2021 Predictions

Well, 2020, (the worst year evah!) is now thankfully behind us. 

The sun has set on that year of turmoil.  

Will we watch the birth of a new year of God’s great blessings on these our faithless lands?

Well, I don’t claim any inspiration for the following predictions, nor am I a prognosticator, but I think things will get tougher for those who truly seek to serve God, and probably for everybody else as well. 

Unless President Trump does something drastic within the next few weeks, we will be looking at a new administration that does not have America’s best interest in mind.  However, our leftist media, which has been religiously preaching doom and gloom for four years straight, will usher in a new era of gilded-turds.  “Everything is Awesome!” will become their new mantra.  We will be told that everything is getting better.  However, since our adversaries “Never let a good crisis go to waste” we can be sure that some crises will arise to justify their taking away more of our freedoms, presumably for our own good.

Now if Donald Trump does decide to, and successfully unleashes a battle to claim the presidency, that all honest-minded folks know he won, then there will be mayhem, and more years of liberal screeching like nothing we’ve ever witnessed before.  Donald Trump does not get the gilded-turd treatment from our treasonous media.  On the contrary, if he remains, the media will do everything within their power to foment discontentment with absolutely everything that can possibly be linked to his reign.

Either way things don’t look rosy.  Either we’re ruled by crooks and we will be told that we’re doing great while they rob our children’s future to feed their hedonism today.  Or there will be riotous opposition to Making America Great Again.  A large part of the country will be trying  to bring down our republic from within.   And that is all without even considering the possibility of acts of God. 

My Prediction


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  1. “Happy” New Year!

    I think your general prognosis is spot-on. As far as America is concerned, Civil War II is going to break out no matter what happens with the presidential election results, and the breakup of the country is certain. No, it won’t all happen this year, but this will be the year everything gets underway. The painful truth is that the USA is simply no longer a functional nation. There is no longer a common cultural “glue” that holds the country together, and no amount of force is going to keep it together.

    That’s why the presidential election results are ultimately meaningless. If Biden gets away with stealing the election (and there are more than enough treasonous traitors within the ranks of Republicans to help him get away with it), then 80 million Americans are going to say “Oh, hell fuck no!” and detonate the powder keg. OTOH, if Trump is able to reclaim what was clearly robbed from him, the Left will go into wilding mode (which will lead to the Right going into “housecleaning mode”). AS A BEST-CASE SCENARIO, a second Trump term buys the USSA three-and-a-half more years of semi-controlled implosion. Whoever occupies the White House will be the USA’s last president, the New Roman Empire’s Romulus Augustus, and an ultimately ineffective one at that. There will be no 2024 presidential election. In fact, it’s highly possible, maybe even probable, that there won’t even be 2022 mid-term elections.

    As for the big picture and the long term, the truth is simply this: to put it in the vernacular, God is MIGHTY pissed off at this country (justifiably so) and is opening up a king-sized can of Whup-Ass on it. The majority of Americans –especially American “Christians”– are far, FAR too arrogant to believe that they deserve divine punishment, which is why God is going to dial things up to the point where they’ll be screaming for mercy in short order. Still too arrogant to repent, mind you, but not too proud to beg for undeserved mercy.

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  2. I don’t think the Patriots are high enough numerically to have a war.
    Why would they risk themselves physically when they aren’t willing to confront their wives or daughters? Won’t confront public school principals, won’t run for school board sex ed panels, etc.

    We are losing politically yet we can’t get volunteers to knock on doors in the cities or poll watch in each dindu voting precincts.

    Where is the evidence of fight?

    I think Biden will be President a year from now.
    I think I will still be praying for Sharkly and his sons and for him to have full custody of them and for them to see their Mom and her church as the reprobates, but instead cling to Jesus, and to not reject Jesus just because of Whitewater.

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  3. If you are bought and saved by Christ, there is no reason to fear anything 2021 may hold. Jesus’ blood has covered our sin so that we may appear as righteous before God, and no enemy can change that.

    If we survive 2021, we are blessed to live another year on earth, enjoying the things He has created.
    If we die in 2021, then we go to be with God for eternity and cast away our flawed earthly bodies.
    Neither option sounds bad to me!

    Happy 2021 everyone.

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  4. I don’t think the Patriots are high enough numerically to have a war.
    The fair-weather fighters will only look to join up just in time for the victory parade. However the real patriots fight because they believe their cause to be worth fighting and dying for, even if they lose.
    We are at the point where you can’t confront your wife or daughter,(go to jail) you can’t confront the powers that be,(get fined or sued) you can’t confront a vote manufacturing Black.(not even with video proof)

    Our leaders are no longer even allowed to speak the truth or even define a person’s sex:
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-MA) unveiled the rules for the 117th Congress on Friday, which contain “future-focused” proposals, including the elimination of gendered terms, such as “father, mother, son, and daughter.”
    We either have to fight or we just surrender to Satan. Satan’s Feminism was never only about falsely equalizing the sexes, to destroy the family and society, now we must all be forced to live in a satanic delusion where there are supposedly no sexes. But we can’t fight by playing their game by their rules, that was fully tried and lost already by 100 million churchians over the last hundred years since we gave women a vote, so that we can be forced to hearken unto women, like Adam did and became defiled.

    Swanny River, I know you are going through rough times. I prayed for you, feeriker, ray, and some others last night. I will do it again soon. Pray for me.


  5. Wight of Leeds,
    Welcome to commenting here, and thank you for your positive perspective. I agree.
    John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. 25 He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. 26 If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor. 27 Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.

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  6. Thank you for your prayers. The situation has lightened a tiny bit and we are intact for now.

    I saw the Pelosi gender rules headline this morning and decided to read about from an article in the NY Post that said a GOP congressman is pushing back.
    I was curious about the pushback details. It turned out to be a woman congressman and she was too much a pussy to say the language change was evil. Instead, she said it’s ridiculous because of all the more important issues we have going on.

    Right there is example 1a of what churchians think is wise and gentle talk. Nonconfrontational yet full of faux bluster. So for all the Republicans voting for women, that type of speech probably represents an improvement compared with having a white obese man in the seat who sells out the voters.


  7. Swanny River, I know you are going through rough times. I prayed for you, feeriker, ray, and some others last night. I will do it again soon. Pray for me.

    Thank you, Sharkly. I continue to pray for you, too, and all of us here. We are living in times that try men’s souls. Yes, note that I emphasize men here. While everyone is under extreme stress right now, the enemy, through his agents here on earth, is waging all-out war against those of us made in God’s image. He is atrack8ng our position in society, our authority, our purpose, our livelihoods, our marriages, EVERYTHING. Most disheartening and sickening of all is that he has found some of his most willing servants inside of what is supposed to be The Lord’s domain, the church (the good news in this, however, is that this betrayal has torn the masks off of these false churches and exposed them for what they really are).

    The one bright light in all of this is that we have built up a community here (even if it is of the virtual kind), one full of wisdom, hope, and faith. May we continue to build one another up through the trials and tribulations of the coming year.

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  8. Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

    Swanny River,
    I’m really glad to hear things have lightened up a bit for you.
    It is a shame that men are so beat down and subservient to political-correctness that only a female politician feels empowered to stand up to Nancy Pelosi’s satanic attempt to erase all sex based terminology from our legislation. We should elect men of course, but we need to insist on electing ones who will stand up for us, even against a disabled redheaded Black/Eskimo female veteran transvestite who grew up in a bad neighborhood and was abused as a child.


  9. Please pray for me. I will be going to court in the morning 1/6/21. My wife’s lawyer is trying to get “emergency” full custody of my sons claiming I’m a danger to them again, apparently this time because I blog, and I am not a Feminist. My lawyer claims this is standard procedure for her to try to force me into accepting a settlement. My wife doesn’t want me to have the opportunity to ever have my concerns regarding her addressed, in the best interest of my two sons. I don’t see what the emergency is since due to my wife’s refusal to ever turn the boys over to me for parenting time, I have neither seen nor spoken to either of them in months. Yet whenever my wife’s lawyer wants something the courts jump to attention and call an emergency session, even while we are three years into this divorce and my concern’s for my sons that predate the divorce, have still not been allowed to be presented in court yet. I did get assigned a new judge, a man, so pray that he will have a heart and not allow this malicious prosecution and the intentional alienation of my sons to continue.


  10. “Please pray for me. I will be going to court in the morning 1/6/21.”

    You got it.

    “My lawyer claims this is standard procedure for her to try to force me into accepting a settlement.”

    They never learn! When enough accusations build up, it’s the accuser who starts to look guilty.

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  11. Wow, I spent 3 hours in court, and am still trying to wrap my head around things. Lawyers getting rich arguing. My lawyer finished up with a speech claiming that my Biblical beliefs are protected and allowed by the constitution. As if reminding the “family court”, that being a Bible believer might be abhorrent to all of them, but it is still technically legal, or at least it is still for this month. They all seemed pretty hostile to my wife and I’s stated desire of staying married, but I guess defying God and putting marriages asunder for a living is what they do. My wife is still refusing to admit there could be anything she needs to change. Apparently she thinks I just need to submit to whatever she demands. The lawyers will have her divorced here in a few months it looks like, but not before running up a huge bill for both of us. The system just feeds off of us and encourages her to refuse to submit to going to any joint counselling. They appointed another lawyer for us to pay, a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) representing our kids. I don’t know whether they will help to get to the bottom of things, or just do more devil dance to the tune of my money. My wife’s Feminazi lawyer tried to say that I had threatened the court because I had written something warning about the day of righteousness coming like a thief in the night. Apparently she had no clue that was a reference to the return of Christ. The holy scriptures must be like Kryptonite to divorce lawyers. LOL

    Anyhow, I must be on some type of terror watchlist down at the courthouse now. They had all sorts of security like I had never seen there before. they’ve never had a bailiff or cop before. This time they had three cops setting in for the whole proceeding and some other folks I didn’t recognize, my lawyer thought one of them was a detective. They even had a cop going around telling us to keep our masks over our noses. Must not be enough real crime if they can afford to be policing my bandana. In a round about way, as a taxpayer, I’m paying for mask-cop too. Not just all the lawyers. Our tiny courtroom had all kinds of plexiglass up, that made it look like a miniature hockey rink. I’m not sure if that is because of how violent they thought I might be, or if it is to protect against the China-virus. They were commenting like it was new. After having dabbled a little with hockey, I was half tempted to test out the plexiglass, but I wasn’t sure how securely fastened it was,(it didn’t look “regulation” hockey strength) and they’d have probably shot me. They didn’t seem to have much sense of humor there at the courthouse today. This certainly isn’t the 1969 America I was born into. The future looks bleak as our nation’s morals slip away and evil impoverishing Marxism seems to be heading our way, to make us all pay for the majority deserting God. I don’t know if it is sleep deprivation, or just being surrounded by such professional evildoers who suppress the truth in there today, but I’m just feeling exhausted and dazed. I wish I could go to bed and wake back up in the 1980’s.

    Anyhow, hopefully now that they were made aware of my blogs, they can now gain some new perspective, but I think their official stance is diametrically opposed to what I’m sharing. After a half an hour of going through some of my comments and a post, and being asked if I wrote that, I kind of got the sense that my wife’s lawyer seemed to feel like she was scoring points by revealing that I really am disgusted with their evil cunt-court. Either that or she was hoping I might change my mind if she read it in front of the very people I was criticizing. IDK I think it was “outrage porn” for them. How dare he say that about us! Except the judge was new, and mostly it was just about herself, the queen-bee of Feminist family destroyers. All in all, I think the divorce court folks probably like me about as much as I care for them. They’re an unnecessary evil. family Vultures! They’ll allow anything that suits them, except God’s law. And they will howl in agony when they finally meet God and realize what fools they were to have disregarded God for a living and sold their souls for some money that they will no longer have with them in hell. In spite of how they get paid the big bucks to argue, they don’t seem like happy folks, which is kind of sad, since this life is the best it gets for them. I’m not always happy here either, but this ain’t my happy time. What an evil day I had at cunt-court. I need to read some Bible to metaphorically cleanse my palate, from their twisted words.

    I do think the new judge is better than the last one. The usurper never overruled my wife’s rabid lawyer, but the new judge overruled her about half the time today, so that was a sign of improvement to my untrained ears. Although I have a strange sense that some of what was said by our lawyers was essentially theatre for us clients paying the bills. It seemed like very little of what got said had much sway on the judges rationale for his ruling.

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  12. Thank you for the update. They have to admit that they are breaking their own rules by allowing your wife to lie to the court and not allowing visitation. If you had more money, you should sue the court.

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  13. Echoing the thanks for the update, Sharkly, and sorry to read that you’ve had such a draining day. This day was, I think, a traumatic one for all of us in so many ways!

    I wonder: as our nation comes unraveled, as we head inexorably into Civil War II, as our rotten, corrupt institutions collapse, if there just might be a reprieve for you and your sons on the horizon. I don’t see how ANY court of law is going to be able to function in the coming national breakup, even at the state and local level. Things will be ugly, but a silver lining to the ugliness will be that the institutions of evil that the Satanic regime sustained in times when it held unchecked power won’t be strong enough to continue their oppressive and ungodly ways.

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  14. Yesterday in court it was said, that one time when I went to pick up the boys, the cops were called out. To make it sound like I’m a danger to my family. It never got explained that I was in fact the one who had to call the police on my wife, because of her illegally refusing to turn the boys over, while using them in an attempt to force money from me over bills that were disputed. No, it just got left hanging there as if some concerned neighbor had to call police because of a disturbance. The truth certainly got suppressed again yesterday.

    Apparently the other side had prepared for a long time to broadside us, with more malicious litigation, and my lawyer only found out the day before and we were totally unprepared to show the judge what was really going on. Apparently the court had erroneously taken him off my case, not sent him any of the filings, and he didn’t discover it until after I got stuff taped to my door much later. But there we were in court having my wife being granted “emergency” full custody, because I’m “dangerous” according to a woman whose disorders makes her prone to irrational fears, and her lawyer who claimed I was a danger to my sons, because I’m angry about being kept from them for most of the last three years based entirely upon their false accusations, and their refusal to comply with their own agreements. Once again cunt-court gave my crazy wife custody of the kids because of accusations that I’m a danger to them, by the same team who has been shown to have falsely claimed that exact same thing before. While after three years my accusation regarding my concerns of my wife being a danger to the children, which predates our divorce, has still not even been allowed to be heard. And I found out that a report from three years ago refuting their earlier claims, still wasn’t even part of the court records yet. It was just more male bashing.

    They were trying to order a third psychological evaluation for me because I passed the last two with no disorders or addictions found, like they were claiming would be found. While my wife who already has three diagnosed disorders and is on psych-meds has never yet been evaluated to any degree, despite my constant concerns regarding her mental fitness to be ruling over that court by reason of having a vagina. Nor did she ever participate in any joint counselling in the best interest of the kids, even though she had agreed to, but weaseled out through intentional deception for a year and a half. She knows that if she ever participated in any joint counselling, the counsellor would have had issues with her constant nasty intentional distancing behaviors, that she would be asked to explain.

    Anyhow, it really looks to me like absolutely everything about how they have operated was rigged against me, and their is zero protection for me and my sons against my wife’s lawyer’s malicious prosecution, and if I complain about any of their injustice against me and my sons, then they get outraged and claim that gives them even more reason to screw me over. There is no injustice that they won’t give full force of law against me, and there seems to be no possible way that they can be forced to do anything that is in agreement with God’s laws. Whatever God is for, they are reflexively opposed to. The only thing they won’t do is ask a woman to “submit” to an evaluation that her husband feels should be done in the best interest of the children. While it sounds like they are trying to get me evaluated a third time claiming that the “red pill” has somehow now rendered me a danger to my children. Lots of Feminist point and shriek was going on.

    Apparently If the female side files false public charges that I am a sex addict, to such a degree that I am too dangerous to be with my own sons, and my sons are told that, it is perfectly OK. But if after 2.5 years of being wrongfully denied my children by this system and allegations that have been long since thoroughly disproven, I make posts stating that I’m not the one with the poorly controlled sexual behavior, I’m somehow not acting in my sons’ best interest, because my boys might someday hear the actual truth about their mother’s life. Supposedly I’m endangering the boys by allowing some truth to become public, whereas when they lied to the boys that I was such a horrible danger to them that “the police are protecting them from their father” based upon accusations long proven false, there is no problem with that.

    It is just anti-father BS. Public lies told directly to the children about their father are OK, nothing will ever result from female lies and false accusations. Whereas after 2.5 years of being denied to even speak in court to ask for what needs to be done in the boys interest, when I resort to trying to solicit help from elsewhere I get my kids taken away again.(even though I haven’t actually seen or spoken to them in months) The “family” court seems to be nothing but the jackboot of Feminism, the Feminism enforcement court. My sons have been denied a father for three years based upon false accusations, and now they deny them for longer because I’m claimed to be not acting in their best interest by trying to go outside the system to somehow have a voice and request a speck of justice. It’s George Orwell’s “1984”. Truth=bad, Lies=good.

    Apparently Hosea, who illustrated God’s perfect love, is now an abusive parent for telling his children:
    Hosea 1:1 Say to your brother, “Ammi,” and to your sister, “Ruhamah.” 2 Plead with your mother, plead— because she is not my wife, and I am not her husband. Let her put away her whoring from before her, and her adultery from between her breasts.

    We live in such an evil Feminist generation that It is fine to slander a father with lies about his sex life. But yet publishing even some non-graphic truth about their mother is considered so great an abuse of the children and offense against woman-worship that they just shouldn’t ever get to have time with their father? Did I mention that they put marriages asunder, which Jesus Christ forbid, for a living. Satan’s minions! At this point I don’t think they are capable of justice because they are so deluded by satanic Feminism. They reflexively hate the Bible, and those who are guided by it.

    Unless God works a miracle and for once they allow a father’s legitimate concern to be given the same force of law that they have given my wife’s disproven irrational fears, then we will shortly be divorced and my kids will continue to be robbed of their father. And nothing will have ever been done “in the best interest of my boys” except for ripping their father out of their lives, demonizing him, and having the boys alienated from me for three years straight by their mother who has an addiction to fighting against emotional intimacy. And then they act like it is a crime if I object to their evil injustice. They reward my wife’s infidelity and marriage covenant breaking by stealing my sons for her, my inheritance from my father, my future wages, my reputation, and my freedom, all for “no fault”. May the lord rebuke them.

    LOL Satan’s minion also tried to claim that asking the lord to rebuke them was a threat. She thought that rebuking was smiting, apparently her vocabulary of Biblical terms is really weak. The Bible must be treated like Kryptonite by divorce lawyers.

    Malachi 4:5 Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD: 6 and he shall convert the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with destruction.

    I didn’t even get to face my false accusers. They were both hiding behind masks.


  15. Sharkly, I’m sorry to hear that things went less than smoothly. I know I needn’t tell you yhat the Lord has your back here, and that no matter what Satan’s courts decide, GOD’S will will be done.

    On the positive side, you got the chance to see Satan’s System at work doubg pure evil. I also suppose that any remaining doubt as to whose team your wife is playing for has been removed. As I said in my previous post, though,given the incipient collapse of everything and the coming civil war and eventual breakup of everything, there is an excellent chance that whatever this corrupt cunt court decides will be rendered moot in the not very distant future.

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  16. Thanks for the encouragement, feeriker. Yes in a sense, I do almost look forward to the crash of our system, if it just steals children from their fathers based upon Feminist talking points, and refuses to even question if women have any need of treatment or better guidance when they are frivolously tearing their children’s homes apart. I’d almost rather be scratching a living out of the dirt on this windswept prairie, than to live in an advanced economy where I have my sons and everything important stolen from me by God-opposing courts. I wish it were easier to take joy in being bereft of my family for wanting a God following home. Yes, my wife is truly controlled by an evil behavioral addiction. I wish I could be as confident as you that sheeple will stand up and fight against this evil that daily grows worse. 62 million innocent babies torn to bits in the name of women’s rights. But instead they claim I’m bad because I don’t support that sort of unbridled Feminist bloodlust. God will soon charge that innocent blood against our nation, and punish us for pushing the global Feminist war on babies. And yes I do hope the court is rendered moot, because they seem absolutely immune to doing any righteousness.

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  17. “I’m just feeling exhausted and dazed. I wish I could go to bed and wake back up in the 1980’s.”

    Just this morning, I was wishing I could set my snooze button for “sanity”.

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  18. Happy New Year, my brothers…

    Some predictions:

    1. Joe Biden will be duly inaugurated on 20 January.

    Note to you guys who were kooky enough to take the “Q” nonsense seriously: You should see it as it is and always has been: a strategy to keep you from becoming politically active. It was remarkably successful in keeping you docile and submissive, while you were sitting on your ass “trusting the plan.”

    2. Joe Biden will likely be less awful than Trump, but only because he’ll be surrounded by competent handlers, and not by much.

    In 2024, if Biden is still alive, he will almost certainly retire. At that point you’ll:

    1. Still be paying way too much for substandard healthcare.
    2. Still be paying way too many taxes, while billionaire plutocrats pay nothing.
    3. Still have your AR-15.
    4. Still be sending your kids off to various pointless foreign wars, which benefit nobody (except for those billionaire plutocrats, already mentioned.)

    Biden is not “radical left.” I’m radical left. Biden will be Obama 2.0, which was Bush 2.0. He will be more of the same.

    Note also, even though Biden won’t ban guns, there will likely be a shortage for the foreseeable future, so if you want to acquire something new, good luck. There’s nothing at my gun stores except for really weird calibres.

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  19. Boxer,
    While I’m not one to indulge in much political theorizing, I think the “political spectrum” may sort of be like a bracelet that wraps around in a loop and clasps together at the ends. Sometimes when people’s views get far enough to the left or to the right, they start looking surprisingly indistinguishable to where others have difficulty determining whether they are “extreme” left or “extreme” right. People still debate whether the NAZI’s, or the late Lyndon LaRouche Jr. were on the left or on the right, nobody seems to want to claim them. If Lyndon was the uber-commie, why were the lesser commies trying to have him killed? LOL

    To all,
    Anyhow, I now find myself a thought criminal. After three years of mostly not having my kids based upon false accusations of sex/porn addiction to the point of being too unsafe to be around my own children. Now that that accusation has long since been disproven as an addict’s delusion given full force of law by a Feminist court, the cunt-court is now claiming I am a danger to my kids because, after two and a half years of such unjust bereavement, I published the truth that it is their mother with an untreated behavioral addiction on the sex-addiction spectrum, that might cause them harm. Seriously! for the moment my wife has been given “emergency” full custody of my sons because I put the truth out there to counter the lies of the Satan serving cunt-court. Apparently they claim the boys might be harmed if they were to find out that their dad is right and their mother is the one with sexual issues and addiction controlled behavior for which she will not even submit to evaluation. And that by letting the truth be known, I’m not operating in the best interest of my sons. Whereas when my wife spent the last three years lying to them that I was a danger to them, well, that’s just great, ‘cuz she has a vagina! Seriously! The “family” court is nothing but satanic rebellion against God. If God wants marriages not to be put asunder, wives to submit to their husbands, and children to honor their fathers and mothers, the cunt-court is 100% going to do everything within their power to see that the opposite happens, and then blame it on the father, who is the image and glory of our Heavenly Father. I will have to publish more about this later.

    They have been trying to get me put into jail for “contempt of court”, and I may still yet wind up there. I have been busy being forced to produce over a solid weeks worth of “discovery” paperwork to end my marriage in contradiction to my religious beliefs, or be thrown in jail for refusing to participate in their godless evil. Those foolish servants of Satan have no clue of the judgement they are storing up against themselves for eternity. Nor are they likely to repent and do right. Because they reflexively rebel against all that is right and of God.

    Anyhow, I saw this excellent old song today meant to encourage us future thought criminals:

    FWIW Here is the prophet Hosea illustrating the perfect love of God with his children:
    Hosea 2:1 Say ye unto your brethren, Ammi; and to your sisters, Ruhamah. 2 Plead with your mother, plead: for she is not my wife, neither am I her husband: let her therefore put away her whoredoms out of her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts;

    The cunt-court has stripped me of my sons, yet again, whom I hadn’t seen in months anyhow, because of their father-bereaving enablement of my spiteful wife, for far less than how the holy prophet Hosea directly and lovingly enlisted his wife’s children in trying to turn their mother to repentance from her whoring. The cunt-court doesn’t even understand that love is wanting what is best for another, or even what things are best. They think lies, destruction, estrangement, and a bloated legal system are what is best, because their lord and master Satan wants that, because God opposes such things. Quite literally the cunt-court will reflexively oppose things for being Bible based. My wife’s lawyer actually cited my “unwavering reliance upon Old Testament principles” in her Feminist screed that she filed against me. Apparently Old Testament instructions like the Ten Commandments are now the verboten domain of thought criminals. The judges, the lawyers, every last one of them make their living defying God, who said that what He had joined together no man should put asunder. And every last one of them hate God and hate God’s servants, who stand against their wickedness. They are the enforcement arm of godless Marxist/Feminism, nothing more nothing less, they are incapable of true justice, because they are in direct rebellion to the just Judge of this world. Their “family” court is nothing but satanic gaslighting, putting a smiling mask of legitimacy over the fetid mouth of the devil. They are just a further satanic attempt to assure men hearken to the voices of their wives, like Adam hearkened to Eve the defiler instead of God and thereby plunged the whole earth into groaning misery.

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  20. So sorry to hear about the ongoing battles with Cunt Court, Sharkly. At least they are ADMITTING what we all have long known: the truth not only does not matter to them, it is POISON to them and their Satanic mission of destruction. As I said in a previous post, however, I don’t think now is the time to lose heart. While we are in for an ugly future as a nation, one that will witness the nation’s collapse, there is an excellent possibility that as all of the nation’s corrupt institutions disintegrate, at all levels of government, cunt courts will be among those and your sons will be liberrated from their evil grasp. We can also take comfort in our certain knowledge that those who are part of that evil and destructive institution that spits in the Lord’s face WILL be held to account for their blasphemous crimes, in the next life if not in this one.

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  21. Dear Sharkly:

    What does your own attorney tell you to do? I read your report carefully, but I totally missed his instructions. You should follow the advice of that guy. He’s your agent, embedded in the cunt-court system, and he knows how it works. They can’t put you in jail for writing angry essays on the internet, but if the judge tells you to hand over some material to the courts, you should do so. Contempt looks bad and you’ll quickly become the bad guy in this scenario if you resist.

    It might be helpful to get a big-picture look of your situation. Your skank-ho wife might get some temporary satisfaction out of causing trouble, but she is actively training her own sons to hate her and want her dead. A large part of your strategy ought to be patience. Back when the Dalrock comment section was still alive, there were numerous examples of men who simply waited out their bitch wife, and ended up with their kids when there was no more adrenaline to be mined. This won’t last for ever, and time is on your side.


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  22. It’s hard to read of the theft of your sons.

    I too would like to know what your lawyer says. I thought those guys were extremely competitive and it sounds like his nose is consistently getting rubbed in the dirt.

    He knows the truth, why doesn’t he advocate for you to have your say?

    I agree and hope Boxer is correct that with patience, any words or training of hers will be rejected by your sons.

    I had a fight recently. My wife told my son to never use the word Negro. I told her that the word is an old word but not a bad word and that she shouldn’t be forbidding him to use any word (except taking the Lord’s name in vain). She retorted, you need to be a king, meaning she doesn’t want to hear my overruling her.
    She doesn’t care about speaking the truth in love and she doesn’t care about blacks. She is trying to instruct my son to be a PC coward because she thinks the highest quality of a person is getting educated and she doesn’t want him to break any of their rules. She doesn’t give a shit about the 1st amendment or freedom or his character as long as she makes money and he goes to the Ivy league. Nor does she want to ne embarrassed by him for a race issue because she fears what that would do to her reputation and to his future.
    I have an enemy in my house. Please pray she is silenced or that her words will fall to the ground empty. It is so difficult living with someone who fights every single thing I say and who accuses me of wanting to be a king if she doesn’t get her way. It is breaking me.

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  23. Swanny River,
    I will say a prayer for your family. As I see the issue, perhaps it is not about the actual little matter that is being fought over, so much as it grows into being a fight for headship, control, unity, and holy order in the marriage. You are the head, but your wife is trying to act like a competing head, which then destroys the unity of spirit, and as you say, that is “breaking” you. The desire for worldly acceptance is a snare, and while we need to pick our battles and decide when to offend the world, and what things not to be offensive over, when to fight for our rights, and when to not demand our rights, for your wife, she is to honor your leading in the matter, even if she disagrees. Submitting isn’t when you both agree. Submitting happens when she disagrees, but lets you be her “lord”, because that is what God wants.

    Hopefully when you and your wife do argue over stuff, you are able to keep from doing most of it in front of your children. However, I understand some women will disrespect you and argue with your leadership right in front of the children, so it can’t always be completely prevented. Wives are literally teaching their children to defy divine authority, and to defy authority in general, by modeling defiant behavior to their husband’s authority in front of their children.

    Our world really needs to learn the truth about why the man is the exalted head. It isn’t just a senseless divine fiat. If future generations are taught like how the first church was taught, their families will be less prone to strife and divorce, like how the early church families were less likely to be contentious and better imaged the relationship between Christ(the bridegroom) and the church(the bride).


  24. Boxer,
    I have been way too busy lately. Plagued by malicious prosecution and other issues in life that have kept me from doing as much blogging as I had intended. I haven’t even been able to think about it. I like to try to help advance the collective thought in the manosphere, so normally I like to keep my ear to the ground and read what others are writing and what their commenters are responding with. I haven’t even gotten to do much of that recently. So I was late in noticing that you have taken a break from blogging, and that the comments are now closed on your most recent post.
    I would like to take this opportunity to again point out that it was your encouragement that prompted me to start this free WordPress blog. So when Dalrock banned me, and my work suspended me for a week,(which they later ended up paying me for) I took that opportunity to start this blog. I second JPF’s comment to you on your current last post, since I won’t get to put my own version of it there. While I hope you will decide to blog some more after a break from it, I welcome you in the mean time to feel free to comment sharing your dissident thoughts here.

    My lawyer, like so many people, keeps pushing me to just divorce my wife and be done with all her evil as quickly as possible. Unfortunately here in Kansas the state laws really strongly worship women, so there was never much chance of my getting a “fair” shake in court. My lawyer’s advice has seemingly been to just get it over with, get zeroed out, and start over on a new life. But, I didn’t become who I am today by following conventional wisdom. I didn’t even take the path less traveled. I’m blazing a new trail, led by my convictions. There is no map to where I’m headed, just a guidebook giving instructions on how to endure the pilgrimage.

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  25. Oh yeah, it’s mostly a battle for headship. For her though, she wants her way on every issue too, regardless of headship.
    She has all the cards, as your situation tragically demonstrates.

    The church likes it this way. You know what two brothers recently asked me, when I told them of her intransigence? How are you loving her today?

    Your former church could reach out to you to see how you are doing, they don’t, do they? They could offer to make a statement on your behalf to the court, but they don’t. They could call your wife to account, for her good, and God’s glory, but they don’t.

    The average Christian man has no idea what it is like, and make it worse via lack of understanding.

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  26. Your former church could reach out to you to see how you are doing, they don’t, do they? They could offer to make a statement on your behalf to the court, but they don’t. They could call your wife to account, for her good, and God’s glory, but they don’t.

    A REAL church would be doing all of those things without even being asked to do them. But of course we know how many REAL churches there are out there…

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  27. Swanny River,
    I’m sorry you have to go through all that. Yes, I’ve found that while a church will do zero to help a husband, they will spend hours trying to flip everything around to blame you for all the rebellion against yourself, which they encourage by their own foolishness.

    Just to clarify my situation I never attended the wishy washy church my wife now goes to. It was already far too wish washy during my parents generation, for my family to go there.

    Yes, churchian fools usually only make troubled marriages more troubled. It is their reflex to subvert your headship and support your wife’s rebellion. I no longer recommend them.

    I also feel for you, being separated from your wife for so long.


  28. feeriker,
    I also feel for you, being separated from your wife for so long.

    Thanks, Sharkly. Much appreciated. I’m to the point now where I’m determined to see us reunited as soon as possible, I don’t care in what part of the planet. That is to say, if I can’t get her back into the U.S., I’m headed for Venezuela, ugly a prospect as that sounds. I ask myself if things down there can really be significantly worse or different than things here are about to get. I can endure Hell on Earth anywhere on the planet as long as I have her and God both at my side. It’s all in God’s hands, of course, but I’m willing to throw a lot of things away in order to reclaim the other half of my flesh.

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  29. Swanny River,
    Yes, we were going to a slick megachurch in Wichita, but they’re pretty worthless to help, and she doesn’t go there anymore. She wouldn’t let me pick the church, she claimed she didn’t want to go to a small church, because she had grown up in one. However it seems that the anonymity of going to a huge impersonal church where nobody ever really gets to know you was what best enabled her to avoid intimacy. And, silly me, I thought that somehow there might still be something good come from attending there, even though they never preached anything that might offend the world very much. No, they systematically ran off anybody “too traditional” as they left their Baptist roots and became non-denominational and chased after worldly popularity. The pastor would sometimes mention in his sermons about stuff he read in church growth industry magazines that he was wanting to start doing there, and they ran the place completely like a business, not like a ministry. The “celebrity” pastor was always bragging about his latest numbers. And you apparently had to be sexy-hawt and willing to flaunt it, to be part of their praise & worship team. Apparently nobody from fuglytown was allowed onstage during the televised portion of their service. It was great entertainment, pretty motivational, superbly orchestrated, a great show every week. But I never sensed God being there, or that the show was about God, and not mainly promoting the church and their “brand”. The head pastor had a bodyguard. LOL Apparently he’s afraid to die. They really had created their own new religion of megachurchianity. They have a great coffeeshop in the church an ATM moneychanger, a bookstore/giftshop, all sorts of ways for you to part with your cash. But in over a decade I never heard much preached there that might convict my wife. And the infrequent bits they did preach that might convict her she would pretend she hadn’t heard that part when I’d try to speak with her about it after the service. She’d make some comment about her favorite part being the music, and drifting off to sleep during the sermon. She never wants to address any of her shortcomings, and will use any excuse to shut down or redirect any conversation about resolving her issues. And I’m apparently one of the few people in the world who loves her enough to ask her to change and do what is right and best for herself and those closest to her. Everybody else is just content to let her be who she currently chooses to be. Todays churches just want you to show up and give while being nice and looking fashionable. They’re not going to try to hold a woman responsible to follow the Bible. Hell naw!


  30. FWIW I received a comment on this post from a new commenter containing a big helping of Gnosticism. I decided not to greenlight the author of the comment, since they believe “there is no god”, and as such likely wouldn’t help to grow a Bible believing fellowship. But in case you are curious I’ll give the Cliff’s notes version of the comment:
    {Lilith was the first woman, Adam divorced her after having to “rape” her to get some man-on-top sex, she then became a demon. Eve had male DNA, so Adam and Eve were homosexuals. God is Zeus is Ba’al is Satan. Jesus is Loki.}

    Anyhoo, I didn’t think I wanted to allow the commenter out of moderation, but decided to let you know the basics of what was shared.


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