An Image of My Father

The picture above is a colorized portrait of my father.  He has been dead for a dozen years, but as I write this it chokes me up to see my father looking back at me again.  He was my protector.  While the rest of my family often mistreated me, when dad was home I was safe and he made sure I was treated fairly.   My father was a stalwart man of principle, a genius engineer, and a servant of God.  He was a formidable man who could bring gravitas to any discussion, but he could also tell hilarious jokes for two hours straight after all the serious matters had been taken care of.  

My father showed me how to be a man, by being masculine for our entire life together.  His Biblical frame of reference did not bend to accommodate the world, the world had to adapt itself to my father.  He never cared about fame, he had no love of money, and he wasn’t afraid to die, so the world lacked much leverage against my dad.  Life with dad was an adventure, a mission, a test, and I never doubted for a moment that dad would see to it that we achieved his mission, no matter the circumstances.

 I wish every boy could grow up with a father like mine.  Because then there would be no questions about how to be masculine, nobody undisciplined, and no man without a mission.  It breaks my heart that so many boys are now growing up without fathers, including my own sons.  What they miss out on by not having a father in their life is incalculable.   You need a solid man to raise up solid men.  Boys can’t learn how to be a man by watching their mother.

17 thoughts on “An Image of My Father

  1. What they miss out on by not having a father in their life is incalculable. You need a solid man to raise up solid men.


    Denzel WASHINGTON, Candice OWENS, myself and a lot of other people know the above words are true and is the reason why there is so much violent crime and high incarceration rates for Negro young males. A woman alone cannot handle boys as soon as they enter their mid teens and often they will join gangs and cause problems. It is all a matter of the ordained counsel of scripture that man and woman are both inferior and superior to the other and thus both are needed to look after children. The weaknesses of one are overlapped by the strengths of the other and the heterosexual marriage is the ONLY one that is NOT child abuse. Two males or two females as in homosexual marriages cannot and do NOT provide the atmosphere and proper/normal upbringing of children.

    Your situation can be mitigated by having an open settlement relative to access to your children…you can still be a huge influence on them though not as much as you would be were you present in the home.

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  2. Wow! I just discovered a great article in a Feminist women’s magazine:
    A hat tip for discovering this article goes to:
    The author gets a whole lot of stuff right! Except for the author seems to mistakenly think that MGTOW starts with men’s unhealthy thinking, not with an unhealthy world, to which those men then naturally react in order to protect themselves. So there is still that lack of ordinary women taking any responsibility for the mess they created. Apparently radical feminists and their soy boys are to blame.(always somebody else’s fault)
    Please read the article. It is perhaps a sign that the Red-Pill message is gaining a bit more traction, even if it is only one Feminist author who is seemingly only asking to return to Complementarianism. The fact that a Feminist magazine published it at all is shocking.

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  3. edward kennedy,
    I have let your comment through, but be advised you’re on the bubble. If you get into battling with the other men or gratuitously adoring women again, you will be removed for that again. Also please refrain from saying any unnecessary things that might make WordPress more inclined to shut down my site. A couple other sites I read at have been shut down in just the last month. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    FYI here are the sites shut down for “terms of service” violation:


  4. What a beautiful ode to your father, Sharkly! I know you miss him very much. Can you imagine what he would have to say about what you, his son, are going through right now and what is happening to his grandsons? I’m sure that he would be equal parts heartbroken and filled with righteous rage at the satanic system responsible for this abomination.

    You need a solid man to raise up solid men. Boys can’t learn how to be a man by watching their mother.

    This cannot be repeated often enough. If I had my way I would compel every churchian woman-worshiper OF EITHER SEX to repeat this over and over and over again until their current revulsion-based gag reflex that is triggered by saying it has disappeared.

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  5. I think most mom-raised professional athletes would disagree that you need a Dad. When I used to watch sports, they used to say how great their Mom’s were, being raised in single parent homes. So, the more sensitive and respectable Christians may now consider it as racist to say you need a Dad. Fortunately, I don’t have any examples of Christians doing that.


  6. The late David Rockefeller was the father of the destruction of the home by the idea he publicly owned that he was the author of the radfem movement, not Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan nor Gloria Steinem. His public statement as to his purpose was to make available more $$$ as women working would result in two autos instead of one, two insurance policies, wardrobe updates as women took professional positions, etc etc etc. More family income equates to MORE TAXES through LESS DEDUCTIONS for one wage earner who could claim his non working wife as a deduction.

    And to Sharkly, I submitted my comment to him without ANY THOUGHTS of being carried here but as an encouragement to the reality that a father can make a difference by spending as much time as possible through an open access t children agreement. One of my friends had a wife who committed adultery on him twice. The second time was the end game for him and he had two young boys, preschool. HIs wife made a pile of money and his lawyer told him they could take her to the cleaners if he wanted to based on this undeniable reality. He refused and refused demands of any sort, but focused on his desire to let her go without any financial strings attached. The judge was sympathetic and since both parties were in accord, he got custody of his two boys.

    He was almost bankrupt and sitting on his back step one day he decided to take his basement and divide it into four units and rent them. That was the beginning of a huge rebound and he shortly leveraged the house and bought an apartment with ten units. He then leveraged that and bought another HUGE property for a hundred grand and totally rebuilt the entire structure, finishing units as he went and renting each one out as they were completed.

    He is now prospering with piles of money and remarried. I do not think this is scriptural but told him he has to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling and that I had more faith in his spiritually than I did in myself. Things can change within 24 hours and your situation is regrettable but my friend is an example of what perseverance and a devotion to God can do.

    I would accurately estimate his net worth now at around 3 million minimum and his youngest son is identical to his father.

    When I was divorced my children were all grown and married but it still impacted them severely. I am now on speaking terms with my X BUT maintain boundaries and my son is with me. I have grandchildren but X and myself are cooperative towards the best interests of our children and grandchildren. Your situation may turn out far better than you could ever imagine but my friend focused on his sons and I counsel you to focus on the same. MY friend was DEPRESSED and that is something one needs to watch. In my hard time I had two ministers, a couple who worked tandem as counsellors, and a fabulous woman who was a very strong support and who is a very close friend. You require people around you that are of exceptional character and this helps substantially.

    As to my comments causing problems, I save my “hell raising” for my own site. Were I on Twaddle or Farcebook I would have been cancelled a long time ago.

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  7. edward kennedy,
    I appreciate most of your most recent comment, however, although David Rockefeller may have been a powerful proponent of satanic Feminism’s most radical aspects, Feminism certainly has been with us since the beginning. I believe I have pointed out before that the fall of Satan was an example of an attempt to usurp the order of God’s Kingdom, which is what Feminism is also, a usurping of God’s order. Eve’s forbidden action taken to “become like God” and that usurping decision to disobey Adam and God’s authority over her, and Adam’s choice to go along with Eve’s usurping, were the first instance of feminism destroying our world.

    Alexander Hislop claimed that conniving Semiramis granddaughter of Noah and both mother and wife of Nimrod invented polytheism and, with it, goddess worship.

    In the above artist’s rendition, Semiramis looks exactly like my wife once looked.

    Semiramis: Was a goddess queen who ruled the city of Nineveh and founded the city of Babylon.
    When Semiramis needed a lover to replace her husband, King Ninus, after he died, she chose King Ara the handsome, but Ara rejected her advances because he loved his wife, Nvard. The angry Semiramis then tried to capture Ara with a large contingent of soldiers, but they killed him by mistake. Grief-stricken, Semiramis had his body taken to her palace in hopes that his life could be restored. Semiramis, reputed to be a sorceress, took his body and prayed to the gods to raise Ara from the dead. When he did not return from the dead, she dressed another one of her lovers in Ara’s clothing, and made love to him instead.

    According to various legends, Semiramis became pregnant after engaging in an adulterous affair while married to Nimrod. Around this same time, Nimrod dies a violent and untimely death. In an effort to retain power and to hide her misdeeds, Semiramis makes a most audacious claim. She publicly declares that upon Nimrod’s death he had been resurrected as the god of the sun. As the sun-god, Nimrod used his sun rays to miraculously inseminate Semiramis with a child. This child was thus considered to be divinely conceived. The child’s name was Tammuz, which she claimed was the reincarnated Nimrod. (Thus, Semiramis was both Nimrod’s wife and mother.)

    After the scattering that occurs at the Tower of Babel, this story of the miraculous conception of this child disseminated throughout the world and led to the rise of the various birth-death-rebirth cults that are littered through history. These mystery religions of future generations adopted different names for Semiramis and her child, Tammuz.
    She is traditionally equated to the Biblical “Queen of Heaven” of Jeremiah 7:18; 44:7-19 & 25.

    Some have speculated that as Noah’s granddaughter Semiramis, was once a wife of Cush, she outlived all her husbands, and may have lived for over 400 years. Her supposed father Ham’s wife was said by some to have descended from Cain. Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus cites her as: “Semiramis, that ancient queen who was the first person to castrate male youths of tender age”. She sounds like a thoroughly evil and conniving witch, and many think that quite a few of her demonic deceptions crept back into Christianity under Roman influence.


  8. Interesting history but I am old enough to remember the “nuclear family” reality of my own childhood and upbringing. My father left me with a good reputation to preserve. He spent much time with his children and especially his sons who accompanied him on his frequent fishing and hunting expeditions. My mother stayed at home until we were in high school at which time the humble wage my father earned and his advancing years activated my mother to apply for work at a nearby university. She not only got the job but in the years she worked there until her retirement, managed to get several other quality women employed there that she knew and liked. Father deceased at 90 years of age. In that interval of marriage to him, from work engagement to her retirement, she bought father new vehicles, a farm, and funded the erection of a new house. She was responsible and acutely intelligent, charitable, and very articulate. I remember going with her to visit hard working relatives and acquaintances/friends. She would often slip good sums of money under cushions and other places to be found later by those people who needed a boost. These types were too proud to take it outright. She is still alive at 97, switching her occupancy around to one of four of her childrens’ residences periodically. She has given large sums of money to us and has a good sized inheritance for us in joint accounts so the damned CYSTem cannot initiate their process of theft by freezing monetary assets (probate) and getting their filthy greedy hands on monies not theirs. High taxes are not enough for these pos up here in “Canuckistan” ruled by a fake grade 5 ASSistant drama teacher and the regular but dictatorial process used in all western nations warned of by a Patriot named Edmund Burke (I think that is his name)who said, “The worst form of tyranny is unjust laws.” I have lawyers in my client list and they have validated the methodology mother is using to keep the present day robber barons at bay. I do see that the current fake president of USA has imposed executive orders that cost the citizenry TRILLIONS of tax dollars basically wasted.

    The concept of the nuclear family came under attack by regressives in the late sixties and I noted a big change right after I graduated high school aged 17. These same evil regressives have/are taking things down in many ways having infiltrated education/ASSademia, RELIGION, politics, entertainment, media, etc and are represented politically by “lieberal/leftist/politically correct parties. This has been the process. Mother was a fighter and she taught me to read using the Holy Bible…she is Salvation Army and father was Methodist. I got my first bitter taste of toxic, manipulative, controlling dysfunctional behavior from a grandmother on father’s side who passed this garguatuan beast on to her miserable two daughters who mentally abused their brother, my father. Mother despised her MIL and two her two SIL who were a cross between the “gorgon and a harpy” whose repugnant twisted character would gag the proverbial maggot. However, my burning hatred at these fake aunts was balanced by my mother who despised her MIL with a passion. Her MIL learned her twisted and dysfunctional/abusive character from her trash father.

    In my dealings with women professionally, I see all types but I have met some women of excellence with that same character that once was common in my boyhood years. Sharkly should note I praise excellence but condemn toxicity in man or beast, regardless of gender, creed, race, religion, etc I am an equal opportunity hater of evil and its proponents. My praise of a few women is high because they are rare, and to be true, you can see that there has been a huge DEVOLUTION of both genders and in every institution, organization, bureaucracy, and entity in existence. Each of my parents, without competing, ran a clean ship as a cooperative methodology. Father died as was predicted by doctors, within a month at age 90 when he was bedridden in hospital. A 24 hour death watch was undertaken in shifts, and the shift my mother and brother took was the last one before he deceased. The biggest feature in all that was he always asked for his wife, who had in every circumstance stood loyal, true and beneficient to him, and now stands true to her children. She is the typeset of woman in the last half of the last chapter of Revelation.

    Times used to be there were many men and women of courage and character and while there still are, many have sold out to the “love of the damned dollar” as it is written, “The love of money is the ROOT OF ALL evil.” That was the identified factor in the femistalinist movement arising from the mating of the two beasts of hypocrisy and pride, and the result of that is well seen by those of us who are old enough to know how “normal” really was. This beast, that embraces evil, hypocrisy and lies, as its father the devil, has become part and parcel of dialectic secular humanism, specifically the “if it feels good do it” movement, and morphing into political correctness is commonly seen everywhere, though its stench of hypocrisy is noted anytime someone pukes, by the chunks in the slime, that sheeple everywhere fight over with spoons, to scoop up and gobble down. Nuff said…for now.


  9. “Semiramis, that ancient queen who was the first person to castrate male youths of tender age”. She sounds like a thoroughly evil and conniving witch…”

    Do you see the applicable correlation here between the tender aged boys then who she castrated, and the current soy boy cracker crowd castrated by the femistalinists and politically correct poltroonity? Both lost their balls. (masculinity)


  10. @ Swanny:

    Most of those mama-worshiping pro athletes have led lives of nothing but crime, dissolution, and dysfunction, so it’s hard to see how anyone could deduce from their examples that growing up in a matriarchal household is any kind of a blessing.


  11. The unquestionable proof that fatherless families are dysfunctional comes in the high rate of Negro families led by single mothers whose husbands/bf’s have abandoned them and the resulting high disproportionate rate of Negro youth in gangs and in trouble with the law and incarceration rates of Negro young males. My back up to this fact is Candace Owens and the late and great Walter Williams.


  12. @edward kennedy

    It is indeed a tragedy most clearly evident in the black community, mostly because such a massive percentage of black America is affected by single motherhood and bastardy. The same conditions are increasingly occuring also in non-black communities (especially working and lower-middle class white and Hispanic) as feminism and its family-killing ideology completely subsumes American society. The biggest difference seems to be that far fewer numbers of famous athletes from these non-black communities come from matriarchal homes, or at least they don’t advertise the fact that Mama ruled the roost to the extent black athletes do.


  13. This tells the whole story of why and what is happening. It is well worth the time. I believe this totally as I started watching societal changes the day I graduated high school in 1969. My focus and files on the financial CYSTem, abortion, sexual perversion, education clued me in.


  14. Thank you. This is weird. My system is flawed or more likely I am doing something wrong. This is the first time this has happened. The link is one of the most important I ever found.


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