Is The Bible Bowdlerized?

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  1. To remove erroneous, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material from (a book, for example) before publication.
  2. To purify; to clear from anything noxious, offensive, or erroneous; to cleanse; to purge.


  1. to expurgate (something, such as a book) by omitting or modifying parts considered vulgar.
  2. to modify by abridging, simplifying, or distorting in style or content.

Etymology: Bowdler +‎ ize; named after English physician Thomas Bowdler (1754–1825). In 1818 he published ‘The Family Shakespeare’, a censored version of the bawdy works of William Shakespeare, expurgating “those words and expressions which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family.”

Recently I was alerted to someone in the “Christian manosphere” linking to some purportedly “Christian” hardcore pornography.  Is “Christian-pornography” an oxymoron?  Thanks to Hollywood and our “Sex, drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll” promoting entertainment culture, our nations have been saturated with the sexualization of just about everything lately.  However the church has traditionally been the force in society that desexualizes everything.  Well … until recently.

Debbie Does Dallas

Rev. Tommy Nelson famously produced a series of filmed messages re-pornifying a part of the Bible.

The yarn-spinning, joke-telling Texan travels the country using the Bible’s Song of Solomon as God’s definitive message on dating, marriage and sexual intimacy. … He explained words like pomegranate, vineyard and garden are layered in sexual imagery. Raisin cakes represent aphrodisiacs. And the phrase “let his left hand be under my head and his right hand embrace me” means begetting has begun.

So does the Bible deal with the primary focus of our generation, sex?

fertility goddess worship

Jack, over at Σ Frame recently said:

Just to point this out… the Bible has R and X rated content in prose and PG language.

Is that true?  And how does that work?

We shall ponder this curious matter of whether the Bible has been expurgated of its sexual mojo and whether there is merit to “brining the sexy back”.  But first, as I stroke my beard and try to think of a wise and orderly way to open this subject, please smooth down your pornstache and prepare your mind.


Sirach 26:10(NRSV) Keep strict watch over a headstrong daughter, or else, when she finds liberty, she will make use of it. … 12 As a thirsty traveler opens his mouth and drinks from any water near him, so she will sit in front of every tent peg and open her quiver to the arrow.

Since Protestants don’t generally recognize the apocryphal books as part of the Bible, then perhaps without too much sacrilege we can then speculate about the above apocryphal passage and try to surmise what the ancient Hebrew author was trying to say … and why he didn’t just say it in plain English.  Is the tent peg a literal tent stake?  Could the quiver and arrow be figurative terms?  Are you pervs already presuming it to be something sexual?  Part of the issue is that there is a change in language over time and through translation.  But is it possible that those who have translated the text have bowdlerized it by rendering Hebrew figures of speech in literal English?  I’m not an ancient Hebrew father, but, their lives, back then, must have been pretty carefree if their biggest worry for a rebellious daughter was that she’d go out and sit in front of all the tent pegs and gather up arrows in her quiver.  Godfearing fathers in today’s oversexualized culture have to worry about their daughters becoming sluts!

The translation problems may lie in the fact that Bible translators don’t generally deal in dirty words.  Nor may the authors have chosen to use dirty words if they existed.  The whole concept of “dirty words” is even sort of a cultural phenomenon.  Is any particular word unwholesome?  Or do words only convey the shared meaning and connotations we allow them, making the words themselves inert, unless you use them in an unwholesome way.  Take for instance “the F-word” the queen mother of all dirty words.  Is saying it like saying an incantation to summon evil?  If I say “fuck” in a forest and nobody hears me, is it a sin?  What if I’m heard?  Or does sin come from disobedience and evil intentions?

For what it is worth, I had heard an urban legend regarding the etymology of the word “fuck” but after studiously researching the truth of the matter, the origin of the word is still mostly shrouded in mystery and is the subject of many speculations.  The reason many folks use it as an expletive is because people have been conditioned not to say it in polite conversation, and so people often say it to emotionally express that they are not having a polite conversation moment.  However, what is deemed as dirty conversation varies with the culture.  God Himself remains unchanging, nor is the Omniscient naïve about any subject, including the two sexes He created.  God has seen every sinful act ever committed.   We don’t need to play coy at church.  However, we should be careful in our speech since we will all be judged by our own words.(Matthew 12:34-37)

Many Christians seem to not want to ever speak to their children about sex, assuring that their children are either dangerously ignorant about sex or learn about it entirely from our perverted world instead.

Another translation problem may be that pornographic text could be made up of entirely inert words, which could be interpreted in another sense.

Give me your lovin’.  Give it to me.  Oh yeah, you’re the best.  Oh yeah, I love what you do to me.  Oh God I’m coming!

Was that people having sex or some new praise song lyrics?  Would we know the difference if we read something like that in the book of Psalms?

Bible translators, generally like their life’s work to be accepted and not doubted or denounced, and so they have a personal incentive to not make their translation seem risqué.  And modern translators may have additional financial incentive to get their translation adopted by denominations and the general public.  So the incentives are always there to make God’s words more palatable and less objectionable.

Starting in the earliest church which began in a Roman society heavily influenced by Gnostics, Stoics, and Cynics, who viewed natural physical sexual acts and passions as inherently evil, there has been a push to further desexualize Christianity.  And so today many risk-averse Christian leaders are also sex-averse cloistered and naïvely aloof in their ivory towers.  While Hollywood usually focuses on the Roman orgies and the sexual decadence and corruption of Rome, the Roman church fathers were the olden day conservatives who along with other conservative sects tried unsuccessfully to stop the moral liberality that contributed to the weakening and eventual collapse of the empire.

Long story short, the human sex drive is stronger than most people’s drive to follow religious dogma, so unless you ignore the Pericope Adulterae and enforce God-given sexual law with dreadful force, society will steadily slip towards depravity.

Martin Luther lamented, when the civil Crown quit executing all adulterers, that his country was headed down a moral slippery slope … to … today’s Germany.

But does the Bible teach us more about sex, besides commands like killing all adulterers?  Yeah!  Proverbs 5 is an entire chapter about sex.  For example:

Proverbs 5:15 Drink water from your own cistern,
And flowing water from your own well.
16 Should your springs overflow into the street,
Streams of water in the public squares?
17 Let them be yours alone,
And not for strangers with you.
18 Let your fountain be blessed,
And rejoice in the wife of your youth.
19 Like a loving doe and a graceful hind,
Let her breasts satisfy you at all times;
Be exhilarated always with her love.
20 For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress,
And embrace the breasts of a foreigner?

So is Solomon telling us to not drink any water that isn’t from our own well, and not to let strangers have a drink from our well?  Not even a cup of cold water given in Christ’s name?  Or was Solomon using sexual euphemisms where the husband has a fountain and his wife has a well or cistern, because in that case then the commands are sensible and in keeping with the law of God.  I have never even heard of a Christian man claiming they only drink water from their own well.  So how can we apply these passages if they are bowdlerized and we are kept from understanding their wisdom?  Well that’s where our free membership benefits kick in!  I just explained it to you, for free.  I may not fully understand it, but such as I have give I thee.

I think the correct position is to re-sexualize the Bible where it has clearly been desexualized, but otherwise to not sexualize the Bible just to make it more titillating to the sexually immoral.

21 thoughts on “Is The Bible Bowdlerized?

  1. This is a bit I copied from a comment I left here:

    I also believe that proverbs 5:15-18 describes oral sex, but our Bibles have been meticulously bowdlerized to make those verses seem like mere nonsense. Hint: the husband has a fountain and the wife has a cistern or well.

    Proverbs 5:15 Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well. 16 Should your springs be scattered abroad, streams of water in the streets? 17 Let them be for yourself alone, and not for strangers with you. 18 Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, 19 a lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love. 20 Why should you be intoxicated, my son, with a forbidden woman and embrace the bosom of an adulteress?

    As the passage continues on into verses 19 and 20 it becomes clear that Solomon is teaching his sons to each enjoy their own wives’ bodies, “at all times”. Why would God, through Solomon, ask us to refuse to drink water when we can’t get it from our own well? does anybody apply that literally? What could it figuratively be speaking of, lapping water as it flows from our own well? And why shouldn’t you share with your well water with thirsty strangers?

    Let your fountain be “blessed”? The Hebrew word used there for “blessed” can mean either to bless by mouth or to kneel down before in adoration. And if you were both as wise as Solomon and under the inspiration of God, perhaps the word was chosen precisely to capture both of those meanings at the same time. Or perhaps we are all literally being commanded to install a cistern/Koi-pond with a blessed fountain at our home. But notice in this instance the fountain is not mentioned going in the cistern. He is drinking the flowing water from his well, and letting his fountain be “blessed”. The same man wrote Song of Solomon, a book full of similar allegorical and metaphorical language regarding his love life.


  2. To repeat what I asked here, can anyone here imagine any churchian franchise operator delivering a sermon on Song of Solomon, or even the verses from Proverbs 5 that you reference? I wonder what kind of response you’d get if you asked one of them to address these parts of the Bible?


  3. As I posted here, I’m struggling to imagine any churchian franchise owner speaking to a gathering of his customers about the verses from Proverbs that you cite, let alone something as terror and nausea-inducing as the Song of Solomon. Just imagine if a lay leader within the churchian franchise of a men’s Bible Study group were to decide to focus a two month-long weekly Bible study on SoS rather than the latest churchian Oprah Book of the Month club offering on something “safe.” How long would it take for the congregation to rise up in arms and the pastor threaten the man with de-fellowshiping if he goes ahead with the study?

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  4. feeriker,
    I’m not sure why, but I had to rescue both attempts of yours, to comment, from the spam folder. Thank you for your persistence and for contacting me to alert me about it.

    Yes, it seems like certain sections of the Bible are modern No-Go zones for Effemenazi churchian pulpiteers. They seem to dislike the book of Hosea also. I personally have not spent much time reading or studying the Song of Solomon, mainly because it has been translated in such a way that to me the text made very little sense. However, I wouldn’t trust most gynogroveling hirelings to interpret and present it correctly, anyhow. Perhaps I need to give it another look now since, by the grace of God, I am now figuring more things out.

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  5. Perhaps I need to give it another look now since, by the grace of God, I am now figuring more things out.

    Whatever insights you would gain would almost certainly make you orders of magnitude more knowledge on the book than any spiritually lazy and ignorant hireling. A VERYow bar to set, I know.

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  6. OT, but of interest to everyone here:

    I’ve never heard of “Clergy Appreciation Day”, but apparently it’s a thing, at least according to this greetings site that I occassionally use. I haven’t looked at the electronic offerings they have for this occasion, but I wonder if they offer eCards that say “thank you for destroying my marriage,” “thank you for humiliating and castrating me from the pulpit,” or “great job doing Satan’s work for him”?

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  7. I’m sorta late on the draw, but just wanted to compliment you on your last few articles. You’re becoming a serious writer. Keep thinking. -Boxer

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  8. Well thank you, Boxer. That is high praise considering your own manosphere credentials.
    I don’t necessarily want to be a serious writer, but these are serious times with great battles to be fought. Some folks don’t see the battles, or don’t see them for what they are. And most people can’t fathom that institutions their parents once trusted are now so corrupted that they are just skinsuits of their former selves being used to promote evil and to keep people from fighting back for the sake of all that is good and true.
    Our churches are one such group of institutions. They now serve primarily as Beta-factories turning men and boys into cowards that serve the Feminist agenda rather than the holy patriarchal kingdom of the Father and His Son.
    The Bible is a good book for men, inerrant as originally inspired by God, and I don’t care to see it censored(bowdlerized) or polluted with additions like the apocryphal Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53–8:11) to suit Feminism and to remove women from being held to account for their faithlessness, whoring, and usurping of men, inasmuch as men are “the image and glory of God”, the Father, Son, and their masculine united Spirit.
    The Bible was been thrown out of schools, public life, and now its truth is even embarrassing to the charlatans leading our churches. I can’t get my wife’s church to even consider following the direct instructions of Christ, whom they claim to worship, as they in reality give worth-ship to my wife’s desires above Christ’s instructions and above the wellbeing of my sons.
    My wife is clearly an image of their goddess of unfaithfulness, the Great Whore, who disdains God’s holy patriarchal kingdom, and instead calls for a world where we are ruled over by women, children, and kowtowing cowards, until that Great Whore who rides on the back of our beastly world’s system will progressively surrender her allegiance over to the kingdom of the Antichrist. Can people not see that foolish women voters have helped elect smooth talking cowards, with no principles but being self-serving, who rule and are ruled by fear? What once was Bible prophecy, is now our daily news. The churchians can see signs and smell the smoke of the approaching fiery wrath of God, but they are still clueless that they have unfaithfully abandoned God’s word and God’s ways to go whoring after this world’s iniquity, and that the refiners fire will first bring tribulation on them, not those who aren’t bringing shame on the name of Christ and aren’t teaching lawlessness in the name of Christ. Repentance should start with the house of God, not with worldly onlookers. Yet I have hope for you, Boxer. You might well enter God’s patriarchal kingdom before the churchians.

    Matthew 21:28 “But what think ye? A certain man had two sons. And he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go work today in my vineyard.’ 29 He answered and said, ‘I will not,’ but afterward he repented and went. 30 And he came to the second and said likewise. And he answered and said, ‘I go, sir,’ and went not. 31 Which of those two did the will of his father?” They said unto Him, “The first.” Jesus said unto them, “Verily I say unto you, that the publicans and the harlots go into the Kingdom of God before you. 32 For John came unto you in the way of righteousness, and ye believed him not; but the publicans and harlots believed him. And ye, when ye had seen it, repented not afterward, that ye might believe him.

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  9. Sharkly, try the KJ3 translation by J. P. Green. It is a faithful word for word literal translation. Not bowdlerized, not euphemized. Green didn’t want to “help” the text during translation.


  10. Sharkly, “Can people not see foolish women voting……?”
    Split mind – they see it, but as a good thing, not foolishness. Most of my brethren think everything is generally okay, especially in the church. They all took the jab, have their kids in private schools with no mask rule or raised at home, so they don’t see feminism.
    I’m glad to see some life at this blog again.
    Not to burden you but my fellow travelers are few in number so it helps me when this site is going. Sigma Frame says some needed points, has taken over for Dalrock but with more of a sanctification focus, and anyplace Deti writes, has value, but I am not comfortable there and often too slow to get into a topic, so I like it when your site is active.

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  12. What is going on Sharkly? Boxer and Dalrock both posted less before hanging it up, I hope that won’t be happening to you also.

    I listened to a Bnonn Tenant podcast, released this week or last. You have mentioned disagreements with him, but I liked the podcast. He turned a good phrase in it, said servant leadership is just servitude without authority and said if you must use a phrase, then try “servant lordship.”
    I consider a podcast like this to be helpful, so I am curious to hear yours and other’s views on it. 10 minutes long only.

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  13. Surfdumb,
    I thank you for your comments. Yes, I have been quite busy lately with other details of life, like financing two separate households and the cunt-court system. I can’t share too much about all that is going on right now, but I enjoy having people comment here, and I may be able to help answer questions to keep the fellowship going in between posts.

    You’re right that I do have some points of disagreement with Bnonn Tennant, but he didn’t go off into those areas in the podcast you linked, which made it pretty good, as I generally am on the same page with Bnonn on what he said in that particular podcast. There are just areas where Bnonn is still purple-pilled weak-sauce, and ashamed of the Father’s patriarchal truth.
    (Referring to 1 Corinthians 11:7) Bnonn once wrote: “Why, then, is woman the glory of man? Is she not made in the image of God? Any modern Christian who claims not to get at least uneasy reading this passage—and probably tight under the collar—is fibbing.”

    LOL I don’t get bothered by God telling us that only men bear the likeness of the Father, the Son, and their united masculine Spirit. In fact, if men were not made superior, the Feminists would be right, and the institution of marriage itself would naturally then just be a codified system of “abuse” of women. However, men are categorically the image and glory of God, and that makes it only natural, most holy, and in everybody’s best interest for men, the exalted heads of the human race, to rule over their own families well.

    If you want a sneak preview of a post I might write, here is the seminal thought:
    Q: How do churchians, Feminists, and this world’s system, all work to kill off the institution of marriage?
    A: They lop off the head. Usurping the image of God and men’s divine mandate to have dominion over all the earth.
    They play up the lesser virtues of women while downplaying men’s greater virtues. They suppress the truth to make the unnatural seem natural and divinely ordained, they call evil, “good” and good they call “evil”.

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  14. Q: How do churchians, Feminists, and this world’s system, all work to kill off the institution of marriage?

    A: They lop off the head. Usurping the image of God and men’s divine mandate to have dominion over all the earth.
    They play up the lesser virtues of women while downplaying men’s greater virtues. They suppress the truth to make the unnatural seem natural and divinely ordained, they call evil, “good” and good they call “evil”.

    Well written, brother! This, with a few verses of Scripture added to forestall any pushback, should be sent to every churchian franchise across the globe.

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  15. ”Jack, over at Σ Frame recently said:

    Just to point this out… the Bible has R and X rated content in prose and PG language.”
    The churchians are deceitful workers,censorers&banners of MOSES&JESUS
    Whom they despitefuly use for churchanity,profanity&for the lusts of the UNGODLY”masses&elites!”
    SHARKLY,a churchian ”legend”-wannabe just used his undue&ungodly leverage to try to censor GBFM the main repersenative of the TRUE REDPILL because he is a churchian cunt-worshipping coward known to quickly moderate&try to get banned any descenters of
    churchanity&its strapon pornographers HERES a somewhat accurate repersentation of their latest&greatest ”taking it in the rear” IDOL known to them CUNT-worshippingly affectionaly as swingermike!

    Hes the REAL MAN(tm) leader-type they have been waiting for? Churchians are all for pornographers& supposedly ”christian” sodomites being uncensored but demand those of us who preach the truth of MOSES&JESUS to be censored&constrained in what were ”allowed” to talk about just like I now have been at a certain place after I told too much TRUTH last night that went against the supposedly ”noble&idealistic” MASSES&ELITES!
    This churchian also acts like his 2 main co-authors are with him even though they left over 2 months ago disgusted by the ”legend”wanna-bes strapon churchian-worshipping lusts&censoring ways!


  16. professorGBFMtm2021,

    I do moderate here too (you’ve all been spared many female comments and some female worshipping comments) and I would also censor if I felt the need to keep part of an offending comment. I understand your desire to see the Christian manosphere be led in the correct direction, and I get that they called you profane and censored you while they were linking to “non-monogamous” swinger Mike’s hardcore porn site where his wife was also purportedly modeling her strap-on penis. As you well know, I gave them a good rebuking for it too. However, my site is intended to at least partly; celebrate men, who are the image and glory of God. And your picture really doesn’t bring honor to men in general. Nor is this the best suited place for you to stage your battle against them in the way you have. Not that we’re not on the same page, but stylistically I’d be more open to your battling with them here if you were a bit clearer in making your points, while also trying to uphold the dignity of men in general as you battle their “he wears the pants but she wears the penis” sort of Churchian marriage they promote.


  17. SHARKLY,the picture was because,people ”want facts”&if thats what they want I’ll olibge.
    The main clear points are THESE!:
    1.MEN that are supposedly redpilled still act like GAME &REDPILL are interchangible.when their not! REDPILL started out as the far-right socio-political anti-feminist men sites like martian bachelor’s space-age bachelor pad &deepwater web in the mid’90’s! THEY we’re unofficialy called MGTOW,which is what redpill is based on!MGTOW=REDPILL is the TRUTH about women,the meat-grinder family courts&governments.
    GAME was about trying to get women,not the TRUTH about women!
    2.MEN should keep on sticking up for others that have led the MANosphere to the point of collapse&then wonder why more MEN left it again!I’m not directly defending any MEN again like I did on these 2 SF posts!
    3.I’m tired of sticking up for MEN who won’t even stick up for other MEN,except for the MEN who led us into a continuing collapsing manosphere!
    4.Anybody who comes after gbfm better be ready for a long drawn-out war!
    GBFM has fought a long-line of FOOLS including even the so-called ”conservative” weekly standards charlotte allen!
    5.People should’nt be afraid of what I say,but the consquences of all the ruin that has been done to the christian-manosphere by the so-called leaders of it!
    GBFM defended the manosphere for so long&people have the guile to tell gbfm hes profane&nobody said nothing in my defense,but expect me to defend them?
    I don’t tell anybody that porn is okay as long as its ”christian”porn.If I did everybody would demand I apologize,(but diffirent rules for other men like JASON has always said!) that hav’nt fought for the manosphere like GBFM has for almost 12 years!?
    People judging from ignorance of history&what they don’t know,will hapily judge&condemn gbfm?All ye who think DAL’rock was GREAT you don’t even know the complex history of gbfm&dal’s friendship.but please judge&condemn all you want gbfm,like the false idols did before you known as matt-king,luke&many others since feburary=march ’10!

    NOBODY should even read GBFMS comments then they would’nt be confused nor disturbed!I’ll be taking a indefinite leave of absence from HERE starting today.
    I have never needed the manosphere&I’ll let all the ”trained alpha”men who have been chomping at the bit to be its new defenders do it from now on as I mainly go away.
    WHY are none of you anonymous h8ters calling out jack for not apologizing about promoting porn as SCOTT clearly left because of it?I’m holding all of you back from doing that?That titus2homemaker-rachel female commenter main post for all the manospheres interest is this one!GBFM the guy so many hate defended others not expecting anything&then when he was called PROFANE anybody stick up for him?NO!They hide away in the shadows,but still expect gbfms help? Others can learn to defend themselves from now on&don’t expect gbfm to help them unless GBFM wants or feels like he should that day!
    SHE was defended as I was condemned by your idols!
    I’m like DAL’&HEARTISTE tired of defending those who won’t even defend themselves or the TRUTH,but expect other MEN like GBFM,DAL’&HEARTISTE to do All that&more! NO wonder dalrock&heartiste happily left what seems like a ungrateful manosphere!
    Where was everybody who wants to be ‘manly’&a ”leader-type” when GBFM got deplatformed by wordpress in november ’14 or heartiste in april-may ’19 or dal’ when he got attacked by doug wilson,tim bayly, jesse powell&even many others in the past?
    MEN who stayed quiet as we bled,sweat&shed tears for the MGTOW=REDPILL cause should man-up as I mostly go quiet on defending others,people that can call gbfm a bad guy can defend themselves too!
    Demanding more from those who have freely given their time to defend others,while giving a pass to pornographers how low-down is THAT!?
    THIS is my last comment HERE for at least a month or so too!
    So don’t bother SHARKLY with UNMANLINESS again h8ters of those that are good,as ye go quietly giving support to PROFANE pornographers&their supporters!
    JUST like GOJIRA=GODZILLA,I can only count on myself to fight&do whats right!
    While others stand around like lazy women,judge&condemn gbfm,for what their not willing to do(I.E.preach the full MGTOW=REDPILL gospel)?
    P.S.Nobody should even think of reading my ”PROFANE” comments&
    everybody stay quiet when those who speak out&defend you are told their PROFANE,see where it leads to now!?
    If you were treated like shit for months like I was elsewhere while being told your ”blaming the guys”,as the MEN who said that were actualy blaming MEN,you would be expecting me to speak out for you ,but now I’m thinking ‘tough-love’&’manning-up'(Like was prescribed at the other place that I supposedly PROFANELY fought against for other men’s sakes&not mines!) is what is needed for most MEN,especialy those ones whom expect other men to carry their burdens as they thought DAL’&HEARTISTE should do too!


  18. professorGBFMtm2021,
    I’m a little confused. You once wrote to me:
    But now you sound like you are claiming his efforts. That has me confused.

    Trust me, I’m on the side of God’s holy patriarchy and I too have been battling the purple-pillers like when Doug Wilson and Tim Bayly (AKA: Whorehorn Media) contested with Dalrock. If you feel like I haven’t defended you well enough over at Σ Frame, it is likely partly because I myself haven’t been keeping up as much over there since some of their miracle-denying evolution-touting strap-on-churchianity foolishness. And It might also be that it is hard to stick up for somebody who writes in such a way that I can hardly ever be certain what exactly you’re saying. I only think I get about half of what you’re going on about, and I just try to assume the best about those parts I’m unsure of, and if something seems really wrong, then I assume it must be sarcasm, but in a way I’m left kind of guessing or reading my own meaning into your words. And that makes it difficult to defend you, when I don’t really know with certainty what you mean much of the time. Apparently my German sense of humor and your stylin’ & profilin’ aren’t always in sync. But please don’t feel that I’m opposed to you. I just didn’t think that one picture represents men well, or that your stream-of-consciousness combative ranting represents yourself well in your contention with others who consistently come across more understandably, even if I don’t always agree with them and their hermaphrodite god/dess inspired purple-pill churchian viewpoint.

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  19. ‘Q: How do churchians, Feminists, and this world’s system, all work to kill off the institution of marriage?
    A: They lop off the head. Usurping the image of God and men’s divine mandate to have dominion over all the earth.’

    Using the sexual allure of Salome, Herodias — a princess of the Herodian Dynasty — demanded and received the head of Baptist John, from the servile State. Not coincidental. Big Daddy and Princess conspiring to destroy the people of God. Nothing new under the sun.

    In the past, Western men kept themselves aware of the consequences of empowering females.

    I also recommend Goya’s work for spiritual truths concerning women.

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