly one goes from being married to single. I must say that the safeguards include the following with my women friends I am close to.

    -need to be located far away to preclude frequent contact
    -need to be much younger (this is a real good bar to inappropriate conduct for obvious reasons)
    -need to be women of principle and noble character
    -need to be in committed relationships or married and devoted to their husbands.

    It is never the problem one has but what one does about it that matters. The trouble is that man is born to trouble as indicated by scriptures. I have been asked how do I deflect natural desires towards women I am friends with. I do it many ways herein indicated BUT I must say a big factor is by merely counting the cost. When the emotions and the will battles, the emotions usually win. Yet if one counts the cost which would carry the listed penalties below, the battle against temptation is won. If I failed, I would:

    -devastate my children, grandchildren and friends
    -destroy the close and secure friendships I have made with special women, never to be recovered again
    -destroy my standing spiritually, my credibility with many, and be unable to look in a mirror without puking
    -become a hypocrite and liar
    -destroy my spiritual existence and become a willful sinner
    -desecrate a member of the fairer gender
    -create confusion and disrespect in and from my grandchildren
    -lose my sense of self esteem
    -lose my self respect
    -be forced to embrace shame and failure of exercising sound judgment and self control

    I could go on and on but the penalty of sin is well documented in scriptures.

    I have been and am a fool though. Years ago I told one of my woman friends, a particularly precious and priceless young woman who was going through a hard time that I was of the opinion she was so priceless that perhaps God had decided that through my life, to spare me from death and set me on a shelf to be one to encourage her. Pride? Well it was an objective thought but in the end, it turned out she was and is of far more benefit to me that I ever could be for her. I told her that. It only made her care for me more.

    For you divorced men reading this understand the most important stabilizing factor is to be found in the spiritual realm. One can as I have proven, be happy and fulfilled by refocusing on the victims of your divorce, the innocent children and people hurt by it. Spending time alone was easy for me. One does not have to remarry to be happy and in fact, I have ascertained it is wrong to do so as long as your X is alive, according to scriptures. Remarriage is wrong.

    Being and making friends with women has dangers, especially women of your age who are unmarried, widowed and close to your age.

    The scriptural solution in marriage problems is to come apart for a season. Separate but remain single and undefiled. The reason is that most couples who separate and live alone will think often on things and at some point will decide it is worth the effort to seek to rejoin and strengthen the marriage with help from experts. This is always derailed by the involvement of a third party where so called friendships dissolve often into adultery and all then is usually lost.

    What works/worked for me may not work for you. One needs principled strong women separated from oneself by distance, age and committment for any hope of success. It is not an easy road and takes years to establish trust, and principles to be observed in the equation.

    I am not an expert. God has been merciful to me in many ways and I am grateful for that.

    An important part of this minor piece of invective is to recognize how things start to deteriorate in subtle small ways before exploding into a separation and divorce. It can all be headed off by attention to small details and basics in interaction with one’s wife or husband.

    You need not take my word for it that separation and divorce are emotionally destructive. Often the blame is on two people, not one. It is not inaccurate though to blame the CYSTem and specifically the liberal move to make divorce a “no fault” proposition decades ago which was accepted by most western nations, with the end result a huge increase since then in divorce.

    In the so called church, it is as bad as or worse than in the “world.” This is more proof the “church” is a part of the problem and not the solution it should be, a testimonial it has lost its conscience, its goal, and its efficacy as it once had. It is not now an influence to good in the world.


  59. “And why should I not adore women of substance and principle?”
    Luke 4:8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

    “Marriage is to be cooperative venture and the truth is males are NOT created perfect but have weaknesses that women do not have and vice versa. For things to work as intended, each must accept that the other is both superior and inferior to the other, identifying one’s own weaknesses and leaning on/allowing the wife or husband to compensate.”
    Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. 24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. 25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; 26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, 27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
    The relationship described there is not one of equals, but one where the greater leads the lesser towards greater sanctity.

    Their worth surpasses my own.
    I’m almost afraid to ask, but could you tell me briefly, in what sense that is true?

    Did not Lucifer exploit Eve?
    Yes, and just as then Satan uses the woman as his envoy to get in between men and God.

    Finally, I let others set the rules and I play by them. Insult and disrespect me and you get the same from me!
    It is a weakness to let others decide your behavior into what is unseemly. But I assume you already know that.

    There is no “c–t worship” here, in fact, the focus is their excellence of character.
    If I didn’t know better, I might suspect you don’t want to take your god’s name in vain. LOL

    In fact, one of these gals has told me it is unwise to try to explain how two people like “us” could be friends for decades without physical improprieties because it is beyond their addle minded and filthy selfish sex focused sub mentalities to ever imagine how they could themselves avoid the sex element in such an arrangement.
    You can preemptively call out all those who disagree as sex addled perverts, but is it worth it to risk eternal damnation for adultery just to get the emotional Band-Aid you claimed to get from these “friend zone” relationships? I too have the opportunity to have platonic relationships with Godly women, but I’ve got a sex drive, and I might just be tempted and frustrated, if they weren’t butt-ugly. My robust sex drive is not a perversion, nor a fault. But, as a result, I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for such a relationship, to be in the orbit of a woman I have no real business being with. I apparently don’t have the same emotional needs. I’d be better off setting her up with a good man and getting her squarely under some quality male headship, if I wasn’t going to take her on as an additional wife.

    On that day, I fear so much the wrath of God and His perfect justice, I will be on my face.
    Well good, then it would behoove you to gird up your loins now and lead women instead of looking to the weaker vessel for their counsel. The counsel you need is in the word of God.

    And FYI Enoch was a great prophet also, perhaps the greatest. According to the book of Jubilees, Enoch found even more favor in the eyes of God than Noah. So righteous Enoch’s office was ordained as a testimony to all generations, that he should recount their deeds on the day of judgement.


  60. “You better hope you see Jesus before you see me”

    .@ Ray…talk is cheap but I do like your style, all mouth and no action. The fact that I use my REAL IDENTITY instead of a fake handle to hide behind and you do not should tell you when you look in the mirror how deficient you are in terms of your your fake bravado. One piece of advice clown, if you cannot bite do not growl.


  61. Their worth surpasses my own.
    I’m almost afraid to ask, but could you tell me briefly, in what sense that is true?

    I am not insecure at all to draw back from giving credence to others better than I. You seem to think sex organs define the superior gender. It is not at all like that and while I am aware of scriptures on men making key decisions in a marriage, the list is endless of superior women over my gender. For example, nurses are special with skills at performing a noble profession. My doctor is a woman who I much admire.
    On estate tours evaluating the treescape I have found that questions asked by couples and answered by me almost always are remembered by the wife even years later in the mix of the long term work I am retained to do. The women I know are all special and in terms of intelligence very sharp to the extent I think a lot of them if not all of them would rate higher on the IQ quotient scale of measure.

    It is true that the fairer gender have abilities in specific areas that surpass my gender and vice versa. IN terms of patience and caring for their children, women have the greater ability here although each spouse has different definable duties.

    I found it odd when I was on a “Women and Abuse” bulletin board that most of the women there were not aware of their worth and intelligence and since conversation always give vent to character it was easy to see many of these hurting and abused women were highly intelligent, easily in the top 1% of the population.

    Like it or not both genders have greater abilities than the other in differentiation and both genders have different weaknesses in different areas. We are not alike, not equal in all things and with different perspectives on specific matters. One would think just casually perusing the conversation here that some think their gonads brand them as superior to the fairer gender which would indicate a deep level of insecurity and emotional imbalance to not be man enough and humble enough to admit the truth that women in defined areas are better than men. What is wrong with those who stand braying like jackasses and demanding that women submit to being over lorded by males too insecure and arrogant to embrace the truth that wives are to be respected and loved by their husbands the same as they do themselves. There is a strong element of pride here in many that I recognize having had that problem for many years and I still have to battle it.

    Am I really wrong or is it true that specific people here feel threatened when challenged to objectively examine their perspectives, afraid they will see they are wrong? Huh?

    Really, if any of you feel threatened to the point you need your rubber ducky to sleep with as well as to bath with, when you hear different opinions than you have embraced, perhaps in the interests of the security and mental well being of some here, it would be best I am told to leave. I will say I have never met such a collection of judgmental intolerant “inquisitors” since I met some leftist Antifa head cases.

    So what is next, a gang to burn me at the stake? Unbelievable!


  62. “Did not Lucifer exploit Eve?
    Yes, and just as then Satan uses the woman as his envoy to get in between men and God.”

    So you blame eve when in fact Adam is responsible for making the right choice and not listening to Eve? That is really a lame cop out! I have had temptations but dare say I have resisted. Had I given in IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MY FAULT!!!


  63. “There is no “c–t worship” here, in fact, the focus is their excellence of character.
    If I didn’t know better, I might suspect you don’t want to take your god’s name in vain. LOL”

    Sorry. The proof of my abstaining from sexual activity for close to a decade that would make me an adulterer is proof that what you think is my god is not in fact so.


  64. “You can preemptively call out all those who disagree as sex addled perverts, but is it worth it to risk eternal damnation for adultery just to get the emotional Band-Aid you claimed to get from these “friend zone” relationships? I too have the opportunity to have platonic relationships with Godly women, but I’ve got a sex drive, and I might just be tempted and frustrated, if they weren’t butt-ugly. My robust sex drive is not a perversion, nor a fault. But, as a result, I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for such a relationship, to be in the orbit of a woman I have no real business being with. I apparently don’t have the same emotional needs.”


    Thank you for admitting you are weak and cannot control yourself or respect the fairer gender as I do. Once again she is right and you proved it yourself.


  65. Well good, then it would behoove you to gird up your loins now and lead women instead of looking to the weaker vessel for their counsel. The counsel you need is in the word of God.


    Imagine that, the scriptures I read tell me men are directed to love their wives as they love themselves but instead, some here say that the determination of the superior is by gonad type alone. Superiority is often a fatal lapse in judgment, spurred by pride and resulting in tragedy.


  66. So you blame eve when in fact Adam is responsible for making the right choice and not listening to Eve?
    That is quite a lot of reframing. Adam blamed Eve, and God agreed that Eve was responsible for her sin and for tempting Adam to sin, and God cursed Eve for that. Eve blamed the serpent for beguiling her, and God agreed that the serpent had acted wickedly, and God cursed the serpent. This whole scenario is, in a way, a pattern. And God held Adam responsible for Adam’s sin of hearkening unto the voice of the woman and doing what God had forbidden. But God didn’t curse Adam, for Adam was made in His own image, God instead said “cursed is the ground for thy sake”.
    It would seem that your desire is that we should hearken more to the voice of women and thereby allow Satan to lead us into sin, just like Adam was. I’m just encouraging men to be morally independent of women’s chatter, and rely firstly on God’s word and secondly on the conscience God gave men, more so than the manipulation of the more easily corrupted sex, women. And the story of Adam and Eve shows that the woman was the more easily beguiled one, and thus the first person to transgress God’s command, and the Apostle Paul brings that up again as the reason why the relationship between man and wife is not an equal one, but a hierarchy with the wife below the husband. Not because of Eve’s one sin, but because that was a pattern for how Satan gets a man of faith to sin against the command of God using the man’s love of the woman to influence the man to follow the more easily deceived and less morally reliable woman. Adam should have instead exercised his dominion over Eve and corrected Eve after she independently chose to transgress God, and was then leading Adam to sin.
    Adam sinned by not exercising his dominion over Eve, but instead submitting to her sinful wishes. That is the sin of Adam, and one pattern for the incipience of sin, that all men should always be warry of.


  67. So would it be fair to say that your answer as to why you feel that the worth of so many women surpasses your own, is because you don’t feel that genitalia or any sex based trait matters relative to worth, and that a collage of virtues and abilities, including intelligence, renders many women to be worth more than you?

    Obviously I think you are not deriving your worth from God’s word, but from your own limited understanding. Whether or not a nurse is more noble than a landscaper or treescaper is not the standard by which God has ranked us. FYI Landscaping was sort of the first profession God ever gave:
    Genesis 2:15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.


  68. “The proof of my abstaining from sexual activity for close to a decade that would make me an adulterer is proof that what you think is my god is not in fact so.”
    That might be a bit of evidence, but not proof. Most people don’t have sex with their idol, even though they worship it. And by the way, I do applaud you for that continuing sexual purity. Whether or not your beliefs are all correct, at least you are keeping your physical self sexually upright. And I was hoping things would go well between you and your clients this weekend, despite your having been awoken by coyotes.

    Ephesians 5:28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. 29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
    Loving your wife as yourself never implies that the two of you are equal, just like Jesus Christ isn’t equal to His church, in the marriage example given throughout the last half of Ephesians 5. My wife and I ate mostly the same food, and her clothing usually cost more than mine, but loving her like myself, never made her morally equal to me, or ranked equal to me, or meant she is not still the weaker vessel.

    “…I am aware of scriptures on men making key decisions in a marriage…”
    The scripture goes way further than that, and the husband is given lordship and rule over the wife, not just in “key” decisions. While a husband can certainly delegate some decisions and responsibility to her, that is his decision, as to what he entrusts her with.
    You might be helped by this:


  69. Yes, ray, I am eager to hear the insight you can share, as you have much insight that I have not yet been given. I am eager to dig into it. Yes, I very much want you to stay and participate here. However, if I could ask one small favor, please try not to say things that might be interpreted as you threatening. It might upset WordPress. If you think certain people do not heed God’s own words and warnings from the Bible, are they likely to heed yours? Now possibly there are some people who do not believe God exists, yet realize that you do, but they are still unlikely to follow your Bible based teachings, if they believe the Bible is just another book. Anyhow, I’m eagerly looking forward to what you can share with us.


  70. You might be helped by this:


    Egalitarianism is a liberal lie that dogmatically and incorrectly insists/imposes that everyone is equal. This rotten plank in the leftist corrupt agenda, in spite of the proof of history that proves otherwise, has been and is being used to destroy free nations. While it is true that we all have a Sovereign right to life and equal standing spiritually with God, it is not true that all are equal in ability, temporal worth or relative to contributory measure.

    For example, a doctor saves lives and restores health, a far greater contribution to society than someone spewing rap crap music or perpetual fake victims bouncing a ball around a court and throwing it through a hoop. The latter two activities contribute nothing to society except enriching self important legends in their own minds with millions of dollars. In fact, rap crap encourages criminal activity and pushes messages that are pro anarchy.

    Another example is the throngs of unskilled, unemployable useless fake refugees dimocrap stooge political figures insist on importing into free nations who are net liabilities largely to these nations and bring their pagan religions that among other things favor and even instruct that all other people in other religions should be murdered and rape victims should be stoned. Egalitarianism is the degenerate brother of “multicultism” and the lie mouthed by liars and enemies of freedom and justice that “divershitty strengthens nations” when the opposite is true.

    Applying this to women, to which it was never meant, is not proper. However, the man in the marriage relationship is prescribed with having the final say in matters but for that to be sanctioned, his decisions must be logical and just. For example, if he mandates that he is buying an unnecessary brand new Maseratti at a cost of a million dollars while currently living with his wife in a mini van in a Walmart parking lot, that is not a valid, logical nor even responsible decision. If he goes ahead with that insanity, he is responsible for the fallout it brings. The point is being a man does not mean he has more/better skills in economics and common sense than a woman.

    I know a couple and the man works, and at payday gives his cheque to his wife. Over the years she has wisely handled all financial matters, been frugal, non wasteful and made wise decisions that has established them in a responsible manner as financially sound and prosperous. He made a wise decision to trust her in these matters. While there are men who are financially irresponsible and women inclined unto financial waste as well, male membership in his gender NEVER guarantees he can and will make wise decisions in any matter. Is it pleasing to God to see money wasted? No! The waster is brother to the sloth.

    I promote the joint input of couples in making decisions based on logic and responsible precepts especially where these decisions affect both parties. I am aware of women who have bankrupted the household by their irresponsible spending habits and I detest these selfish women. I also know men who have done the same thing.

    So is it just to let one party who may be irresponsible to have the authority to make all decisions that will affect a family for the worst? It just so happens the women in my existence as friends are among other things, responsible and make wise decisions.

    I am of the opinion God has ordained the right to make decisions by men, presupposed on scriptural principles. Am I correct? Would God approve of a man buying five thousand dollar suits while his children starved?


  71. So from there I will lever to the truth that I am aware there are women better qualified in areas of life to counsel me and make decisions than I am. A good example was the woman who cares about my best interests, well being, and happiness who I gave access to my life as a guide relative to her gender. She saw and identified for me a woman gradually seeking access to me emotionally and intimately, when I was vulnerable, and warned me, and advised I put distance between her and I. None know women better than other women. I did as she said and her evaluations turned out to be correct as they ALL have. What is wrong with me, a man, seeking counsel of an intelligent, caring, logical woman in areas I am deficient in? Is it wrong to listen to my woman doctor in matters of medical context when she is an expert far above me in such matters as health?

    To really be candid, one woman I am close to has a batting average that is perfect in every application since I have let her into my existence. She has never been wrong. Would I not be a fool to reject such beneficience? Pride would say to me that I know more than anyone else and would carry the banner of my destruction while touting that lie. She once told me, “Edward, you are not a stupid man.” I know I am not, because I have learned to seek counsel from others more qualified than I in areas they are experts in. I am not embarrassed to say of this group, there are more than a few women. Scriptures advise counsel and do not identify the source as male or female but only that it be wise counsel.

    I need to digress here, noting that most religions are apostate and led by hirelings/false ministers. That is the state of affairs. I am also not comfortable with women ministers though in the church structure they have their place. I fully approve of mature spiritually minded women teaching other women and that is also scriptural.


  72. edward kennedy,
    I agree with most of your (2020/08/31 at 4:57 am) comment.

    “The point is being a man does not mean he has more/better skills in economics and common sense than a woman.”
    I never said it did mean that. But men’s authority in marriage is not determined by competence, it is delegated by Christ to the husband, and how much responsibility he then delegates to his wife from his own responsibility is his choice. As a wife she already has certain responsibilities commanded of her by God. Nor do smart-ass kids get to rule over their parents, due to their smarts. I was already smarter than my mother when I was in high school.
    A woman, for her soul’s sake, shouldn’t marry a fool, that she will likely struggle to submit to. Nor should her father give her away to a fool.

    “Would God approve of a man buying five thousand dollar suits while his children starved?”
    That isn’t likely God’s preference for the man’s actions, but, the wife and children are still under the man’s rule.
    Scary stories and anecdotes of abuse, don’t negate God and His hierarchy. I read of a guy who was trying to do everything right and then his kids all died and he suddenly became broke, and even his wife turned against him, and his friends hurled accusations at him. So, I guess we all should be evil instead, huh? You have to give up the hypothetical fears and what might be, and just obey God. And if all your worst fears come upon you, still obey God. It simplifies many, otherwise tough, moral decisions.
    1 Peter 3:6(AMPC) It was thus that Sarah obeyed Abraham [following his guidance and acknowledging his headship over her by] calling him lord (master, leader, authority). And you are now her true daughters if you do right and let nothing terrify you [not giving way to hysterical fears or letting anxieties unnerve you].


  73. If you want the real truth, it has been, is and always will be broken people in a broken world. That was the phrase I heard from the minister I now sit under. Everything is corrupt and I mean everything everywhere on this wretched planet. Religion as well, religious leaders and leaders in business, large corporations, politics, academia, “follywood,” sports even where the agenda of those who are enemies of all that is good now push the envelope of dialectic secular humanism better known as political correctness, both Satan’s religion.

    God works through people as does Lucifer. Leftist socialist stooges today represent what is wrong and the tendency of conservative people represent what is right though there are a few exceptions to that generalization.

    So it is not race, gender, or any other identifier that is the culprit, it is a simple matter of determining whether one is conservative or liberal/leftist. A conservative Negro is representative of good but note that men like Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell etc are villified and hated and abused by the left and specifically by leftist negroes. Antifa is a disorganization of anarchy, whose members are Caucasians and in fact, are far worse and more evil than BLM.

    The USA is under attack because it is the bastion of Freedom anywhere and if it falls then the rest of the so called free world will also. I contend that one cannot be a true Christian and still vote dimocrap, the party of leftist destructors and enemies of all that is good.

    I see verbal attacks on Israel and these largely emanate from the dimocrap party and leftists of every race. The real enemy of Israel is not the conservative, it is the leftist. While we banter and dispute dog bones, the real battle is in the forum of who will be elected to lead the USA. If the dimocraps win, it will be the setting for a grim future. The only way the USA will be able to get and keep on track is for a majority senate, GOP and White House occupancy by President Trump who has proven himself to be the best friend of Israel ever.

    I see you are a minister and that being so, you must either be aware of these things or have your head in the sand, though I am of the opinion you are well aware of what I speak of and well know that God is true and every man a liar. That is more so today relative to the media liars and whores, and political dupes of the dimocrap party. Within three months we will see what God has determined to be and my bet is that HE will once again favor and install President Trump et al in a move that will allow the continuance of removal of the USA from the liberal quagmire it is already suffering from under despicable servants of Satan such as Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, and the holdovers from the ovomit ASSministration.

    As a minister it is your duty to stand on the right side of the political situation, while apostate hirelings stand in favor of the leftist loons attempting to destroy the greatest nation on the face of this planet. But you already know that.


  74. Pastor Sharkly here is a story the King just zapped my way, I think it is a sort of gift to edward kennedy and the rest of the feminists, gnostics, cathars, wiccans, philistines, and assorted goddess grovelers out there.

    I promise I didn’t use any swear words or threaten anybody in the comments. Ok perhaps a smidge of an indirect threat there at the end, but then, who’s really counting when we’re talking legions?



  75. So Ray the labeller (libeller) classifies someone who has shut him down already and exposed him as a coward, as a gnostic, wiccan, etc from behind the curtain in his artificial fake identity as the “Lizard of Oz.”

    Go boy, run in the sun, have your day, puke in the hay, and gratify ray.

    You are a pathetic piece who qualifies aptly as a rebel without cause and a tiger without claws, based on your imagination that knows no bounds of insanity.

    Are you for real or are another social construct of the left?


  76. edward kennedy,

    I’m mostly with you on your politics. I agree that it would be hard to imagine a Christian so deluded that they could think God would want them voting for the Left at the current time. However I clearly see the politicians on the Right, as just the lesser of two evils. They are only half way better than those on the Left who go running headlong after Satan. I do think everyone should vote hard Right, to try to pull our nation in the right direction, but ultimately it will not be politicians who bring our nation back to God, if that is to happen. We must repent for ourselves and repent for our nation,(like Daniel did) and the cleansing must start with the Christians and the church, whether that means reforming existing churches, or more likely abandoning the corrupt ones to start new ones that are not so full of evil.

    I don’t normally call myself a “minister” since I don’t commit adultery, slander husbands, sell emotion filled books, make people sing repetitive songs, or live fat off of other Christians, like many popular “ministers” seem to do. Ray calls me “Pastor Sharkly”, but I only claim to be a servant of God.
    In the following post I give the definition for “Minister”:
    The Servant-Leadership Scam
    In Latin “Minister” means: ‘servant’, but today’s church leaders have gotten way far away from that.
    I never wanted to be in “the ministry”, never went to seminary, Don’t have a church, or even go to a church. But in a way this place sort of functions as an online church, and it gives myself and others opportunity to share and be sharpened all week long. I get far more interaction here than I ever got at the moneymaking megachurch that I once went to. I have people from here who pray for me, and sometimes I pray for some of them. But mostly I pray for myself that I can have the wisdom, insight, knowledge, and discretion to lead others to righteousness and that I wouldn’t teach anything false. I never thought I’d enjoy working with people. I’m pretty selective about who I like to spend my time with. Usually I prefer it to be myself and God. But I think it helps that responding with a written response slows me down enough that I can rethink things instead of just saying my first reaction that might come out of my mouth in real life. If I write something kind, or respectful, or wise, that’s always my second or third thought, not usually the thing I would have blurted out first in person.


  77. Of course sometimes what goes on here is more like a bunch of cats fighting in a gunny sack.
    John 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.


  78. I think we are more similar than you think. I like to be alone. Since 2007 I have vacationed in the off season in the USA. Been north, south, east and west. Most beautiful things ever I saw was on the Pacific coast highway from Blaine Washington to Santa Barbara. That trip was over 12000 miles in my truck. I usually take a slide in fully contained camper. I have met lots of people and made friends of many including two exceptional women who have true grit. I go alone and usually end up in the Colorado Rockies as far up as I can get which is usually half way due to shut downs from snow. Supplies can carry me for a full month but I have never been stranded and once rescued two young gals and their male companion, all dental students who were stuck on a forestry road off the main one.

    Had problems with two negro thugs who tried to coerce money from me when I got lost in Memphis but they did not like the taste of high test I was pumping which did the job better than my Mace would have.

    I live in Ontario in a rural area and have exceptional neighbors. As to “fights” here I do not tolerate bullies, liars, or fools. I give more than I get but I always fight defensively, be it verbal or physically. I am like my grandfather, I do not start trouble but do not run from it when it comes my way. I have worked in rough places with rough men in my youth and in spite of my puritan ways, was well thought of by the men I interacted with on the job sites, some in northern wilderness areas.

    My mother was Salvation Army and my father Methodist. I learned to read with no Dick and Jane books but from the Holy Bible. Been driving motorcycles all my life, of all types, from age 16, currently with a TE 300i Husqvarna performance competition Enduro.

    I despise liberals/leftist, politically correct kooks, cracker Antifa head cases, Black Lies Matter thugs and am an equal opportunity hater who does not discriminate on any grounds. I especially hate liberal “Assademics” and apostate religious leaders.

    Lots more but that will suffice.


  79. Here is a follow up to the link I left about the Republican National Convention closing with an incantation to their goddess. Very appropriately timed, given the discussion herein about how females were created by God greater or better than males.

    Team LucyFer thinks so too! :O)

    It is instructive that the powers behind the Republican Party are spiritual and globo-financial descendants of the Templars, and that they worship the ‘goddess’ no different than did their Templar forbears. The Repubs cloak it under Catholicism to give it a patina of Christianity, but these powerful individuals and groups are not friends of Christ, much less His servants.

    As you requested, the following link provides an acceptable primer concerning the goddess-idolatry that is, and always was, the spiritual foundation of America/Columbia, from long before its official founding.

    When a Christian man is willing to tell Christ’s sheep a truth, when they greatly resist that truth, then I call that man a pastor, because he looks after the herd-driven sheep. There are few today I call by that name, and I have reasons for saying it about you. I have authority to do so, but it is healthy that you are unattached to this label of acknowledgment. That is a strong shield.

    ‘But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.’

    And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.’ (Matthew 23:8-9)

    WHOO! Pastor Sharkly you shoulda seen the rage over at Pastor Dalrock’s place when I told folks not to call their daddies ‘father’. Wanted to kill me they did! :O) Couldn’t bother to look it up in Scripture, much less obey, they were so intent on getting at me and ‘taking me down’.

    I owe no fealty to your readers, brother Sharkly, and if I reject any or all of them, then that is between me and my King. When Ace came here promoting feminism, I rebuked her with zero tolerance, and when edward kennedy came here selling the superiority of the female over the male, I likewise rebuked him, and may do so again if he persists.

    Ace apologized for her accusations, and obeyed your decision by leaving the page and remaining quiet and unobtrusive. This pleased the LORD, and is to her credit.

    I will make my own decisions about who is part of the brethren, and who is not. No one else will decide this for me, including you, and I will rebuke any and all of those I see fit to rebuke. Once again, if this is unacceptable to you, then I will continue my works elsewhere, not a problem and no ill will towards you.

    I make my own evaluations and I owe no allegiance, fellowship, nor protection to those I reject as being in Christ. The Church is being cleansed and I do not think the Lord would be pleased if I failed in the charge He gave. Questioning my commitment to Christian brotherhood may be something of a tough sell with Jeshua. Particularly at this point in current events.



  80. Interesting to see another self professed all seeing seer who exhibits a typical lack of courage demonstrating blatant cowardice by refusing to back his muddled comments by hiding behind a fake handle. Anything worth saying or writing merits a name after or below, else it manifests cowardice, insecurity and in this case borders on insanity.

    To make judgments as Ray does while refusing to back them with an identity is not what Jesus or the apostles did and Ray refuses to gird up his loins in this application. I know lots of women unafraid to write behind a real identity and every single one of them have more courage in their baby finger than Ray does in his pitiful arrogant and pride riddled pathetic body.

    Pointing his scraggy judgmental and crooked finger at others and targeting all members of the fairer gender he makes a dismal fool of himself and is an embarrassment to men in general though he would fit in well with the wussie male synonymous with the leftist cracker element.

    To observe his self swathing embellishments is to remind one of a dog on the street pausing to lick its hinder parts and the last time I encountered such an individual was a recent observation of another coward hiding behind a mask and sunglasses, identified as a member of Antifa.

    Ray has the right to an opinion of course even though such ruminations from the depths of ignorance are puerile, and focus on women in general but that is safe you see, don’tcha all know he is fairly confident in attacking those who do not fight back and pose no threat to him? Wielding a mind that is attached to an out of control mouth, and with the IQ of a deflated spare tire, he sallies forth to label (libel) any who he spots out of the left side of his left eye as he squints for a target in his campaign like Mighty Mouse of years ago to save the day.

    Of course his uniform includes a long sleeved shirt that he can use to wear his self pronounced hypocritical righteousness on his ragged right sleeve while embossing his mundane self pronounced hero status on the left snotty one.

    He is focused though, having identified a conservative man who he sees as an enemy for daring to laud exceptional women for their principles, poise, control, class, intelligence, and inner/outer beauty, while choosing to attack, berate, and wrongly classify all women into a false narrative of being evil.

    His crusade continues I see, with the libel, lies and delusions of a madman thrust into the limelight, his ideas and misplaced ideals exploding and splattering on a clean marble floor like vomit.

    He will find I neither ask no quarter, nor do I give any to bullies, grandstanders and general airheads. As to his chosen enemies of the fairer gender, he might have more credibility if he would identify the bad ones like hellery, jarette, moochelle, pelosi, waters, lynch, griffith, and many more enemies of same who represent real threats to freedom and justice.

    In defence though of rudimentary Ray, ignorance can be, and in his case, is a de facto voluntary misfortune. I dedicate this minor masterpiece of invective to good women everywhere, and thank Ray once again for offering me opportunity to expose his duplicity.


  81. ” I will make my own decisions about who is part of the brethren, and who is not. No one else will decide this for me…” (Ray)

    Wrapped in self centered arrogance and pride, these words could have come from Castro, Stalin, or any other miscreant who God strung gut into. They are the words of a defiant defensive self righteous dunderhead with as much appeal as a maggot ridden dead skunk in the middle of the road. Indeed Ray exposes himself by his words and if I had the time, I would go through the muddled piece his sentence is taken from and flail his illogic into oblivion after using it to expose him more. These are indicative of those who shake their puny fists in the face of God, defy Him, and dare to proclaim they will impose their limited decisions on everyone else. It is the proof of rebellion, idiocy, and subjectivety where reason and logic is expelled and irrational opinion is embraced, mostly wrong. In this Ray excludes God Himself and choosing to make his own muddled decisions and really his words parallel those of Lucifer before he was cast out of Heaven. Well, I guess he showed God huh? Just like Ray is showing us all how he uses Lucifer as a standard of conduct.

    Perchance Ray, instead of running in every direction at the same time, you should consider me as one who might well have come here to straighten you out after exposing you. God and the Holy Bible instead of your puny capacity to reason, should be influencing decisions you make, the first of which you erred by libelling me, falsely projecting lies about me that originated in your deluded mind, and trying to grandstand in pride by attacking me. Who now Ray is being discredited and exposed? Huh?

    At some point you should consider stopping the act of injuring yourself by kicking against the thorns because both your feet are a bloody mess already. I am embarrassed in discrediting you but you persist in poking the bear, foolishly not realizing I am not caged nor restrained. You remind me of the bully who attacked his victim but got a bloody nose. Undeterred, he attacked again, this time suffering a broken jaw. The final attack saw him get knocked out.

    Try to be good boy now. Desist from attacking me but if you continue, so will I. It is really your choice alone and to this point you have not chosen wisely. It can only get worse for you but you fail to see that. You are not ahead, but need to stop. Give your head a shake and it seems you missed my confession that I always fight defensively. Get it? I really tire of disciplining you. Stop making a fool of yourself.


  82. ray,
    That was a thought provoking video collage. Many folks foolishly imagine that history is just bouncing along a path unguided, like a deist might imagine, when both good and evil forces are playing out a scripted drama for all ages.

    “When a Christian man is willing to tell Christ’s sheep a truth, when they greatly resist that truth, then I call that man a pastor, because he looks after the herd-driven sheep.”
    I thank you for your endorsement, and that is certainly true. Now bear in mind, I don’t usually do what I do for the flock, I serve a great and fearsome God, and I do what I do for my own eternal recompense. Most of ’em are goats anyhow!
    But His sheep hear His voice.
    I’m obligated to warn folks.
    James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
    I’m not going to be like the foolish cowards who are ashamed to preach certain parts of the Bible.(those parts that refute Feminism) I know better. That is exactly where the front line of today’s battle for the Lord’s kingdom is. And it is the parts of the Bible that a hundred thousand other preachers won’t dare to preach correctly, that I want to boldly proclaim as being God’s infinite wisdom. As edward kennedy has previously mentioned:
    Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.
    Since God tells us that:
    1 Corinthians 11:7 7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.
    Then people need to know that God has told us that women are not the image of the Father, the Son, or their masculine Spirit, nor are women the glory of God, but they are glory of men. We are not equal. To believe that women are the image and glory of God, is de facto idolatry, the worship of a goddess or a hermaphrodite god. If you don’t even know who God is, how can you build your house on the rock? Our world needs to hear and know God, the Father & Son heavenly patriarchy, not some mother goddess or hermaphrodite Baphomet.

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  83. Radical feminism, or femistalinism as I call it, was a social construct, created and used to de-affectionize women of their natural femininity, as another calculated attack on the family and to create friction/isolation between the two genders. It creates barriers between men and women primarily by creating distance and transforming women into individuals no real man has any attraction towards nor use for. Such women are the antithesis of what God intended them to be.

    A big mistake made here is to equate these pseudo women with all women, because there still exist genuine women, examples of which I have mentioned herein I am close to. Once again, men and women are both inferior and superior to each other in various ways. We are not supposed to compete, but in a marriage are to be a team wherein the strengths of one cover/compensate for the weaknesses of the other. Femistalinists hate this truth and are liars by pushing the nonsense women are equal to men. Truth is they have better abilities in some areas than men but lesser abilities in other areas. One gender is not totally superior to another. The mandating by God of men being the head of their families does NOT mean they are superior nor does it result in perfect families.

    While I defend traditional employment for each gender, there are areas in professions like law enforcement suited to women better than men. I refer to dealing with rapes and the victims, and also dealing with the human trafficking abomination wherein girls and women are victimized. The armed forces traditionally in combat roles by men is no place for women. Nor is dealing with murders, terrorists and other violent criminals. Clearly women, are best at child rearing which is a sacrificial, difficult job, but which inarguably is the most important in the world and I see God gave His vote of confidence to women in that capacity. The wife is the one the family revolves around. She is a wife and mother, with great responsibility in that capacity. Some choose to not be mothers which is up to them nor should such women be criticized/faulted for that decision. Such have high abilities in scope to become experts in such professions as doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc, proving their equality in the mix and there is no substitute for a nurse that is a woman. They have innate capabilities men cannot equal in that capacity.

    It is a tragedy women have become twisted and subverted from their genuinity by a politically correct society run amok. I get calls from across Canada and speak to young men totally turned off and angry at their realization the real women they look for are very scarce. It is true. None can watch a video of, or interact with leftist loon disorganizations like Antifa and femistalinist crazies without noting the female members resemble brain dead harpies with the appeal of vomit slime retched up in an unflushed public toilet and sliding down the porcelain sides to float on the water surface, surrounding the excremental matter there already taking up residence.


  84. ‘like a deist might imagine’

    LOL I love it. This shark has sharp teeth!

    So sharp the target doesn’t even know it has been cut.

    P.S. please read the comments of eddie kennedy for me, I cannot be bothered.



  85. So Ray cannot be bothered to read my comments. To be content with your opinions and satisfied with ignorance as a companion is the recipe for stupidity. Figures. As well, as I said, “ignorance is indeed a voluntary misfortune.” Well that is fine but if I want any shite from RAY I will merely squeeze his head.


  86. So would it be fair to say that your answer as to why you feel that the worth of so many women surpasses your own, is because you don’t feel that genitalia or any sex based trait matters relative to worth, and that a collage of virtues and abilities, including intelligence, renders many women to be worth more than you?

    Obviously I think you are not deriving your worth from God’s word, but from your own limited understanding. Whether or not a nurse is more noble than a landscaper or treescaper is not the standard by which God has ranked us. FYI Landscaping was sort of the first profession God ever gave:
    Genesis 2:15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.


    I have a short answer to that. Apostle Paul claimed to be chieftest of sinners. Now here is a man who though he died a martyr and turned from a persecutor of real Christians to an apostle. If he was chieftest of sinners I am lost. People are either better or worse that we are. If we focus on those who are criminals, we can become proud and arrogant. If we focus on those who are better, we can feel inferior. Humility is always a virtue but in my professional dealings with women I am exposed to all types and meet some rare REAL women who have rejected the “modernist” woman and the politically correct claptrap that has virtually transformed many into shadows of what a real woman is. d
    Ditto for my gender as well.


  87. feeriker,
    I briefly checked out your link. I don’t think I’d put too much weight into what either the Alexanders or Michael Foster claim about patriarchy. While both are far better than the churchians, both are still trying to retain some cosmic equality for womankind in relation to men. The list basically sets up a strawman of beliefs, that they can then pick at, and then they can claim to have defended us all against misogynist religious zealots. LOL

    I won’t go through point by point, since I don’t have the time right now, and it is just easier to say, “read your Bible, it contradicts all of these folks”.

    Point 5. Men, but not women, are the image and glory of God, and as a result, how we come before our God, as directed by God, is completely different.(1 Corinthians 11:7) That is absolutely foundational! If you don’t know who God is, and who you are, you’ve already been greatly blinded, and will be without a firm foundation, and easily deceived, and easily moved, as to how God and both sexes are to relate to each other.

    Point 9. While every person bears direct responsibility for their life to God, fathers/husbands do function as priests and intercessors for women and children. Numbers chapter 30 is a good example of this being spelled out regarding vows or oaths. The beginning of the book of Job tells us how righteous Job was through this example of Job’s diligent fatherly priesthood:
    Job 1:4 And his sons went and feasted in their houses, every one his day; and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them. 5 And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all: for Job said, It may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts. Thus did Job continually.

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  88. Today I found two very lengthy rants on my other site, awaiting approval, by a commenter “CR”. She was verbally tongue lashing me for all sorts of sins against Feminism. She has done this before. However I haven’t ever approved her comments to appear there. I believe she’s the only one so far. She called me a bully for not approving her comments and then later a coward for not approving her comments. LOL Her rants weren’t just the usual Feminist crap, but more like Feminist explosive diarrhea. However, besides all her speculative name calling, attempted shaming, and predictions of doom for my social life, If I had to come up with what her biggest beef was, I think it was that she sees me as failing to take responsibility for my divorce.

    It is Feminist churchian dogma that men are always at least 50% responsible for any divorce, and usually much closer to 99% responsible. Their logic generally is, that since men are intended to be the head of the marriage, then if the marriage blows up, Bada Bing – Bada Boom, blame the man.
    I’m not making that sh1t up! They really feel that way, and their simplistic logic agrees with their woman-worship. No challenging of that dogma is allowed. If your wife cheated on you, you must have driven her into all the other guys’ arms. If she got locked in the nuthouse, you must have driven her to insanity, And Etc. The crazy way that churchians blame husbands is clearly exemplified in the following video clip:

    After enabling all of wives’ Feminist rebellion, they’ll then ask husbands, “What’d you do?
    It never dawns on them that in accordance with their own Feminist preaching, a wife might simply refuse to submit, and thereby be capable of dooming a marriage entirely by herself. Apparently there is some level high above God, where every husband is supposed to be, where even stubborn sinful women won’t want their own way, but will desire to submit to us, in all the same areas where they never even submitted to God. They actually believe that.
    If women would submit in everything, as unto the Lord, as they are told to in Ephesians 5:22-24, then there couldn’t even be a single argument, or any time of disunity. Both husband and wife would always be on the same page, God’s page. But churchians don’t want it God’s way. They want the image of the goddess worshipped!

    Now just for clarity sake, I’m not claiming to be sinless or perfect, only that I believe I’d have had a great marriage with any godly woman I would have chosen to marry, who made an effort to build her home instead of always reflexively tearing it down. My wife never ever in 18 years ever tried submitting. Nor did she ever try to reconcile any difference, only to continually drive them all like wedges, splitting us further apart. And I wasn’t red-pilled until after she filed for divorce. I tried all the blue-pill churchian ass-kissing for a full decade. And then for the next six years I tried anything and everything I could find to try. But my wife has a deep subconscious fear of all forms of close intimacy, and was continually sabotaging the relationship so as to never ever allow even a moment of closeness. She always got horribly evil to me during times when a person might expect intimacy to naturally happen, like on vacations and such. She would treat me like crap all day, and then fly into a rage and start a fight the moment we got to our hotel. That is entirely in keeping with intimacy anorexia. She’d even blame me for the whether. As if it had never rained in Florida before she met me. Anyhow, I’m a sinner, but it wasn’t my sins that caused her to be continually evil and eventually divorce me, once she was ready. The only thing that ever really helped us was one time when an old pastor told her bluntly to knock off all her wicked wrongdoing, and batted away all her blame-shifting excuses. It was kind of a once in a lifetime thing to get to see a silver haired pastor, schooled in a bygone generation, hold a woman accountable. I was glad I got to see it once. It is a shame that her current church doesn’t have anybody capable of contending for the Lord’s ways.


  89. You have my vote of confidence for sure, but in my case I can see the failure on my part that contributed to the separation and divorce. I was away a lot fighting the CYSTem, running an activist organization, a member of a political party executive and not to mention the time my profession took me away. It all ended with the settlement being very favorable to me and the judge well aware of the failures of each side. Conversation gives vent to words and I see you in a favorable light whether we agree on things or not. I do not believe in divorce and remarriage and to be true, enjoy my freedom and the close PROPER friendships I have cultivated with good women, in fact, so poised none of them ever criticized nor attacked X at any time when they were acting in a support capacity to me.

    I am happy now, having refocused my life on my children and grandchildren as well as work. It was mentioned by someone in a negative manner I had emotional needs but these are all satisfied by a few good woman relative to filling the void and are best described as emotional intimacy, encouragement and trust in a symbiotic way.

    I received two comments from two women a short while ago, one said “You are a trusted friend” and the other said “You have made me laugh, you have made me cry, you have made me think but I am not sure which one more.”

    There is missing a huge fulfilling meeting place between women and men in opposite sex close friendships that I have with several women. It is not true that “a woman’s friendship always leads to love” but it is true that a carefully calculated, ordered and proper HANDS OFF friendship lends to each the other a greater emotional support structure than same sex friendships. That is because there is an elemental missing key to the same sex friendships that an opposite sex friendship has.

    There MUST be honesty and a willingness to withdraw when and if things start to get out of hand and the weakest will always pull down the strongest.

    So tell me, if you were/are rejected, would it not be a far better comment to come from a lovely woman friend than from a friend of your own gender if the words were, “I am of the .”objective opinion you are a good looking decent man.” I guess most are not honest with each the other but this is the key to the strength and the quality and propriety of a man/woman close friendship.

    I was once asked years ago by one of the most beautiful, feminine, class and intelligent woman I have ever met if I thought her and I would stray into forbidden territory. (physical interactive sex) She was not probing, only continuing her probationary examination of me to be a true friend. I told her there is no chance whatsoever. Her eyes locked on mine and she asked “do you not find me attractive?” then followed quickly with “what do you find most interesting and admirable about me?”

    I told her she was very beautiful, long hair down to her little behind, five foot ten, beautiful eyes and a pile of other things that made her a character excellent woman. I told her that her intelligence captivated me and was what I found to be her most dynamic quality. She said, “That was the right thing to say Edward” but then pressed me with the first direct question as to the danger of physical attraction/interaction.

    I said once again there was no chance. She looked at me quizzically and demanded to know why. I told her “Look gal, you are pretty inside and out, and in a different time and place, were we both single, I would surely have wanted to be married to a woman of excellence like you.” But we could never be physically interactive sexually for one big reason, “IN SO DOING I WOULD BE COMMITTING SUICIDE.”

    Her mouth opened wide and she started to laugh hysterically. That was the LAST time she questioned me and from then on it was settled that she was accepting of me as a close friend and so it became thus. Occasionally when I see her and we walk, we will discuss integral problems in each of our lives and hear the other field their answer as a means to a solution/problem solving. At times she will, like a little girl, take my arm in both of hers like a little girl and hug it, looking at me in appreciation of something said to encourage her. That I find very cute and warming.

    In 14 years she only kissed me once when I had to leave for home and she started crying. I was sitting on my truck bumper and she stood in front of me with her eyes examining every part of my face. After a few moments she slowly bent over and kissed me on my right sideburn. I laughed. She had been looking for a part of my face to kiss that would be proper to convey caring but not to be inappropriate.

    Yes we are close. My rule is never to touch her or any of the others I am close to as well. If any of them want to do so, hug or kiss me, except on the lips, they are free to do so. I do not respond usually but generally will kiss on the forehead. Duration and intensity of hugs is theirs to control and mine to follow

    She always told me none would ever understand or believe our proper interactions and depth of cherishment for one the other. Today it is almost always when a man tells a woman “I love you” that others think it means “I lust you” because that is how most think, in the dirty gutter. But I am asked if I love these special women and my answer is yes to which I am told “then there will be problems” meaning the inference is to sexual sinning. I guess too many are superficial and of the inability to control their sexual desires. I always respond “You have it ass backwards! Loving (cherishing”) someone is not a danger nor does it move one to sexual sins. It is BECAUSE I LOVE AND CHERISH these women that I do not/will not disrespect them! Love is a deterrent to sin!!!

    I have found this gal is of course right but any who cannot conceive of being close to a woman and cherishing/loving her without being a lecherous fool is missing out on the best temporal closeness ever. The women I am close to know that any inappropriate action would kill/destroy the sanctity of the closeness. It is far too big a price to pay and the loss of the closeness would be immediate and the closeness irretrievable.

    I do not care if none understand this though I have found men who not only do but also have the same type of close friendships with a woman/women as I do. The key is to understand that to love/cherish someone DEMANDS and prevents any disrespect by either party. I am told by one of these women that other women are jealous of our friendship. I do not know why. They could cultivate one too. Perhaps it is the sanctity of the friendship and the quality of something rare and precious that others want but are not willing to lay the foundation, establish the rules and observe them to make things smooth and functional. Perhaps it is the attention I give and get in return or the gifts I extend to them that make other women jealous.

    To the nay saying religionists who would say I am sinning I would ask them then why the command was to “love one another” without regard to gender? It does not say men love men only or women love women only, I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY OF THESE SPECIAL WOMEN CROSS THE LINE NOR HAVE I AND THE DISCIPLINE GROWS STRONGER AS TIME PASSES AND THE FRIENDSHIPS STRENGTHEN AND GROW.

    DO not tell me what your mere opinions are on this, tell me why you shy away from such friendships and explain to me why I and a few special women have been able to enter this typeset of close friendship, love and cherishment WITHOUT desecrating it in any way, for decades, offering each the other encouragement, hope, understanding, cherishment and a pile of other positives to the mind, soul and spirit of someone down, hurting and in need of understanding/love.

    One more thing Sharkly, consider posting the recent comments of this radfem here and I will have a go at them. IT will at least be sure to me amusing if not instructive to her. I have had MANY discussions/arguments with femistalinists and enjoy the challenges. At least consider it. Your call. I have never encountered a radfem yet who in a discussion with a reasoned and logical opposition was totally disarmed and disgraced. Nuff said.

    Always Edward


  90. God bless Sharkly.

    >Exodus chapter 30 is a good example of this being spelled out regarding vows or oaths.

    Should be Numbers 30. As with all Scripture, this chapter is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

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  91. Today I found two very lengthy rants on my other site, awaiting approval, by a commenter “CR”.

    I think she’s attempted to “sea gull” my site at least once, too. I could be wrong; it seems feminist trolls love to use two-letter avatars, all of which look alike, and probably because they lack the cerebral bandwidth to come up with anything more original. Such ilk cannot help but hurl invective at those of us who decline to publish their tediously substance-free screeds. Apparently they are either unaware or unable to conceive of the idea that if they had anything original and thought-provoking to say, no matter how much we might disagree with it, chances are great that we would post it. Alas, such contributions require thought, organization, coherence, and the ability to reason, traits wholly lacking in such women. Hence their failure to present themselves as worthy of attention or response in the first place.


  92. JPF,
    “Should be Numbers 30”
    Thank you for helping me out. Yes, you are absolutely right. I’m not sure why I would even think that was in Exodus. Good catch! I’m glad somebody is checking out the scriptures I refence. I will correct it up above. Good to see you again.


  93. feeriker.
    Yeah, I noticed that some folks are so feminist, that as long as there is one lone man, out in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, who doesn’t think he is a faulty husband, she has to take a couple hours out of her day just to tell me how wrong I must be, for thinking I’m not largely in the wrong. In other news, liberal women are nuts:
    Unfortunately most women are herd creatures and tend to be highly influenced by their peers, even if their peers are completely irrational. Those who control the media and social media have near “mind control” over almost half of the population, and that is a lot of power in a democratic republic where every citizen, excepting a few felons, gets to vote. It is time to repeal the 19th Amendment and undo that great mistake for the benefit of future generations.(At least partly because of ~ 1 Timothy 2:12-14) Women have plundered us fiscally, and voted to kill our unborn, and divorce us for no-fault, to steal our kids, and to whore around irresponsibly on our dime, along with a whole raft of other bad legislation.


  94. edward kennedy,
    Dalrock used to mention about how in our Feminist churchian society there is an attempt to value men by how much they make women’s vaginas tingle, as though that were some measure of a man’s virtue. Since in a female dominated society that would be the chief virtue women are looking for in men. However, despite society’s inclination to value men by their attractiveness and value to women, that really isn’t how I or God value myself or other men. A portion of CR’s rant was trying to tell me that My wife doesn’t find me attractive, and that when I’m divorced no woman will find me attractive, and Etc. She didn’t quite go all the way to claiming I’m an obese incel with a neckbeard living in my parents basement, but it was that same concept basically. And when women call someone an incel, they usually are implying that the other persons opinion shouldn’t matter, because they don’t make women’s vaginas tingle.
    However, even though I think that the ability to create attraction in women, is a rotten metric to judge men by, I actually do quite well in that regard. I get overtly solicited for sex from time to time, every once in a while a woman walking past me will walk into a signpost or some shelving, and my personality usually allows me to keep women entertained and listening and laughing. So I guess if I were to respond to CR’s claims that women won’t be finding me attractive, I’d just say, until she can get all her whore sisterhood onboard with not soliciting me for sex, I’m just not seeing any shortage of interest from women, even though I just turned 51.
    Like you, I have no desire to fornicate or commit adultery. So I really don’t care that floozies want to do me. They can find somebody else.

    As to answering your question as to why I have shied away from relationships with women, for one, I’m still married at this moment, and for two I have no need of more relationships with women. CR also tried to tell me that I’d become lonely. I’ve never felt alone in my whole life. Perhaps that is because I know God is real and always with me, watching me, with so great a cloud of witnesses. I have gone for days at some points in my life without seeing or talking to another human, and I never came close to feeling lonely. I really don’t understand loneliness, because I’m quite able to entertain myself within my own head. Intimacy anorexics hone their ability to hurt their partner to try to prevent all possibility that they might want intimacy from them. Apparently in my wife’s family they would sometimes give each other the silent treatment to hurt each other. However she quickly found out that after arguing with me, when she then refused to speak to me, I was actually just glad she had shut the hell up, and after a few days I guess she figured out that I was enjoying the fact that I could say stuff to her and she couldn’t respond back. Anyhow she only tried it that once. I’m not sure how long she did it for, those precious few days that she kept her mouth shut flew by way too fast. Anyhow she found out she was way more bothersome to me by running her mouth, so she never gave me the peace and quiet of the silent treatment again. I personally think I’d do just fine on an island by myself, or if I was sent to prison, I might like solitary confinement far better than being around the felons. When people are around I love to talk, but I also really enjoy being alone. And Just being honest here, male conversations are way better. I can’t listen to much chick chat. I’m glad you get what you need out of your platonic friendships with women, but whatever it is, I don’t have that same need, or somehow I meet it within my mind. Women usually like talking to me, and I usually like talking to them, but I have no real need for any of that interaction. I guess I don’t need external validation, even though we all enjoy external validation. I’m able to validate my own being and behavior. I don’t need somebody to tell me I’m OK, I already know I’m better than just OK. Whereas the Feminist woman-worshipping religion gets men seeking after the approval of women, I don’t think the approval of women is worth squat, so I don’t “need” any more of it than what I am still getting. Women are silly, so I don’t value their seal of approval. I’d rather gain the respect of other respectable men, but mostly, as long as I know I’m progressing along with God and earning His approval, that is the only approval that genuinely matters to me. Only God’s approval is really worth anything.


  95. I see, meet and know men who would be criticized and labelled(libelled) as incels but really are VOLCELS, that is, “voluntarily celibate.” To boot, the reality is that there exist many men who have no desire nor time to interact with women because they can find no suitable ones that meet their standards. This being alone, as what you speak of is not a bad thing at all. One has freedom in that regard, a state many strive for but cannot grasp because of the reality that while we are born free, many take upon themselves the chains of their own bondage by such things as materialistic debt, addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, etc. My mother enjoyed that concept, as I learned to as well very young. She was in the CWAC and travelled extensively being posted to many areas and in her meeting many people, formed lasting friendships and pleasant acquaintances in her early life.

    I kept to myself, becoming like my father, a motorcycle enthusiast, travelling weekends in the isolated areas of northern Ontario and enjoying the same solitude of what you speak. To this day, I still have motorcycles but pursue back roads and trails, with a greater element of enjoyment than the well travelled highways, my choice being places where there are few people. One of those machines was bought specifically for business use in doing estimates, based on the much lower cost of ownership, maintenance and fuel, enabling a lower overhead and better competitive edge. it is also used to access rough backwoods areas in my observation/analysis of the natural treescape as a predicater of the urban one in terms of disease, pest infestation and overall reactivity to weather stress elements such as drought.

    You will not find it then out of character to know the women I am close to themselves also understand and enjoy the same “being alone” state of existence and are similar to, and understand me well. When it comes right down to it, these women are not at all like the herd women, with quality, excellence of character, inner and outer beauty and high principles woven into the rich fabric of their being. As a significant factor of compatibility, they also do not care to be romantically involved and are pleased to find a man of the same mindset, who they consider “rare” and one of a kind. There do exist women like this though they are themselves rare and unique.

    There is however, a desire to be alone with another who shares and understands us, our “raison d’etre” and is validated by that reality. You are correct God is the ultimate judge and our duty is to “fear(respect) God and keep His commandments. That is a big duty but ultimately keeps one on the high road, creates happiness/well being, and provides reason, understanding and sanity to our existences.


  96. Wow! Your September 7 response to feeriker was accurate and true. I would expand though by saying not just liberal women, but ANYONE/ANYTHING that is “lieberal/leftist is corrupt, evil, and the enemy of all that is good. “Lieberalism” aka political correctness aka leftism aka socialism aka communism aka insanity is Satan’s religion and NONE of the women I interact with are liberal, for that reason. I have no time or patience to waste on the insurmountable task of suffering fools and to be a liberal is to embrace the lunacy of a morally bankrupt existence and sentence oneself to exposure of mind, soul, spirit, and body to a damned mindset whose existential hypocrisy would gag the proverbial maggot. A far better existence would be as unpleasant as standing on one’s head totally immersed in a manure pile daily all one’s life for 23 hours a day. Workers of iniquity and those damned as described in Revelation as “those who love and make a lie” are accurately identified as liberals/leftists.

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  97. “Today I found two very lengthy rants on my other site, awaiting approval, by a commenter “CR”.”

    “I think she’s attempted to “sea gull” my site at least once, too. I could be wrong…”

    She’s stalked my site, too, so you aren’t wrong.

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  98. Please watch this 43 second clip before reading the rest of this comment:

    The way that some men seemingly wish they were more female, has them down groveling on the floor before womankind. For a man, in the image of God, their behavior is both unbecoming and far beneath manliness. To quickly try to stop them from desecrating the image of God through their embarrassing groveling, sometimes a man just really needs to tell them, “Get up will ya!” You know internally, that by conscience, they must know that their cringeworthy subservient posturing before women, can’t be what they were made for and isn’t befitting of a man. However their pastors, priests, politicians, and celebrities, are all down on the floor calling everyman to join them in groveling before their goddesses, and the whole of Western mankind has seemingly been deceived into wanting to trade their “toxic” manliness for “virtuous” womanliness, quickly trading off men’s charge of dominion, which has progressively been outlawed, to join females in negligence of responsibility. Men’s divine birthright is being bartered away for a veritable bowl of beans. Men have given up their standing to hearken to and genuflect before overrated goddesses.(women) Worshipping the creature rather than our Creator.

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  99. “Get up will ya!”

    That ought to be a meme pushed on pastors, in particular, who grovel, cuck, and cower in fear of the sluts and harridans they have allowed to seize control of their congregations.

    Or would the meme be better expressed as “Get up, will ya! And BACK AWAY FROM THE COLLECTION PLATE!”

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  100. In another scene from “Back to School”, When Mr. Thornton Melon(Rodney Dangerfield) originally meets Derek Lutz(Robert Downey Jr.):

    Mr. Melon asks: “Is that your real hair?”
    Derek sarcastically retorts: “What do you think?”
    Mr. Melon Replies: “I think you’re trying to get back at your parents. That’s what I think.”

    In a similar way, when men abandon their God given masculine preeminence and make a mockery of themselves by putting women on a pedestal above them, they aren’t “finding themselves” by that queer self-debasing behavior, they’re only rebelling against their Father in heaven, who created them to be His sons, sharing the image and glory of God, Himself.(1 Corinthians 11:7)

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  101. There is a real difference between a cumulative all envelopmental stereotypical position of criticism of ALL women and a non biased approach to focused identification and criticism of femistalinist sirens and politically correct poltroonic women who have not only lost their way but also have been brain drained by the leftist radfem nonsense of their insane leaders. There are REAL women who have rejected politically correct insanity and who embrace the Truth in their existences as women of excellence. I have met the latter and there is no mistaking them in their genuinity. Such deserve to be respected and cherished.


  102. But Sharkly, what you are in essence saying is that just because we are men, automatically we are superior to all women. Not so. I have met, know, and cherish women not only equal to me but also superior and there is no consistency with that reality and my dislike of the femistalinist movement which is fake and actually alienates/harms women. Women and men were created with different strengths and weaknesses, that is, each sex is both superior and inferior to each the other in different ways. I have met many women in my profession with superior qualities in character to mine. This educational experience has come repeatedly over decades. I refuse to pronounce excellence of character in anyone, or accomplishment, or whatever, inferior to mine just because it can be found in women. To be candid, conservative women I know take my breath away, especially the ones I have mentioned close to me. It is a symbiotic relationship, with each not competing, but benefitting the other in this thing called life. There is nothing unscriptural about that. They/we help the other. That is how it is supposed to be. Though I am not in favor of women in pastoral positions, I do favor for example women of mature and sage character ministering to other women in the church. The one I attend clearly practices Holy Bible study of women led by the minister’s wife and men’s studies led by the minister. Either gender know their own gender better than the opposite one and women I am close to have counselled me on matters pertaining to their own gender relative to their knowledge of women which excels my own. One very close to me warned me of another woman and I took her counsel, effectively dead ending a situation of danger I was heading into. Fakes have been exposed to me by a woman close to me. I reciprocate similarly in beneficial ways. I praise excellence in anyone regardless of gender. It is not wrong to be friends with women and both give and take encouragement and counsel in life.


  103. Sharkly —

    Lately I have been pointing out to ‘conservatives’ on various forums that the LORD is allowing planetary lockdown and specifically American chaos in the year 2020 because this year is the Centennial of Female Suffrage (after which men and boys in New Amerika got the suffering part of suffrage).

    God proceeds in orderly fashion. It’s typical of Him to use the date of the original rebellion by the U.S. — 1920, the year when America officially embraced the Sin of Eden, and inverted the created order of the LORD — as a marker to the destruction of the nation, and of the bringing of chaos to the other Western nations that followed Ms. Columbia in her treachery against Him. This is the bed the nation chose to make, and now it must sleep therein.

    On a global scale, with Goddess Columbia (Amerika) in the lead, the male has submitted to the female en masse, and all leaders and societal elements and institutions now ‘listen to the voice of the women’ and are thoroughly feminist.

    Of course, the conservatives want to hear this truth about as much as the Christians. Meaning, not.

    Many years ago I read Gary Naler’s ‘The Curse of 1920’ which is another excellent resource for those wishing to understand more about the spiritual, goddess-worshipping roots of modern feminism. Highly recommended, especially for those new to this information.

    P.S. I will try to remember not to call you pastor anymore, seeing as how Scripture frowns on it. I did it to make a point about who is a pastor and who is not. That point has been made.

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  104. Ray says:

    Lately I have been pointing out to ‘conservatives’ on various forums that the LORD is allowing planetary lockdown and specifically American chaos in the year 2020 because this year is the Centennial of Female Suffrage (after which men and boys in New Amerika got the suffering part of suffrage).

    That is an excellent observation, one that I had not thought of. Even as historically illiterate as Americans are (has there ever been any other people in history who were more so?), God is timing his warnings to contain clear messages, and this is one of them.


  105. There are REAL women who have rejected politically correct insanity and who embrace the Truth in their existences as women of excellence.

    How exactly do you define “excellence” in this context? If you are referring to women’s “excellence” in mimicking the traits that make for a successful MAN, then I would hardly call that “excellence” within the context of a Christian worldview.


  106. Excellence in women is what I see in those close to me…modesty, poise, class, warmth, naturally affectionate, unselfish, nobility of character, honest, sincere, candid, nobility of character, intelligence, dedicated, feminine, etc etc etc Most of these are womanly traits and define a real woman. Fake women aka radfems have none of these.


  107. ”But Sharkly, what you are in essence saying is that just because we are men, automatically we are superior to all women.”

    Yes, but, I’m not the only one saying this. Our Creator explained this in His inspired word:
    1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.
    1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. 8 For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. 9 Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

    Our God-ordained rank is higher than that of women’s, which is tied to our creation being preeminent over the women’s creation. We are told that God breathed his spirit/essence into Adam, the stronger vessel, while we are only told that Eve was created from Adam’s flesh and bone. Nowhere in the whole Bible(non-neutered translations) does it ever mention any woman being in the image of God. And the scriptures seemingly take great pains to never say that women, or all people, are currently in the image of God the Father and Son and their Holy Spirit. And Ephesians chapter 5 shows the husband imaging Christ/God while the wife images the wayward church, which needs to be cleansed by the washing of the Word, by the groom. So because of men’s rank, image, glory, dominion, purpose, and Etc., all being above the women’s, there are a lot of ways in which all men are automatically superior to all women. While some women may have some excellent attributes, those characteristics do not negate the God-ordained supremacy of men in the aforementioned categories.

    Don’t read too much into this analogy, but: Even if a Private outscores a General on an intelligence test, it does not mean his rank, image, glory, dominion, or military purpose, is suddenly somehow superior to that of the General’s. He is still at the bottom and the General is still high above him, even though he may be smarter than the General. And if the Private really is that smart, he will be smart enough to submit to following the General’s orders.

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  108. ray,
    I was able to download a free copy of Gary Naler’s “The Curse of 1920”. I’ll check it out.
    Why is the centennial significant to God? I, myself, thought this would be a good time to reverse our mistake after 100 years of it.

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  109. Instruction is given to love our wife like we love ourself. Apostle Paul stated that and he also stated that we each need to submit ourself to the other relative to marriage duty physically. Scriptures you quote I am aware of and their meaning is plain. As I said before, we are not to try to compete with each other but to let the weaknesses we have be covered by the strengths of the other. Man and wife are a cooperative unit. It is proper to have input from both sides on decisions but I clearly see the husband is to have the final say. Yet the woman may have a more logical and better take on some things and that is something I accept and follow. The best solution is the most logical. My choice is to go with that no matter who suggests it.


  110. I, myself, thought this would be a good time to reverse our mistake after 100 years of it.

    That would be a truly joyous event, a sign of the beginning of repentance and restoration of wisdom on a national scale.

    Alas, it would only come out of the hardest of resets. Even then it is extraordinarily unlikely, given the obstinacy of mankind’s sinful nature. What is much more likely to happen is that God will burn to ashes with the hottest imaginable flames the decadent civilization that defied his natural order by creating this abomination in the fist place.

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  111. ‘Why is the centennial significant to God?’

    Two reasons. First, because God proceeds in orderly fashion. For example, two of the below-mentioned lights are the sun and moon, by which time is gauged. Although the first reason for their creation was to divide the darkness from the light, and the second reason was for signs for us to study and understand, thus bringing us comfort and wisdom under His order.

    ‘And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years’ (Genesis 1)

    Second, because as you infer, the 100 years is a broadly known and accepted human reckoning, spun off from the LORD’s original settings I quoted in Scripture’s first chapter. He is VERY aware that 2020 is the centennial of a work of great collective evil, and because He proceeds in orderly and (usually) comprehensible ways, the shit is hitting this year. Folks can’t grasp that, it ain’t His problem.

    To take a greater example, the Lord returns on the ‘third day’ (after 2000 years) because by heaven’s clock, one day = 1000 years. Orderly.

    Remember that the desire of the female for equality with the male, and with God, was the inceptive sin of humanity. Please be assured that humanity will not be restored to anything good or decent while this rebellion persists, and indeed increases. You don’t push around God. The female will cease her rebellions, and the male will cease his collusion with her rebellions, or everything will be taken away and folks can suck on that awhile.


  112. ‘What is much more likely to happen is that God will burn to ashes with the hottest imaginable flames the decadent civilization that defied his natural order by creating this abomination in the fist place.’

    Correct. Enfranchisement or the ‘legal’ equality of women (now, superiority of females, as even the Christian churches teach and model) was the inceptive rebellion from which all the modern horrors and sins of America — and now most of the West — derive. It could not be otherwise, because enfranchisement mirrors on a global scale the individual sin of the female and male at the race’s beginnings.

    All things were disordered and ruined by the first rebellion, and the only way back into Eden is by conscious rejection of the sins that led to ouster — the rebellion in the female, and the cowardice and collusion in the male, who listens to and obeys the female instead of God.

    The reason I’m making a fuss about Naler, 2020 and so on, is because this is America at her final crossroad. She can reject enfranchisement and the inevitable New World Order/New Woman Order that results, or she can continue on in rebellion, leading the other nations into great horror and tragedy with her.

    My job is to offer restoration to the nation, and to show how that can be accomplished. It’s kinda like putting groceries back onto the shelves after a large earthquake. I’m not offering anything new, I have nothing new, I’m offering the goodness and order that was available at the beginning, and God’s grace that I guarantee will follow obedience. I am responsible for restocking the shelves, and for making the first things available again. It is not my responsibility to choose the goods from off the shelves, nor to consume them.

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  113. edward kennedy says:
    I was once asked years ago by one of the most beautiful, feminine, class and intelligent woman I have ever met if I thought her and I would stray into forbidden territory. (physical interactive sex) She was not probing, only continuing her probationary examination of me to be a true friend. I told her there is no chance whatsoever. Her eyes locked on mine and she asked “do you not find me attractive?” then followed quickly with “what do you find most interesting and admirable about me?”

    I told her she was very beautiful, long hair down to her little behind, five foot ten, beautiful eyes and a pile of other things that made her a character excellent woman. I told her that her intelligence captivated me and was what I found to be her most dynamic quality. She said, “That was the right thing to say Edward” but then pressed me with the first direct question as to the danger of physical attraction/interaction.

    I said once again there was no chance. She looked at me quizzically and demanded to know why. I told her “Look gal, you are pretty inside and out, and in a different time and place, were we both single, I would surely have wanted to be married to a woman of excellence like you.” But we could never be physically interactive sexually for one big reason, “IN SO DOING I WOULD BE COMMITTING SUICIDE.”

    Her mouth opened wide and she started to laugh hysterically. That was the LAST time she questioned me and from then on it was settled that she was accepting of me as a close friend and so it became thus.

    Sometimes if I think a woman’s tits are really nice, I can begin to think she might also be a really nice person too, and then I can think we might be able to develop a really intimate relationship, and make some really nice babies together. It is called fantasizing. And it is sometimes how some women can seem to become so exceptionally virtuous. We just naturally want to attribute good things to them. LOL
    Although I wasn’t there and can’t be certain, in the scenario described, here is a possible alternate way to view it:
    Pick Up Artists(PUA) often try to plant thoughts into their target’s head. Specifically to get their target thinking about sex, and most especially to get their target thinking about having sex with them. And then if they can, they ultimately try to get them talking about it. In the above scenario, Edward’s “classy” friend is already at that point where she is thinking and talking about having sex with him, and for all I know she may even have been trying to use that series of popular seduction techniques on Edward. Edward, of course, denies she is making any sexual advance, because he prefers to see her as a paragon of virtue. She then seriously ratchets up the seduction by locking eyes and saying, “do you not find me attractive?” then followed quickly with “what do you find most interesting and admirable about me?” LOL Now she has hit him with two more seduction techniques, first she induces him to verbalize that he is attracted to her, and then she gets her target verbalizing what makes him attracted to her. It sounds like her method is straight out of a PUA’s seduction guidebook. Then she presses him yet again with the inviting direct question as to the danger of physical attraction/interaction. He said once again there was no chance. She looked at him quizzically and demanded to know why. Seriously, she wants to know why, she made her move, because she really thought Edward was going to be susceptible to it. After Edward rejects her advance pretty hard, then there is some over the top nervous laughter as she tries to regain plausible deniability.
    Because Edward finds it inconceivable to suspect his “classy” female friend of just having dangled some “Netflix and chill” in front of him, he instead imagines her whole scenario as a divine goddess’s chastity-test on the way to her preferred friendzone ending.
    Edward, it would seem this platonic female friendship stayed platonic, because YOU kept it that way. I think you may be projecting your own rock solid morality and self-mastery onto the weaker sex, because you want to imagine them as more virtuous.


  114. Sharkly, your scenario about her trying to set me up for an intimate encounter is flattering and might well be plausible except for the established record of our history. The first time I met her she was wearing baggy jogging pants, no paint(make up) a worn parka, rubber boots and her hair pinned on top of her pretty head. She is much younger and a very moral girl, with high standards. In the making/establishing of a close platonic friendship the experts in capacity as psychologists are adamant in their instruction that both male and female MUST address the issue of physical attraction as a danger and set rules and uncrossable lines. This was part of that session. To be true, the bars to inappropriate conduct are the thousands of miles between us, age, personal responsibilities on both sides, committment, and the shared love we each have for enjoying an existence of freedom. These are all strong inhibiting factors to physical interaction. In the lengthy time we have been friends, the only thing close to violation of the rule of no touching were the few times we were walking and I said something that touched her spirit and she turned, took my arm in both hands and hugged it. That is a “little girl” action and it demonstrates proper affection without the invasion of the space of either. I am not at liberty to talk of the terrible things that happened to her in her existence but suffice to say she is one of the most principled gals I ever met in my entire life and closely parallels the woman described in the last half of the last chapter of Proverbs by Solomon. He described his mother.

    The closeness is based on my propriety and understanding of tragedies she suffered; if I ever even looked at her the wrong way, she would have and would now turn and walk away. To be true, any physical attraction is absorbed into the proper agape love we share. A huge protection is that we both know any dalliances would destroy the emotional mansion we have built together and the relationship of close emotional support we share which is priceless, sacred, and guarded by each the other.

    She is a paragon, as are the other two in my life. These all are so similar in mind, soul and spirit they could be character excellent triplets. Just imagine three women of excellence desiring and getting/giving encouragement, support and validation of who and what they are, and giving same in return. Am I weak? Are they weak? No. These are the “strongest” most feminine, proper, beautiful inside and out women I ever met and I value their existences in my life. None dare violate the friendship as it is an entity I never expected to find let alone experience.

    The sexual act has been pushed as something to be pursued but in my estimation, it is to be reserved for and used ideally in marriage, as a physical expression of feelings so strong and affectionate so focused, fidelitious and true, that they can only be adequately expressed by that physical act that in its purity, communicates to each the other pure love that words could never express. Yet the evil of humanity has taken it and misused it as a selfish act of lustful gratification which is a mere physical superficiality compared to its true function as a mind, soul, spirit and body union exclusively between two committed married people.

    I have learned this over my lifetime and this is MY OWN personal definition of what I think God meant it to be. Of the three I am close to, one really found a man who was her ideal mate, and she his. He deceased a few years ago, and my closeness as a “trusted friend” as she put it, is and will always be based on my total comprehension of that fact. My support of this noble woman entirely uninterested in my gender romantically, is based on a strong respect and celebration of her and her deceased husband’s lives together, and the almost perfect intertwining of them as the ideal couple that in my estimation, came very close to what God intended marriage to be. I recently felt I should honor her by a gift and to be proper, the gift needed to be inclusive of her departed husband with a focus on that alone. I decided and carried through on a necklace with the birthstone of her lost love/husband, which she could wear in remembrance of him. She accepted and was pleased in the gift and the spirit it was given in. That of course clearly indicated I understood, honored and cherished both her and him, knew the hurt and tears she has cried for years, and established there were and are no strings attached. In no way could anyone slant this act on my part as being a romantic gesture. It also strengthened our closeness, as I established the reality I was interested in her happiness, not a romantic interlude, instead identifying as a partaker of her loss of the ideal mate who none can and will be able to replace.

    I cherish each of these precious women for the reasons given and much not mentioned. It would be an obscenity for me to be involved, or even attempt to invade the sanctity of their existences and the friendships I have with each by seeking romance. My disappointment in the fairer gender and idea that there were no REAL women was destroyed the first time I ever verbally interacted with the first one, and then the job was completed by the other two. I have no more room or time for anymore, but need to openly mention, even confess one more fact.

    Years ago, I then met a woman like these, felt the same awe and cherishment, and the feelings were returned. Time, place and circumstances precluded us becoming close and a married unit, and we each went our separate ways. I regret never focusing myself on making her my girl and being her man. I never forgot her and never will. She deceased 12 years ago from cancer and I loved her then, now, and will to my end. Regret is the most common emotion we experience in our later lives.

    My confession? That may not be the right word but these three icons of true womanhood so closely parallel the woman I will never forget, truly loved from a distance as she did me, cherished and admired by me, that they are representative of, even as unique women singularly in their own “rite,” that one I met, loved and cherished 46 years ago. I feel privileged to have met the girl of my dreams, a real woman a long time ago, and privileged to have the close friendships of three similar women of excellence in my life now in close but proper friendships.

    It has been said that, “A woman’s friendship ever ends in love.” That is both wrong and right. You can figure it out. I did a long time ago.

    Sharkly, your projections were and are off the mark and an insult to that gal. Yet I understand completely. Until you cross the path of a real woman of excellence like I have, you might never understand as I do. Do not feel bad or take offence. I was once as you are, and that most men are. It is true there are few real women left but I knew one years ago I should have pursued and married, and know the same real thing in three similar works of inner and outer sublime art today. A man can never know himself truly unless he meets one of these types.

    There are few real women today, as sad as that is, but there are few real men as well. Both genders today are scant and lacking examples of who and what they should be. In looking around for a gold nugget, I hit the “mother lode.” I wish the same for you.


  115. The Falwell soap-opera continues:
    So, apparently Becki was meeting “at church” after 11:00PM when Jerry Jr. calls her to come home and help him up off the floor. For some reason she doesn’t have keys to her own home and busts through a window with a chair, and finds Jerry Jr. in a puddle of blood at the bottom of a flight of stairs. She calls 911 and the police come to find Jerry Jr. drunk and bleeding from his lacerated face. I’m still not sure if I entirely believe the story there. I’m hoping the police will catch whomever keeps setting the Falwells up to look like trashy charlatans. LOL


  116. I am not at all, even though I am a rough man, inclined to kick someone who is down and to lampoon anyone who has fallen is not the thing to do. Yes most religions are corrupt and even apostate and yes, there are religious leaders who sin and fall. The reason I am not inclined to attack someone who has fallen is that it could happen to anyone. Moreover, I should have been dead many times over in my existence but I was spared certain death at ages 4, 9, 13, 16, 20, 24, 26, 28 and recently in 2016.

    I will never know why but God has been merciful to me. My hobbies were/are on and off road motorcycling, hunting, scuba, and my profession has a higher rate of injury and death than either police or firefighter work. In 2016 I was rear ended by a truck, and thrown 20 feet down the road with the motorcycle totalled. It ended up under the truck. I was in the ER for 9 hours under observation and walked out with a cast on my broken heel.

    Two years almost to the day I was driving by the location where I had been struck and there was a wreath there at the same roadside I had lain on. The motorcycle driver was a middle aged woman killed at the very spot I had been hit.

    I have lots of anger, condemnation and even contempt for specific types of people and am an equal opportunity hater of pimps, human traffickers, murderers, terrorists, political leftists, antifa, blm (black lies matter) the “damnocrap party leadership liars, (pelosi, schumer, schiff, waters, etc) ovomit, moochelle, turdo, media liars and whores, and all other workers of iniquity.

    Yet I have no hate for Falwell or his wife.


  117. edward kennedy,
    Regarding your comment before this last one, it still seems like it has some hints and statements of excessive worship/adoration of females. For example:
    “A man can never know himself truly unless he meets one of these types.” [of woman]
    Our hearts, as well as all women’s hearts, are deceitfully wicked, only God can truly know us,(Jeremiah 17:9) and it will not be in this life that we shall know even as we are known by God:
    1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.
    Women aren’t like God in that they will help us to truly know ourselves. That idea is a childish infatuation, granting women a Godlike power. When a woman offers you to taste the knowledge of your own good and evil, don’t bite on that fruit. Besides, men are generally much more impartial and objective, according to common observation, ancient wisdom, and modern statistical assessments. So if a woman offers to give you an “unbiased” opinion of yourself, rest assured it is likely to be pretty biased, vary according to her present mood, and usually it will also be given with some manipulation already in mind. Every last woman has a deceitful and wicked heart.

    You say: “It would be an obscenity for me to be involved, or even attempt to invade the sanctity of their existences and the friendships I have with each by seeking romance.”
    “The sanctity of their existences”, is hopefully no more sanctified than your own existence. Your pattern of speech seems like you are intentionally elevating these women above yourself, which would be improper and unbecoming for a man to do, and for them to accept. While they may have individual qualities or even a collection of qualities that exceed your own, they are still the glory of men, and to be ranked below the image and glory of God. God doesn’t tell women to be silent in His churches, and to adorn themselves with shamefacedness because they’re such righteous influences on men. To think otherwise is to have been beguiled, and become infatuated with your holy trinity of “these three icons of true womanhood”. You might just not be seeing these women’s wickedness and deceitfulness, if you think they are without it, or that they are somehow better than righteous men.
    Women are inferior to men. God made them that way. And God organized His hierarchy with the greater(men) being served by the lesser.(women) Your three icons whom you idolize do nothing to contradict the ways of God. Yes, women are able to be joint heirs of God’s grace, but that stands as testimony to how far reaching the graciousness of God is, not to some equal merit on their part, for no sinner can ever be saved of their own merit, so salvation is always an undeserved gift and not ever testimony to anyone’s relative deservedness. As for which sex should adorn themselves with shamefacedness, and which ought to come before God uncovered, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God, we are clearly told these foundational elements. And so it is elementary to the foundation of God’s ways to understand that women are not men’s equals unjustly enslaved by a vengeful God. Women were made lesser, specifically to serve the man, fittingly. Feminism and equality are just satanic lies, the seeds of discord and discontentment sown by the evil one.

    Liked by 1 person

  118. I like your reference to Jeremiah wherein the truth is the heart of MAN is deceptively wicked. It is true. The evil of humanity knows no bounds and both God and Satan use humanity to further their ends, one good and the other bad.

    I can and will accept there are manipulative women as well as men and for sure it is true the women I know, I absolutely cherish them for who and what they are. Take even my neighbors. One on one side is always making delicious food to give me and the other is a young woman married with three children. One across is another good woman and there are two down the road as well, very good women.

    I have a client who is a doctor and very generous/good to me. Ever get a grand for a tip? Ever given a high end new stove worth $3600. for nothing? I have and she is an atheist but a decent charitable intelligent woman.

    Woman means “helper” to man and that is the way it is supposed to be and if you have ever seen a true God loving woman, you will see something of exquisite pulchritude. We have women in scriptures and even two books Esther and Ruth. I do not believe they are inferior to man, even though God made Eve as a helper. God saw man was alone and it was not good. So he made Eve and thus men are not complete without woman. The three I am close to are prime examples of women excellent in character, whose inner beauty flows to the outside over and through me.

    While God has delegated woman in her proper place, she is not inferior. I do not accept that. Being a helper does not make a person inferior.

    I note you use scriptures to make points that are right but there never was any scripture that says woman is inferior.


  119. edward kennedy,
    As for the Falwells, whom you imply I am kicking while they’re down: At this point it still appears like crooked lawyer Jerry junior is set to get 10.5 million dollars in severance money for disgracing Liberty University worse than anyone ever has. If I were the university I’d be looking at every possible way to claw back that money, and at least make the disgrace have to show in court how he deserves any of that. They’ve already paid him sumptuously throughout his employment there, and turned a blind eye to his self-serving business deals. If only I could be as far down as jet-setting Jerry, with his real estate empire, his mansion, his yacht! I’ve lost a lot, but I was never in my life that well off. Shall I cry for this down-on-his-luck scoundrel? You’ve listed those you hate. I hate liars, most specifically false-teachers within Christendom the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’ll kick them when they’re up, down, and in between, as God grants me opportunity. And Lawyers too, everybody should hate those perverters of justice. I think Abe Lincoln was the last half-way honest one. And some folks might even debate that. The fact that Jerry junior is both a liar/false-teacher and a lawyer, in addition to willingly being cuckolded, makes him not just my quintessential enemy, but a slimy disgusting one at that. If I really were to kick him, I’d want to disinfect my boots for a good long time afterward, to get the scent of the damned off of them, lest the hounds of hell track me.


  120. One would be perfectly justified in thinking that Jerry Junior, for whatever reason (daddy issues no one has ever talked about?) has enlisted his wife’s help for the purpose of deliberately trashing Jerry Senior’s memory and legacy. I can’t imagine any other scenario that makes any sense.

    I never liked Falwell Senior, either, but I can’t picture e him ever sinking to the lows his son has, even in his sleaziest megachurchian moments.


  121. I like your reference to Jeremiah wherein the truth is the heart of MAN is deceptively wicked.
    Which translation are you using that says “heart of man” are you using the Wycliffe? Most just say “the heart” for: “הַלֵּ֛ב”. Lots of verses in the Bible are specifically about men, and people try to stretch them to cover all people, but Jeremiah 17:9 really is about the heart of all people. Around here I need to try to clear the fog around English words like “man” which can have so many meanings, since we need to get to the truth of God’s word to combat Feminism and its effect on mankind and womankind.

    Woman means “helper” to man …
    Woman means “taken out of Man”. So say Genesis 2:23 and the Hebrew language.

    “While God has delegated woman in her proper place, she is not inferior. I do not accept that. Being a helper does not make a person inferior.”
    First, you are correct that being helpful or a helper does not make a person inferior. However I think we’re getting to the root of our conflict with this bit: “she is not inferior. I do not accept that.”
    The Bible calls the wife the “weaker” vessel the Greek word there is “asthenés”(Strong’s Greek word 772)
    Meaning: (lit: not strong), (a) weak (physically, or morally), (b) infirm, sick.
    She has literally got an issue! LOL A bloody period of uncleanness, how is Aunt Flo equal or superior to a man?

    Anyhow I’ll copy and paste this from another post:
    1. Ephesians 5 teaches us that husbands image Jesus Christ, while wives image the church. So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    2. Women are told to be in subjection.(1Peter 3:1-2) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    3. Men alone are allowed to represent God and teach His word to both men and women.(1 Timothy 2:12) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    4. Women are not to usurp authority over men. (1 Timothy 2:12) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    5. Women are to reverence their husbands (Ephesians 5:33) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    6. Women are to cover their heads in prayer, but men should not.(1 Corinthians 11:3-9) So the sexes are clearly not equal when coming before God.
    7. Man was created preeminently in God’s image, while woman was secondly created from man’s flesh and bone.(Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:18-24) So the sexes are clearly not equal in their creation.
    8. The husband is to be the head,(1 Corinthians 11:3) and the wife the helper.(Genesis 2:18) So the sexes are clearly not equal in rank.
    9. Women are unavoidably ceremonially unclean during menstruation,(Leviticus 15:19-27, Leviticus 18:19, Ezekiel 18:5-6, Ezekiel 36:17) So the sexes are clearly not equal. Nor does that periodic defilement fit the image of God.
    10. Women are natural defilers. (Revelation 14:4) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    11. We are clearly told that women are the “weaker vessel”.(1 Peter 3:7) So the sexes are clearly not equal.
    12. We are told specifically that women are to be shamefaced. (1 Timothy 2:9) So the sexes are clearly not of equal glory and status.

    And I’ll add that God cursed both Satan and Eve, but God would not curse His own image and glory, so God said to Adam, “cursed be the ground on thy account”. For Adam had been taken from the ground before being made into the image of God. And Malachi 4:5-6 warns not of the possibility of God smiting men with a curse, but again, cursing the earth instead. It wasn’t a fluke, its God’s divine pattern not to curse all men.(forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God)
    But all women on earth are currently accursed by God, and should rightly be shamefaced.
    Revelation 22:3 speaks of where there shall be no more curse. But presently this earth and the women living on it are still accursed of God. Don’t think too highly of them, or you insult God. Husbands are, according to knowledge, to give honor to their wives, yet as unto a weaker vessel who is to see to it that she reverence her husband.


  122. feeriker,
    I think Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife are fools, of the Biblically described kind, whose actions tell you that they don’t fear God. They seemed to fear the pool boy making their perverted lives public, but even there, not enough to do enough to prevent it. I think in the grand scheme they are Satan’s “useful idiots” but internally they are just selfish and lacking self-control. While their stupidity seems so profound as to be seemingly deliberate to any sensible person. I think they both are nuclear-grade nepotistic numb-sculls. Her family was filthy rich and his family was world famous. In their minds, bad things just didn’t happen to people like them. Jerry junior would show up to work drunk, as president, at a university that would expel students for drinking. But he had people who would cover for him, presuming themselves to be covering for the good of God’s kingdom somehow. He grew up living a pampered life where he could shit himself and others would quickly clean him all up and make him smell of scented talc. That had continued until just now. Even now the two of them are probably mad at their clean up crews for not handling this mess for them.

    Which leads me to your next link and the part I still need to finish adding to the Original Post about churchians covering sh1t up when they should be either confessing or exposing and rooting out all wickedness. Church discipline is an escalating process where ultimately, if the person stays unrepentant, the sin and the sinner are both clearly pointed out publicly and expelled from among the Christ following church.
    Pride! That’s the sin. He was not specific about what he meant by “pride.” Watermark’s communications staff did not respond to … an opportunity for the church to elaborate…
    What the hell are these God damned sin concealing deceivers thinking? The unsaved world has a legitimate question, which the press is asking, and these wordy windbags suddenly can’t even eke out a single simple honest answer? Has confession and repentance been outlawed by the church of Jesus Christ?
    Do they think God is in on that wickedness and it needs to be covered for? And if it is only one of them that is wicked, then why can’t that sinner’s sin be confessed and renounced and clearly publicly distanced from the ways of Christ? No, these sh1t holes are wiping their own asses using the name of Jesus Christ, just to keep people’s donations flowing in like they feel is owed to them. And now the whole world knows these Dallas douchebags are just covering for their true leader’s crimes, because if they followed Jesus Christ they’d be following His Word:
    Proverbs 28:13 He that hideth his sins, shall not prosper: but he that confesseth, and forsaketh them, shall have mercy.
    1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
    Their god is the father of lies. Otherwise they’d love the Truth, and share their real testimony, confessing and forsaking their sins so that they might be cleansed from all their unrighteousness. But they’d rather hide their sins, and make Christ out to be an enabler of sins and coverups, His word has no place in their lives, except to be used to manipulate others for fame, sex, and money, and whatever else the world craves. You don’t have to confess every detail of every sin to every person, but you don’t play stupid about your sin when you’re the shepherd of the whole flock, unless you want the whole flock to sin whenever it suits them and lie and dodge questions, as needed, to cover it up like you just did. That sh1t pisses me off, did I mention I hate liars and false teachers?

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  123. “What the hell are these God damned sin concealing deceivers thinking?”

    I am self accepting of my unworthiness and even were I a “Saint” it would still not change the reality that I deserve naught but death, judgment and damnation. Not I nor anyone knows the mind of omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent almighty God and I would not dare presuppose especially to presume that I do by usurping that Authority of judgment by daring to use the words “God damned.”

    He has clearly given us His mind on many things by the Word but the final judgment is by He who knows the mind of man better than even ourselves. “There is none perfect, no not one” and that applies to us all.

    Thank you for your last dissertation on the topic of women, you have included substantial scriptural references that are applicable and I will address the topic similarly.


  124. Hopefully nobody is accidentally mistaking me for God. When I say somebody is damned, that is my opinion of where their current behavior has them headed. I don’t believe a mega-preacher should refuse to confess his own sin when publicly asked about it, and thereby teach many others to hide their sin as well. If he stumbles others, can he be forgiven of his own sin plus bear theirs too, if he won’t even confess and renounce his own sin? God doesn’t forgive the unrepentant. How repentant is a person for staining the bride of Christ, if they are still trying to hide the stain instead of confessing it and getting it forgiven and cleansed.
    Psalm 66:18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.
    Seriously! This is unfaithfulness to God. To imagine that you have not stained the bride of Christ, because only you and so great a cloud of heavenly witnesses know about it. You’re only hiding yourself from God’s faithful forgiveness, you can’t hide your sin from God. You are unfaithfully acting like people not finding out about your sin is far more important than you making it right with God. You are worth-shipping the approval of others over the approval of God. By refusing to confess your sins and renounce them, you are giving Satan the accuser a solid case against your redemption. The only way to divert yourself from hell is to repent and start believing that getting right with God and not bearing a false witness before men, is more important than your own reputation. Esteem God’s reputation as more precious than your own, and renounce your sins to the glory of God. Otherwise you’re worshipping something else above God, and He will have no other God’s before Him, He is a jealous God, who has named Himself Jealous(Exodus 34:14) and He jealously desires His Spirit to dwell in us. Do you really think His Holy Spirit is going to hide out in us along with all of our unconfessed sins and ongoing willful rebellion? No, if His Holy Spirit is acting in us, our sin is going to be confessed and renounced. That responsibility dodger doesn’t even fool me. How will he fool the thrice-holy all-knowing God?

    Here is a bit of Poetry:
    Sirach 23:18 The one who sins against his marriage bed says to himself, “Who can see me? Darkness surrounds me, the walls hide me, and no one sees me. Why should I worry? The Most High will not remember sins.” 19 This man is only afraid of other people. He doesn’t realize that the eyes of the Lord are 10,000 times brighter than the sun, that He sees everything we do, even when we try to hide it. 20 Before all things were created, God knew them; so as well after they were finished.


  125. The unsaved world has a legitimate question

    The unsaved, unbelieving world has LOTS of legitimate questions that the churchians regularly deflect, which utterly and justifiably shreds the church’s credibility in the eyes of same unbelievers. Churchianity, tragically, being the face the unbelieving world sees, this is why the true church struggles to have an impact on the world.

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  126. Sharkly, I have enjoyed reading through these most recent manuscripts for Le Morte d’Arthur remake. Sappier than a forest of Oregon pine.

    ” Hopefully nobody is accidentally mistaking me for God. When I say somebody is damned, that is my opinion of where their current behavior has them headed. ”

    A reminder that we are called to exercise judgement (Jn 7:24), and we can assert with 100% accuracy those who will be damned (Re 21:8). We are commanded to learn God’s ways (Dt 11:17), and our role in Creation is dominion of this Earth (Ge 2:15). Being God is not a requirement to know God’s conclusions about the lives of others, and take forceful direction in dealing with them.

    It grates on the soul of the lukewarm men in the Church, and surely grates on the souls of the women. To stand before anyone with zero tone of humility or self-depreciating humor, asserting with full boldness, is an affront only to the Cult of Nice. They will out themselves as being false adherents to the Spirit (Mk 8:38).

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  127. I have finally got around to finishing the original post, by adding in my own personal example of churchian cover-up, which I am battling as time permits me. I have every intention to make my wife’s nasty divorce the permanent public face of that unrepentant cunt-worshipping coven of man-bashing religious Feminists. What they want snuck by in secret is now being exposed worldwide.


  128. This is undeniably correct, based on the reality the “Word” is the only authentic and true evaluation of right and wrong. That is why there is so much hate and rebellion against God, as the pride aspect of humanity claims lies are true, wrong is right, and that man made obscenities such as dialectic secular humanism aka political correctness aka socialism are embraced by damned fools.

    We are the authors of our own misfortunes, contrary to the lies imposed by secular sickos who like Ted Scott, decades ago, as another fake leader of a damned religious disorganization stated that “homosexuality is a social reality, therefore we must learn to normalize and accept it.” It escapes this mental midget apostate apostate that murder, sex trafficking, child abuse, and other sins are also social realities and by his ridiculous repugnant, mindset, does he also reason these must be normalized as well? Such blasphemy to protect and defend an obscenity is pandemic in many religious disorganizations by agents of assininity, in reality, mere hirelings and minions of Satan who ignore the Truth of the Word,” the only Authority and instruction book of valid judgments authorized by almighty God.

    The Falwell jaunt into sin is nothing compared to this and other heresies that have been preached by false leaders with an ear to the synagogue of Satan who have pushed lies, attacked Truth, and spouted commandments of mental midgets as fake leaders, damning millions with their deceptions and apostacies. The biggest lie in style now is the unadulterated BS that is proclaimed by liars, “There are many ways to God” which ignores the Truth the Only Way to God is by Jesus Christ.

    There will be more people damned to hell by religion, than by any other cause/thing and the perpetrators will have the collective blood on their hands of these billions who have fallen for the lies of fake leaders. Has anyone noticed the glorified Christ in the first two chapters of Revelation found fault with six churches of Asia and gave a pass to only one of the seven? Has anyone noted that Jesus saved His harshest rebukes and strongest language for the religious leaders of His day?”

    Carry that forward to the present, to see that these seven churches are all typesets of religion today, that is, as a double reference prophecy, true.

    I am more concerned with fake religious leaders preaching apostasy than of any religious leader wallowing in sin. The one group falls into sexual and/or other sins while the worst type preach apostasy as truth and support/defend sin.

    The worst are the latter, refusing to let God be true, subverting the Word and leading billions to the gates of hell.


  129. edward kennedy,
    “I am more concerned with fake religious leaders preaching apostasy than of any religious leader wallowing in sin. The one group falls into sexual and/or other sins while the worst type preach apostasy as truth and support/defend sin.”

    For the most part I agree that the leaders preaching false doctrines are worse than the grifters who are just in the “ministry” for easy money, sex, fame, and Etc. But I also think that these grifters also preach apostasy by their faithless example. When they choose to wallow in sin, they show themselves to be fools who do not fear the living God, or even live as though they acknowledge that any sort of god of justice lives. They are literally teaching people by their example to get their portion in this life, not that God is to be their portion. Jerry Falwell junior is teaching people by his example to get yourself a yacht, buy yourself grand estates in this life, use the money God’s people donate to your “ministry” to pay young studs to indulge your deviant sexual appetites. He is not teaching anybody to store up their treasure in heaven, in spite of what he might have said to the donors, whose money ultimately got lavished on a pool boy, overpaying him for (what is now, not so discrete) gigolo service.

    There is also the unknowable cost of opportunity. What could have happened if Liberty University had been led by a modest-living leader focused on obeying God, and teaching God’s truth, instead of having tolerated this drunken faker focused on building his own earthly fiefdom?


  130. Liberty University could never have been pleasing to God because it is named after a Roman goddess, i.e., a demon. Based largely on predecessors in Egypt and before that, Babylon. I will leave it to you to imagine how the King feels about a Roman ‘deity’, much less about putative Christians naming their bible schools after her.

    Tree had rotten roots now look at the fruit(s). Your civilizations are drenched in occultism and goddess worship. Churches inclusive. The U.S. leading the pack.

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  131. Jerry Falwell Junior is now suing Liberty University for forcing him to resign, and thereby the university supposedly damaged his reputation. LOL
    Now because I am not a lawyer, but a moral person instead, it seems to me rather that Jerry might have been the one whose unethical behavior damaged the university’s reputation, but I’m just a common man, I’m no lawyer like Jerry Falwell Junior is, perverting justice again, to blame the damage done by his other perversions onto other “Christians”.
    Maybe the headline should read:
    Alcoholic swinger who likes to film his wife committing adultery with kids whom he gives millions from the university’s budget, sues the nonprofit for not continuing to cover up his sickening crimes and maintain his deceitful and hypocritical ‘holier than thou’ reputation.


  132. Speaking of Churchian cover-ups:
    The false-teacher guy claims he was unfaithful to his marriage. And based upon his picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was with another fruity dude.
    Hellsong church says: “It would not be appropriate for us to go into detail about the events that led to this decision,” the statement said. “Our focus at this time is to honor God and pastorally care for our East Coast church community as well as the Lentz family.”

    In other words, it is more important to Hellsong to hide church-wrecking sins than to expose them and condemn them like the Bible commands us to do. The church willingly adds deception and cover-up to the sins already committed. They won’t even confess the sins of fired individuals who no longer work there. That’s how far they are from operating in the open and aboveboard.
    Ephesians 5:11(TLB) Take no part in the worthless pleasures of evil and darkness, but instead, rebuke and expose them.
    They don’t care what God commands, they don’t want to come clean. They just want their worldly fiefdoms to save face. Their church ain’t about God or about God’s kingdom, they have their own agenda, and they will engage in lies, deceiving, and cover-up to accomplish it. I wonder, who is the Deceiver whom they are all imitating? Who teaches them to hide their sins? Could it be … Satan?


  133. More is coming to light about Hellsong’s preacher Carl Lentz

    Meanwhile, a woman that was previously involved with Hillsong exclusively told The Sun that the church knew about the affairs well before Carl was fired.
    The source revealed: “My friend and I were leaders at the church so people came to us as their leaders about other transgressions with other leaders and pastors, including Carl.
    “Women came to us and said Carl was sleeping around with people who were members of the church.”
    She continued: “There have been many sexual transgressions at Hillsong NYC. We tried to address them in 2017 and we were told that we were spreading gossip.”
    “We still tried to go to the pastors about it and we were dismissed. They knew exactly what we were saying… we weren’t threatening anything, just asking for answers.
    But leaders and pastors wouldn’t give us the time of day.”
    “We heard Carl was sleeping with people and we tried to address it the proper way within leadership…and it was swept under the rug.”

    His latest mistress a 34 year old Muslim tart named Ranin said:
    “He’s a professional narcissist” and “lies too much”, “people like him shouldn’t preach” or drink so much. “There’s no deepness there,” she said of Hillsong — which reportedly has more than 150,000 members. “It seems like it’s a cult.”
    Even vacuous whores, who live for instant fleshly gratification, find Hillsong to be shallow. LOL


    2 Corinthians 6:17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.


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