Down the cuckoldry rabbit hole and you’re into the church basement.


So I’m exploring WordPress Reader, and it recommends an oddball post about the “science” behind cuckoldry.  And it piqued my curiosity because that is something that I sure as hell don’t understand.  Well, Sharkly bit the bullet, and read through it for you.   It was written by a slut who cuckolds her husband and claims to be a sex therapist who helps other couples enter into this same kind of cuckolding.  Firstly there really wasn’t any “science” cited, although she does repeatedly allude to “primate studies” as she profusely illustrates her post with pictures of Black men.  The pictures and article were such that even I won’t link to it. LOL   But it gets worse.  I tried to read some of this authors other articles on the subject, but my porn filter blocked all but one of them, so I’ll just address the two posts I was able to read.  This deluded slut uses speculation based upon her very non-standard view of evolution theory to arrive at the conclusion that wives should have a sex deprived Beta husband, who provides for and protects them, while the wives should also enjoy emotionally meaningless sex with a number of well hung studs.  The kicker is that the wife has to get the Beta husband onboard in order to keep a “good” marriage going with him.  While all of it was debauched, evil, and destructive to the family, there were some things that jumped out at me.

She firmly believes that women have higher sex drives than men.(likely the personal anecdotal evidence of a female sex addict, her insistence on the emotional meaninglessness of the outside sex is also a hallmark of sex addiction)  She believes that Patriarchy has perverted and inverted our sex roles, by keeping women monogamous.

The bomb drop ~ Step one to becoming a cuck!

Although she doesn’t give away her whole professional method for converting couples to cuckoldry, she does state that women dominate their husbands via sexual denial, and the first step to cuckoldry is getting the husband to willingly accept his wife’s denial of sex.   Wow!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’ve heard that shit preached in church!   I’ve had that turd flung at me in “Christian marriage counselling”.

She says: Fortunately my husband does not see me as a “fallen woman”. On the contrary, he puts me on a pedestal. My husband considers me to be a white, blonde, Greek Goddess, and the more extramarital interracial sex I have, the more he adores and admires me.

In the comments she says:  It would be a big step in the right way if we could have a matriarchal society structure again so that a woman would be free to be intimate with other men if she wants to. 

regarding her cuckolded husband:

No, he believes that he is mortal – and that I am a Goddess.

And there you have it!   The church forces men to let their wives deny them sex with lame excuses.  The ‘great whore’ stole from men the exclusive image of God, and instead deifies women as men’s superiors.  Converting churchmen into ready cuckolds to slutty wives.  Our churches are a polluted fat whore, not the bride of Christ!

Eject!  Eject!  Eject!

Feminism Backlash (rant)

Yesterday was my youngest son’s 11th birthday party.  I bet it was a nice party.  I currently get to see my two sons every second weekend.  Last weekend when my wife was picking my sons up from my house, I overheard my youngest son arguing and pleading with his mom about her allowing him to invite anybody but his father to his birthday party.   It broke my heart to hear my son having to fight to try to keep his father in his life, and knowing already how the system is unbeatably rigged against us males.

Now you might imagine that I have done some horrendous things, for a father to be kept from his sons like I have been, but sadly that isn’t even the case.  I’ve never even been charged with a misdemeanor in my whole life.  Yet I was kept from my sons, except for some rare brief instances under supervision for nine months, based upon false accusations from my wife who has three diagnosed mental disorders.  Was I or my son’s compensated in any way when my wife’s accusations were fully disproven, twice over?  No, we’ll never get that time back, or the thousands of dollar it took to disprove things that never happened.  Unfortunately I am forced to go to work every week, at a job I now hate, to pay for my wife to live with my kids in a second home I have to provide and have parties I can’t attend, Etc. Etc.  You get the picture.

If Feminism had a headquarters, I’d pay my last dime for the first spot in line to destroy it.   Don’t even build Cunt-Con.  I swear, I’ll destroy it!   I want to beat those stupid sows back into the stone age with a rod of iron!  It is the least I can do for my sons, and millions of other boys growing up fatherless like them.