Cunts Cancel Christian Clergyman

Brace yourselves men.  Atheists are now in control of what our nation’s pastors preach.  Why?  Because we let women rule over us.  The following link leads to a story about a pastor who got “Canceled” for advising women to endeavor to stay visually attractive for their husbands to bolster their marriages.  This pastor’s sermon was first pointed out and shrieked at by “Friendly Atheist” over at Patheos.  Later it was blasted by butch haired Reagan Williams who tells us that not only is Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark “toxic” to women, “he’s apparently extremely homophobic and transphobic too.” 

After these unsaved women began to publicly cunt-out over Pastor Clark’s practical sex-appeal sermon for women, then some of the woke media was also fed the story and blared it too.  As a result First General Baptist Church of Malden, Missouri now claims: “As of March 2, 2021, Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark has taken a leave of absence and is seeking professional counseling.”

Funny seal gasps

Sent to the reeducation camp!  So what horribly “toxic” things did this pastor say to incite his woke lynching?  Well, I listened to his sermon, and I personally was not offended by any of it.  Although he did spout the tiring & ungodly feminist fantasy of “perpetual courtship”, saying; “The chase ain’t ever over.”  But, I presume it wasn’t so much what he said, as how he said it.  Lots of quips holding women accountable for maintaining their beauty with very little gynogroveling or the profuse apologies that might ordinarily accompany even one such suggestion that women try improving themselves.  Furthermore pastor Clark has grown fat and his delivery was a little awkward.  So, much like how some people can’t “pull off” certain fashions, Pastor Clark was deemed by the woke trolls to be too fat and dorky to be telling wives to keep themselves beautiful for husbands like himself.  He was deemed unworthy to speak in such a way to wives.   They esteem themselves to have the worth-ship to be above any man’s correction, and certainly above an obese man’s correction.

Now if Pastor Clark had been a hawt panty-dropper with a way-cool delivery, he may have made many of these frigid harpies moist in the panties with his androcentric banter, and still be leading his church.  But, via many comments I read, I believe his biggest perceived “crime” was being fat himself, while instructing women not to be.

Pastor Clark also used Melania Trump as an example of a trophy wife who keeps herself attractive for her husband. 

Liberal heads exploding in …3…2…1… BOOM!

Sexy Melania Trump

Which would be your first lady?  

First Booty

Pastor Clark also said: “This is just the way God made us. Men have to have sexual intimacy or they’re not happy. It’s just the way it is.”  Presumably there are a few men with the “gift of celibacy”, but otherwise I’d have to agree.  Clearly my evil wife wasted our entire marriage intentionally trying to keep me unhappy.   

So where does this Feminist equality nonsense always derive itself from?

First General Baptist is a church in the General Baptist denomination, which released a statement Monday saying Clark’s sermon was “not consistent with the positions and values” of the organization.  “General Baptists believe that every woman was created in the image of God, and they should be valued for that reason,”…

The Image of God, men’s divine birthright, is falsely claimed by women and fraudulently touted to make them equal to fathers and sons who truly image God the Father and the Son.  And then, next thing you know, women are not only deemed equal to men, but women are treated like they are “more equal” than men.  And so men are not permitted to correct women.  But God never ever said women were made in His matchless image, like He so many times said men are.  And God, who chose to make two sexes, always clearly identifies Himself as the male sex.  And furthermore the Bible explains that women are a “weaker vessel”.  Not a strong vessel intended to carry the matchless image of God.  Instead of imaging God, women professing godliness are to be shamefaced and always in subjection.

1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

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  1. “Pastor Clark also used Melania Trump as an example of a trophy wife who keeps herself attractive for her husband. ”

    Oh, the humanity!!!

    Dang, that’s the best picture I’ve seen of Melania (red carpet photo). She’s always looked good, but there’s she’s LOOKING GOOD.

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  2. …but… but…. but…. I thought the media considered the most attractive woman of any president was moochelle the clydesdale, the fake wife of the ovomit. Did they lie to me? Naw, dontcha all know the media liars and whores never lie. arf arf

    Problem for them though is that seeing is believing and you cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear let alone its hinder parts. Particularly troublesome in trying that would be how to get rid of the bristles. arf again.

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    Sooner or later churchians won’t be blasting ”BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” by van halen ifrom’86 as these lovlies walk into churches, in reference to TRANS, like TFH/ANON use to say on dal’?That sooner or later preachers would shame men for not getting up with trans to show their not toxic like stewie here!?

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  4. I’m not usually a big fan of Melania’s looks, so it took a while to find a picture I liked. But comparatively, after the eight previous years of “Mike” Obama, I thought Melania was a comparative bombshell.

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  5. Now to be really serious and probably in process possibly creating discord, perhaps there will have to be some agreement with my personal experiences over decades dealing almost exclusively with hundreds of women every year in my profession. The siren song of the politically correct radfem movement ruined many women…and girls. It was and is a lie, even a damned lie that was pushed by ASSademic leftist asswipes, leftist political parties and even by some apostate religious disorganizations. It seems that almost everything is corrupt.

    But in my life, and dealings/interactions with women, it has to be realized that even the moldy corn in the bin will have a few kernels of clean uncontaminated status. My point is obvious. Not ALL women are kool aid guzzling adherents to the lies of the radfem radicals. I have managed to find a few women , who are clear and clean, tried, proven and true to their calling, women of poise, character excellence, intelligence, inner and outer beauty, and inestimable value, based on the reality these are very rare.

    They are out there and stick out amongst the rest like a near perfect diamond as opposed to a lump of coal. Now the irony is that the diamond was once a lump of coal, but became a diamond. That is always possible but today the twisted, perverted, dishonorable liars of the media, little more than propaganda arms of all that is wrong, in synergistic combination with other despicable factors, prevent most women from realizing their potential as REAL WOMEN.

    I am close to five women now, all of which suffered pain, hurt, tragedy and distress, with the one closest to me telling me that the worst of the worst who abused/hurt her were other women. It is true. While women have the capacity to immense and intense love and affection, they also are capable of the ugliest malicious behavior. We live in the reality of opposites…up and down, hot and cold, pretty and ugly, hard and soft, sweet and sour and most NOTABLY RIGHT AND WRONG. In my location within Canada which I refer to now as Canuckistan, ruled by a boy king, whose occupation was as a fake grade 5 drama teacher, he defines by his vapidial, venomous jaded character proof that there are three ways of thinking and three ways of doing things, which are THE RIGHT WAY, THE WRONG WAY AND THE CANADIAN WAY. But you see, most religious disorganizations have thought processes that are either or both of the last two listed. Similarly goes the damned leftist media. Most notably goes all political correct machinations of mutt headed morons and their clapping seals most of which have serious cases of “rhoidal” discomfort as well as the appeal of a three day old roadkill maggot infested skunk bloated by the decompositional gases within. Corresponding IQ’s of these despicable bastards is hard done by to even equate to the level of the IQ of a broken rusty barn door hinge.

    When one has been exposed to the radfem fools, heard their plaintive pathetic whining and suffered their obnoxious behavior, it is a fact that desire and/or respect for these fake women could not be accomplished even by a transport load of blue pills each 100 times stronger than Viagra. Essentially when one encounters a real woman, one feels an urgent need to be respectful of such a rare creation and the desire to interact in capacity as a confidante. In so doing, one is exposed to the realization that God was in earnest when he created woman and though Eve was tempted and succumbed, it is just that way today with every single woman ever born. They can embrace their natural femininity, their God given capacity for affection and cherishment, and the realization they were not meant to compete with men, but to allow especially in marriage, their deficiencies to be covered and mitigated by the strengths of their husband in the knowledge the deficiencies of their husband can be and will be covered and mitigated by their strengths. To deny we as opposite genders are different both in good and bad ways, is to deny the truth.

    It is this which God had in mind and it was how He created woman. I know of NO MAN or WOMAN who was ever perfect. All made mistakes, and were deficient in some way. Eve was tempted and succumbed, as did Adam who did not have to accept the temptations pushed by Eve but succumbed as well. The penalty was NOT just to Eve, it was extended as well to Adam. In that aspect, it seems that God judged them equally at fault. We never sin except as an act of acceptance on our part. Thus I do NOT blame Eve wholly for the sins of both, and while she is surely guilty of sin, so was Adam who could have said no.

    I wish to say that the few real women I know, I consider as good or better than I am. That is not an admission of inferiority, but a statement of truth presupposed on my own objective evaluations and comparisons of my life, my character, my abilities and my psyche to them and theirs. But let me expand. Of these number, one is faithful and true, dedicated and supportive of her husband who has hurt her terribly for years. In his hour of need, she has stayed with him faithfully. Another lost her husband three years ago but still mourns him and has indicated to all she is not interested in any romance because her and her late husband were perfectly matched. I told her recently that was the right decision and I agree 100% because if she ever took up with someone, she would find herself always kissing her late husband when a new man in her life kissed her. Another has been horribly mistreated by her husband and abandoned but is carrying on raising their two children, giving him open access anytime to see them. Another was abandoned after the birth of her two children decades ago and raised them by doing menial jobs all her life. The final one has a husband that was way out of line for years but she stayed true and made the marriage last.

    These all are women of substance, inestimable value, true and fidelitious, noble and excellent in character. I think you will agree there are few like unto these anymore. I am however aware of and know some women that would be judged terribly immoral, but who in trying circumstances, having children, lived a sacrificial life to provide to these children their every need. One of them has lived a rough life BUT still remains committed to her children. Her physically and emotionally abusive husband has been dead for decades from a drug overdose and was vile enough to have introduced one of his children to illicit drug use.

    I offer now one final “forte” in tribute not just to the five I have mentioned herein in glowing terms, but to the other REAL WOMEN out there. In spite of the hurt, pain, abuse and suffering, not a one of them hates their husband and has stood faithfully to do what needs to be done for their children, and more recently, one in particular, for her husband, in essence, is rendering good to him for the bad he dished out to her.

    I therefore must say that I love each and every one of these women and support them in any way I can. It has been suggested to me that opportunities exist for “benefits” to me in my friendships with these women but such musing lends me to more firmly see most of my own gender have not tasted the closeness and emotional immensity and intensity that an emotionally intimate opposite sex friendship has if it is kept in that category with a no strings attached rule. None of these have indicated they want any romance nor have they more importantly suggested that by actions.

    These are all tried, true women of excellence. One of any intelligence would realize that to know such women would be to love them. But I am selfish in all this. There is a huge benefit here to me and it is the presence and realization in my life of what is too rare anymore in a society run amok. That is identifiable as a relationship of opposite sex friendship immersed in trust, security and cherishment that a same sex friendship cannot attain unto. I have friends of both genders and must say the depth and substance of the opposite sex friendships far surpass those of same sex ones. Why? It is clearly because the responsiveness and coalescing of man and woman was known by God who in his omniscience created woman to compliment man and matched her to him. That same Omniscience knew the needs of woman as well and He preordained man to that model.

    As to sex, in my associations with these women, my definition and utilization of the physical/sexual act is not only to have children, but to be used as an exclusive means within marriage to express physically a love between two people, male and female, that mere words have not the ability to express and to that end, the physical/sexual expression was and is to be meant to communicate that love. Thus these women are all out of bounds to me as I am to them but thence the emotionally intimate friendships that are the next best thing to it.

    John Gay stated, “A woman’s friendship ever ends in love.” He does not say what type of love but I can qualify that it is true of agape love if the word “real” is inserted before the word “woman” in the line. More significantly, it has been alluded to that most girls grow into women like their mothers but the tragedy is that no man does.

    In my case, I disagree because I am much like my mother in temperament, ability, character and focus. I hate what she hates and care about the same things that she does. I certainly count that as a good thing.

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  6. ED
    I better than most know your trying to be helpful!But heres some stuff you should know!
    You know I mostly agree with you right?
    My mom still did’nt like married with children tv show before she died!Which was a tame tv show compared to the stuff that was on tv by that time(2019)
    My first G.F. who was 6 years old &I age 7 she was very pleasant(or I would’nt have been at recess with her everyday for 6 months straight until she had to move out of state!) so I better than most understand what your always saying on here!I also have been in &out of hospitols since 2017!I get along with 99% of nurses &phyical therapist women,but remember I’m obviously a outlier,you know many men who started talking to girls heavily at age 4 &thought no big deal of it?That has been me all my life since age 4!You also know I agree 100% with you on sex too!But some guys at jacks thought, I must be dating or having sex with these young day-time nurses that are usualy the kindest nurses, I have to tell you usualy the worst ones are night/morning nurses at nursing homes do I?Ever encountered those ones?But your stuff comes off as women-worshipping to most men you know that right?I also know women can be kind&intelligent, but most men have never experienced that like we have!Men mainly think this when you say women are ”better than you” you, obviously should know that sounds like something driscoll or doug wilson would say right?SHARKLYP.S.I’m about to send you a great e-mail!EDP.S.You know one of my step-cousins was treated like a girl by his mother and became a homo!Hence why your stuff sounds bizarre even to myself who is very sympathetic to your point of view!SEMI-COUSINP.S.My cousin of a cousin was just served two restrining orders by his sister over the last week&ahalf but hes sure even right now all is well!He likes to nitpick,I never bother anyone with minor stuff,but see ed,even here I can see your viewpoint!Will most other men today?Also ed,you know a 32 year old o.t. therapist was heavily hinting she wanted to get up with me right?But I look like I’m in my 20’s instead of early 40’s!I have very good genes as far as looks,but do I use them for sexual purposes no!

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  7. If a man’s gonna call himself a hyphenated name, as a rep of God no less, he better have some badass in him. As in I got your professional counseling right here punks.

    Sharkly is right, don’t go telling anything like the truth to females in New Amerika unless you have already been through the wilderness. Stewart-Allen hasn’t.

    At least he didn’t forsake the truth altogether like most of them, so cred on that.

    Here’s a good companion piece to this OP:

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  8. Yeah, I can’t stand the cuntjoined names either.(Spell checker says it is spelled “conjoined”, but I know better)
    I think my initial reaction was that Pastor Clark was dabbling in standing up to women, but when the cunts rebelled back against him, he handed his nuts over and scrambled off to take his therapy for being “toxic”, like a pussywhipped pastorbater trying to join back up with team-woman/the-great-whore. He needs to decide who he works for, God or the “church”. He should have made the church fire him for his speech, if they didn’t already. His wife was probably in on the Feminist takedown, encouraging him to apologize for confronting women, after the storm of outrage from the Feminist fuglies who believe they’re owed unconditional acceptance of their gross gluttony and slovenly dress. The book of Enoch says that it was fallen angels that first taught women about makeup and enticing men. So I personally would not be recommending more makeup to women as a religious prescription, like he did.

    I don’t doubt the demonic cunt-court will probably recommend that I attend some Feminist retraining to get to see my sons again, since they foolishly believe that me publicly contradicting their lies and slanders with the truth of my personal testimony is somehow evidence that I don’t have the boys’ best interest at heart. Before that they were using entirely false accusations, and other cunty excuses, as needed, to keep the boys from me while they all worked to turn them against their own father. However I won’t be kissing their evil asses, or worshipping their goddesses. I’m ready to give up my kids, my job, all my stuff, and even my life, to be on the right side of eternity. The guilt is on those kidnapping satanic whores for the family destruction that they do for a living and then gaslight good fathers about. I understand why they might think that with all the power they have to do those evil things to me and my sons, that I will relent, as I did in the past. But now those demonic cunt-worshippers are scared, they realize that they’ve lost their levers against me.

    He who would be a mover of the world must not be moved by the world. ~Anonymous
    Give me a place to stand and a fulcrum and with a lever I will move the whole world. ~Archimedes

    Psalm 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. 2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. 3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

    Micah 7:6 For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house. 7 Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. 8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me. 9 I will bear the indignation of the Lord, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness. 10 Then she that is mine enemy shall see it, and shame shall cover her which said unto me, Where is the Lord thy God? mine eyes shall behold her: now shall she be trodden down as the mire of the streets.

    I believe the foolish cunt-worshippers can tell I am an agent of the Anticunt. But they have been deprived of the good sense to stop contending with me and begin making amends for their wickedness before it becomes too late for them to do that. They don’t see their just destruction coming, instead the fools rush in to their everlasting shame and to the everlasting contempt of God the Patriarchy.(That’s the eternal Father delegating all authority to His Faithful Son) And I too will be a faithful son of God and son of man conformed to that image of Christ the exalted head.

    Enoch 108:11 And now I will summon the spirits of the pious who are from the generation of light; and I will transform those who were born in darkness, who in their flesh were not recompensed with the honor appropriate to their faithfulness. 12 And I will bring out, into the bright light, those who loved my holy name, and I will let each one sit on the throne of honor of his honor, 13 and they will shine for times without number. For righteous is the judgment of God, and to the faithful-ones he shows faithfulness, in the habitation of the paths of truth. 14 And the righteous-ones, as they shine, will see those who were born sinners in darkness cast into darkness. 15 And the sinners will cry out and see them resplendent; and they, for their part, will depart to where the days and times are prescribed for them. Here is completed the secret vision of Enoch.

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    You know I usualy forget to say great post right?
    As my mind always seems to be thinking about multiple things at once at any moment,hence why people think I’m incoherent!I still miss all the ones I have lost since the ’80’s.
    I don’t get why so many hate on 1st book of enoch.
    Where they think JUDE 1:14-15 is quoted from?
    ”And ENOCH also,the seventh from adam prophesied of these, saying The lord comes with tens of thousands of his servants!To execute judgement apon all,and to convict all of ungodliness among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly commited,and all of their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him”!
    I was thinking about this again after seeing my saved copy of the video of a certain video on youtube& your talking about the book of enoch you know where I’m going right?Is whats written in the book of enoch wrong about all the devouring of the western worlds sheep(Especialy children) today or even the lawless ones devouring the sheep anywhere else too?Any who has read the book of enoch or even listened to a certain video ,would know what I’m talking about!

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  10. Enoch it was said ‘walked and talked with God” and that indicates he had a similar status as the souls of the martyrs under the Great Throne who ask God when he is going to avenge them and God tells them to be patient. you cannot get any higher or closer to God than that. I do not know why the book of Enoch was not considered inspired and then rejected on that basis.

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  11. His wife was probably in on the Feminist takedown, encouraging him to apologize for confronting women, after the storm of outrage from the Feminist fuglies who believe they’re owed unconditional acceptance of their gross gluttony and slovenly dress.

    I don’t doubt that for a millisecond. Pastors’ wives, who should be setting the example of a godly wife and mother for the women of their husbands’ congregations, are in fact some of the most contentious, bossy, obnoxious women in the world,constantly tryingto usurp their husbands’ authority. I doubt Pastor Clark’s wife is an exception to the stereotype.

    …butch haired Reagan Williams who tells us that not only is Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark “toxic” to women, “he’s apparently extremely homophobic and transphobic too.”

    Dear Lord, let us hope so. As pozzed as most churchian franchises are otherwise, let us still hope that they can at least remain hostile to sodomy.

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  12. I guess Pastor Clark learned the hard way that trying to get a congregation full of women who are amalgamations of Jabba The Hut, The Wicked Witch Of The West, and a female version of the banjo-playing kid in Deliverance (the appearance of all three, the personality of the second) to model themselves after Melania Trump is a very unpopular strategy. Also one that’s about as realistic as trying to turn dog sh!t into gourmet chocolate.

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  13. professorGBFMtm2021 & edward kennedy,
    My best guess as to why 1 Enoch got left out of the biblical canon, even though it was quoted in the Bible, and used by early church fathers, was because there were few good ancient copies available at the time when the canon was decided on. We have since found more ancient copies. There are a few minor wording differences in some of the copies as well.

    I believe the other books of 2 Enoch, and 3 Enoch, are quite suspect of being pseudepigraphal, since the Gnostics liked to have books of ancient secret wisdom, and would pay lots of money for them, there was a market for making books of “hidden knowledge”, attributing them to an ancient wise man, and selling them to rich Gnostics, who could then have scribes make and sell copies to recoup their original investment. I think the latter two highly questionable books may also have led some to choose to remove 1 Enoch from the Bible in order to produce a Bible that was free of all suspicion.

    I bet the pastor wouldn’t have preached that message if his wife wasn’t initially on his side. But I also bet that when the tide turned on him and the war was waged against him, that his wife joined “the winning side”(like a war bride) and begged him to turn himself in to the “authorities” for reeducation.

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  14. But I also bet that when the tide turned on him and the war was waged against him, that his wife joined “the winning side”(like a war bride) and begged him to turn himself in to the “authorities” for reeducation.

    You might very well be right about that, especially if wifey was feeling vicious heat and ostracism from the offended fuglies in the congregation.

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  15. Swanny,
    No, stuff got shuffled again.

    My next court date is to “finish” the divorce, upcoming in under two months. The cunt-court made sure that nothing would ever be done in the best interest of my boys, except, according to the Satan-serving cunt-court, completely removing their father from their lives. My wife who already has three diagnosed disorders will never even be evaluated in any way, even though I was forced to go through two complete evaluations finding nothing, and yet was still deprived of my sons, she will never ever have to have a single joint counselling session to try to resolve things, she just gets to frivolously break our marriage covenant, end our boy’s home, kidnap my sons and turn them against their father, and be rewarded by the cunt-court for her unilateral breach of covenant with my future wages, taking everything she ever wanted of my stuff, and no doubt we’ll be fighting in cunt-court over how much more she can steal of my remaining inheritance from my father and anything else left to steal for her return to whoring after her lord and master Satan … because… she’s got a vagina. The cunt-court Judge and all the lawyers and the Satan-worker all work for the devil under the guise of Satan’s doctrine of Feminism. They all do evil for their living. My wife’s church is a synagogue of Satan, and they all serve Satan as lord and master by hearkening to women rather than God. And somehow these deluded and godless fools all think they’re winning because they’re all getting to do as much evil as they want to do. LOL What shortsighted fools! They are all to be pitied because their minds are enslaved by their sin and their delusion and their worship of female sexuality, just like the temple prostitutes of a Bronze Age fertility goddess. They can’t help but give the woman everything. It is their offering to their goddess. LOL But it will never be enough. LOL ‘Cuz their deity is female. She won’t do shit for them, but expects great gifts in return for nothing but a ticket to hell. Perhaps I’ll get to hear the idolaters all strike up a chorus of “Great is Diana of the Ephesians”. Do your worst cunts! Do your worst! It will profit you nothing.

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  16. I want you to keep one thing in mind and from my experience beyond the clouds the skies are almost always clear blue. I have a friend whose wife ran twice on him and he was successful in getting FULL CUSTODY of both his sons and raised them alone though he ceded them on some holidays to spend time with her. I have a close relative that also got full custody of his FOUR children and raised them too with no alimony and child support payments. The judge was a woman and she was clearly on his side.

    Divorce is always sad when children are involved.

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    I have always been aware of good things happening in my life I did not deserve and I am more certain that there are times I should have been dead when it did not happen.

    What really bothers me here is that your boys would be better off without their mother and with you. I would try to convince her of that. Listen to the link and send it to her, might be good to send the lyrics also for her benefit. In both the last examples the mothers of the children when given that option based on the freedom they would have to start a new life, worked. Consider that seriously. The boys are more important than she is and their welfare as well.

    I watched six children in these two cases grow up happily without their mothers. If she does not accept it then go for the highest access agreement in terns of time you can get. You are more important to their overall well being than she is. The song in the link spells it all out in detail and she would do well to seriously consider you being given custody and you will if she agrees to you getting full custody with visitation rights for her.

    Your call though but I do not suggest things unless they are what I would do in the same place. My family was grown up when I divorced.

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  18. Well Prof, been considering what you directed to me several days ago and I can see why some here consider me a woman worshiper. My comments that have been made about some women seem like adoration, but the few I mentioned bowled me over by their excellence of character that is rare. Somewhat like finding not just one golden needles in a straw stack, but five. (Straw is close to the same color as gold.)

    The one I focused on was close especially during the time of my separation and divorce, fully supportive of me…contrast that gem with the radfem twisted sisters and that is the state of things today. BTW, she is one of two I know who in fact have confided in me that have been treated cruelly by other women and find them to be far worse than men. Thus one of them is a very close friend.

    Divorce is a hell of a thing, emotionally disruptive and destructive so I know the process Sharkley is going through. I also was told by these two women and especially one that she rejects those of her gender because of their manipulative, unfeminine selfish dispositions, that they have little use for people in general. Thus she found me online fighting with a bunch of radfems, defended me, and started interacting with me, becoming close friends slowly but surely.

    A recent widow I now know lost her husband three years ago and her affection and fidelity is so true and strong she still hurts and is lonely for him and has indicated she will always be his wife, with no interest in romance. This one also is intelligent and class, and my part in her existence is to validate her decision and to encourage her, support her, cherish her. I understand her continuing attachment to him and strengthen/support her decision.

    It seems I am surrounded with women of excellence and i know not why but I do see what REAL WOMEN are. It is breath taking! Ever notice how rad fems are cold and repelling? Ever wonder why radfem leaders and their most strident followers do NOT criticize moslems? Or condemn aborticide as not only the torture and murder of innocent unborn babies but also as a mental, physical and spiritual desecration of a woman? It is because they are COWARDS. They fear they might lose their disoriented heads. So they attack men and women on the right side instead knowing their selected targets will not hurt them. Wonder why these twisted twats do not bang their diseased heads against a rock to free themselves of their bondage of bigotry against men? It is because they have guzzled the kool aid and are perpetually drunk.

    So Sharkley is in a maelstrom of mental torture that almost all in his situation enter and suffer. I did too. The good news is I went down to 160 pounds, and as always happens, though it is hard to grasp, especially in the pitch black of the night, there is light at the end of the tunnel but I also had onside someone who cared about me and was close emotionally to me.

    God hates divorce. God hates the workers of iniquity. Injustice and corruption is all around us. Shit happens. If I could change one thing about my past divorce scenario, i would not be as interactive and communicative with X as I was in process. I would have entertained no communication at all except only such necessary to move events along to their conclusion.

    There is usually a moment of despair where one is driven to a feeling of hopelessness. i can identify it as the moment I stood in a deserted parking lot with another who cared about, understood and cherished me. The timing coincided with her presence and the picture is in my mind to the end. Two people, emotionally connected, looking at each other, and then embracing silently. i had one hand around her waist and my other entwined in her pretty long hair. She held me tight and did not let me go for a long time. I was crying but she held strong, and after a lengthy hug, I slowly released her and we looked into each others’ eyes. In her pretty eyes I saw my hurt reflected, but covered with a deep look of affection and cherishment that sealed the deal here was my best temporal friend. She had suffered terrible hurt in her life, and understood mine. That was the defining moment of the deluge at its most destructive point, the breaking of the wave of despair, which passed finding her as well as I soaked in the immensity of my hurt.

    I got into my truck to drive away, she into her car waiting for me to exit. After that, I felt strength, resolve, and anger enter into my being, but far surpassed/dwarfed by the wonder of how and what one woman, who understood and cherished me, could lift and propel me in mind, soul and spirit as she just had done, leaving me with a feeling and understanding and tranquility only she was capable of. God works through people a lot.

    This indeed was and is what a woman is to be to a man, tried, proven and true. There was NO
    sexual element in the silent communication of that process, there could not have been, it would have desecrated and destroyed the purity, strength and sacredness of our friendship, proven over almost two decades.

    I was/am there for her, and she for me, and so it goes in this meandering journey of life. We are both mutually bound to the other by understanding, cherishment and respect. What comes her way and/or what comes mine, has to go through the other. This has naught one whit to do with sexual/physical attachment. This is wholly a connection electrified by cherishment, agape love and an immense desire to see each the other happy. She has told me other women are jealous of our friendship/relationship. I have comments from my gender about her, with some directly suggesting the sexualization of it all.
    Those who make such comments do not and cannot understand. One does not take a priceless gem and plunge it into mire, nor drive a Maseratti over rockpiles, nor deface the painting of the Mona Lisa by spittle or snot rockets. To be true, I would be incapable of doing any of the above, and certainly would not/could not deface something and someone far more valuable than all three combined. Her outer beauty in its radiance is far excelled by her inner sublimity so being the most beautiful girl in the world defines her throughout.

    Words fail me to describe this unique attachment all but lost in a society that has declined since 1969 when I first noticed the disintegration/devolution of both male and female, beginning in earnest. The attack was focused on the fairer gender and has brought us to this point where the target of all that is evil now focuses on children. This started in Canada when a lying, filthy bastard called Pierre Trudeau legalized abortion and homosexuality, and where presently his slime ball bigoted, hoplophobic, deranged, criminal and perverted head case son “turdie” was voted into office by people either ignorant, insane, stupid or demented “capashitty.”

    This was as bad as the USA voting the ovomit into power for two terms. Turdie is the vanilla flavor of that jackass though his X was/is far better than moochelle the Clydesdale. I cannot fathom how the ovomit could live and bed with such a despicable monstrosity and the mere thought of it drives me to cookie tossing. I could go on, but am using a lot of band width. My range of commentary is part and parcel of divorce and Sharkleys situation. I offer, as a battle scarred veteran of life, some counsel for him.

    In my divorce battle, I had a true minister, a true married couple, a true friend of my gender, and the true woman friend I have described above. That is five directly involved in the mess partially of MY making, as support structures. Many heads are better than one, but all listed, served functionally as sounding boards for me as well as in other essential capacities of counsel. There is strength in numbers, but all in the mix have to really care about you.

    Pick one to be the temporal rock you lean on, put your face to the storm, pull tight your cape, and lean into the wind, but not enough that if it momentarily recedes, you will fall flat on your face. You will need to keep plodding onwards, to stop is to become discouraged and even defeated. Partway through the storm you will see only the Stygian darkness. Continue on, and you will see a ray of sunshine. At the moment you walk into the blinding sunlight, take care it does not blind you to the reality this is a fight that is not ended by a single battle, but will continue intermittently for years.

    In the end, in spite of pain, sorrow and discouragement, you must hold the course no matter the emotional cost. I almost guarantee there will be a third party presence of commentators in the peanut gallery of fools cackling like starlings and augmented by the braying of jackasses in the most judgmental, raucous sound imagineable as they dispense the verbal diahrea of their fake counsel to your X. I need to say there is an almost 100% certainty of involvement by someone of vile character who will seek to take your place in the life of your X. There is a good chance he may be there now. Do not despair. Do not think other than that this idiot will be accepted and held up as the great one, lauded and praised as he seeks to replace you. This happened in my situation. It happens in most. But in my case, as is common, those who put their dirty money on him, were made fools of, and the victim, always an X, had to admit later about being betrayed was her mistake. Fake knights in shiny armor always seem to pierce themselves and their credibility through their armor, fatally, with their own swords.

    You Sharkley have an inherited strength that will help carry you through this. I talk not down to you, but as one who sees this strength in greater capacity than I possess. Careful what you say. Pick your best friend to vent to in confidence. In public, measure your words. There are many big ears serving the other side that should be boxed. What you say publicly can and will be used against you. Do not give the other side the satisfaction of seeing you angry, try to be cold and expressionless, that always causes their discomfiture. Save your emotions to vent with trusted friends.

    I know this is hard, I struggled and was not always successful in accepting there was little to nothing I could do to change the process. You have a greater capacity than I to succeed in that endeavor BUT IT IS HARD. I did find favor with the judge by being bold in court, openly villifying the opposition lawyer and saying what I thought THOUGH this usually is not conductive to one’s own interests.

    And always, remember “What ain’t to be might be, and what ought to be just might happen.” (the late Porter Wagoner)

    As my minister says, in his capacity as a true servant of God, “broken people in a broken world.” And he also says, “the victory is the Lord’s.” Both are true.

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  19. It is a pseudo event in my existence that I get booted off sites, by not only leftist loons but by some on the right whose intolerance and inability to comprehend what I (and others) are saying is above their capacity with the added factor of their intolerant bigotry of the opinion of others. These types really create problems for themselves in terms of credibility with their leftist style intolerance and their projective wrong headed pseudo judgments. I speak naught of this site but of another I will not name whose inability to reason is superceded by his malicious and cowardly bent to nursing malicious grudges from his past skirmishes where his “w1iddle feewings” were hurt. Typical typeset of one who likes to fight but does not want to take blows.

    This of course is a spectacle and discredit to such people who expose themselves. I have never dumped anyone in any capacity of public discourse when in verbal disagreements in my life of politically incorrect debate but I have found there are those who claim to be on one side but like the RINO invasion of the Republican party are as bad or worse than leftists.

    The issue is the real meaning of feminism and those who refuse to accept NOT what it means but who refuse to accept any other definition of the word BEFORE it was co-opted by the radfems. It is much like the left to steal words like “gay” which to me still means “happy and spirited.” not the imposed meaning by queers of it’s use as a homosexual identity. My defence on this issue? There is nothing “gay” about the homosexual DEATHSTYLE which finds over half of all active HIV cases resides in the queer MALE population which is at most one to two percent. That figure of their numbers is according to the Alan Guttmacher Society, the research arm of Planned Parenthood aka the baby torturers, murderers and the mind, soul and spirit of women desecrated by these bastards as a collateral event. But you never hear the radfem fake cowards criticize aborticidalist torturers and murderers do you!!!

    So I refuse to accept the word “feminist” as applied to radfems. Feminism in its pure form is the identity of being “feminine” which according to my politically correct dictionary means, “Pertaining to a woman having the qualities of gentleness, womanly, natural affection, softness, warmth, etc” which is what real women are in substance and it is breath taking to see such rare types in the current societies where up is down, black is white, right is wrong and wrong is right.

    We fail as conservatives to let the dysfunctional enemies of all that is good steal the real meanings of words and attach their screed of insanity to the co-opted meaning which is often the exact opposite of the REAL MEANING of such words.

    So a feminist is NOT a bad person, the word many think when that word appears is radfem, a diseased and dysfunctional form of feminine which is good. Feminine is reserved for the real woman, the true examples of who and what women should be.

    Sharkly is, as I once had to, deal with the radfem CYSTem that carries with it the stench of hypocrisy and malevolence. Even though “feminists” may self style themselves as radfems, they refuse to use the proper word which is radfem.

    I am one of a very few who refuse to let the liars and HARPIES who are the radfems control the real meaning of the word and twist it to their debauched utilization. That is where the good guys fail.

    Everyone has the right to an opinion, it is a Sovereign delegated right and those who refuse that right, are no better than the stalinists of today, twisted and bent from trying to walk the la la land yellow brick road of leftist loonery

    BUT THE REAL ISSUE HERE IS THE SITUATION WITH SHARKLEY who is in a position not to the liking of anyone who believes in the traditional role models of the past which were and are right as opposed to the politically correct poltroonity of the present day quagmire created by ASSADEMIC leftists, follywood, politics, the media liars and whores, fake perpetual victims, femistalinists and other assorted fecal fools who I make excuse for but do not agree with based on the reality as children, to adulthood they are brain washed and lied to by politically correct pathological liars in every segment of sick society we live in.

    The fact of the matter in this case is that boys need a father and a mother BUT if they have to do without one, it is best the mother hits the stage door left. If girls are involved as children, it is best they stay with their mother though they need a father but more a mother.

    This is my opinion from observations without refute by anyone because a mother CANNOT handle a boy once he reaches his teens which is the sole cause of the high crime and gang membership in big “shitties” like Shitcago where there are more murders than anywhere else. Girls seem to attach more strongly to their mothers and they need a mother, who is devoted and sacrificially inclined to them. Do not forget that boyfriends are over 12 times as likely to be sexual predators in their “capashitty” as step fathers and I do NOT favor a divorced mother remarrying because of this. In fact, often a step father can be a disconnect between daughters and mother.

    In my case, my children were grown and rejected anyone X tried to bring into her life to replace me. In the end, it was clearly seen she had made a mistake. Any nonsense between bf’s and my daughters would most likely have ended up with me now being in prison. The law can be an ass sometimes but it can go to hell as well where it conflicts and is insufficient to protect my children which is MY DUTY!

    Once again the leftist loon peanut gallery has influenced detrimentally the legal CYSTem and it f—ks up anything its dirty damned fingers touch. Ditto for disorganized religion, follywood, entertainment, miseducation, ASSademia, etc.

    Sharkly has to take it as it comes and make decisions based on reality and common sense. The two examples I gave were the successful attempts of two men I know to get custody of their children by giving access to their X’s and accepting the responsibility to raise their children alone. The results have turned out well.

    In my case my X was not well educated and a workplace injury saw WSIB dump her. I fought them for three years and the settlement she got paid six digits and resulted in her getting an excellent job which at the time, I was unaware of the coming divorce but which ended up with my time in the battle with WSIB being well paid because she was self sufficient and the settlement was very favorable towards me. There was little malice on her part with the way things worked out and we are on speaking terms in a cooperative venture for the beneficiance of our grandchildren. She has remarried and I have no grievances with her choice but I prefer to remain single to the end as it would violate my creed to remarry. As I said, I have a few real women as friends who have been a boon to me in the mix of the whole mess. These are ALL feminine women of quality and very rare. I am amused because in the time of the divorce 7 years ago, I am sure I have been watched and none have yet found me to be in questionable contact with women where gossip could be fueled.

    I know exactly what caused the failure and my part in it all so I do not blame her for the failure. Running a business, being active in politics, running a business, and being an activist leader/executive member of an anti bureaucratic, anti leftist organization took lots of my time, too much in fact and my prediction years before of a marriage failure came true. I was arrested once with three others but a man/woman team of lawyers along with a sympathetic and favorable Judge who I adored, for her grit, opposition to the crown attorney soy boy wimp whining puke, and tenacity of position found all four of us with all charges quashed which was a victory for the whole organization against a provincial bureaucracy I fought head on later and beat down. I must say in my life, the tenacity and intelligence of an RCMP woman senior officer, a woman lawyer, women JUDGES and others of that gender were very favorable to victories in the legal arena and dispositions in my favor. These were all REAL WOMEN, not fake women or femistalinist stooges. Sharkly might be surprised to seem the same scenario I hope in his situation because there are some very intelligent, understanding and pro men women out there. Looks has nothing to do with it and if it does, then Sharkly will do fine. I want to emphasize that my at times, my “mean and evil, wicked and nasty” demeanor comes out but every single woman of excellence knows of and accepts me for who and what I am as a trusted friend. Radfems hate me and do NOT get along at all with me.

    I would encourage Sharkly to move towards the focus on his boys. That is what I would do but he has to evaluate the situation on an on going basis. I would be happy were I him to get custody of them and I saw that work successfully as I said and caused the well being of two fathers. One of them has two boys and the other one son and three daughters. All are grown now and doing well based on the same dedication Sharkly possesses.

    There will be times when the dark journey will be depressing but just soldier on and before you know it the battle will all be over. It would be productive and beneficial to be on good terms with one’s wife through all this and seek/front the best interest of the children mutually. Quell the emotion. Use reason and logic. I do not need to tell him this, he already knows. Hard to do but it is essential to a good outcome.

    If one is knocked down, one can always get back up again. It is important to not lose ones focus and become sidetracked. Things might all seem lost at different points in time, at least I found that but do not give way to defeatistic tendencies or depression. That often can happen and it is not good to be construed as weak.

    Everyone is watching and hoping for the best. At the worst, it is possible to make the best of a bad situation.

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  20. edward kennedy,
    I’ll respond with a few points of disagreement.
    We can’t always singlehandedly change the definition and connotation of words back to what they once were. I will not likely refer to myself as being “gay” when I am joyful, just because of the current association of “gay” with meaning a male homosexual or something being effeminate. It is just easier to pick a new adjective, than to always spend a lengthy time defending and explaining your word choice and the original meaning. For the same reason, it is currently easiest to stay away from using a rainbow symbol if you don’t need to. While Feminism may have once meant being feminine, it hasn’t meant that to most folks for a long time. And you yourself acknowledge this when you use the term “radfem”. If Feminism meant being feminine, then “radical Feminism” would mean being radically feminine, which would be a good thing, and quite endearing, if it were so. But it hasn’t been so, for a long time. Below I have copied the first part of the definition of “Feminism” from out of my 1981 set of World Book encyclopedias, showing that even over 40 years ago there was no mention about it meaning being feminine:

    And I’m opposed to all that. I believe women are categorically inferior to men, who are the image and glory of God,(1 Corinthians 11:7) and women therefore should not be given religious, economic, political, or social equality with men. Women’s proper place is in the home, serving, and women should be barred from voting in elections, and from most professional careers.

    Girls also do better with their fathers. The phrase “lived experiences” is Lefty-speak for anecdotal evidence. Your personal good experiences with some women does not prove women are equal or better than men at being good parents, judges, lawyers, officers, Etc.:

    Click to access Advantages-of-Father-Custody.pdf

    The major finding of the study was that across a variety of assessments of psychological well-being (self-esteem, anxiety, depression, problem behaviors), children (especially boys) did significantly better in the custody of their fathers. Moreover, children in father custody had the advantage of maintaining a more positive relationship with the nonresident parent, the mother. … No same-gender advantage was found for girls in mother custody. For these children, well-being was predicted by close “parentlike” contact with the nonresident father participating in a variety of activities and spending holidays together.

    Notice how it also points out that custodial fathers are also less likely to try to alienate the children from the other parent, like my wife has been working for years to do to me and my sons. But the cunt-court won’t rule based upon anything but their satanic Feminist religion. I never got to prevent evidence. They didn’t need to see any evidence to be cunts. The cunt-court functionaries will be satanic defilers regardless. No evidence needed.

    “Sharkly has to take it as it comes and make decisions based on reality and common sense.”
    Yes, but, I’m going to try to make my decisions based upon the unseen eternal reality and therefore using uncommon sense, that will look like foolishness to those who are perishing.(1 Corinthians 1:18)

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  21. Your points are valid and yet I saw the changes for the worst only start in women in the late 1960’s when I graduated high school. Much of the politically corrupt shit cases that started then set the ball rolling down the hill and in process into the sewer. Girls and boys were separated in certain classes such as when boys took Agriculture and Shop while girls took Home Economics which today would cause a cacophony from ingrates and dead heads. I have two friends you would love to talk to, both women who have told me that the worst ones who were/are cruel to them have been and are other women. One of them is my best friend and looking at her she is a prime example of the quintessential woman now almost extinct. It is a sad thing to have seen the natural and real woman metamorphosize from a wonder of creation to a twisted mess mind, soul and spirit but that is what has happened, that being the plan of David Rockefeller and his lackies Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. This of course drove a wedge between the sexes and created chaos. I just received a text from a friend who said, “One of my 12 year old Sunday School students was shocked when I told the class that it is unscriptural to have a homosexual relationship. (she goes to a Roman Catholic school) Change for the worse is still happening.

    The legalization of homosexuality and abortion here in “Canuckistan” were two things which went hand in hand with the radfem movement(bowel) and all three were orchestrated to change the demographics of western nations as they all affected and caused a big reduction in birth rates and recently all western nations have been flooded with fake refugees and unskilled, non English speaking unemployable net liabilities and security risks. More than a few are criminals as well as noted by the Rotheram drugging, rape and sex trafficking of ONLY NON MOSLEM GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS that went on for years due to the refusal of the authorities to prosecute the moslem trash perpetrators because they were cowards and afraid of being called islamophobes by politically correct dead heads. These cowards were local council political leaders and law enforcement. Cracker cowards!

    While all three of these social devolutionary plans were and are damaging, and connected in their calculated destruction, aborticide exposed the radfem fools and fake women defenders because it is not just the torture and murder of an innocent unborn baby but also a mental, spiritual and physical desecration of women.

    We will never agree on the value of women because I know a few gems who are real women and hate all of the three evils identified above. Woman was created different to man and as such, I recognize the hardships, sacrifices, work and tenacity it takes to be a mother with a nine month period of carrying the child and years of doting and caring for same. Heterosexual marriages ALONE were sanctioned in scriptures based on the real differences between both sexes and ideally the weaknesses of one are covered and mitigated by the strengths of the other both ways. We are thus both inferior and superior to one the other.

    Many of the key leaders in the pro life movement have been and are women of excellence. If you ever watch Lila Rose argue with the hardened, hostile and fake women of Planned Parenthood you will see what I mean about femininity. I am not denying men in similar leadership roles but to see a real woman against a fake woman radfem is an eye opening experience in serious contrast of the real thing compared to the fake facsimile.

    No fault divorce was and is the product of corrupt liberal loons and radfems pushed for/ influenced this program. In my case I saw the deficiencies in myself and the other party and watched the bottom feeding peanut gallery with no common sense counsel her to do things their way, which led to her losing $14,000. from listening to fools. You can bet none of these idiots offered to reimburse her either but “them’s the breaks.” I can see clearly now my part in the failure acerbated by her part in the mess.

    She refused to lie like many do to place their husbands in a hole by saying their spouse was violent. At that point many men are labeled/LIBELLED in order to place them in a bad position and to see them lose their firearms. This happens a lot and can come from the legal eagles representing the woman. The peanut gallery fools did not consider before the divorce I had won a decision against the WSIB who had dumped her arbitrarily and accused her of malingering. (fraud) The WSIB medical authority/expert told her when she attended his medical facility in Toronto after the medical evaluation that “I have done many investigations and reports for the WSIB over the years but they will not like this one.” He discredited the allegation of fraud and she ended up with a six digit settlement in monies, tuition, parking and travel expenses etc that enabled her to get a better education and a well paying job. It was the right thing to do on my part but I never knew my actions relative would pay such a big remuneration back to me at the end.

    Your biggest enemy then might not be your wife, it is the asswipes with less sense than a broken garden gate related to her or not who for some reason say stupid things that the other party embraces as good counsel. These sub humans with IQ’s of an expired best before expiry date cake can range in identity from the village idiot to the local legend in his own mind but the end result is almost always unfortunate to the poor sop who listens to such gibberish.

    You have to do what you want to, and while I will tell you a reconciliatory mode could make things more beneficial to you, I must say my outbursts, criticisms and loudly voiced attacks on the opposition lawyer I referred to as the “snake” did not impress court security though the Judge himself never said a word, but would intently focus on me during outbursts. He was a good man I admired for his poise and clarity of fairness in the matter. I am sure he had read the case file and noted the angry and passionate correspondences I had sent to the “other side” law firm and in the end, at the last mediation meeting, I left after it was over only to be called and chastised by my lawyer telling me “you have found favor with the Judge” and then saying “working with the Judge, I am sure we can find a decent settlement for you.”

    You never know what the Judge is thinking but in two other cases I am familiar with, where women Judges presided, the actual process found each of them defending and siding with the two fathers, and even fiercely so. Do not forget a woman knows other women well and they cannot be fooled by their own gender and the machinations particular to the bad ones of that sex. A recent case of a relative much younger than I found the woman Judge being protective of the man as his wife tried to lay claim to some valuable property which she denied the harpie on short notice and with a seriously indignant tone. So do NOT write off a woman Judge, it might just be the best thing that could happen to you, especially if such a Judge happens to be a real woman. Luck of the draw though.

    As a conclusion to my divorce settlement, I was called in two days before the expiry of the mediation agreement by my lawyer who sat me down and said, “THESE ARE THEIR FIGURES…SIT THERE AND READ THE DAMNED THING!!!!” I did and was shocked. He came in after I had read them and I said “I do not believe this!”

    He said “It is real and we have only 48 hours to sign. I asked right away ” Give me a pen and tell me where to sign.” He did and I did and I returned the next day with two certified cheques and was thoroughly pleased. It was over. The “loss” was paid by some stock sales and I never looked back.

    If reconciliation is possible, I hope that for you. If not, I am of the opinion your wife will down the road a few years regret a divorce ever happened. I have seen lots of women on the rebound settle for a physically abusive second husband and enter a “no go existence” of regret. I am not sure but I think it is the need within their psyche to feel accepted and their emotions over ride their will, thus setting up for a fall.

    Try to not lose hope, like me you may be pleasantly surprised in so much as you can be pleased with a marriage failure but often the results can be far better than you might have imagined. In any court case I have been in I always get the case file at the conclusion instead of letting it be destroyed. I have learned a lot and I recommend you do the same. The contents will surprise you to no end.

    I will be watching, I was there myself once.

    Always Edward

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  22. “Seriously! In this day and age Christ followers should be more offensive than ever to the surrounding reprobates….

    I say that much of being a God follower is being willing to become a “stone of stumbling and a rock of offense” against the worldly.(Isaiah 8:14, Romans 9:33, 1 Peter 2:8) Men, If your religion isn’t making you enemies, you’re too timid, you’re not doing it right.” (Sharkley)

    I missed these truths on another site a few weeks ago and while I am no longer welcome there,(which is fine by me) I did not see them recognized by myself or others.

    These statements quoted above are the truth that most “churchians” run from because scriptures actually say persecution will come to those who live Godly in Christ Jesus. YES!!!! Political correctness has contaminated religion to the point most are apostate, especially the UCC with their herds of radfem politically correct lesbian fake ministers.

    One should understand the way one communicates should NOT cause strife, that is, it should not engender caustic reactions. I am one to talk huh? We can present Truth in a low key manner that does not cause anger or emotional remonstrations but in a low key bit firm manner. The “other” side should not be discomfited by a rough manner of presentation but only by the discomfort of hearing the Truth.

    The problem is that religions have embraced political correctness so firmly that it has affected the Truth of scriptures…for example, many churches are now pro queer in spite of the scriptures that damn it as unto spiritual death. I am so used to dealing with liberal loons that I naturally expect and respond in ways not deemed to be civil. Some reading this are aware of that based on my record here in the past.

    Had I not a mother as I have(still alive at 98 and lucid/mobile) who I noted supported my father in every way possible, some of my experiences with women might well have created distance and rejection of them as I see now more than a few young guys experience. BOTH GENDERS (and there are ONLY two) have devolved but I have been shocked to have actually seen and interacted with REAL WOMEN. Thus me being accused of “adoration” and I can comprehend why. It just seems I have been plunked down into a bunch of them but for sure I do not associate with the “other” type as I have no time to pretend I am someone I am not as I have no energy to waste living a lie.

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    Here is a man who opposed the CYSTem up here in “Cancukistan and was jailed for several weeks as the minister of a church. Looks like his wife was surprised when the door opened and ran to him in several emotional moments of seeing him again, but who quickly runs off the camera view after they separate from embracing.

    There are some left in churches who are the real thing like this minister but I also am of the opinion his wife is one of them “real women” rarely seen anymore. Her attention is on him all the time and I noted there was no posing in any way by her as her focus was on her husband she had been separated from for several weeks.

    I have a copy of the “Niagara 2020 Declaration on the liberties of the church in “Canuckistan” from sea to sea in opposition to the CYSTem that allows gatherings of leftist loons but not of people attending church, even to drive in churches where there is no contact with anyone as the messages are delivered from a pulpit or office and the members tune in on their car radios to a frequency broadcasting the sermons.

    This nonsense about covid according to a medical expert is all about two things, CONTROL for the CYSTem and $$$$$$$ for Big Pharma. Society has devolved primarily based on the reluctance of ministers in the pulpits of the nation to condemn sin and even accept it. There are responsibilities that ALL believers and their leaders have and that is to oppose evil wherever they encounter it which right now is everywhere in a sick society of demented politically correct waifs, soy boy crackers, fake women and corrupt/apostate churches, governments and bureaucracies especially the fake education CYSTem filled with stalinist fake teachers.

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  24. Yes I see your point but even so to refuse to take the time to explain why one uses the stolen words in an effort to set the record straight, results in the continuance of the word appropriation theft ad infinitum. Imagine the women who have been named “Gay.” I know one with that name.

    The biggest example of word theft was the pro aborts who refer to pro life people as “anti-choice.” and to themselves as “pro choice.” It is an adopted tactic of the left and I never lose an opportunity to set things straight. Just because someone has stolen something never makes it theirs. The right to the truth though is theirs and that is over half the active HIV cases are in one to two percent of the population. It is not a lifestyle, it is a deathstyle.

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  25. Sharkly,
    You’ve left some great comments over at Sigma Frame about living with your wife and about rp failing if it doesn’t start with the biblical view of the biblical position of men and women seen correctly and that patriarchal hierarchy needs to be instituted again.

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  26. Also meant to add, a new commenter at Sigma, Robert, has had a couple of excellent comments. I’d love to see him and Ray weigh in on your posts here.

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  27. There are still women of excellence, unpolluted by a CYSTem run amok, untouched by the lies, heresies and hypocrisy of rad fem foolishness, cowardliness and fakery, or the tentacles of the leftist liars of ASSademia in the fake education CYSTem. They are not extinct yet.

    I would describe one not far from my location, whose husband deceased at too early an age leaving her behind. This woman cried a lot the two years after he deceased and lives an existence still attached to him. She was the ideal woman, they were the first dates for each the other and married. She has always been a woman of excellence, humility, intelligence and propriety paralleling that woman described in the last half of the last chapter of Proverbs. She knows and understands that nobody else can take his place and declines any advances from others seeking romance.

    This then is all related to Sharkly’s dilemna and experiences with his soon to be X. I have categorical proof by way of legal communication from a woman in a divorce situation and her lawyer wherein she instructs her counsel in her desire to accept and be satisfied with a figure of the total estate worth representing close to a million dollars of only $100,000 and half his pensions. That attitude was adopted to her observations of what her X had done over the 37 year duration of the marriage in his role as provider and father.

    At this point she has remarried, and both take an active and sometimes cooperative effort in looking at the best interests of their grandchildren and grown children. Her X is not remarried and does not intend on doing so. This is what a decent X wife should and would do and those who do not will live to regret their actions.

    It is my wish Sharkly’s wife can at least see through the CYSTem fog to the best interests of the children accommodated and the importance of a father in the lives of two boys they are parents of, in a decent cooperative existence where both actively place those children front row center to the best of their abilities, even though they will live apart remarried or not. The best case scenario is that both live apart and eventually reconcile even if it takes years.

    It is the children who are always the victims suffering the pain of it all.

    I have also seen women judges who have been harsh towards women divorcing their husbands and who have openly taken the part of the man in the equation. These women judges have acted in not an arbitrary manner but come from their own stable marriages with children, and recognize the importance of the marriage in the best interests of their own and therefore other children. I have seen three recent good outcomes for the father with two getting child custody and the third getting open access. I have seen a recent divorce where the wife was a real cad and the women judge put her in her place disqualifying her of estate assets she was not entitled to.

    We should never lose hope in the knowledge that some outcomes are not god but others are.


  28. edward kennedy,
    “There are still women of excellence, unpolluted by a CYSTem run amok, untouched by the lies, heresies and hypocrisy of rad fem foolishness, cowardliness and fakery, or the tentacles of the leftist liars of ASSademia in the fake education CYSTem. They are not extinct yet.”

    No, we are all polluted by this world’s system, and touched by the lies & excuses of Feminist foolishness. That is “Original Sin” in a nutshell. I’ve presently lost my wife and sons to that heresy, so it touches even me on a very basic level.
    Your repeated extolling of unspoiled “women of excellence”, whom you say are unpolluted & untouched by the lies of Feminism, is a form of undue adoration for the weaker vessels who in fact are nature’s defilers.(Revelation 14:4)

    Anyhow, although you’ve done better than before about toning it down, I’m going to ask you not to comment here any longer. I plan to put your next comment into “spam” and thereby put you into moderation. And I have no intention to let any further comments from you through.

    Yes I know this is censorship/cancelling or whatever, and I’m OK with that. In fact, it wasn’t any single thing that led me to de-platform you here again on this blog, but in multiple ways, like the commies and their “social credit score”, things have just added up to the point where I think this blog would better serve its intended purpose without your contributions.

    First and foremost the exalting/pedestalizing of your “women of excellence” has resurfaced. Yes I know of Deborah and Nabal in the Bible, but we get 24-7 saturation with female supremacy in the media and in churches, where every woman is presumed to be a Deborah and every husband is presumed to be a Nabal, for Feminism’s sake. To categorically elevate women above where they belong, adorned with shamefacedness, or to categorically put men down, who image God as fathers and sons, is the work of Satan. And when you frequently seem to call out bad men, and praise excellent women, you pretty much give the same effect, while still seeming innocent in each particular instance. I’m not saying that you intend to do that, just that I can’t tell that you don’t.

    Also, while I certainly don’t begrudge any man a chance to rant and to call his enemies names, when you’ve got lots of ranting and lots of name calling, you kind of need to offset that with some good arguments against them or good examples of their bad conduct that are in keeping with the general intent of this blog. Otherwise you come across how others might like to caricature us as men who rant and vent the bile from their spleens, yet don’t have anything substantive or constructive to their arguments.

    I like you, Edward. I care about you. And I wish you the best.
    Vaya con Dios.

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  29. I read today that at least two Moms have had their custody reduced or eliminated during divorce trials due to the Moms not wearing masks and the judges getting mad about it.
    Putting aside the fact its probably Moms frivorcing their husbands, I can’t get over all the examples of how large of a role we’ve given over to judges over our families.
    Even if pastors didn’t want to touch feminism, couldn’t they at least find biblical reasons to pushback against the family court system?

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