Don’t Be Stupid!

Leviticus 19:28  You are not to make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead or make any tattoo marks upon yourself.  I am the Lord.

This post, is purely an opinion post.  I don’t believe that all the Old Testament laws for the Jewish nation necessarily apply to us, however we may find some wisdom in them regarding how not to be offensive to God and others.

I personally can’t ever remember seeing a tattoo or piercing that I ever thought made the “voluntary-victim” look better.  And I certainly never saw one that made the person, who chose to do that to themselves, look smarter.  Tattoos and piercings are often good indicators of bad judgement.  “Tramp-Stamps” are pretty reliable indicators of willingness to engage in sexual immorality and are on many people’s List of Slut Tells.   And these lists aren’t used by solid Christian men to find sluts, but rather to avoid them.  Anyhow, I don’t have any doctrine to teach about this, just lots of personal opinion on the matter, and I’d really like to read the opinions or doctrines of others and perhaps gain some insight from others’ ideas.

1 Corinthians 6:19  Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?  20 For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.

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  1. It is written that an awl is used to pierce the ear of a servant and an earring installed indicates the person is a slave. Tattoos on girls/women and odd piercings create an instant wall twixt me and any affinity I could/would have for such women.

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  2. edward kennedy,
    Yes, now I am reminded of reading about becoming a bondservant by ear piercing in Exodus 21:5-6 & Deuteronomy 15:16-17. Another reason not to get your ear gauged. To whom are you enslaving yourself?

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  3. I noted the tattoo and piercings in many parts of the body arise as a fad but truth is this desecrates and despoils the natural pulchritude of women and marks them as members of the mindless grazing herd. I associate with a few women of class, poise, intelligence, inner and outer beauty, femininity,etc. None have tattoos or obscene piercings. Just as bad and ridiculous are piercings in fake men and/or earrings.

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  4. My dad often used the phrase, “They need that like they need a hole in the head”.

    Yes, unfortunately most “body art” is fad based and quickly becomes dated, and then marks you for life as one without the fortitude to resist peer pressure.

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  5. Yes, unfortunately most “body art” is fad based and quickly becomes dated, and then marks you for life as one without the fortitude to resist peer pressure.

    I used to wonder what these pierced, tattooed mutants thought they’d look like in old age covered in all that hideous body graffiti. Then it dawned on me that, given their reckless lifestyle choices, almost none would live to see old age.

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  6. About the photo you captioned this with:

    I recently encountered a carbon copy of it in the flesh. From the yap of what would in saner eras gone by have been a 35-year-old grownup, who would have by this point in his life had a steady professional job, been married, and had a family and responsibilities I heard actual bitching and whining like a 15-year-old that he was limited to being a bartender, a street vendor, or a performance artist because “no one in the professions will hire me with these piercings and tats!” He actually said it as if the piercings and tats had attacked him and affixed themselves to him against his will and that his self-inflicted deformities had made him a victim. Ever the typical Millennial, he also seemed to think that the rest of society should have his bad decisions and lifestyle choices shoved down its throat by being forced to employ him, no matter how offensive or inappropriate his appearance in a professional setting.

    We are beyond screwed.

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  7. Societies are mostly infected by fake men and fake women who have embraced error, trashed common sense, and embraced the tyranny and insanity of political correctness, having lost the capacity to think critically and carefully. It is pleasing to me to see the three real women I am close to all agree with me strongly and steadfastly on this and many other observations. One is Roman Catholic, one has Baptist roots and the other frequents a “Bible church.” I am supported in my perspectives by them.


  8. >He actually said it as if the piercings and tats had attacked him and affixed themselves to him against his will and that his self-inflicted deformities had made him a victim

    Yes. And I think there is a valid sense in which people don’t get tattoos; tattoos get them! It’s still their responsibility but it arose from other choices they made and now a mark has been placed upon them, like a claim of ownership. These marks are ugly without exception. However, small studs in women’s earlobes are attractive in some cases, though it’s hard to tell exactly why. Perhaps because of the slave/serving thing that Edward mentioned, which is a form of modesty. Perhaps they only seem nice because other kinds of earrings are awful.

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  9. Seven or eight years back I passed through a PNW coastal town. Went to the bank one morning and there was a long line for tellers, so folks started talking.

    The guy in front of me was late twenties, thick body, rough looking with lots of tattoos, which is v common in the PNW, males and females alike.

    I hadn’t said a word all day but the dood turns around to me, and starts apologizing for his tattoos. Uh, wha? Goes on about how dorky they are and how I shouldn’t think of him as a lowlife, which I hadn’t to that point, but now that he mentioned it . . . .

    I don’t even recall what I said, probly nothing and just shrugged or maybe smiled.

    Anyway, it is clear the Stupid Stamping craze of the past few decades is tied directly to the loss of dads in families, and to the general emasculation and secularization (demonization) of New Amerika. When I was a kid living in a shipyard town, the only men with tats were sailors and the lowest of the lowlifes. Women shunned tats.

    In gelded, fatherless Amerika, young men must find some way to illustrate their masculinity, so many turn to the easiest method, just get a Stupid Stamp and that’ll guarantee my masculine cred. And because females have been urged to usurp males and masculinity in Amerika, girls and women also sport the Stupid Stamp because of course, they must illustrate they are just as masculine and fake-hardass as the males.

    Just pathetic, all around.

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  10. “However, small studs in women’s earlobes are attractive in some cases, …”

    For sure! I feel the same way. I have a client whose husband who is very wealthy bought her a pair of diamond earrings. They were top grade and very small but looking across a large room I could see the glint every time she turned to a place where the lights caught them. Gaudy “costume jewellry” types are ugly and cheap looking and detract from the wearer. High quality in jewellry is recognizable as well as in women and such fine jewellry adds to the appearance of a woman wearing it.


  11. As I read the article I thought about earrings, and I see a few commenters beat me to it.

    For me, I can like ear adornment, but there is no need for such adornment to pierce the ear. Clip-on earrings are just as appealing; I likely would not even notice the difference.

    It can be nice if she wears red earrings to match her red dress… but it would be even more effective if she wore a red ribbon in her hair instead of the earrings.

    In my view, pierced ears are absolutely not a requirement to be attractive or get married.
    I knew two sisters who were not allowed to pierce their ears. Both married young; likely due to their foreign-born parents, who tried to raise them wisely.

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  12. Oh, and: oh my goodness that guy is ugly.

    Have any of you seen women with earrings that are circles with a hole in it? She (or he) has forced the hole in their ear so large that you can see though it. That’s another unattractive example.

    Or pink hair.

    Or 7 earrings.

    Time for me to go think about something true, right or noble, pure, lovely or admirable… Sharkly’s article is getting me upset 🙂


  13. …that his self-inflicted deformities had made him a victim. Ever the typical Millennial, he also seemed to think that the rest of society should have his bad decisions and lifestyle choices shoved down its throat by being forced to employ him…

    Yeah, it is crazy that these folks will deface and disfigure themselves and then want to claim they are being unduly discriminated against for some other reason than for foolishness and stupidity. I think ray is onto something about it being indicative of not having good fathering. These folks are literally branding themselves as stupid bastards. And I don’t think I’m the only person who notices a resemblance between the bottom lip of the guy shown above and a primitive Ubangi tribesman.

    Sometimes these folks will even brag about their tattoo being a “Tribal Design”. Unless they’ve also got a tongue piercing, then it is a “Thribal Dethign”. LOL


  14. More than a few loudmouthed, vulgar, obnoxious “painted and pierced” women have tempted me to say “having realized that you’re stupid, you decided to go for broke and make yourself ugly, too. What made you think that would be a winning combination?”

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  15. While crazy Feminists may try to say I have a double standard, if you have two completely different sexes, why wouldn’t you, by way of different design, have different standards for those two different sexes? Each one doing what is most fitting for them. While I don’t like tattoos or piercings on anybody, I find them more detestable on women. I also find them to be worse when visible, and especially when on the face. The man was made before the existence of woman, and the man was created to glorify, serve, and please God. While the woman was created specifically for the man, and similarly, is to reverence, help, and satisfy her husband, who was previously in need of a suitable mate. Men are the image and glory of God, while the woman is to be the glory of men.(1 Corinthians 11:7) So it is to be expected that I, as a man, would find it far more objectionable when a woman makes herself more ugly with tattoos and piercings, since she was designed to be attractive to me and she is now failing to be useful in serving that part of her intended purpose. And I believe God is more angered when a man defaces God’s image and glory through disfiguring himself like a primitive fool. When young kids, like the fool shown in the original post, get tattoos and piercings, most usually they are rebelling, trying to get back at their parents, by making themselves ugly and revolting, but they are too stupid not to just choose some way to temporarily insult their mother or father, in whoever’s corresponding image they are. I’m not sure if we should mock them to help prevent others form that same foolishness, or pity them, that they are going through life so retarded and poorly parented.

    When I was young, mostly only truckers, bikers, and sailors, had tattoos,(and of course those were all men back then) and only women had their ears pierced. Some, women, like my mother, wore clip-on earrings. So for me, women with tattoos remind me of a grimy trucker, or a Hell’s Angel that should be run off the road 😉 or Popeye. They not only have disfigured their looks, but I mentally associate them with that lowest echelon of my own sex, making them doubly a turn off to me.

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  16. As far as disfigurement goes, I’d also lump the folks that inject Synthol into their muscles, into that same group.

    It just looks plain freaky and disgusting to me. It clearly doesn’t look the same as properly toned muscles. Plus it degrades your health and muscle function. It is probably more unhealthy than tattoos and piercings.


  17. The world and especially western nations continue to devolve in the worship of the damned dollar that is the biggest cause of decline. Aborticide, euthanasia, sexual perversion, pornography, illicit drug use continue to increase and it is not possible to reason with a generation that eats Tide pods and is confused about what sex they are. Tattoos are but a fad, acquired in a moment of emotion by many who later come to regret their error in getting one. Three of the five sins listed above lead to physical, but all lead to irreversible spiritual death if not confessed to Jesus Christ, repented of, and ceased in one’s existence. Religion as we know it today, will be responsible for more people condemned to hell than any other sin. The proof? There is only One Way to salvation, Jesus the Son of the living God. There are many different religions and most either preach the apostasy that there are many ways to God while others, like Islam, with over one and a half adherents, are damned. How many have lived and died as moslems in history? Now add to that the many other apostate religions. Believe me now? Few churches preach “I (Jesus Christ) am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.”


  18. I want to accuse Sharkly’s photo from Oct 2 11:49 PM of being photoshopped.
    The guy’s left arm, between wrist and elbow, is so small compared to the size of the same arm, between elbow and shoulder, that it looks like an exaggerated joke.
    I am sure he is more fit than I am, but that look is not appealing at all to me. Maybe his wife likes it… ?

    I think most artificial means of altering a body give unappealing results. You are better off to just eat and live in a healthy manner.


  19. Perhaps this site is devoted to the focus on inappropriate women and what has gone wrong with them. If so and with the scriptural application, I may be out of topic to suggest that we have a lot of far more serious problems in the society we all inhabit that is taking the nation down. These require serious addressing and confrontation.

    That of course is not my choice, I already do it in a rough and tumble manner but I do it.

    I am aware of course of failures and deficiencies in my own gender as well, just as bad as in the fairer gender. (yes they are a lot easier to look upon than males) I have real life stories of males deserting their families, beating their gf’s/wives, and the wholesale abuse of women in many spheres of their existence. We should be fair and give equal time to that, should we not, in the interests of balance?


  20. Once more I am familiar with and close to some amazing gals who are hard working, decent and respectful to their husbands, beautiful inside and out, proper, humble and adorable. I do not worship the creation over the Creator but woman is not one of the most sublime creation, but is THE most beautiful creation God made. Yeah, they are far easier to look upon than males, and the real problem is that the leftist loon twisted “sisters” of the radfem movement(bowel) Gloria Steneim, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, the mindless and manipulated pawns of David Rockefeller imposed excremental nonsense on many that they were equal to men. Part true.

    Those fools dared to reject the reality that each gender have specific traits that are both superior to and inferior to the other gender. The truth is that there should be no competition between the sexes, in fact, God made each gender to not compete but for the strengths of one to overlap the weaknesses of the other. Marriage was to be a joint function of man and wife, not a competition.

    The leftist loon dangers to all that is good misrepresented the facts as they always do and we should be focusing on those verbal sewage suckers with rotten teeth as the real villain in all this.

    There are good and bad in every race, gender, function, organization, etc that are easily discernible. I am divorced and became so by a synergistic combination of the failure of two people, myself and X. This is generally how divorce happens and it is almost always the fault of two people, not one.

    Time to suck it up and face this reality instead of drifting into the leftist loon camp and blaming everyone else instead of looking in the mirror to see one of the guilty parties.

    Ignorance as well is oft a voluntary misfortune. I think that was stated by Voltaire.


  21. edward kennedy,
    “We should be fair and give equal time to that, should we not, in the interests of balance?”
    We should be fair minded truth seekers, but there are millions of websites that preach the Feminist mantras, I don’t owe the Feminists a place to share all their scare stories, about scary men doing scary things, assuming God must be wrong to have set men to rule over women. At the end of the day, anecdotal experiences do not overrule God’s truth. I’m interested in the Truth, not equality, balance, moderation, or some other liberal ideal.

    Furthermore, I may often relay my own anecdotal experiences, because I know them to be true and accurate, however, even though I will generally give men the benefit of the doubt, I have to take everybody’s anecdotes, along with a grain of skepticism, knowing that their own honesty or perception may be tainted. FWIW Psychological studies using trust games have shown that people of both sexes tend to trust random men more than random women, quite correctly, because the random men are in fact statistically more trustworthy during those same trust games. So, if a man and a woman are telling you conflicting information, the “evidence-based” presumption is that the man is most likely to be telling you the truth.

    “I am divorced and became so by a synergistic combination of the failure of two people, myself and X. This is generally how divorce happens and it is almost always the fault of two people, not one.”
    Since I don’t know your situation, I will tentatively accept your assessment of it. However your generalization is generally wrong. In Jesus time only men were allowed to initiate a divorce, adultery was punishable by death, and the society and laws were solidly patriarchal. In our society women initiate the vast majority of divorces, and many of them are filed as “No Fault” divorces, meaning that the party filing for divorce does not have to even allege any wrongdoing on the part of their spouse. Plus women are generally incentivized with “cash and prizes”(alimony, child custody, child support, financial parity even when they do not work, Etc.) for foolishly tearing their homes and children’s lives apart.

    “Time to suck it up and face this reality instead of drifting into the leftist loon camp and blaming everyone else instead of looking in the mirror to see one of the guilty parties.”
    Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. 24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
    According to your logic, Jesus Christ only needs to look in the mirror, to see why His church is whoring after the world.
    The prophet Hosea, who loved Gomer like God loves Israel, got cheated on constantly and brazenly. It is entirely possible for marital problems to be one sided, and today they usually are quite one sided, most often caused by a woman who has not done her part according to Ephesians 5. If she is in rebellion, then the loving response from the husband is correction, not capitulation.
    Proverbs 13:24 He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.
    The Bible says that a loving father is diligent to discipline the son that he loves. And likewise, if a husband loves his wife, he will correct her diligently. However most generally women of today are too uppity to be corrected by their husbands, and their inability to accept correction, like a fool, becomes the causal factor in why their marriage cannot be maintained.

    Men are generally the more rational and logical sex. If a woman is of any net benefit to him, he will generally not want a divorce, considering how gravely it will cost him. Meanwhile women are taught feminist discontentment and “Life’s too short”, “You Only Live Once”, get your cash and prizes and independence, “You Go Girl!”

    In my own marriage, I was for the entirety of the time, blue-pilled, up until a couple months after I was served divorce papers. So my current red-pill realizations had nothing to do with leading up to my ongoing divorce. Anyhow, I’m a good Godfearing man, intelligent, athletic, masculine, not bad looking, who has always tried my best to have a good marriage, only to constantly be returned evil by a woman doing horrible things to secretly sabotage the relationship, beginning suddenly on our wedding day. I have explained to her clearly what her offenses are, and that she needs to quit them, and she has stubbornly refused, and has in fact intentionally increased whatever wickedness bothers me most. She hones her ability to battle intimacy, because she in fact has a behavioral addiction to fighting close intimacy. Basically she is completely in bondage to sinning against her marriage, and she selfishly doesn’t care how much she hurts me or the children, just doing whatever soothes her addiction, while avoiding any attempt to get her in for treatment. Anyway, I’ve heard the “look in the mirror” stuff before, and in my case it is just off base and insulting. I think in this Feminist age, if I had to make a guess I’d say that, discounting who filed, probably 80% of divorces are almost entirely the fault of the female, according to God’s prescribed marriage roles, and in the 20% of cases where the man is at fault, there is a great likelihood that his actions are an indirect result of the effects of Feminism upon our society. Men are the more rational and logical sex, and they are to rule over their houses well, which task of ruling the forces of Feminism fight tooth and nail. It is rare that you will have a man get married who is so mentally damaged that he will destroy his own marriage intentionally.(Although it happens) When patriarchy was practiced, and the laws were patriarchal, throughout the history of the church, up until just within the last 100 years, the divorce rate was about 1/2 of a percent, or 1 in 200 couples. And I can believe that there are that many crazies and hard hearted folks out there, if not more today, but human nature and our fallibility is consistent throughout history, the rest of the divorce epidemic is cultural due to the effects of Feminism mainly on women, but also on men too.
    So lets assume that the divorce rate in today’s evangelical church is 40%. Then 1 divorce in 200 couples of that is the churches baseline human hardheartedness and irrationality that has always been there, and 79 divorces out of 200 couples are the results of Feminism in our culture, feminized laws, and Feminism’s follow-on effects from fatherlessness and the culturally programed emasculation of males and radicalization of females. The marriage statistics would be growing steadily worse, if people weren’t now “avoiding” marriage entirely and cohabitating instead.

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  22. edward kennedy,
    “I do not worship the creation over the Creator but woman is not one of the most sublime creation, but is THE most beautiful creation God made.”
    The way I see it you are putting women above God, or at least in His place.
    I skimmed back through many of your comments, and although you have made professions of faith in God, women have received almost all of your effusive praise. You tell of the gifts you give to them and things they have blessed you back with. You recount your moments of contact, your kisses and hugs, as though they were religious experiences, etched in your memory perhaps more vividly than your baptism. You recite things they have told you, that seemingly blessed your soul. You extol the virtues of your holy trinity of three “REAL women”. You sound like a polytheistic goddess worshipper. Apparently you have selected out three rare women, perhaps 1 in 1,000 and seem to declare the other 999 women out of a thousand to be fake and somehow not generally representative of women. Whereas the three goddesses you have chosen to adore are “REAL women”. With “REAL” in all capitals like a God follower might write “LORD” signifying his LORD God. Everywhere your written signs of elevating these three women eclipse the praise you’ve shown for God, or for men who are His image and glory. Even when We live in a woman worshipping society, you seem to be pushing the boundary here:

    “Simple but pure unadulterated beauty that starts on the inside of each of these rare gals and flows out and over and through anyone in close proximity to them.”
    “…whose demeanor is totally feminine in every way and whose inner beauty flows out and over her, in process over and through me. Beauty in a woman must necessarily begin and emanate from within, in order for her to be beautiful, this being the sum total of a definably genuine woman.”

    You speak as though there is some divine-femininity, or at least you seemingly deify their feminine inner beauty, which flows out and then through you, analogous to the Spirit of God in the life of the redeemed. Kind of blasphemous don’t you think?

    To a man who has been rejected, there is something uplifting about having the care and concern of a dynamic, priceless, true, principled, balanced, strong, noble character woman of inner beauty whose sublimity flows from within her to without in process accentuating her outer beauty in synergistic combination with her femininity that uplifts and restores one’s hope and lifts one Spirit as high as the sky. This I figure translates into the thought, “Why should I be down, X chose the divorce route but here I have a woman of high emotional, character, physical and mental estate who really cares about me. There must be some good in me or something she sees that encouraged/encourages her to cherish me and wanting to see me happy again.”

    You seem to be making the cosmic mistake of deriving your worth from the approval of your goddesses and not from the approval of God.
    And then contrary to the word of God you consequently exalt them above a man like yourself, who was made to bear the image and glory of God:

    “Why would I not defend these women of excellence? They are all better people than I and I will continue to do so. Attraction? Of course but I and THEY are committed to our chosen existences. These are people of character, why would I ever feel the need to lord it over them? I do not. Their lives and accomplishments surpass my own. Their character surpasses my own. Their worth surpasses my own. Their opinions and counsel to me is wise. None are at all inferior to me. In fact they are superior.”

    Anyhow, it is unfitting for a man to worship women, please desist from further effusive glorification of women, above and beyond how you have glorified God. It is cringeworthy and it has been far overdone with a seemingly religious zeal.

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  23. edward kennedy,
    I also suspect Feminism may have taken you for a ride, in regard to your divorce.
    You claim your wife quit having sex with you, and yet you seemingly blame yourself for that marital sexual unfaithfulness. And you seemingly followed women around, led by the nose, hearkening to their destructive counsel the whole way:

    “She also told me to go see a marriage counselor and if necessary drag my wife by the hair to get her to go there with me. Meanwhile a husband and wife counsellor team working in tandem became involved and a two hour session with the woman in the team gave the marriage a 95% chance of total failure. She also lauded me for owning my share of the problem.”

    LOL That’s a good boy Edward! Take the blame for your wife’s infidelity to you.(1 Corinthians 7:2-5) Perhaps you lusted or had a sin, or God forbid, weren’t always nice. So obviously you put her in a position where she just couldn’t possibly have been a godly woman and kept her vow to be yours “to have and to hold”. Seriously Edward, unless you were committing adultery, and I mean real adultery, you are not to blame for your wife’s infidelity and failure to have the character to keep her vows to you. I don’t know your whole situation, but from what little you have shared it sounds like Feminists told you it was at least 50% your fault, as they will always tell every man, and you believed them, and then some usurping female counselor pats you on the head and tells you how great it is that you are rightly “owning” your wife’s evil divorce.

    women cause most marital problems!
    The man’s duty(Micha 6:8) is simply and primarily to be himself as he was intended to be, a faithful representation of the image and glory of God, in communion with God, and to, by faith, exercise the dominion God gave to the man over all creation including his wife.
    For the sake of the man’s sin the earth was cursed making the man’s job of subduing the earth harder. But God did not curse the man directly, because the man is God’s own image and glory,(God wouldn’t curse His own image) so God cursed the earth, because Adam was taken out of it before he was made into the image of God.
    The woman was directly cursed however, but this also indirectly made the man’s job harder:
    Genesis 3:16(ESV) To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.”
    Genesis 3:16(NET) To the woman he said, “I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you.”
    Genesis 3:16(Wycliffe) Also God said to the woman, I shall multiply thy wretchednesses and thy conceivings; in sorrow thou shalt bear thy children; and thou shalt be under (the) power of thine husband, and he shall be lord of thee.

    Part of the woman’s curse was to be the troublemaker in the marriage! She would have mutiple wretchednesses, desiring what is contrary to her husband, and wanting to control her husband, yet he must subdue her wretchednesses and sanctify and cleanse [her] with the washing of water by the word … that [she] should be holy and without blemish.(Ephesians 5:22-27)
    Most of the time when Feminists blame men for marital problems, it is just a huge deceptive misdirection. The woman’s wretchednesses that she was cursed with for her own disobedience are being blamed on the man who told her never to eat of that forbidden fruit. The fault is hers for failing to obey her husband in everything as unto the Lord, and also for failing to reverence her husband,(Ephesians 5:33) the image of Christ in the marriage.
    Unless you were a supreme dirtbag who was forcing your wife to do evil, you shouldn’t take blame for her being contrary to you and wanting to control you into some other direction. It was your duty to rule over her, and you should not apologize for your disagreements which probably all ultimately stem from her own rebellion and refusal to submit to both her heavenly and earthly lords, by loving, obeying, serving, and reverencing you. IMHO


  24. I do not deny my effusive cherishment of the fairer gender as they are wonders to behold. My mother was and is sacrificial, still going strong at 97 years of age, one who was a constant support and help mate to my father. Nor do I think it wrong for we are commanded to love our wives as we love ourselves. The command also clearly orders believers to love one another and this does not exclude women for there are believers of the fairer gender. The love here is not an “eros” love but a dynamic caring love sans sexual typeset.

    You are correct I am in awe of three particular women whose trials, abuse, mistreatment, tragedies, hurt and pain were/are substantial and to see these “daughters of Eve” so supportive, loving, noble and dedicated to current/deceased husbands is warming and creates immense admiration in me that such exist. The reality they are inclined to a friendship in the platonic realm further creates admiration in me that takes my breath away.

    Yes there are evil women as there are also evil men but the destruction of women started by an attack instituted by a man named as David Rockefeller. It was called, ironically, feminism but there is nothing feminine about men hating banshees running as it were with an anti man mindset in their mouths as rank with the stench of hypocrisy than a maggot infected road kill skunk. Three names come to mind as the identifiable Judas goats of that “bowel” movement….Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem. One was pretty, the other two were uglier than a can of dead worms with the vile stench of hypocrisy that gagged the proverbial maggot. This hypocrisy is even so tainted that it adds the flavor of cowardice to the recipe, and worse, the “Judasitic” tendency to fake caring and concern by the kiss of betrayal imposed by these fakes and their enablers all displayed on their “sisters.”

    God created woman to be a help mate to the man, not a cold, calculating lying sore running putrefying pus from the wounds imposed by radfem insanity on women taken up in its evil snare. Islam commits dishonor murders by stoning little girls and women who are subjectively judged by liars, bigots and misogynists, stones rape victims, imposes the butchery of female genital mutilation and the obscenity of necrophilia. I have not heard nor seen ANYONE of the fickle foolish camp in the leadership of radfem reprobates utter one peep against moslem misogynists who as well as the above, practice wholesale rape and child bride perversions. Why? Because these damned radfems are cowards, wolves in sheeps’ clothing and reprobates. They support aborticide, which among other apostasies not only causes the torture and murder of innocent unborn babies and the brutal desecration of women mind, soul, spirit and body, but also enables lecherous cowardly selfish males to legally and sinfully utilize aborticide to murder children they do not want, they have fathered by their acts of adultery and/or fornication.

    So why is it wrong for me to uphold, cherish, support and love, NOT LUST, real women of substance, with character excellence, humility, inner and outer beauty, intelligence, etc that put the bad ones to shame in their “raison d’etre and embrace of the Truth that the radfem witches deny. That Truth was and is the fact that women and men are both superior and inferior to each the other. Each has different weaknesses and strengths that allow the weaknesses of one to be covered by the strengths of the other, making marriage and life a cooperative effort, not a competition neither can win, the ridiculousness of this radfem theological folly running as raw sewage, polluting the cold pure springs of Truth God has created in His will for what is best for both genders.

    Hang unto your knickers but I love the REAL WOMAN, few though they be and it is not sinful. Yes I buy gifts…a young woman who has had three children, a recent baby, was the object of my encouragement and recognition verbally expressed as well as some red roses her husband allowed me to give her in recognition of her labours and application of skills to the role of mother, wife, friend as the hub around which husband and children revolve. Neighbor woman on the other side of me has received fine jewellery, flowers, and a hand of help from time to time from me. I have openly said to both her and her husband that I love them. Woman down the road who suffered a terrible tragedy gets $$$ to help her, professions of recognition, and participation in a key aspect of her life she welcomes. Another one down the road gets visits and gifts in the winter of her life, from me and help in things needing done for her.

    Is this wrong? Or am I to ignore women and focus on my gender which I also am beneficient towards?
    Is it wrong to praise excellence? Was it wrong for Solomon to describe the ideal woman in the last half of the last chapter of Proverbs? Should the Holy Bible be censored by removing the Books of women therein who played roles in things? Was Jesus not loving towards proper women and did He not demonstrate mercy towards such, while sanctioning the destruction of the bad ones? (Ananias and his wife Saphira who were killed for lying to the Holy Spirit)

    I am pleased with your addressing of my position and criticism. You do so without malignancy, unlike others whose words against me are as the braying of jackasses and who reap my own words of scorn, disrespect and derision. I despise bullies of either gender, and do not suffer well the babbling of idiots with less sense than God gave a billy goat.

    This matter required to be addressed and as you see, I was and am the one to do so. I am not one to avoid a verbal discussion or escalated argument as chosen by others. I feel the evidence is on my side and continue to lay out my position on this matter.

    I once more profess my cherishment of proper women, and my passion has been construed as worship of women. I do discriminate of course and criticize both genders who walk in folly. I embrace humility as I should in rejection of pride I fight in my substance, the worst sin there is and from which flows all other sins. I must be honest in admitting there are many better than I of either gender and that I merit naught but judgment, death and damnation. It is true though the Means many reject unto salvation provides a Way for me and whosoever else will. Note Paul claimed to be “chiefest of sinners.” Can I be anything but less than one who died a martyr and whose soul now exists beneath the floor of the great throne room talking with God?

    God is always true and every man a liar. God made the woman for the man, and in so doing ordered man to be respectful and loving to same. God gives reward of greater and lesser to those who deserve greater or lesser. I do the same in my existence with people. Is not the proper woman of excellence better than the corrupt man?

    Sex organs do not identify privilege. Jesus offers the same salvation to women as He does to man. Did He reject the cherishment of a former prostitute? There are three ways of thinking and three ways of doing things. The right way, the wrong way and up here, the Canadian way. I am of the opinion I am thinking here, the right way.


  25. Your 3:56 A.M.October 7 comment to me requires addressing. She did not stop nor deny me physical interaction, I was the one who contrary to New Testament scripture denied her access to me. In that I was wrong, even sinful in abrogating the directives of scripture. Without being a violator of her privacy, I will tell you what happened and what happens in most marriage failures.

    One or the other will say and/or do something that leads the other to think that he/she does not care anymore. We were both guilty of that. It does not have to be a big action. From there the one first conflicted in this context by the other, will create distance. The other will then create distance too as a response mechanism. The synergistic actions of both in drawing further and further away creates an unbridgeable chasm and love dies the death of a thousand cuts.

    That is what happened in my case. If a third party enters the picture and contaminates things, that is the end of it all. That often happens. The fallout of divorce is destructive especially to children. Mine were all grown but it still created havoc. The comments of self professed experts who have the IQ of a stale jellybean in her corner made things worse and she had lots of those morons all with the collective IQ of a rusty sunburned nail.

    For me, I opted to remain single, reject adultery/fornication, and focus on my children/grandchildren and business. God gives us but one chance at some things and one of those is marriage. I believe scripture forbids remarriage so I toed the line in obedience to the rule that married people who divorce commit adultery by sexual interaction with others and/or remarriage. I have been apart in this aspect as well to respect my children and grandchildren and to be an example to them, and to not cause them further pain. She remarried. God always is inclined to innocent victims and so I tried to emulate His example.

    Adultery is a symptom of a deeper problem in a marriage. I could criticize and blame her but it was not all her fault for sure. To say otherwise would be a lie. In the mix, those around me including women of excellence did NOT criticize her, contrary to the liars and fools she had around her and that should tell you the quality of people I have around me.

    I am committed to maintain this status to my end. I am only free to remarry if X dies and I do not want her to die. She and I are of one mind still in the best interests of our children/grandchildren and will remain so. They are important to us both.

    Personally Sharkley, I had one really exceptional woman close to me. I wonder how most men in divorce situations get through it without what I had/have. I had several people of both genders in my corner and one of these exceptional women made a big difference. If you are rejected, consider the positive impact of a woman of excellence who cares and cherishes you. Consider the recovery aspect being rejected by one’ s wife but having a woman of substance, exquisite beauty, and class who tells you that she cares about you, cherishes you, loves you, and provides a shelter for your shattered existence. She was my stay and remember, we are told to comfort one another and she did just that legitimately and properly.

    That lifted the friendship to a far higher level, and in process in the mix, me with it. You might say I should have turned to God but you cannot deny that God works through people as does His nemesis. I was a fool. I thought I was supportive of her. Yet she gave and was unbelievably supportive of me. In giving, I actually got more than I gave. It was a heavy load for her, already under a heavy load.

    Perhaps you can comprehend just a bit why my feelings of cherishment for her are so deep. Nuff said.


  26. ‘But God did not curse the man directly, because the man is God’s own image and glory,(God wouldn’t curse His own image) so God cursed the earth,’

    Hadn’t thought of it exactly that way before. But you are correct. God cursed the woman directly, with two punishments, but did not curse the man directly, as His own Spirit had been placed into Adam.

    Therefore He cursed the whole Earth, that had been given into Adam’s hand. Title to the planet then transferred to satan, as the proxy/ally of the woman. And satan and the woman still own and run it, claims of nonexistent ‘patriarchy’ notwithstanding.

    BTW amidst the constant pain and confusion of humanity, it is forgotten that Eve’s rebellion, and Adam’s submission to that rebellion, also caused the ENTIRE EARTH — all the animals, all the plants, even the minerals and water — likewise to fall under the curse, which remains to this day. That’s why Scripture talks about how the Earth is ‘groaning’ and suffering for restoration. Which, because of woman’s rebellion and man’s groveling cowardice, can now only come via Christ’s physical presence.

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  27. I thought I might have heard a female preacher on the radio as I was driving into work yesterday morning, but I switched it off so fast that I can’t be sure if that’s really what I heard.

    It is quite exciting as God reveals things to me, to suddenly see how many pieces of the scripture fit together like a puzzle where things didn’t fit before. I used to have to content myself that there must be some misunderstanding that caused the seeming conflicts within scripture, but it really is a blessing to discover many things fitting together far better as the Spirit reveals the errors I was formerly taught and how they never were actually supported by the original text, only backed by the desires of false teachers and those they lead astray.
    It is quite an honor to get to share the truth as God seemingly gives me a little piece more every week, as a new insight dawns on me as I wrestle with God’s word in my head and pray for the wisdom to understand God’s truth and teach it correctly to others.

    When lies have been accepted for some time, the truth always astounds with an air of novelty. ~ Clement of Alexandria

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  28. I also have experienced similar leadings from God over the past three decades, and I praise Him for His patience often.

    He will reveal to you the info you need to know, but only once you have been spiritually and mentally prepared for it. Same for Scriptural instruction. Precept upon precept, line upon line. (Isaiah 28) Nobody learns it all at once because we are all learning and growing beings.

    If you do not understand already, then soon you will see that He prepared you during your decades serving Babylon to do the work you are now doing, and will do. That was the point of your prior preparations; they were not ends in themselves.

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  29. edward kennedy,
    “Sex organs do not identify privilege. Jesus offers the same salvation to women as He does to man.”
    No and yes. Men are privileged by God through creation and empowered throughout His word, and males can be identified by their sex organs. God tells us that women are the weaker of the two vessels, but that by God’s grace women are still able to receive the same salvation as men. (1 Peter 3:7)
    The Book of Enoch states that there are no females among the angels, because they were created to live forevermore, and therefore they had no need to reproduce themselves, like they did with the daughters of men.
    Enoch 15:5 It was for this reason that I gave [men] females, in order that they might cast seed into them, and, in this way, beget children by them, in order that descendants should never fail them upon the earth. 6 But you were existing as spirits, while living perpetual, and are immortal for all the generations of the age; 7 and this is why, I did not make females among you. …
    I believe I was reading in the book of Jubilees when it was clearly stated that all the redeemed in heaven will be given new incorruptible bodies that are male(sons of God) like the angels. But I can’t find the passage right at this moment. I believe Jesus may have been referring to those scriptures in the following passage:
    Matthew 22:28 Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven? for they all had her. 29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
    So I currently suspect that women who are redeemed will quite literally become conformed, sharing in the image and glory of the Son. They will become brethren, glorified, finally freed from their previously unresolved penis envy, and Eve’s curse.
    Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. 30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.


  30. Interesting. Women have, as I said, both superior and inferior abilities to men. I know the verses you identify relative to authority. Yet we should not stereotype all women on Eve or the many stalinist feminists who are anything but.


  31. Ecclesiasticus(Sirach) 4:22a(KJV) Accept no person against thy soul
    edward kennedy,
    … my passion has been construed as worship of women.
    Yes, and I still think it is perilous to your soul that you praise women far more than even men who are God’s image and glory, but especially perilous that you have praised women of flesh more than even God Himself.
    Here is the way of polytheistic idolaters who become self-dooming respecters of others against the true God: They drank wine, and praised the gods of gold, and of silver, of brass, of iron, of wood, and of stone.
    Be careful whom you are praising. Should you be praising the creature more than their Creator? Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools:
    Romans 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    “Is not the proper woman of excellence better than the corrupt man?”
    She may well be judged better by God, on that day, as one who was last becomes a first, but she is currently ranked under men by God. 1 Corinthians 11:3 gives an example of this ranking. None of us are God, and none of us should try to upend His declared order, nor should we consider it a virtue to try to make a liar of God, certainly not a threefold liar, as exhibited by your holy trinity of “real women”.

    Sometimes I sense you talking past me, not answering questions, but returning to your effusive praise of women. Like concerned goddess worshippers once shouted down Paul with chants of “Great is Diana goddess of the Ephesians”. Like a politician offering the masses “Mom and apple pie”. Hopefully you are at least considering the questions. But in a way you exemplify what the churchians offer with their highly emotionally charged adoration of females becoming the devotion of their hearts, while they then emasculate God and the order of His kingdom.

    I do not deny my effusive cherishment of the fairer gender as they are wonders to behold. My mother was and is sacrificial, still going strong at 97 years of age, one who was a constant support and help mate to my father.
    … is warming and creates immense admiration in me …
    … creates admiration in me that takes my breath away.

    The “feeling” I get from reading your emotion laden praise, and your claim that this is a non-erotic admiration, is still that it is you giving “real” women the worth-ship to be above you and to be effusively praised.

    “Is it wrong to praise excellence?”
    While there certainly are women who do praiseworthy deeds, and in doing so they exhibit praiseworthy character, to elevate these women above men is still wrong, and shames and insults men made in God’s image. Women are the ones who, by their sex, are to fittingly be adorned with shamefacedness, which becometh women professing godliness.(1 Timothy 2:9-10) We are warned not to curse men, for that same reason.
    James 3:8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. 9 Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. 10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

    Please be careful not to think of these women as greater than yourself. It is sinful to humble the image of God before women. While your character and intellect might not be equal to theirs, your being is the image and glory of the supreme being. Your being will always be honored and ranked above all women, at least here during this present life, and as I commented above, I don’t believe the souls of those who are presently in female bodies, will be emasculated then, in their exalted heavenly body.(Which are(I believe all masculine) like the angels)
    If you are the image and glory of God, don’t shirk your calling, your dominion, or what you represent.

    Sirach 4:20 Watch closely for the right opportunity, be on guard against evil, and don’t be ashamed of yourself. 21 Humility deserves honor and respect, but a low opinion of yourself leads to sin. 22 Don’t show partiality to your own hurt, and don’t show respect to your own downfall.

    Also: When studying the sexes in English Bibles, it is important to use a Bible like the King James which always tries to keep the gender the same as in the original language. Feminism has been incorporated into so many translations, by neutering the gender of words.(Words have gender(Male, Female, Neutral) not sex. People have a sex(Male or Female)) “Sons” get changed to “children”, “men” get changed to “people”. They alter the word of God to be more inclusive, to promote their Feminism, and to obscure the patriarchal nature of God’s original inspired truth. If you read from a translation that does not strive to always keep the original gender of at least the words that are gendered in English, you’ll miss out on the original patriarchal way in which God’s word was recorded for us.

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  32. edward kennedy,
    Regarding your marriage, I had wrongly just assumed that it was your wife that was doing the sexual withholding. Did you do this before she committed adultery, or only as a result of that? Or was it the result of some other perceived infidelity?

    “Adultery is a symptom of a deeper problem in a marriage.”
    Adultery is the biggest sin or problem there can be in a marriage and it breaks the marriage covenant. Adultery is evidence that the adulterer or adulteress lacks the appropriate fear of God, and the faith that God truly exists and is just and holy. Adulterers are not the redeemed.(1 Corinthians 6:9-10) The redeemed do not commit adultery. King David was a Jew under a sacrificial system of law, whereby he could make sacrifices for his sins, that symbolized a future redemption. Our sacrifice(of Jesus Christ) has now already been made, and He will not be killed again so that anyone can go on sinning after they have once accepted His substitutionary death.
    2 Peter 2:20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. 21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

    “The other will then create distance too as a response mechanism. The synergistic actions of both in drawing further and further away creates an unbridgeable chasm and love dies the death of a thousand cuts.”
    Love never fails. What dies is your attraction. And in the scenario you just described either one or both of the individuals lacks the willingness to make peace or reconcile back after a “cut”, which is necessary to maintain any human relationship over a long time.

    “If you are rejected, consider the positive impact of a woman of excellence who cares and cherishes you. Consider the recovery aspect being rejected by one’ s wife but having a woman of substance, exquisite beauty, and class who tells you that she cares about you, cherishes you, loves you, and provides a shelter for your shattered existence.”
    Again you seem to be deriving your worth from your worth to women, instead of your worth to God. Dalrock used to write about the churchians letting a woman’s approval substitute for the approval of God. As if womanly approval was proof of a man’s virtue. Which it is not. “Bad boys” get the most sex from women, and sex is really their deepest endorsement. So most women outrightly encourage bad behavior. Or as I like to put it, women are natural defilers.(Revelation 14:4) Women make capricious masters, and their pussies won’t save you. So offending God by worshipping women is a complete mistake.

    I am a little curious, in that when you were in a sexual relationship, you chose to make it non-sexual, and now you throw yourself into aggrandizing these platonic infatuations with women you morally can’t have. I’ll need more information though before I can determine if what is going on resembles what I think it might, but I’m picking up a bit of familiar vibe.

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  33. “Regarding your marriage, I had wrongly just assumed that it was your wife that was doing the sexual withholding. Did you do this before she committed adultery, or only as a result of that? Or was it the result of some other perceived infidelity”


    It was as I said, relationships fail. One side does something, and mostly small things, to indicate that they do not care about the other and it goes back and forth until they are miles apart. I would in a public forum require her permission to discuss details here, but she was not inclined to adultery in the event.

    I would have and do find it repulsive to be intimately involved when the base foundation of respect and love is lacking in a marriage. The quintessential value of a marriage is sacrificial love and if that goes, for whatever reason, all is lost.

    I look at men torn asunder in marriage failures and according to one whose wife ran off on him, he said when that happens, many men “first become promiscuous and then add drunkeness to the mix.” It is true but in my case I was not inclined to such and had validation from professional women as well as some I mentioned here close to me who also validated me which provided a high modicom of self respect.

    There were little things on each side that caused the initial rift and I do not blame her solely as the cause because I cannot. Heard a minister preach on marriage failure and I was shocked to hear the same thing as to how marriages fail.

    Both sides want to blame the other but it is indeed oft a synergistic combination both contribute to. Lying is often embraced by each party in marriage failures but it will not hide the truth of the matter except for a moment.


  34. For sure newer versions of the Holy Bible change original meanings and cults like the JW capitalize on this.

    Briefly, my contact with women has largely been with women of excellence who know to be proper. Some of my contacts with same who have become close to me and trust me inevitably allows exchange of private details and I hear the cases of women raped, emotionally, and physically abused, hurt beyond description in tragedies that have caused me to even cry about and over same. It is the fault of men solely in the cases of rape and abuse. It bothers me and creates anger in me after the hurt and crying stops when women reveal such to me.

    I do cherish them. Ever wonder how hard it is to carry a child to birth 9 months? Ever considered the many tasks a wife with children has? Ever seen the indescribable look of love on the face of a woman who has just given birth as she looks at her child? I did four times as each of my children were born.

    It is proper I understand all this and more about the fairer gender. It was meant to be that men revere (not worship) and respect women. We have failed as men.

    Women are under attack today…abortion, stalinist feminism, sex trafficking, pimping, etc and many are duped. Each woman I am close to and solely platonic are warm, sensitive, proper, class, poised, intelligent, sublime inside and out, affectionate, and naturally complement a man silently. Had you such around you, I bet you would see, understand and embrace who and what a real woman is. And that would not be wrong. It was as God made it to be.

    I am a rough man. I know myself and see that I have a very soft side. I hate and I also cherish. I laugh but can cry. The soft side of me clicks into gear with these women The hard side of me is in gear when I see injustice and leftist destruction of people and entities. I am imperfect but these two realities are solid within me and will be to my end when God draws back His hand and allows it, as is His right alone to determine.

    He knew exactly what He was doing when He created woman. I know that for sure, I have seen and more importantly understand the handiwork of the Master in his creations of woman. Yes there are bad ones as in everything else but in such cases, it makes me sad because that does not have to be.


  35. “If you do not understand already, then soon you will see that He prepared you during your decades serving Babylon to do the work you are now doing, and will do.”

    Yeah, I’m still having trouble seeing the connection on a lot of things. If the point was to run me almost out of mercy and patience for Christo-Feminists, then, mission accomplished! It seems the main things required to run a blog, are free time, and the ability to write. Like Job, I get a little frustrated.

    I’ll have to go through Isaiah 28 again, it seems like there was some prophetic stuff in there that might apply.

    What do you think of the head-coverings/kerchiefs/headscarves/veils/headbands mentioned in Ezekiel 13:21, do they relate to today’s “facemasks”?
    Ezekiel 13:21(NLT) I will tear off the magic veils and save my people from your grasp. They will no longer be your victims. Then you will know that I am the Lord.
    Ezekiel 13:21(CEV) I will tear the scarves from their heads and rescue my people from their power once and for all. Then they will know that I am the Lord God.


  36. God has already provided a way to communicate with humans and it is called the Holy Bible. All we have to do is read it. One needs to be careful and if they think they have a message from God they better make sure that the same message is validated in scriptures as proof.

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  37. Sharkly —

    All servants of Jehovah absolutely should and must ‘stereotype all women on Eve’. Any who advocate differently are in rebellion against God and Scripture.

    The woman was cursed, with two specific curses. ALL females born on this planet since that day ARE ‘stereotyped on Eve’ because they ALL share in the twin curses of Eve, which are just as in force this day as the moment God uttered them. Both the physical and the spiritual curse.

    The failure of the current (false) churches precisely is that they refuse to acknowledge God´s Word, and refuse to hold females accountable according to God’s desire and standards. Instead of interacting with females as fallen beings, with some measure of rebellion in each of their hearts, ‘Christian’ men try to shame and mislead men by excepting some women (those they want excepted! lol).

    I told you about getting rid of the feminist didn’t I. As for your speculations on women being made into males after the resurrection, I’ll comment later.

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  38. ‘Feminism has been incorporated into so many translations, by neutering the gender of words.’

    Dalrock and commenters did this up some years back. A good job of it too.

    As I recall the NIV came in for special treatment, as apparently the feminized ‘Christian’ men had gotten at it, worms to good wood. Under direction of their wives probly.

    The KJV is my go-to as well, although I often incorporate other translations and also the Hebrew or Greek from Strongs. To give a fuller picture.

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  39. Being separated from your sons is a hard thing. But you are not in Job’s territory yet. It’d be glorious if that happened and you triumphed, but I would not pray it upon you. Or anyone.

    Be assured that Isaiah 28 is taking place even to this moment, and will manifest further in God’s good time and ways.

    ‘If the point was to run me almost out of mercy and patience for Christo-Feminists, then, mission accomplished!’

    What’s wrong with that point? It sounds like a most excellent reason to me. So far it appears to have been tidily profitable. Nice going God!

    With the veils and face masks, I will get back to you. That’s a lot of questions at once for a doddering elderly person, a lot of balls man for the old dooder to juggle etc

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  40. “All servants of Jehovah absolutely should and must ‘stereotype all women on Eve’. Any who advocate differently are in rebellion against God and Scripture.”

    Not true, and even merits the short form “BS.” So what about the women authors of some books of the Holy Bible and other noble women in scriptures? What about Mary, mother of Jesus and Solomons’ mother lauded and praised in the last half of the chapter of Proverbs? What about even Rahab the harlot who was beneficient to the people of God?

    Note the many noble and courageous women leading pro life and pro family groups today. Note good women opposing stalinist radfem fools. Note the recent nomination to the Supreme Court. How would you like to be stereotyped as a nitwit based on how some radical fake Christian leader is?

    As to your comment on different versions you are correct. I prefer the AUTHORIZED KJV as the translators of the new versions were in some cases apostate. Some key meanings were changed that destroy key concepts and realities and these versions are used by some cultists to prove their lies. Lies proving lies!

    One of the translators was a lesbian. As we know, homosexuality is strongly condemned in scriptures and it is important to note that God PERSONALLY DESTROYED SODOM AND GOMORRAH instead of sending an angel to do that as HE usually did. Why? Does it not demonstrate His hate as in “God hates the workers of iniquity.”


  41. edward kennedy,
    Like ray, I also was going to react to your comment that “we should not stereotype all women on Eve”. I just had not gotten around to that point yet, as I am trying to get caught up on my sleep, and other tasks.
    Eve is very much the pattern, the ideal woman created by God, and if in a sinless paradise, she was not content, but craved for more than God’s allotment to her, and by her envy and dissatisfaction with her lesser allotment, within the perfection of the divine sanctuary of Eden, she was able to be led to defy her own head, Adam, and to even defy God Himself, then we should be wary of the “Eve” that is in every woman.

    “What is the difference whether it is in a wife or a mother, it is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in any woman…” ~ Saint Augustine
    We should be mindful of this hermeneutic principle: The First Mention Principle: “God indicates in the first mention of a subject the truth with which that subject stands connected in the mind of God.”

    The first mention of the Man(or Adam in the Hebrew) is to doubly associate him with being the intended image and likeness of God
    Genesis 1:26a And God said, Let us make [Adam] in our image, after our likeness:

    After we are told four times in a row that Adam is created to be the image(3 times) or likeness of God, then we are finally told that God created “them”(not Adam in the Hebrew)(specified as both the male and the female) with contrastingly no mention of the combined group being in the image of God. It was clear to me that God, who breathed out this word, went well out of His way to never ever say that the woman was in His image, while making it abundantly clear that the man/Adam was.
    Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make [Adam] in our image, after our likeness: and let [him](an assumed word referring back to Adam) have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 27 So God created [Adam] in His own image, in the image of God created He [Adam]; male and female created He them.

    So in the first mention of the female God only wanted us to know that He had created her. And in the next allusion to Adam’s mate it seems that God wants us to know that she was made for Adam:
    Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that [Adam]/(the man) should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

    It is clear contextually that in this first section of Genesis, “Adam” is not referring to all humankind including Eve. Even though all of “man-kind” does eventually get named after the man/Adam, who is the patrilineal father of all humans except Jesus Christ, who was born of a Virgin, and Eve, who was taken out of Adam’s flesh and bone and then made by God into a woman.(not into the image of God as Adam was made) Jesus does call himself the “son of man”, but that is on His mother’s side of the family. On His Father’s side He is the Son of God.

    In God’s world, patterns are often set and then many are often repeated.
    Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
    Just as the first woman defiled the first man, so too today. Same/Same! That’s why they should be silent in the churches.
    “For it is improper for a woman to speak in an assembly, no matter what she says, even if she says admirable things, or even saintly things, that is of little consequence, since they come from the mouth of a woman.” ~ Origen

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  42. edward kennedy,
    “So what about the women authors of some books of the Holy Bible and other noble women in scriptures?”
    I’ve read where Feminists try to say that you can’t trust the Bible regarding the sexes, because it was entirely written by men, but I’ve not heard it claimed that women wrote any of the books, that is apparently something new under the sun. LOL
    I know that the male authors do quote some women in the Bible, but the Feminists usually bitch about most women being kept illiterate, back then,(Good Times!) I’ve not heard the claim that they wrote whole books of the Bible.
    2 Peter 1:21(YLT) for not by will of man did ever prophecy come, but by the Holy Spirit borne on holy men of God spake.

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  43. EK,
    Are you open to correction from anyone other than Sharkly? You keep talking in glowing words about some excellent women you have been blessed by, but when it comes to the male believers here, you have had mostly derision, such as calling us low IQ. I may be, but God has made it clear to do good to all people, but especially those who are believers. So why be combative and annoyed with men, other than Sharkly? I’ve read that it’s frustrating and annoying for people to talk to those a deviation below them in IQ, so maybe that’s what happening when you are forced to respond to us simple minded men, but it sounds like you are old enough to add some patience, especially since God says to for other believers. By the way, I don’t take a low IQ accusation as an insult, now my sloth that wasted my mental gifts, that’s on me. Here’s the correction, be less combative towards and with other men here and learn how to be better at learning and building up others.
    For example, if I am dumb in your mind, calling me dumb shows annoyance, among other things, but doesn’t really leave me in position to learn or repent. An ancillary benefit of that is that it blesses Sharkly’s blog by making it more engaging. Insulting all the men here is similar to what it was like when women were commenting. Folks notice too, Jason is a wayward believer who tired of combative Christians tearing other men down. May God bless you. You have meant many of your words for insult, but I pray for you. Good to have a fighter on our side.


  44. Perhaps you need to point out where I accused any of being low IQ unless it was dimocrap deadheads who are so confused they eat Tide pods, dither aimlessly about what gender they are, and voted for an imbecile I refer to as the ovomit cursed by his very own moochelle.


  45. One more thing. I do not choose to hide behind a “handle” but believe anything worth saying should have a real name signed under one’s words.


  46. edward kennedy,
    I just skimmed through your link, and noticed that their point #6 was messed up. Women are not the image of men. But It is encouraging to find others that are also finding out many of the same truths. I have a similar list at the end of this post: Sharkly – Heresiarch or Church Reformer?

    Regarding anonymity I disagree with some folks, however, lot’s of people know who I am. I’ve already had one false accusation called in to my employer, however they were able to discredit it before they ever contacted me regarding it. Oddly enough last week my employer was taking nominations for their diversity awards, for people who were promoting diversity, and you could nominate yourself. I thought to myself, in this Feminist world, not too many of us are rejecting women from the image of God and trying to reestablish God’s holy patriarchy, that’s certainly diversity of thought. In a fair society where they really were looking to promote diverse viewpoints, I think my effort with this pioneering blog might qualify me for one of their diversity awards. After all, aren’t the differing perspectives what is supposed to produce the innovation benefits that are presumed to outstrip all the conflicts caused by diversity? If left-wingers really don’t want any diversity of thought, then they are instigating cultural clashes for no possible benefit, just to amalgamate all cultures into their godless Marxist one. However knowing the kind of Left-wing haters that run such things, I didn’t even bother to nominate myself for a diversity award, lest I be fired for my precious diversity of ideas instead.

    Anyhow if you want to read stuff against anonymity Derek L. Ramsey goes on about it:

    If my real name was Edward Kennedy, I think I’d keep it anonymous for another couple decades, until the sorrow over Mary Jo Kopechne has died away. Talk about a guy with evil disregard for women!

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  47. I presented the link as an indicator of how polarized any position can become even to the point of the obvious violence and intolerance politically existing in USA and now manifesting in “Canuckistan.” You well know that anything not politically correct is under attack and anyone without a favorable leftist view is automatically labelled (libelled) by leftist loon lallygaggers as a racist, a homophobe, an islamophobe etc.
    Political correctness is the current religion of Satan, pushed by his leftist dupes who are mostly workers of iniquity and seeks to destroy the USA, which is the bastion of freedom in the world today. Do not be surprised at being the object of anti freedom leftist loon intolerant stalinists whose tendencies to insanity and violence go as far as murder.

    Scriptural principles promote the reality of equality specifically offering salvation to any gender, race, creed, etc demonstrating God is just, true, tolerant and the Epitome of all that is good. Thus His nemesis and followers of evil are dead wrong and represent all that is evil. However that is not either evidential nor true we are equal in other ways. The mental deficiency of leftists is huge, second only to their intolerance and hate. I expect that to be dealt with effectively by the noted sales of new firearms in the USA of over three million per year and the stockpiling of ammo creating shortages of that commodity. We are seeing the fore runner of a massive clash and the sides are identified as opposites…the left/demoncraps are evil and the conservative Republicans are the good guys. Lines are forming up here as well slowly.

    My name is indeed infamous and Ted Kennedy represented all I opposed. The fortunes of that family were founded on the booze industry but look at the many tragedies that family suffered.


  48. Nobody including you should be censored for their opinions. I think it was a mistake to make women unwelcome here. The truth may be suppressed but will always rise in time. God created woman and as to Adam, why do we blame his errancy in disobeying God on woman? He had a choice and could have opposed her unwise decision. This applies to us all right now to choose good or evil, salvation or damnation. Nobody was twisting Adam’s arm.


  49. Nobody including you should be censored for their opinions. I think it was a mistake to make women unwelcome here.

    I look forward to seeing Edward Kennedy’s own blog make its debut where he censors no one (well, except maybe men) and welcomes with cash prizes women contributors who have been so unappreciated elsewhere. No doubt Edward will create this blog in short order because, even in this age of rampant censorship, any man (or woman) can create his (or her) own blog around his own set of rules and criteria. Edward surely knows that he doesn’t have to rely upon Brother Sharkly’s blog and Brother Sharkly’s house rules (which he apparently believes he has a right to demand changes to) to make his points known and to give “the fairer sex” the adulation and worship to which they’re entitled.

    I’ll be on the lookout for Edward’s new Holy Vaginas blog in which the wonderful and exceptional women he’s told us all about, those who are apparently descended from some alien female who was not Eve (Erich von Däniken, call your office) and who have been denied their rightful platform by mean, hateful, misogynist patriarchs like Brother Sharkly will finally be allowed to share their wisdom (apparently oppressive patriarchs won’t let them start their own blogs). At long last intellectual and spiritual medicine for benighted men who are too insecure in their masculinity to recognize and accept superior spiritual enlightenment that flows only from the Holy Vagina.

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  50. Feeriker deigns it expedient to expound on the poor perpetual victimhood of the present day male and while he can legitimately identify that which I always have considered as the enemy, the femistalinist mystique that along with the politically correct mantra embraced by fools, responsible for the defeminization, denaturalization and destruction of the real woman, he wanders around in his la la land existence intent on spewing his vague projections and ASSumptions at people like myself who diverge from and disagree with his closed minded imaginations. Well, as I said, I have warned that I let the other side set the rules and I play by the same ones so he is now in my sights to get as he gives.

    I first maintain that anyone who is insecure enough to use a poisonous viper as a picture handle is as phony and fake as a three dollar bill coded in grail. I am not impressed as any snakes I encounter are clubbed to death and discarded for the crows and vultures. It would be an exercise in improvement were it legal to do so with pimps, human traffickers, and other vermin but one must desist even from embarking on activities made illegal by the “law.” Feeriker might not like it but such creeps in such activities running the show are almost always males, bullies of weaker people, in this case, women and girls.

    So with his own imaginary bent as a being a legend in his own mind, he saliciously launches a diatribe seeking to establish himself as the “big man in town” by attacking and perverting my positions and cowing me into silence/submission, totally unaware that in his observations, his misogynistic membership in the mental myasthenia club is demonstratively proven as a reality and his character depiction of himself as a “he bull” is real, only to himself, and laughable to men like me.

    Best word to describe such creatures of the night is “myrmidon” and to add to that, the adjective insecure would be accurate. So he says in the midst of his mental mushy pitiful pedantry, ” At long last intellectual and spiritual medicine for benighted men who are too insecure in their masculinity to recognize and accept superior…” and in so doing, labels himself as proven by his handle picture that he is in essence himself a “benighted MALE insecure in his fake masculinity to the point he hides behind, a fake identity and a scary picture of a viper.

    Spare me the sedentary silly secrotorical musings of a muddled mind, confused as to what is up and what is down, riding on the weakness of a fake identity and hiding behind a mere picture.

    Give yourself a break Feeriker the fake, and pay heed unto the ditty below, especially the last line. I have never been able to suffer cowards, fools and bullies so you will have to forgive me for returning your evil for evil and your rudeness for disrespect. Anytime you want to play in the woods again with me, bring it on and keep your stupid rubber snake in your pants pocket.

    Don’t try to win before you lose
    You have to walk the road you choose
    You have to die before you live

    Indeed, I have a right to an opinion and you can save your mediocre moronity for others who are more inclined to fall for the illusion you are intelligent and manly when nothing could be further from the truth. Were I really on the go to lambast you, I would suggest with just cause that you might well be unable to attain into an erection. Fake men who parade and make a loud noise, wearing emblematic pictures of ferocity on their ragged left shirtsleeves and their fake manhood on their right are much like you and are as important as the buzzing of flies in my ears.

    Your intolerance, validity and ignorance appear to be a voluntary misfortune on your part. Take a bow now hero, for insulting Sharkly who can look after himself and defend his positions. I am sure if he wanted me gone he would have asked a long time ago and indeed, unlike you, I do respect his own right to an opinion and also would know enough to leave here and would if he so indicated such.

    I would also to Sharkly I have some private info for him and if he would like to have access to it, he can email me to I am not triangulating here and indeed as I have proven, have no fear or respect of feariker. Yeah, I spelled it properly. I will address him openly in any event.


  51. So many words to say so little. Most of it merits no response, but I’ll just a point out a couple of things where some clarification is in order.

    Take a bow now hero, for insulting Sharkly who can look after himself and defend his positions.

    This seems to be symptomatic of a reading comprehension problem. I’ll leave it to Sharkly to point out where I insulted him, if he is so inclined (although I’m pretty sure that this accusation is deflection on Edward’s part). I will, however, ask you to point out exactly where I ever even hinted that Sharkly should show you the door. Not that it needs pointing out to anyone with more than a fifth grade reading comprehension level, but my entire point was that Sharkly’s blog is Sharkly’s blog and that he makes the rules and abides, or doesn’t, whom or what he chooses. Clearly he enjoys (or at least is willing to tolerate) your presence here, which is entirely his prerogative as blog owner and content and discussion gatekeeper. I am the last person on Earth who would ever dare suggest that he change course. His house, his rules. That could even mean that he takes sufficient umbrage at my response to you that he “uninvites” me from future posting here, and that would certainly be his unquestionable right (indeed, I would probably have even more respect for his good taste and sound judgment if he were to do so, but that’s for future exploration).

    I am sure if he wanted me gone he would have asked a long time ago and indeed, unlike you, I do respect his own right to an opinion and also would know enough to leave here and would if he so indicated such.

    More reading comprehension problems. Never was there a hint from me, or from anyone else here to my knowledge, that rights to opinions from anyone have, or ever should be categorically restricted (by anyone other than the content owner, of course). What I did say very clearly, albeit in my trademark edgy manner that appear to make people with dainty feelings uncomfortable, is that if you take issue with Sharkly’s decision to not give women a voice here, then <bsimply rectify that situation by creating your own blog that gives the women you value exactly this outlet. Brother Sharkly does not OWE them this privilege, although the offense that you appear to have taken at this suggestion leads me to believe that you are a proponent of the unrestricted feminine imperative.

    I have proven, have no fear or respect of feariker. Yeah, I spelled it properly.

    My future is destroyed and I collapse in abject despair, knowing that I’ve earned the enmity of the incomprable Edward Kennedy. I may actually require pastoral intervention in the wake of such a terrible blow to my ego.

    Have a blessed day.


  52. The great rattlesnake has spoken and fear once more grips my very being as does the snake handle he hides behind though it is a somewhat accurate depiction of him being related to the real “serpent we read of in scripture.

    Your hypocrisy, cowardice and superficial reading ability shows that somewhere along the line your education was sadly neglected which worries me profusely that you have as yet to be potty trained and are still wearing diapers. Your claims that you said not what I accused you of/inferred demonstrate a salient disposition no doubt caused by your preponderancy to misrepresent yourself as a “he bull” and alternately prove you are a tiger without claws and a peon without a cause. The fact of the matter is you started this and I only gave you the same treatment you gave me. Now you are crying like a baby, still obviously a coward with an anonymous identity. Fortunately being stupid is not a sin although I wonder if you despise women to the point you are an abuser of them mentally, physically and spiritually.

    It pains me to have to inform you of your insult to Sharkly but this once again demonstrates your incompetence and ability to read comprehensively. Does this not light up your limited mentality as proof of my statements you so decry? “…Brother Sharkly’s house rules (which he apparently believes he has a right to demand changes to)…” It may be a waste of time but you are usurping Sharkly’s right to be the one to police this site, which infers you consider him not capable of and is indeed a rank arrogant perspective. I know for a fact that since conversation gives vent to character, it is plain to see that you have not enough skin to make a baby toe warmer for Sharkly.and further, you are as appealing as a dead and decomposing earthworm discovered in a bottle of Pepsi discovered only after the last sip was consumed. Have you ever in your wildest dreams ever noted your similarity in character to a typical magpie which ability it demonstrates in the fall that you need to emulate? Simply put, it is to make like the birds and flock off.

    You self style yourself as a fearsome male when in reality you are arrogant contemptible misogynist bully and hero cookie muncher. Look at this nonsense…”What I did say very clearly, albeit in my trademark edgy manner that appear to make people with dainty feelings uncomfortable…” Yup. You make everyone scared and intimidated and this is your pipe dream in your insecurity. I bet even the top UFC fighters fear the sound of your name being spoken. Yup, a misogynistic bully, a liar, an arrogant used asswipe though I will admit I can learn a lot from you specifically in my lifelong quest to solve the riddle of how many wrinkles exist on the hinder end of a jackass. If you would stand in front of a mirror, smile and then count the creases, let me know and I will report my accurate findings to the proper authorities.

    You really are a fool though and a waste of skin and good air. I must stop here though to recover. I am petrified of the yellow brick road poster with the picture handle of a viper that is used to shore up his cowardly and fake character but suggest you change your fake identity to your real name to prove you are not at all the arrogant, cowardly little puke you really are.

    I await your response with bated breath and if you need instructions on how to flock off, you can ask Joe Biden your hero and idol though I think you realize he is a far better man, pitiful as he is, than are you.

    As for the answers to your other questions, I must decline the offer. You see, in my studies of Colton, I have learned to recognize that the greatest fool is able to ask more than the wisest man can answer and my answers could never keep up with your questions

    Nuff said, for now anyways.


  53. If you go to the previous post, EK, you made a comment on 8/28 @9:32 that said I have the IQ of a sponge and am a maroon, among other things.
    That may seem jocular and helpful to me, in your opinion, but it doesn’t lead to edification or repentance in my opinion. That all started because of a point that you deemed beneath you to respond to, which was why does such a strong culture warrior like yourself (no sarcasm) use a word used by leftists to confuse young people? I have friends with kids struggling with transgender problems and it’s a burden for them to hear other Christians use the same word the lefties use. For that, you call me a sponge? I’m open to hearing why I should use “gender” instead of “other men” but you didn’t say why.
    I have a small group of friends and the transgender problems those kids are going through is ridiculous, and one of the parents prefers the word gender too, but it seems to me that part of the battle is for the words we use. Changing words is part of the enemy’s strategy. Yes, seeing kids repent is infinitely more important than what words they use, as you implied when you wrote I am straining at gnats. I agree that salvation is greater than word usage, but for whatever reason, I don’t see it as wise to give an inch in the battle now that I am aware how the author of confusion uses words also, to promote confusion. It’s your words of course, so who am I, but I pointed out an incongruity between your manning the ramparts in so many areas, then the odd word usage.

    Eh, maybe most Christians speak that way now, that could be. I don’t notice from the pastor or Bible Studies I listen to, but maybe I am missing it.

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  54. edward kennedy,
    I believe that those who are truly illumined by God’s word, will be at odds with pretty much every church here in the western world. And I believe those of us who can therefore have no real agreement and true fellowship with the false-teachers should separate ourselves from them and their false churches which are full of false brethren. Two of the signs that these churches are false is that the women don’t wear head coverings when they pray, like they are told to, and they aren’t silent in the churches like they are told to be. These churches opt to give the worth-ship to be served, to the desires of Feminists above the will of God. For the small remnant who want to be true to God’s word, I believe the only correct response is to come out from among them and be separate.(2 Corinthians 6:17) Although I initially was operating this website somewhat like a debate forum were everybody was welcome to give their opinion, while I tried to encourage them to stay respectful of the others so that the discussion did not descend entirely into name calling, insults, and belittling of others, I eventually realized that we also needed a substitute for the “bricks & mortar” churches we all had to separate from. So, I decided that I would transition the site to try to make it function more like a church, and less like a place where we would sling poop back and forth while trying to educate and gradually convert Feminist trolls, who were trying to do the same to us.
    So, it is my intent for this to blog to be somewhat like what a church should be. LOL Obviously we’re not all there yet. I intend it to be a place where iron can sharpen iron, where I can share stuff I’ve learned as I feel led to, and others can share things they’ve discovered as well. Women are welcome here! Just not to comment. They are free to read to their heart’s content. Obviously without the opportunity to seek attention here, that will seriously decrease my female traffic, but that’s OK. Perhaps in a year or so when I’ve got more time, I even intend to start producing some patriarchal music. So they will even be able to hear songs and anthems of the patriarchy here. Won’t that be grand!
    However, things are once again devolving as they often did when certain women would choose to come here to conflict, as opposed to coming to share and learn. So, I must remind everybody:
    Romans 12:10(ESV) Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

    Edward, I suspect that some commenters have come after you as a result of your repeated provocative comments worshipping women. Then you seem to feel entitled to escalate things since you feel they started it. However, everybody here should be trying to be peacemakers here, and to contend for the Lord while respecting their fellow man. We shouldn’t be trying to escalate conflicts, or make them more personal. We should be able to just let the occasional jab that comes our way roll off like water off a duck’s back, not returning evil for evil, here amongst brethren. I know that is a tall order, but that is my goal here, to have a respectful fellowship where we all can share and learn what we have learned about God and about issues with our culture and lives. People are going to be far less willing to share about their problems while there are folks ridiculing others unnecessarily for real and assumed faults. So I would ask everybody to be more respectful of each other, and not to escalate any provocations.

    Edward, it has been my intent to enlighten you concerning Feminism and Biblical patriarchy. I’m only putting up with your repetitive woman worship in the hopes of sharpening you and helping to rid you of much of it. I feel we’ve all heard your point about your “real” women repeatedly, we just disagree. I personally believe that if I met these exact women, Although they might truly be excellent women, I wouldn’t be as enamored with them and would not effusively praise them the way you do. So, if you would like to continue participating please leave off the constant praising of women, and switch to something else, like praising God, or discussing some other societal issue that won’t get you back to praising your three goddesses. I also personally need to draw the line and say that I don’t care for anybody using feminist attacks on the men here, such as emasculating men, we don’t need anybody claiming that another man here lacks manhood or is impotent. I may let that slide, if aimed at our mutual enemies,(I’ve often done so myself) but we shouldn’t use the Feminist’s emasculating tactics against each other, that’s counterproductive to our mission and uncalled for. Also There is no lack of praising women on the internet, if somebody wants to hear the incessant praising of women, there are a million Mother’s Day sermons that can be streamed right into their heads, so don’t feel like the internet will become unbalanced if we don’t have the praises of women constantly being touted here too.

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  55. “I have learned to recognize that the greatest fool is able to ask more than the wisest man can answer and my answers could never keep up with your questions”.

    I understand the feeling, and sometimes people can say stuff faster than I can correct all their foolishness, and I hate to pass up those teaching moments and let erroneous statements go unopposed. Anyhow, keeping the women from commenting here really has thankfully reduced that workload. Unfortunately I’ve got interrogatories I’ve got to get answered this weekend, and I’ve been procrastinating on doing them, since I hate that sort of paperwork.


  56. “I have some private info for him and if [Sharkly] would like to have access to it”.

    Feel free to copy and paste it into a submission on the contact page. It will then come to me privately and not be posted. That also weeds out the Feminists, as they are all unwilling to click on the big Submit button. 😉

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  57. I am not inclined to niceties when conflicts arise that involve me dealing with a specific typeset of person. As to you, I was not respectful but I will say to you seriously that learning is a voyage not a harbor. This is one of the rare times I backtrack and take a closer look at situations and individuals. There is in my mind an individual years ago who I met online on a social network who was a transgender and turned out that I actually defended that individual from the attacks and ridicule of others on the site. I did so in a very strong manner and felt quite sad about the trans and the mistreatment given someone who I came to care about. It turned out that this individual attended a Baptist church, and I fully believe spoke the truth when describing standing in the church, publicly confessing the sin embraced, rejecting it and accepting Jesus as Savior. The others on the site were surprised as I was too, but I upheld then and uphold now that individual as a very brave person who I thought a lot of. No pride, no arrogance, no phoniness, just true repentance and facing the sin that could not conquer that free spirit released from the bondage that had captured the person, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I knew it. I felt it. I lost contact with that individual but have always been grateful I did not belittle, criticize or verbally abuse that person and I hope my encouragement and defence imparted the realization in the individual that aside from my hardened character and intolerance I somehow knew that this one was different, seeking release and found the freedom from a bondage capturing many in its coils in this time of politically correct insanity, filth and apostasy. Humanity is imperfect and born into sin corrupt and unclean. I was and am no exception and have no problem admitting that. It is written that God is true, and every man a liar. Life in this temporal existence is a battle between good and evil, each side working through mortals to effect victory in the mix. We must be prepared to accept we can and do err and sin. We most importantly must also accept we are either on the right side or the wrong side. There is no fence sitting and they who are not for the Truth are against it. I believe at the end of mortal life we will be more guilty of and regretful of our sins of omission than our sins of commission along the way. Regret is the biggest emotion most will suffer in their latter years and most will decry not doing what they could have and should have done, I clearly see I would have, even as the hard man I be, tormented now had I not stood fast to defend one fighting the battle for salvation and victory over what you mentioned as transgenderism. My act of criticism, rejection and ridicule instead of the opposite might well have been the factor that could have resulted in failure and the loss of a soul counted priceless by One who suffered the most agonizing torture and death for that person, and those far worse shackled by the chains of sin and bondage. We can never be sure but of one thing. Life here will end for each of us after which we will be judged and denying that does not make it go away. In the mix most of us will stumble through our existences, as fumbling followers of the Son of the living God, and must necessarily guard against in any way being a hindrance to the salvation of others that can easily occur. All I can say is that there was a man who was one of those fumbling followers and one day he spoke harshly to a superior in the workplace who had antagonized him constantly and made light of his embrace of salvation. At that moment, the antagonist lashed out saying, “If you are an example of a Christian, I want nothing to do with it. Caught in the reality of his harsh words, he quickly said, “If you think I am bad now, you should have seen me before.” That is something all need to remember, and to accept that there is only one Person who lived who was perfect, a state no human can get to in the temporal mode. That perfect Person was Jesus Christ, and I would not ever want to be perfect because look at what the bastards did to Him. If this all seems dutch to anyone, you are missing a very important reality.


  58. In response to your comments Sharkly, you are correct. As to women, decades ago I read an article in a mag called MC2 (MC squared) by Isaac Isamov entitled “Praise Excellence.” I have done this since them openly praising excellence where and when I see it. Many here miss the point I try to make that there are women of excellence far above others just as there are men better than others and cars better than other brands, etc Yes I sound obsequious in my treatment and praise of three women I platonically interact with and found as not rebellious, truly feminine, intelligent, pure, unselfish, affectionate and paralleling Solomon’s description of the ideal woman in the last chapter half of Proverbs. These are NOT ordinary women and I have and do reject the femistalinist types. I am straight with them and they all deserve recognition and praise for their excellent character, poise, decency, modesty and sacrificial living. I cherish them for they are in every way superb, having suffered tragedies, hurt, abuse and more but still keeping on track and on the solid rock of their proper existences.

    Why should I not recognize excellence in women? I recognize it in everything else so why should women of high character be discriminated against? I will not be that way with them and were you to meet one of them, or others of their type, they would take your breath away. Ever been aware of the majesty of the mountains, the silent sublimity indescribable of a meadow green, the spectacular spectacle of a clear star filled night sky? Well of all these, God’s creations, He has created nothing more strikingly but softly beautiful and more easy to look at than a real woman. Woman was created as the ideal companion for man and I bear witness to the reality that a friendship with one of these major masterpieces embodies far more an admixture of affection, depth, substance, closeness and empathy than a friendship with the same gender. God makes no error and He knew exactly what a man needed in a fulfilling relationship or friendship with another so He created woman and I am grateful to Him for this.

    The tragedy is that academic asswipes, fake religious apostate leaders, “follywood,” and other fools have twisted women into stale pretzels, making them mere shadows of what they were meant to be. It is true so when one like myself finds one of the originals, the diff is mind boggling. I do not worship all women but I do cherish those who merit it.

    I see it is after midnight so I must sleep as I work tomorrow even though it is a holiday. I will send info to you on the morrow and expect you will be surprised.


  59. “Edward, it has been my intent to enlighten you concerning Feminism…”

    I am aware of the old hag “feminism” with warts on her nose, lies curling her lips, poison exuding from her mealy mouth, and the cape of malice drooped over her disformed shoulders. The stench of her hypocrisy in its vastness never failed/fails to gag the proverbial maggot, exposing her phoniness and malignancy. She was created as a false mantra by David Rockefeller to deceive women, seduce males who were/are blind, and to preach lies, all calculated to not free, but enslave and destroy women. The cause of leashing this whore and liar on western society was to weaken it, subvert and destroy innocent unborn babies by aborticide, tearing them from the womb in pieces, or filling the amniotic sac with caustic liquid to murder the innocent baby therein, sucking them into pieces with a vacuum machine 29 times more powerful that an ordinary household vacuum, or mercilessly jabbing them in the base of the skull and delivering them dead as in the butchery of partial birth abortion. What was this grisly aspect of radstalinist feminist about? Its purpose?

    Primarily as in other evils, it was imagined in the minds of demented sub humans whose love of the damned dollar spurred them with their greedy visions of the billions that could be made by this mental, physical and spiritual desecration of women, resulting in the murder of trillions of innocent unborn babies worldwide. The secondary purpose, of old hag “feminism was to aid, enable and abet the damned CYSTem to create a desire for a higher standard of living by the sheeple, resulting in a huge influx of women into the workforce who would pay taxes and buy goods to enlarge the public coffers. The old hag whore and liar was the harlot of David Rockefeller and it worked. How do I know stalinist feminism is a lie?

    The proponents and leaders claimed it would free women and while they puked their vomit of lies through the cooperative media liars, replete with undigested chunks, fools ran with spoons to consume, the reality was that males who radfem leaders condemned as using women for sex objects and toys were set free to fornicate and adulterate at will, and hide their sin when and if the objects of their lust became pregnant, The solution was to send their mistresses, sex objects and victims to the abortionist who would commit torture and murder for profit, supported and legalized by the damned CYSTem.

    This dovetailed perfectly into the schemes of the enemy as it resulted as all sin does, into population decline and the next thrust into the well being of western nations committed by the lies of leftist stalinists pushing their “multicult” lies that “divershitty” strengthens nations when in fact the opposite is true. It is a tool of the NWO to weaken western nations to the point they can be subjugated and enslaved to a greater degree economically allowing more control of the sheeple.

    I hate femistalinism and its lies more than anyone except God Himself as this beast of aborticide is the worst abomination to God, and the present day Molech which the Israelites worshipped and sacrificed babies to by dropping them into the red hot hands of that brazen image. The Molech of western societies today is the love of money and one of the sacrifices are innocent unborn babies aborted so women can continue to work to increase the standard of their household living.

    If anyone has any grasp of the horrors of aborticide, and the imposition of puny humanity murdering the life created by God at the moment of conception, the implications, and the temporal penalties now being paid for this vile abomination, as well as the spiritual price to be paid, they will tremble in fear knowing the anger of their Creator yet to be visited at judgment. I wonder at the callousness of sheeple who will decry cruelty to animals, and rightfully so, while participating in the torturous painful murder of innocent unborn babies.

    I am rough and I am hard, filled with hate not at the victims, many willing to participate, but at the workers of iniquity responsible for such an act of cruelty. I rightly hate these workers of iniquity as God does, but strong as that hate is, it is nothing compared to the hatred by God of these sub human wretches, even aided and abetted by fake religious leaders who will be and are responsible for preaching lies and apostasies that will of itself, damn more people to hell than any other sin.

    When I am judged, I will be on my face in fear, wondering if I did enough to oppose this evil machination of hell enabled by willing pawns and especially by the leaders of the lie of radical femi-stalinism. Such people are not worthy of a quick death, and will not be accorded such according to scriptures. Laugh if you will, but God will not be mocked. Time passes quickly, and each of us will feel the cold touch of death, and face the glorified Christ of Revelation to be judged, with no hope save salvation offered by Him alone, through His death for any who will humble themselves before Him, ask for mercy and acknowledge Him as Savior and Lord.

    The wheels grind slowly, but they move, and while God has created a place of unspeakable beauty, for His own, He has also created a place of unimaginable torment eternally. Believe it or not. It is your choice. God is not a tyrant and forces none to take His mercy but He also attaches penalties, both temporally and spiritually to our decisions.

    The extent of His wrath is easily known by the reality that His punishment for violating His will, living a sinful life, hurting others, and rejecting His Son is NOT momentary, but ETERNAL. God is true and every man a liar.

    I openly declare my acceptance of the mercy of God, acknowledge His Son as the propitiation for my sins, and depend on Him alone for my salvation. I deserve naught but death, judgment and hell, and nothing I do can save me from that penalty except the mercy of Jesus who died the cruelest death ever imaginable on behalf of any who will accept Him. I am errant, but aware of my insufficiencies and sinful nature, without any hope but through Jesus Christ. Do not look on me as an example, but look on Jesus the Son of the living God who alone with His Father and the Holy Spirt are perfect.

    It was the late and great Ken Campbell, a true man of God who dared to confront abortion, homosexuality, and other vile international sins, in his existence. He was condemned and not welcomed by most churches which placed him in the same category as Apostle Paul. He was faithful, fought a good fight, and died as a true servant of God. He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer the same time as were two politicians, one a filthy vile liar of the LPC. These two were accorded early treatment, Ken was not and succumbed to that disease. He confessed as a “fumbling follower of Christ” in spite of the great works he did fighting social evils to the greatest degree.

    I will always wonder if he was a fumbling follower of Christ, what hope have I? But I have the answer as he would openly confess in a moment. Note that Apostle Paul described himself as “chieftest of sinners.” Both these giants of servitude to Jesus proved by these words of humility that being humble was a very important part of being in line with God. I will never and have never forgotten that and all should see that the biggest bar to salvation is as described in scripture as PRIDE. Any who are proud will not be able to confess their sins in humility and will be lost. This is a big reason pride is the deadliest of sins.

    I see pride in many, and in myself as a constant battle. Truly we need to be aware of the beam in our eye before condemning others especially fellow believers of the speck in theirs. “There is none perfect, no not one.” And all who will lift up Christ will suffer persecution. It is not an easy road, but at the end of the Way is rest, happiness and joy unspeakable. He who humbles himself shall be exalted and he who exalts himself shall be debased.

    So where did all that come from? And why? We need to be aware that women are not the biggest problem today. They are not all evil and twisted. The problem mainly for women is essentially the same as that for men. It is pride. Every single one of the women I cherish are not proud but have humility as a key persona of their “aura.” That easily elevates them all to being better than I. The real women need to be encouraged and respected for that.


  60. The feminist came here seeking to sow dissention amongst the small — the very small — remnant of the Lord who resist the Total Feminism that long ago conquered the Western world. Not to mention the ‘Christian’ churches.

    The first comment here by the feminist claimed that women are greater than men, and it has been nothing but lengthy lies and obfuscations since. These fembots used to show up at Dalrock’s regularly, seeking to divide the brethren and get them disagreeing with one another, and eventually all the fembots would attempt to shame the brethren for cowardice for not doxing themselves. Oh yes, I feel terrible about that! I’m certainly not the ‘man’ that edward kennedy is! lol (Not even a good try Junior)

    I don’t believe this person is a male, I suspect this is a female who end-ran the restrictions against female posting by posing as male. You may imagine some profit accrues by dissenting from and disproving the babble of the feminist, but you are mistaken. Instead, it is the feminist’s purposes that are being served. Distract and divide is the name of the game. For there are only a few places on the planet where the remnant engages in battle with the Babylon Behemoth, and so those places (e.g., Dalrock, here) are targeted by these pseudo-Christians.

    If this person truly was either Christian or honest, s/he/it would have accepted correction the FIRST day it was offered, and conformed. Instead, it’s been repeated attempts to lure men away from the truth, or to guilt them into revealing their names, so the Fem Horde can descend upon them with alacrity and gusto.

    BTW It wasn’t feeriker who said Get rid of the feminist, it was me. Oh wait!
    Am I intruding on Sharkly’s space? I do not care, even a little. Get rid of the feminist. Only harm comes from it.

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  61. So what has anyone got to say bad about this intelligent, poised, humble, proper, principled, Godly woman of exquisite inner and outer beauty, who is an asset to the nation?


  62. So what has anyone got to say bad about this intelligent, poised, humble, proper, principled, Godly woman of exquisite inner and outer beauty, who is an asset to the nation?

    Ask, and ye shall receive:

    And Mr. Barnes is focusing her only on her shortcomings as a “Conservative.” He doesn’t even touch on her even more egregious sin of neglecting her husband and children to pursue a career.

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  63. edward kennedy,
    I have removed one of your comments, and I believe I put you into manual moderation, if not, I’ll figure out how to get you there. The comment contained nothing that adds to the discussion. I have tried repeatedly to get you to stop with the worshipful adoration of women. But each time you responded with further unseemly adoration of women. I briefly looked at what you sent me, but really don’t have the time to go through it right now. If you still want your comments to get posted here, try utilizing all the suggestions that have been given to you, or maybe try to make comments of the same type as your comments at the top of this thread which got “Likes”, whichever is easier for you.

    It is not my intent to create a perfect echo-chamber here, but we should try to work towards truth in unity even though we will have disagreements. The apostle Paul publicly opposed the famously bold apostle Peter to his face, condemning his hypocrisy, done out of deference to the Jews, and yet the apostle Peter went on to fully vouch for the apostle Paul’s ministry. So apparently they were able to reconcile their differences without egos or bluster taking over them. Paul also parted ways for a while with Barnabas and John Mark. So even when disagreements are of a religious nature between devout men willing to die for their faith, they can be done respectfully enough to allow for quick reconciliation. If you can’t gracefully reconcile with people your relationships will all be tenuous, even the ones you want to keep. I don’t expect things will work out, but If you want to join the sexually red-pilled men, it is possible.

    With regard to the video above, It is laden with Feminism and Girl Power, she reminds me of Hermione Granger all grown up, especially if you speed up the playback to get through it faster.
    My opinion at this point pretty much lines up with Adam Piggott’s:


  64. ACB is a ‘conservative’ feminist to replace the radical feminist that died. A mere male was not even CONSIDERED by the nation as a possible candidate. This shows how utterly conditioned and manuvered the populace is. It’s not even a challenge for the devil anymore. Supposedly conservative web sites gush over the latest gynocrat to be elevated. The Almighty People do all of satan’s work for him!

    BTW Kavanaugh was, and is, also a feminist. Packed his staff with hard-charging, empowered princesses. Sold him to New Amerika as a conservative.

    So ACB: a feminist to replace a feminist in a feminist nation, in order for females the better to rule over the lives of males, precisely as the Lord HATES. The males in New Amerika cheer their chains. Bring us more! Make them rustier! lol

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  65. This shows how utterly conditioned and manuvered the populace is. It’s not even a challenge for the devil anymore.

    This was linked from today’s Lew The author is a regular contributor, two of whose books I’ve recently purchased and read. Here he describes in perfectly succinct form the reason for so much of the accelerated collapse we see all around us, which would also explain the seemingly unstoppable advancement of gynocracy and accompanying gyno worship through all of our institutions. The paradoxical good news, as he notes, is that all of this is merely hastening the inevitable implosion of the whole rotten system.

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  66. Interesting site Feeriker, thanks. Certainly captures my thoughts.
    No fan of ACB here either. I am supposed to say, what a waste of talent had she been a homemaker serving her husband and church widows.
    Just saw a story of a man losing his job as Police Chief because his wife wrote posts favorable to Trump. It all made sense to me when I opened the story and saw the Lancaster mayor who fired him is a woman. So it goes with ACB, even if she makes better decisions than Catholic Kavanaugh, the soccer girl’s team coach.
    Trump should’ve picked Ted Cruz for the seat.

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  67. [Comment edited by Sharkly, per ikr request]
    what has anyone got to say bad about this [removed fanboy gushing] woman

    I see clear as day a spiritual harlot. Pr 7:11. In the world, seeking positions of increasing power, feet are not at home. Ti 2:5. She speaks without humility, is raising her girls to become lawyers and to join her in open rebellion of God’s commandment that she be a keeper of the home.

    Oh, and her whiny voice is f***ing annoying. It is a learned technique, a measured tone, to hide lack of femininity cultivated over her lifetime. She sold that away at the altar of playing the man decades earlier in her life.

    Remember, brothers, test ALL things against the Word. 2 Co 10:5. We are all subject to being hoodwinked by smooth talking, groupthink and exhaustion.

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  68. “So ACB: a feminist to replace a feminist in a feminist nation, in order for females the better to rule over the lives of males, precisely as the Lord HATES.”

    Yeah, agreement with Feminism is now a litmus test for public office. Apparently my chances for winning an election are now below zero. I can’t imagine that our founding fathers intended for murderous abortion to be enshrined and protected by many laws and precedents, for women to vote, join our military forces, be paid like they were men, and divorce their husband’s for “No Fault”, for other races to be unjustly affirmed over White people, for children to be taken from and turned against their fathers. I repent for my wicked generation! Lord, don’t number me among these lawless ones!

    Come quickly Lord! May I ride with you, robed in white, my Lord’s robe dipped in blood, as you smite them with the word of your mouth, rule them with a rod of iron, tread them down like ashes, and make them your footstool. I’m ready to ride! I’m ready to rule! I’m ready to kick the shit out of my wicked footstool! Come Immanuel! I yearn for your coming! Father, hearken to the voices under the throne! Is there not enough wickedness yet? Send forth your Son, the long awaited King, lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, That the King of glory may come in!

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  69. Apparently my chances for winning an election are now below zero.

    For which you should be eternally grateful.

    And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
    ~ Isaiah 3:4 KJV

    No part of Amerika as it exists today is worthy of being governed by Godly men. Better to aspire to govern some worthy remnant that might emerge from its ashes and ruin.

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  70. I’m not wanting to pick on somebody who can’t respond, but, in this last day, edward kennedy has written 7 unposted comments equaling over four pages worth of tightly spaced text. I read through it all, and none of them were comments in keeping with the intent of this blog, unfortunately it was seemingly just confrontational restatement of the same things previously stated, including pleas that we be more adoring of women, that we should identify ourselves, and etc. And certain themes were of course present, we shouldn’t stereotype women by the 99% who are Feminist, but we should instead judge women based upon the mythical unicorns who are truly rare, but he believes to be superior to most men.

    I’m sorry, edward kennedy, for all the work you went through to type that all up, but, although my heart goes out to you, your comments as a whole just reinforced my thinking that its best that you move on to commenting somewhere else more suited to yourself, where your comments will be better appreciated, and your fellowship will be fonder.

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  71. Please pray for me and my family. Later today I will meet my wife in court for a pre-trial conference. We are requesting that the judge order my wife to be evaluated psychologically and wanting to get her ordered to get evaluation and treatment for her intimacy-anorexia. It is in the best interest of the boys that they have a united nuclear home, and my wife is currently preventing that by refusing to submit to any treatment regarding the issues in our marriage. All the while she lies to her church, claiming she is trying to reconcile, while having refused to ever do anything that might bring us closer to reconciliation. She has willfully destroyed our boys’ family just to keep from getting evaluated and treated for her behavioral addiction.

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  72. To repeat what I posted over at your other blog, Sharky, my prayers go out to you and your sons in this time of great trial. May your wife get the help she needs to heal her of this destructive, Satanic behavior.

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  73. …7 unposted comments equaling over four pages worth of tightly spaced text … just confrontational restatement of the same things previously stated, including pleas that we be more adoring of women, that we should identify ourselves, and etc. [a]nd … we shouldn’t stereotype women by the 99% who are Feminist, but we should instead judge women based upon the mythical unicorns who are truly rare, but he believes to be superior to most men.

    Someone else appears to have mental health issues that deserve treatment and prayer. Seriously, even for a vagina worshiper that is unhealthy, over-the-top obsession.


  74. ‘Please pray for me and my family.’

    I did talk to Papa this morning about this, but of course did not ask for anything specific. However, you will not find any help or hope in ‘psychological counseling’ and the rest of that nonsense. That whole (vast) industry is part of the problem, not the solution.

    But the King is watching, if that is a comfort to you.

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  75. Those are good comments from other folks here about ACB. (Hey isn’t it supposed to be ABC?)

    The Remnant is small, very small indeed, but it does exist.

    Thought folks here would get a kick outta my daily canvass of ‘conservative’ media. Here is rightie site PJMedia, and columnist Stephen Kruiser, who styles himself a Warrior of Christ and a Stalwart Conservative. Stevie is busy assuring us that his hero ACB will end abortion, all bad things, and bring America back to the Path of Righteousness! lol

    I will just reprint the article’s title here; I think the full piece is password protected.

    ‘The Kruiser Kabana Episode 73: ACB’s Flaming Archangel Sword of Roe-Killing Fury’

    There is so much wrong here, beginning with the title, dunno where to commence. But it’s an excellent example of why no help to the brethren ever comes from ‘Conservative Christians’ in the U.S.


  76. But it’s an excellent example of why no help to the brethren ever comes from ‘Conservative Christians’ in the U.S.

    I long ago reached the point where my ears and brain switched to O-F-F mode whenever “Conservative Christians,” especially evangelicals, started talking about issues like politics or current events. Such ignorant and ridiculous drivel pours forth not even from the mouths of innocent and untaught children.

    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
    ~ James 1:5 KJV

    I know that “wisdom” here is used with a much narrower connotation, but Lord, PLEASE unleash a tsunami of Wisdom upon our nation, especially among those who call themselves Christians.

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  77. I just reread the first several posts here and it’s striking how quickly EK pivoted to talking about his three women friends. So he showed he can write appropriately brief comments about the original post, but the pivot is so obvious and jarring that it leaves me wondering what is really going on.
    Regarding using our names, can you explain how I know you are using your real name?
    Ray, Feeriker, I don’t see why you called him a feminist. Being pro-life distances him from that and even if accurate, is only going to make him defensive. He really did think we were just ignorant of the type of women he’s met, but that doesn’t justify calling him a name. I’m curious, what do you think about calling him a feminist versus telling him you aren’t interested in his long and flowery and repetitive posts extolling his 3 stars?


  78. Ray, Feeriker, I don’t see why you called [Edward Kennedy] a feminist.

    I didn’t, at least not that I can see in any of my posts. I wouldn’t call him a feminist anyway. C*nt worshiper or pussy pedestalizer would be much more accurate labels.


  79. We’re all stewed in Feminism these days. I suppose a Feminist can be anybody more Feminist than yourself by degree, but then there are the really vile Feminazis. I referred to somebody today as “the Feminist mothership”. But the challenge, since patriarchy is the will of God, is to try to spot the remaining Feminism that still pollutes us, and scrub that crap off of ourselves. God is a Patriarchy, A Father turning over power to His Son, and their united Spirit. Satanic Feminism is basically direct rebellion against God’s holy patriarchal will being done on earth as it is in heaven. The concluding verse of the Old Testament is about uniting the hearts(spirit) of fathers and their sons or children lest God curse the earth again. God ends the whole Old Testament by threatening us future folks if we don’t return to patriarchal and loving families, from our Feminist foulness.

    Malachi 4:6(Wycliffe) And he shall turn again the heart of fathers to sons, and the heart of sons to the fathers of them, lest peradventure I come, and smite the earth with (a) curse. Amen. (And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers toward their sons, and the hearts of the sons toward their fathers, lest perhaps I come, and strike the land with a curse, and destroy it. Amen.)

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  80. Feeriker, good response. I wasn’t sure if you used that particular word, but your humorous response is actually more accurate and therefore a better tactic.
    I don’t recall seeing name calling be effective here or at Dalrock’s. I probably don’t have the experiences you, Ray, and Sharkly have at iron sharpening so that is partly why I am asking about calling EK a feminist. In fact, I think it is probably counterproductive, so why do it? Did you see it be effective and therefore like to use it as a tool?
    EK apparently never understood that we understood there are disciplined, attractive, talented women, so he kept repeating his same story, as if we just needed more of his facts to reach the same conclusions he did.
    His viewpoint is a common one in churches, that God cares about excellence and talent levels, and that we should only look at sex roles for church leadership. It’s a nut I haven’t cracked in the believers I know that hold to that view.


  81. His viewpoint is a common one in churches, that God cares about excellence and talent levels, and that we should only look at sex roles for church leadership. It’s a nut I haven’t cracked in the believers I know that hold to that view.

    What is infuriating is that to anyone from whom the scales have been cleared from their eyes, it is obvious that churchians reject God’s roles for the two sexes. If they reject this, or any other of God’s instructions and commandments to mankind, how can they be considered party of the Body of Christ? Obedience to the Lord is all or nothing. Even here in this temporal world we don’t get to choose which rules we obey and which ignore, so why does anyone think the Creator of the Universe is going to tolerate such disobedience?

    This is the unpleasant reality everyone is dancing around/ignoring. We don’t press the matter because we know it will “cause division within the body” (the most popular churchian go-to excuse for not dealing with heresy within the church). Aldo, let’s face it: if we come from a family of professed believers, most of THEM reject this key rule of God’s, too, and the prospect of alienating our own flesh and blood to the point of potential exile from the family is more than most of us can stomach, even if we are resolute in our faith. What also terrifies us is the knowledge of just how all-pervasive the heresy and how tiny the remnant is, to the point where we fear being isolated.

    I think most, if not all of us here agree that the sin of female rebellion is going to be the ultimate battle within the church. We’re already seeing the purgative fires igniting. It will be fascinating to see what’s left once the purge is complete.

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  82. Swanny River —

    ‘I’m curious, what do you think about calling him a feminist versus telling him you aren’t interested in his long and flowery and repetitive posts extolling his 3 stars?’

    I called this person a feminist because that is what s/he/it is, having asserted that women are better than men in their introductory post, and thereafter. That is not a Christian position, that is THE anti-Christ position.

    I wanted to make it clear to readers of this page exactly what they were getting, precisely so s/he/it could not confuse and weaken them with the endless yammering that followed the main point (females better than males).

    As I mentioned, the remnant is very small and I am very jealous for it. This page, and some others, are helping to build the final, eternal Temple of the Lord. This is a recapitulation of the abandonment of Babylon and the building of the Second Temple by select Israelites, a Temple which King Jeshua defended Himself. As then, Joshua and Zerubbabel again are amongst the workers.

    And just as occurred with the Second Temple (Ezra 4:1-4) the Final Temple is constantly under attack by diverse elements seeking to delay, destroy, or (more often) pollute the offerings made to Jehovah via your posts and pages. For be assured that is the way He sees your efforts, and that is how some of your efforts are being employed, as stones in the Building.

    Read Ezra 1-4. Therefore, as was done by Joshua and Zerubbabel during the preceding Temple, is done during construction of the final and Eternal Temple. When feminists or other outsiders show up during your offerings to the LORD, you are to reject and eject them immediately, as was done prior. Not to argue with them, not to be nice to them, imagining such a thing is ‘Christian’, not to criticize their flowery prose, but to call them what they are immediately so that those less experienced might not be deceived and misled by the convolution of their words.

    This person’s first statement was a refutation of what the Temple stands for, because the Kingdom of the Father for which I labor does NOT elevate women above men, nor does it accept that men and women are equal. Thus when the new person posited that, I called the person a feminist and wished to see him removed from the construction site. Without delay.

    The building of the Eternal Temple is taking place RIGHT NOW and some of you reading these words are taking part in it:

    ‘The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.’ (Zechariah 4)

    This also is taking place RIGHT NOW:

    ‘Then take silver and gold, and make crowns, and set them upon the head of Joshua the son of Josedech, the high priest;

    ‘And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The Branch; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord’ (Zechariah 6:11-12)

    I hope that satisfies, for I am not going to explain it again.

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  83. ‘God is a Patriarchy, A Father turning over power to His Son, and their united Spirit. Satanic Feminism is basically direct rebellion against God’s holy patriarchal will being done on earth as it is in heaven. The concluding verse of the Old Testament is about uniting the hearts(spirit) of fathers and their sons or children lest God curse the earth again.’

    Well put. And exactly this is what those few still faithful to Papa and King Jeshua have been, and are, preaching to the churches. But aside from little Philadelphia, the churches will not suffer it, nor will their spirits.

    Instead, these are overpowered by the world and ‘listen to the voice of the woman’ in place of God, as the devil desires. Until that root is faced and overcome, how will they enter into heaven? Hey was just kidding, all good Eden’s open now, no no you don’t have to change anything we luuurve you? Father will permit the rebellion of Eden, soul by soul, to infest the Eternal Kingdom of His Son? Why’d Jeshua die then?

    Our moment is the moment of Malachi 4:6, as Sharkly discerns. It’s a serious moment because person and nation alike, those who get this wrong will get the back of the King’s hand, and calling themselves Christian won’t cut it.

    I’ll have more to say about Sharkly’s teaching. Also feeriker’s post, a companion.

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    The headline should be referring to “Anti-pope Bergoglio,” that’s a minor quibble.

    I will say one thing in favor of the current corrupt and converged Rome: they’re at least overt in their goddess worship. Would that Protestants, especially in Amerika, were so honest about it.

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  85. Do y’all think there might be a connection in the following verses:
    Ephesians 5:33(Wycliffe) Nevertheless ye all, each man love his wife as himself; and the wife dread her husband.
    Ephesians 5:33(Geneva) Therefore everyone of you, do ye so: let everyone love his wife, even as himself, and let the wife see that she fear her husband.

    Genesis 9:1(KJV) And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. 2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.

    Is God commanding wives to see to it that they have the same sense God gave to the beasts, to fear before the images of God? Or am I just playing word-match? Once again all-knowing God intentionally chose not to mention Noah’s wife and daughters, or just to say all people. And next in verse 6 of Genesis chapter 9 it is made clear that the reason no man nor beast should kill men, is specifically because they are the image of God. So the image of God clearly is part of that topic.


  86. Is the Popester Catholic!?

    They may reconsider that question after woke-pope’s term is up, but they probably don’t want to consider the matter while he is pontificating. After he is dead, then all his psychophants will race to jump on the bandwagon, claiming that they too knew he was an antipope. Pathetic!
    Pachamama’s got a nice rack though … just sayin’, if you had to pick an idol …

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  87. Pachamama’s got a nice rack though … just sayin’, if you had to pick an idol …

    A thought occurred to me the other day. Maybe we should start calling pussy-pedestalizing churchians Dianists.


  88. ‘A thought occurred to me the other day. Maybe we should start calling pussy-pedestalizing churchians Dianists.’

    Feel free. You’d only be speaking the truth.

    Of course Diana was worshipped by men and women alike widely in the ancient world. Rome’s Diana Nemorensis is only one name for this particular demon taking a repetitive form, but her cult is well-described in Scripture, idols in high places, queen of heaven etc.

    Like ourselves, the ancient Israel-lights constantly were surrounded by various versions of this same goddess-worship of Diana; often the Tribes were overcome and absorbed into the whole cucky nonsense, temple-prostitution and whatnot. This is one inevitable outworking of the rebellion in Eden, when the man in effect ‘worshipped’ the woman by hearkening to her voice, and not God’s. Therefore this error continues to this day in multiple masks, still dominating and oppressing the Western world.

    Directly descendant, in 1918 a goddess acolyte, Aleister Crowley, performed a type of babalon ritual, called the Amalantrah Working — a series of sex-magick fertility rites plus demonic callings, designed to open a spiritual gateway from the outer heavens to the phenomenal world. Most of the sex acts were homosexual. Wikipedia:

    ‘In her most abstract form, Babalon represents the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman.’

    Nothing abstract about the Liberated Woman now, is there? Nor about Goddess Liberty in N.Y. :O)

    In the Sonoran in 1946 Rocket Jack Parsons, founder of JPL, and his chum L. Ron (Mother) Hubbard, reinforced and seconded the Crowley rites, and performed a specific Babalon Working, seeking to incarnate the ancient goddess spirit in a being or beings on Earth.

    L. Ron, of course, went on to found woo-woo Scientology, via practice of its Dianetics. See a familiar name in that cult-religion? Anything at all to do with Holly/wood?

    All these matters, I mean, and connected and of a whole. Thus, ‘pussy worshipping churchians’ provably are Dianists.

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  89. Today I read this bit describing the goddess Babalon:
    I am deflowered, yet a virgin; I sanctify and am not sanctified. Happy is he that embraceth me: for in the night season I am sweet, and in the day full of pleasure. My company is a harmony of many symbols and my lips sweeter than health itself. I am a harlot for such as ravish me, and a virgin with such as know me not. For lo, I am loved of many, and I am a lover to many; and as many as come unto me as they should do, have entertainment. Purge your streets, O ye sons of men, and wash your houses clean; make yourselves holy, and put on righteousness. Cast out your old strumpets, and burn their clothes; abstain from the company of other women that are defiled, that are sluttish, and not so handsome and beautiful as I …

    I couldn’t help but be reminded of a goddess worshipper who imagined his Babalon as platonic models of chastity, and so he knew them not. It is said that the goddess cannot say “no”, she accepts all who want to come to her. But apparently she can present herself however suits her suitor. She must tell some, “lets just keep our platonic relationship a secret, others won’t comprehend it.” Whomever wants to find Babalon will find her as they want her. Just like Burger King! “Have it your way.”
    I bet Babalon makes a nice co-redemptrix for churchians who each have their own personal version of a “Jesus” that suits their desires. Their personalized Babalon and their own personalized “Jesus” can probably mesh up however they like them to, and probably change at any given moment, to suit society’s changing standards.

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  90. Diane-ist. Reason: the World will assume you are referencing the adulteress whore of British monarchy (may she live forever). And in being wrong, they will still reach the correct conclusion nonetheless about female-worship.


  91. Terms like “Dianist” or “Religious Babylonian” may not immediately register the correct meaning in people’s minds. Most folks don’t know their deities from Adonis to Zoroaster. I think it might be better to either go with a Christian term, or a term that gets the point across in a negative way. Christian terms might be, those who are: apostate, part of the Great Whore, false brethren, children of the devil, whoring after the world, Etc. And negative descriptors might be terms like: woman-worshipper, cunt-worshipper, Oprah-idolater, female-supremacist, high priestess of gynocentrism, pussy-pedestalizer, filled with the great queef, Etc. New and innovative slights against these wannabe goddesses are always appreciated. Maybe some of them will stick.


  92. Woman was created second to the man, they are not in the image of God like men, and they can feel deprived of a manly member. The truth is that just like Satan, all women want to be like God. All women were in Eve, and Eve is in all women. Eve, the epitome of all women, gobbled down the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge after being thusly beguiled; You will be like God, knowing good and evil.”(also seeing that the tree was good for fruit, delightful to the eyes, and desirable to make her wiser, she impulsively ate) Eve was envious of Adam, who was a likeness of God.(long before Eve, the natural usurper’s, covetousness was legally delineated to humankind to be an iniquity(the same as Lucifer’s))
    Ezekiel 28:15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. (pridefully and enviously desiring to usurp God)
    Ezekiel 28:17a(ESV) Your heart was proud because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.
    Eve’s desire is for what is Adam’s, yet, by God’s good pleasure God’s own image and glory, the man, reigns over her.(Genesis 3:16)
    To men women are glorious, she exists as a delight of men, but to God and His creation, men are God’s own likeness and are intended to be the foremost earthly delight to God, and to offer God doxology through their being, through their works subduing their dominion,(Genesis 1:28) and through their praise and adoration of God. Likewise, a wife delights her husband with her feminine form, by taking initiative to accomplish the works of his household, and by her praise and reverence and evident desire to be in unity with her husband.
    However the wife can achieve divine glorious unity with her husband, her image of God, and even become one flesh with the image of God, who being enthroned within her and on her, unites with her, just as she was made for, expressly to be his mate.

    And you would think such a delightfully simple and holy life for women would catch on, but no, she was cursed to try to usurp and defile the image of God, to “shit test” him, and to willfully wander astray. Instead of offering her body, that she vowed was her husband’s, “to have and to hold”, as a gift, for unity, instead of using her pussy to enshrine his manhood, she misuses and corrupts her Kotex-Cathedral by entrancing him and ensnaring him with it manipulatively, and ultimately pussy-whipping him into subjection to the God usurping religion of cunt-idolatry which is sacrosanct to our whoring churches. She uses her God given beauty and the splendorous pleasure of her pretended unity to selfishly seek out her own will, thereby corrupting the delightful fruits of unity, godly wisdom, and obedience, through her foolish desire to usurp.
    God’s men are sorely tested on this earth! The apostle Paul says, “it is better to marry than to burn”, but Satan uses women to try to see to it that men burn either way.
    Sirach 2:5 For gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.

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  93. You are getting better at expressing God’s design Sharkly. I like the post above.
    Did you ever have to deal with your wife disrespecting you by not responding verbally to you if she was mad? Did she ever do things you told her not to? I know she did other things, such as refusing sex, but I am wondering if it went to less important areas too.
    For example, my battle axe didn’t like the winter boots I bought for our child, but I had already purchased them and he used them. They had a camo pattern on them, but he didn’t care. But she sure did, too “low-brow” for her, but I told her they work, but she bought other ones anyhow. This year, she still is fussing and not wanting him to wear them.
    Or if she is mad, and I ask her something or talk to her she won’t respond.
    I know the church would not say anything to her about it, but try to find compromises on each specific issue.


  94. Swanny River,
    Thank you for the compliment on getting better at expressing God’s design. I hope that is the case. I pray a lot for wisdom and insight, that I will be able to lead people to the truth and to righteousness, and not teach anything that is false.

    Regarding my wife’s behavior, it truly is unbelievable, it doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) make sense to sane people. She wants to be married and to appear normal, yet she loathes all forms of close intimacy, like sharing feelings, sharing spiritual passions, or any sort of physical or audible affection. She honestly wants her husband to always be as distant and disgusted with her as he can possibly be, and to have her marriage strained to the limit of breaking at every single second. She is addicted to distancing me just as far as she can without getting divorced. And apparently all this goes on subconscious to her.(she is unaware she is constantly doing this) She refuses to consider that any of the problem in our marriage is anything but my fault.(she has a terrorizing fear of being flawed that prevents her from ever mentally considering that she might be flawed) She will publicly admit that she is part of the problem, but in her heart and mind, she really doesn’t think she has done anything wrong to cause any of this. Nor do I think she even has any clue how dysfunctional our marriage is. Her parents, neither one, desires or gives intimacy, and they were alternately threatening to divorce each other for her entire life, with both of them faking that they are normal intimacy loving people when they are out in public. To her that is what a “normal marriage” should be. So her intimacy-anorexia is caused by the perfect-storm of horrible things. Due to her mom enmeshing and having “emotional-incest”(crying about her marriage issues and seeking consolation from my wife as a toddler) with her from before she can even remember, it has been layered into my wife, from before she was ever able to reason, that people sharing their emotions, desires, or intimacy of any kind, is icky and inappropriate,(like physical incest) painful, and a burden she never wants to bear. Then she grew up with a slightly learning-disabled father that has Schizoid Personality Disorder. He does not give or want intimacy. And he prefers that people rarely speak to him. While her mom is intimacy anorexic, and thus she wants to minimize all adult level intimacy, but may instead seek friendship with kids, who are never a threat of initiating and pressing her for a bit of emotionally-deep conversation. Her father’s SPD and her mother’s intimacy anorexia are a comorbid combination that somewhat works together, because neither wants their to be any intimacy in the relationship, nor will either be hurt by their partners complete refusal to ever express any desire for them. (which they both would consider uncomfortable or annoying) And they both are OK gaining social acceptance by faking that they are normal intimacy sharing people when out in public. All of this, especially her early trauma and deeply layered fears, has caused my wife to be emotionally stunted, or emotionally retarded. So, in review, here is the perfect storm that causes her to have intimacy anorexia.

    1. She learned to hate all forms of intimacy from before she can remember.
    2. She grew up in a home completely devoid of real intimacy, and has no frame of reference except that faked intimacy is the real thing.
    3. She has such a fear of being flawed, that she refuses to mentally assent to the possibility that she might have a problem.
    4. She is emotionally stunted, and thus unaware that others really want intimacy and aren’t just faking it to be polite to others.

    As a result she will intentionally and constantly do horrible things to me, like her parents used to do to each other, seemingly unconscious that she is being abnormal, and then if I react to any of her taunting and intentional tormenting, she blames my negative reaction for why she must not want intimacy, and why she was being contrary to me in the first place. She literally blames me for all the evil she constantly does to me. And she will fight like a Tasmanian devil to never ever resolve a conflict. Because she wants to preserve all her conflicts as her barriers against intimacy. If a conflict were ever to be resolved, she would feel the need to create new and greater conflicts to replace it, so to prevent having to do that she insists on never ever allowing conflicts to be resolved. And that is part of why she has spent 3 years in divorce, refusing to ever yet sit down together with anybody trained to resolve marital conflicts. And she is too emotionally retarded to even comprehend how badly she is harming her children by teaching them to distance others including their own father.

    Sorry, but all that is just backdrop to try to begin to explain the surreal relationship. I find myself in. She spent her entire life learning to fake pleasant emotions and intimacy, and how to hurt those who were getting too close. Right up until I married her she did and said anything a man might want or expect from a future loving wife. But about the time of our marriage, apparently things got too intimate for her, and she has flipped like a switch and has gone about distancing me ever since. She literally hones her ability to hurt me. And she works like an artisan to develop ways to anger me in public with things that are not apparent to others. So that she can seem like an innocent victim of a man who is angry at her for no reason.(quite satanic) Anyhow, with all that being said, intimacy anorexics like to find the minimum provocation that can produce the maximum distancing. They literally spend years watching and experimenting on you to become the most effective possible tormenter of you. They find the most painful spot in your psyche and stab directly at it in private, or whenever it seems like you might be trying to love them. That being said, an intimacy anorexic will not waste their time engaging in distancing behaviors that aren’t effective on you personally.

    I don’t care to share the things which hurt me most, as other ill willed people might then also choose to use those things against me. But, lets just say that my wife tried the silent treatment on me and quickly found out that I actually prefer if she shuts her evil mouth when she is trying to be hurtful to me. Unlike in her family, where they mutually refuse to speak to the other, for giving them the silent treatment. The moment she quit talking, I took advantage of the chance to speak to her uninterrupted. I began explaining how she was distancing me, and the simple path back to intimacy, and telling her things and sharing with her all the feelings that I never had the opportunity to share because she always used her mouth to interject and deflect and change the subject or start some other conflict. I followed her around laughing and telling her stories I wanted to share, giving her advice, and all the while her “silent treatment” meant she couldn’t talk back or fight with me. I think she soon figured out I was loving the silent Pam a whole lot more than the usual constantly bitchy Pam, and that her being silent was actually allowing me to be my normal loving self, unhindered towards her. Whereas her parents might go two weeks without speaking to each other. After only two or three days of her being frequently spoken to, and being self-inhibited from responding with any of the normal evil thigs she might say to distance me, she apparently gave up on giving me the pleasant silence and went back to bitching at me. She never tried it much again after that. She just knows I’ll use the opportunity of her silence to share what is on my heart, and she hates intimacy, so that won’t work for her. LOL She can’t give me the silent treatment, because even now, I’m having a moment here, fondly remembering the couple days when she couldn’t talk back and I followed her around the house just sharing my heart out, with her unable to return me any spite and contempt for it.

    As far as whether she has ever done things I told her not to do, yes, all the time. In fact, often when she is unsure of what she really wants to do, she will ask me for guidance just so that she can then vehemently insist on doing the exact opposite of what I told her. She is so reflexively rebellious that I’ve tricked her quite a few times with reverse-psychology.
    If my wife said I was “low-brow” in that situation, my son and I might be giving each other high fives and laughing about how we’re going outside to be low brow bros in our low brow boots. However she should not be insulting her husband, especially not in front of a son. Obviously different men’s conflicts are caused by different styles of feminine rebellion, without which there would almost certainly be holy unity. There are few men who will actually work to destroy their own marriage like foolish women will.(Proverbs 14:1)
    The churchians are mentally retarded and in complete denial of the truth that:
    Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.
    Those retards imagine every struggle for control in marriage is because a husband blocked his wife from submitting in holy unity to his headship. They really are that profoundly blind and stupid!

    Ephesians 5:22-23a (KJV) Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church.

    If a wife is not submitting to her husband in holy unity, she’s lost her head! There is no smart rebellion against God’s order.(1 Corinthians 11:3)
    Proverbs 12:30 (KJV) There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.
    1 Samuel 15:23a (KJV) For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.


  95. Thank you for the thoughtful response. Your knowledge of your wife shows a real love and demonstrates how foolish it is for her to tear the marriage asunder.
    Where else is she going to find such a provision for growth in godliness? From a paid professional? Some help can come from there, but her provision and protection will be gone. The TV and Sunday social club won’t provide the insights you can, and that make for the closeness of one flesh.

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  96. I would like again to point out Sharkly’s post of October 15 at 6:14 a.m., and also feeriker’s post of October 15 at 11: 29 a.m.

    Sharkly rightly asserts that Malachi 4:6 applies directly to our moment.

    The enemy used feminism (Eve’s flaw) to invert God’s created order and relationship, and to set the female over the father and the son across much of the West. What is done on Earth is reflected in Heaven, and feminism disallows the father (Father) from, as Sharkly writes, ‘turning over power to His Son’. On Earth, the godly chain of authority and inheritance, father to son, is disrupted and in many cases, destroyed. Although the Father and Son are at-one in Heaven, that bond cannot be established on Earth while satan, via feminism, continues to criminalize and crush the Eternal Bond. That is, the Kingdom cannot come.

    There is nothing ambiguous about Malachi 4:6, nor about the entire chapter for that matter. Verse 6 is a command from God, left dangling for 2,000 years at the terminal threshold of the Old Testament.

    Our duties warring for King and Kingdom are made clear in Scripture by placement of our guiding passages at the end of each Testament of Scripture. The NT ends with Revelation, which is a guide to our hour and the immediate future. It is filled with strategic and tactical instructions for battle, especially the controlling passage for conducting spiritual warfare in Revelation 12:

    ‘And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.’

    The OT ends with the LORD telling this world it must restore the Eternal Bond of father/son in our nations, the hearts of the fathers to their families, or the pesky nations will get stomped, with extreme prejudice. The Christians look for Elijah to appear and astonish them, but what Elijah do they seek, and wait upon?

    Certainly not the one that God sent with a mouthful of censure for the nations, hot with denunciations of the femmed ‘Christian’ churches? Not THAT Elijah. Guess they’re waiting on a Miracle Show. :O)

    Feeriker then follows, asking how the Churchians who reject God’s created and hallowed order for the Safespace Rebellion of feminism can be part of the Body of Christ. I would not want Him looking at me when He asks that question. He will.

    Feeriker talks about the willingness to be rejected by family and friends . . . he’s correct, there are few of these amongst Western Christians. Because those who once embraced you assuredly will turn against you in a jif, if you reject – or worse, denounce – their Religion of Woman. Libertas Liberalism. Most of us who have reached this point already have passed through that strait. Ain’t easy.

    That is one reason why Philadelphia is the smallest of the seven churches. Defending the brethren is not popular in feminist nations, under feminist States, whether it’s Jezebel’s Israel or the modern U.S. Philadelphia is hated, marginalized, ridiculed, denounced. But the King says that Philadelphia ‘has a little strength’, and He says nothing vaguely like about the other churches.

    And although the brethren of Philadelphia certainly are not without sin, the Lord chooses to ignore that in His address to them. He prefers to concentrate on their works, that make way for, and immediately precede, His Millennium.

    If the Lord of Hosts will ignore Philadelphia’s sins, woe to he or she who would accuse them.

    Also I will point out that nowhere in the OT or the NT does the King make promises equivalent to those made to Philadelphia. To some members of the other six churches, He prophesies wondrous things. But He pours His inner treasures out on Philadelphia. These are ETERNAL gifts. No one ever will take them away. Not even Him.

    He will keep those promises too, and He will make everyone watch as He keeps them, so that all will know the value He sets on those who defend the Father and the Son. What He asks at this time is endurance, perseverance. Because He knew when He transmitted those words to Patmos John that latter-day Philadelphia would live at the ‘time of trouble’ (Daniel 12) ‘Trouble’ is ‘tsah-raw’ in the Hebrew, Strong’s H6869, the ‘time of the female rival’, the ‘time of the feminine vexer’.

    Almost 2,000 years ago, God told John what this hour would be like, how to make war against it, and what the rewards would be for those who did so. Consider it.

    If any are interested in a further explanation of Daniel 12, or of Revelation 3 and matters concerning the powers and rewards of Philadelphia, let me know.

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  97. LOL you asked the hardest question in the chapter. Which is the question I had in mind as well, when I offered. And that is how the Church works.

    I will get back to you later on this.


  98. Related to my most recent comment above is this post made tonight at the Christian site ‘Now The End Begins’. I re-post it here as it may be of help to some of the brethren.

    The two harpazos can confuse Church members and it is profitable to show these events as separate to milk-drinking Christians, newer to the Scriptures. Thank you.

    Rev. 3:10 certifies a pre-tribulation rapture for members of the Philadelphian sub-Church. All of Philadelphia will be taken up together, and soon. Praise the King, merciful and just!

    Select members of the other six sub-churches also will rise up, delivered (Rev. 12:1) and then glorified. Contrary to popular expectation, this will not be some mass-missing-persons event that brings the world to a shocked standstill. The membership of Philadelphia is very small; America, in particular, is a feminist nation, and no place for brotherhood, Christian or otherwise. Philadelphia probably will not even be missed, except by small circles. Those expecting a billion risings from amongst the seven Churches will be greatly disappointed.

    Also, it is popular in the current Church to believe that each of the seven Revelation churches existed consecutively in time, and that only the Laodicean sub-Church presently is extant. The rationale for this belief, apparently, is that Laodicea is the final sub-Church directly addressed, in order, by the King in Revelation.

    This is silly, and easily disproven by, again, Rev. 3:10. There, the King promises to keep the Philadelphian sub-Church from the hour of temptation and trial, which ‘shall come upon all the world’. This world-wide hour of trial could only be Jacob’s Trouble, the Tribulation, occurring at the end of the Church Age, or of ‘history’ if you wish, just prior to Parousia.

    So if Christ says Philadelphia will be ‘kept from the hour of temptation’ and trial of the whole world, how can this sub-Church already be long extinct? Would they not need to exist in order to be snatched? Not much point keeping dead people from the ‘hour of temptation’, after all.

    Folks sure do love to have their theories.

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  99. Here is a good piece summarizing the New World Order/New Woman Order global reset scam. I link it here to show the flaw at the heart of Catholicism, an error which already entered into the Church by the end of the first century A.D.

    The letter is fine until the archbishop reaches the end, at which point he utters this:

    ‘The enemy has Satan on its side, He who only knows how to hate. But on our side, we have the Lord Almighty, the God of armies arrayed for battle, and the Most Holy Virgin, who will crush the head of the ancient Serpent. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”‘ (Romans 8:31).

    Who is against you indeed! If only you knew.

    Catholics are brethren in Christ, as He communicated at the beginning of the Book of Revelation, because their church does not ‘deny my name’. However, as the quote above illustrates, they are greatly deceived and deluded concerning the woman Mary, which is why in Revelation 2:20 Christ rebukes them concerning the Jezebel spirit amongst them.

    Note particularly Revelation 2:22:

    ‘Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.’

    Here, the King actually threatens Jezebel and her legions of followers with The Tribulation if they don’t relinquish their very specific heresy of woman-worship (Which, in secular form, is feminism.)

    As illustrated by the archbishop, Catholics expect their ‘Most Holy Virgin’ to ‘crush the head of the Serpent’. This isn’t likely to happen, because their Most Holy Virgin, LucyFer, IS the Serpent. She is the tsah-raw, the female enemy, that appears in Daniel 12:1, about whom I’ve written elsewhere on this site.


  100. I hope we get a new thread from you soon Sharkly, because that is one ugly photo up to keep looking at.

    Speaking of ugly, here is an ugly fact:
    On my ballot, there are 20 judges running for various judgeships, from local to the State Supreme court. Guess how many candidates are women?


    3 to 1 ratio, which is slightly less than the ratio of female to male undergraduates.
    I hope Trump wins, but we are still doomed.

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  101. I hope Trump wins, but we are still doomed.

    The Great Reset — or rather, the chaos which results from it– which will happen, is going to have the unintended consequence of putting women back in their rightful place.


  102. Sharkly left a comment over at Pushing Rubber Downhill. Also commenting was Edward Kennedy.
    I was hoping he follow the rules and show up here again but based on the comment he left over there, I’d say it’s very doubtful that he is able to change his schtick. He did the same over there that he did here for 40 or so comments. He makes a few good sounding statements and then launches into the “women of excellence” thing.
    It was his first time there as far as I can tell. It’s so weird, that same pattern. Something just isn’t adding up right. Why would a divorced guy go to manosphere sites to steer every comment to these 2 or 3 women friends he knows? What he is doing just doesn’t have an easy or well fitting answer.
    Any ideas?


  103. Swanny River,
    You are right that the photo atop this post is an ugly defacing of the image of God. I will do my best to get a new post up soon, I meant to do it this last weekend, but I failed. I’m training folks at work again, which means I have no free time there. My work laid off all the transferred people I had previously trained, and has transferred in more people for me to train, who might also be laid off shortly after I get them trained.
    I’m stressed by burdensome court paperwork which has been loaded upon me even though “No Fault” was given as to why I should be so put upon. Why should I have to work my butt off just so the cunt-court can steal my sons, my property, my stuff?

    Poor Edward Kennedy. He is still commenting directly into the spam folder, although his commenting has slowed down to about one comment a day. Recently he commented that we are afflicted with pride. Then yesterday he described how we have let our divorces turn us into lowly misogynists, while he doubled down on his worship of women after his divorce, ‘cuz he’s clearly a better man. LOL And, of course, I got to read all about how wonderful it is to know his three goddesses again. LOL Never having met him, I’m still not sure what is up with him. But, according to his own words, he chose to make his own marriage into a non-sexual relationship. And he is now trying to advertise these non-sexual infatuations with other women as the holy grail of relationships. He still praises women far more than God. My Spidey-sense tells me he is sexually or intimacy inhibited, yet he fetishizes these chivalric non-sexual and subservient worshipful relationships with women. Either he/she is just a Feminist troll, or he is one poor White-Knight whose life is entangled in a very unique dysfunction. He seems to feel that these three women are unreachably high above him, and that to claim to be equal to them or even superior, could only be a tremendous prideful arrogance. So basically he is teaching the opposite of what I am, that all men were created unreachably superior to all earthly women, and that it is usurping and arrogant for women to pretend they are equal to men. And so it isn’t surprising that he found his way here, to the tip of the patriarchy’s spear.(not a sexual innuendo. LOL)

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  104. But, according to his own words, he chose to make his own marriage into a non-sexual relationship.

    So he metaphorically turned himself into a eunuch while married? That might have worked for Mahatma Gandhi, but never for any other man.

    Methinks Edward has some VERY serious issues that aren’t being addressed. A pity that he has chosen to antagonize this corner of the Internet because it’s probably the only one that has any chance of helping him out of the Hell he’s trapped himself in. The “church” certainly isn’t any help, nor is anyone in the secular world.

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  105. While the nation and international onlookers fret and wonder over the election and its fraudulence, the gynarchy quietly — and with gleeful approval of conservatives and Christians! — grows comfortable in the saddle. A queen fit to ride the beast:

    These gutless Christians that think they’re gonna get raptured, so they can bring their masonic doctrines and glorious feminist rebellion into heaven, are in for a systems update. They will stay here and suffer in the world they demanded.

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  106. Over at Pushing Rubber, you make the assertion that the Bride of Christ is different than the Body of Christ. Is that how you put it?
    Intriguing idea, but what came to my mind in response was that Peter had already been washed and only needed his feet rinsed. He was yet to deny Christ. And the whole idea of sanctification makes it hard to draw a line between a body and a bride. It’s almost as if there were 3 sets of people, instead of two, blessed and cursed, but now there is something called the Body. Do they get to go to purgatory to clean up the rest of the way? (Pulling your chain with that last question).

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  107. I also left this comment over at Σ Frame:
    Jesus Christ(the last Adam) is the head, and the church is the carnal body of Christ. But like with the first Adam, the rib(the remnant) is taken out of that body to be made “the Bride of Christ”. The church, which is the body of Christ, is not going to be the Bride of Christ. The bride is a small remnant separated out from the body of Christ, the last Adam, and made into his bride. Gary Naler said the Spirit revealed that to him.

    The rest of the church, except for that tiny remnant, has gone whoring after the world. It seems to make much more sense, than what the whore churches teach. The pieces fit together better when you realize the Bride of Christ is not the whole Body of Christ, but will be formed from a small remnant, or rib, separated out of Christ’s body. Christ doesn’t marry his own body, but a bride God makes from a remnant, like how Eve was made from Adam’s rib.

    Swanny River,
    Gary Naler also seems to talk about three sets of people as you mentioned. A first church which was true and pure, but was ended when Steven was martyred and that church was then dispersed, secondly the churches ever since then, and thirdly the latter small remnant which is drawn out of the side of that larger body of Christ. Sort of like how ray talks about the small church of Philadelphia as that remnant. Those few members of the church of Philadelphia down through the ages will soon be resurrected on the earth and then we will be caught up together with them in the clouds. I’m still figuring it out. But what I do know by experience is that our existing churches can’t be trusted to interpret the Bible without bias and deception.

    I have also found that a certain few people have been shown things by God’s Spirit, and that even though those things may seem new and novel, they fit better with what I read in the scriptures. Perhaps ray can help to clear some of this up. Ray is one of those people, who seems to have access to knowledge that is not taught in today’s churches, and yet, it has always lined up with the Bible and some other predominantly reliable ancient historical writings.


  108. ‘Ray is one of those people, who seems to have access to knowledge that is not taught in today’s churches, and yet, it has always lined up with the Bible and some other predominantly reliable ancient historical writings.’

    Understanding spiritual things is a gift given by God. It should be acknowledged but not attached too personally, because the source of wisdom comes from outside us. Solomon asked Jehovah for wisdom, or spiritual discernment, and that pleased God. Partly because Solly didn’t ask for some stoopid earthly thing, and partly because by asking, he acknowledged that the source of all such understanding is God.

    ‘Sort of like how ray talks about the small church of Philadelphia as that remnant. Those few members of the church of Philadelphia down through the ages will soon be resurrected on the earth and then we will be caught up together with them in the clouds.’

    All of Philadelphia will be raptured, because they were addressed and promised specifically in connection with harpazo by the Lord, and because no fault of them (collectively as a sub-church) was mentioned by Christ when dictating to Patmos John. That is, He set no conditions for correction, which He would have done were some members not qualified for harpazo, as with five of the other seven sub-churches.

    That does not mean the individual members of Philadelphia are without fault and sin — obviously not. It means due partly to their effort and perseverance on Earth, He chooses to overlook their sins at the hour of the snatch-away outta satan’s hand.

    Members of Philadelphia through history will not be resurrected on Earth, they will pass from the grave, or the unfulfilled spiritual condition, directly to the King when he calls. Philadelphians alive at harpazo will be taken directly from the earthly state to the King’s side, into a portion of the heavens.

    I believe (very) select members of the other six sub-churches also will go up in the first-taking at harpazo, based on ancillary passages in Scripture. Their entire congregations however will not go up, as many modern Christians assume. Otherwise the Lord would not have bothered to address Philadelphia and the other six sub-churches individually, with counsel and promise and threat specific to each. He’d have just made one statement that covered everybody.

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  109. Ray’s explanation makes sense because if I understand it correctly, it still says there are two sets of people and is only making a distinction among the saved. Similar to how some folks will have greater rewards in Heaven then others.

    I was reading Genesis 5 this morning and don’t recall what you said about verse 2. I like the explanation of Genesis 1:27, but I don’t remember about 5:2 and it does seem to be at odds with it. Was there a particular post you covered it?

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  110. Swanny River,
    I believe I may have presented Gary Naler’s beliefs incorrectly. I think he considers the first and last groups to be two parts of a faithful church, a “first rain and latter rain” and that these two halves of one thing are split by another group for most of two millennium. So perhaps you could see it as two sets of people, the faithful and the unfaithful, and the faithful group are split into two sections a first section and a last section.

    I have never made a devoted post about Genesis 5, but I have referenced it in a few comments. I have mentioned before that the original Hebrew does not have punctuation, and that Genesis 1:27 is a three line, or three complete sentence, poem.
    Genesis 1:27
    So God created man in His own image.
    In the image of God created He him.
    Male and female created He them.

    God first explains that He created Adam in his image, forward and then backwards, and then God contrasts that by saying that He only created “them” (which is not the word “Adam” in Hebrew) while contrastingly leaving off any mention of that creation being done in the image of God when referencing both male and Female combined. The male and female were not created in a combined event, but in two separate creation events, so their combined creation is a summarizing statement of two separate events, and those two separate creations when combined are never said to have been in the image of God. Reading that verse(Genesis 1:27) is when it first dawned on me, that God, the author, went to great lengths to never say that the woman, Eve, or both male and female, were created in the image or likeness of God, while saying numerous times that Adam was created in God’s image and likeness.

    Some English speaking folks insist on saying that line three of the poem given in Genesis 1:27 is not part of a separate sentence, but that it has to be referring, the male and female that were only said to be created, back to the statements about the man being created in the image of God. They do that partly because that is how it seems in their English translations, and they would have to give up all of Feminism if God clearly made men superior, in the image of the Most High God, to be reverenced and obeyed by women who are created for men, to be men’s help.

    So it is really telling that when an extremely similar restatement of the poem is again given in Genesis 5:1-2, they separate the verses right where the Feminists insist there is no separation, and right where I said there should be one. “Male and female created he them” is part of a whole new Bible verse, like I have taught that it could be divided and that the thoughts should be divided for better clarity in English. There is no need to keep the poem’s separate sentences all joined together like it were all one longer sentence, since we already lose most of the poetic aspects of that Hebrew text when translating it into English.

    Genesis 5:1(KJV) This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;
    2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
    3 And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth:
    4 And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:
    5 And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.

    Now again the Bible backs me up that when only referring to Seth, Adam’s son, Seth is referred to as being “in his(Adam’s) own likeness, and after his image”, making clear that the image and likeness of God transferred from father to son, like it did from Father God to Adam who was a son of God.(Luke 3:38) And again when both the sons and daughters are mentioned, the likeness and image are not mentioned because the combined group of both male and female are not in the father’s image. The daughters take after their mother’s image and likeness.

    The King James Bible almost always gets the gender of gendered words correct, and if you check it you will never find the likeness or image of God said to be upon any living earthly woman. While it tells of men and Jesus Christ(a male) being the image and likeness of God in multiple places.

    Now any Feminist is going to try to exploit the fact that in Genesis 5:2 all people, male and female are called or named after “Adam” the man, the father of mankind. Adam can mean: man or mankind, the first man, or ruddy(like clay). So also in English, the word “man” can refer to an individual male, all males, or even all humans. But “Adam”/”man” never refers to Eve individually, any individual woman, or womankind. “Adam”/”Man” only refers to women when they are lumped in with all men. That is a patriarchal colloquialism that God started, whereby we are called after our father, just like how my wife and kids all share my family name. If God had wanted to make clear that Eve was in the image of God, he could have said that Eve, or the woman, was in the image of God but he clearly didn’t. The fact that all are called by the man’s Hebrew name “Adam”, is an honorary naming, that only goes to show that the man was created superior, and was the one by whom the others would want to be known by association. Just like today, wives and kids take on the man’s name, because he is the superior one, and it is an honor to be associated with your husband or father by name. Again I will mention that if both were equally made in the matchless image of God, the man would not be superior, but they would be equal. However only the man was made in God’s image and that is why it is such an honor for all to be called after his name, even to this day.
    And the believers of the church of Philadelphia(part of the bride of Christ) will be honored by being named after God and Christ: Revelation 3:12b I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.
    I’m looking forward to that new family name! What an honor it will be.

    So, in review: “Adam” meaning “man” was the first man’s name which became the family name of all people, we are now all collectively known as “man” or “mankind” in English, which is the translation of the Hebrew name or word “Adam”. That does not negate all the rest of what God clearly told us, just because God honored us all by calling us “Adam-kind”, however some folks, on the side of evil, will always try to negate the truth by whatever means they can. For further clarification see 1 Corinthians 11:7.

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  111. Gary Naler also points out that when God counts people He usually only counts the men.
    For example:
    Matthew 14:21 And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children.
    Matthew 15:38 And they that did eat were four thousand men, beside women and children.
    Exodus 12:37 And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot that were men, beside children. 38 And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle.
    There are far too many examples to give them all.
    While God certainly can and does count others, like in Jonah 4:11, He usually counts groups by the number of men present, and sometimes indicates there was also a multitude beside them. I think even God’s method of counting us has implications, as to God’s patriarchal priorities, that we may not have realized.

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  112. In my slow reading of Genesis, today I was in Chapters 9 and 10. Verse 9:6 took me by surprise. It ties the image of God with capital punishment and so it would seem to apply to men and women. I have not read the early father’s writings, but do you know, or remember, what they said about it?

    “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

    Bible Hub says the word for man is Adam in each of the three cases. The commentaries I looked at are all silent about it, in regards to women. But it would seem to include women to me because that verse should be applicable to abortion also.


  113. Swanny River,
    Regarding my disputing with Dominic “Bnonn” Tennant about men, and not women, being the image of God, the point you just brought up, from Genesis 9 about murder and the image of God, was probably what I thought was his toughest contrary argument, of all the ones he brought up.

    Here is part of how I responded to him:
    Just because murdering a man is a capital crime for murdering the image of God, does not mean that murdering a woman can’t also be a capital crime for some other reason. It would seem to make for less confusion. The murderer says “I’m innocent, I thought the dude was a chick. He fought like a girl! And it was dark.” Making all murder a capital offense also might teach men to respect women as joint heirs of the grace of God.
    A logical conclusion is one that must be, because of the “givens”.

    Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them …
    Genesis 9:5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man. 6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

    The text is referring to Noah and his son’s, and of course “Adam”/”man”. Notice again all mention of Noah’s wife and daughters in law are left out of this section. I definitely understand the question that arises, but I believe the text means what it says, and that murdering women is forbidden elsewhere and for other reasons. Also the early churches scholarly fathers some of whom were directly taught by the apostles, had no problem reconciling those views together in their minds as I also do.
    Here are a few popular Quotes from one:

    So clearly Tertullian was opposed to Abortion as murder, yet he also believed, like the other Apostolic and Patristic age church fathers, that “Adam”/”man” was made in the image of God, yet not Eve the defiler.


  114. Thank you for the explanation. I’m still working it through, but this verse gives me the biggest pause because Thou Shall Not Murder applies in the OT to mankind, and I think so in the NT too. So it seems the plain reading is, dont murder Adam/mankind. And woman is a kind- of man. And it concludes by saying mankind/ruddy is in the image of God.
    I’ll need to do some word search, because I think God would have used a word for males-only for Adam/men, instead of using mankind. Wasn’t “male” available, and distinct from mankind, such as when God created the animals?


  115. Everything- EVERYTHING- in the OT is valid. The NT does not SUPERSEDE, but REINFORCE (said otherwise: FULFILLS) what is stated in the OT. The Law IS God, and GOD. DOES. NOT. CHANGE. Mi 3:6. Jn 1:1. Mt 5:17-18.

    I will not explore in detail here the difference between murder and killing. Killing is general for the taking of life, of which murder is the unauthorized (as defined by our Creator- not governments) taking of life in its various forms. (In many cases, killing is COMMANDED by God- and we will be held accountable for failing to uphold these commandments as our first father- Adam- did: the strike in the garden being cowardice).

    Women are protected against being murdered (not simply killed) not that they are the image of God or man, but very plainly because they are part of the body that is a man. They are- in every possible interpretation- one flesh. Ep 5:29 is where her protections are asserted: she is under a man’s authority, and this contract appoints her physical, bodily protection. She is a living part of his flesh, and is to be physically nourished and cherished (by him- and by extension other men AS A MAN WOULD DO ANOTHER). You will see how this interpretation melds perfectly with the line where covetousness is defined in the Great Ten commandments. Ex 20:17.

    This is both from where the social contract stems, and the line that chivalry and our Sir Thomas Malory reincarnations cross and take too far by making the woman the focus of respect, in lieu of the man.

    Remember God’s paradigm, men: you are the focus of His Creation. Lineage is defined by fathers to sons. Responsibility and leadership within this Dominion fall to man. The problems of this world come from a broken lineage, and the restoration of God’s Creation to His Intention is synonomous with restoring sons to fathers. The Book of Malachi is fulfilled during the enactment of the Book of Revelation.
    The whole of the Bible is focused on us as caretakers, owners, masters of this Creation and all that is in it. Woman- by her purpose served- is to be a helper to a man on this mission, the main effort of which is to project a man into the future as the Divine-intended stop-gap against a man’s mortality from the Fall via the yielding of sons. She is both the source of man’s fall, but also his earthly solution against the repercussion thereof. Do not ascribe a purpose less, nor a focus more, to her. This false paradigm that focuses on the woman is what has yielded Women’s Suffering, Violence against Women Acting, and the Delusion Model.

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  119. ”I personally can’t ever remember seeing a tattoo or piercing that I ever thought made the “voluntary-victim” look better.”

    I have more info on phsyical&spiritual piercings!
    Namely women being peirced through the anus&becoming even more defiling of innocent men with the full blessing of evil
    Churchian-feminzians&foolish churchian parents,these women are then sold to men as ”well she is used but if you listen to our goddess-worshipping tomfoolery all will be well&heres some evo-psyche churchanity monkey-dances that you can do to keep the con-game played on men going&the assholery of neocons,defilers,churchian-feminazians,garden-variety feminists&the fed non-reserve bellies&anuses fed with debauchery&desouling of civilization”
    WOE to all the fools who condemn innocent&godly men to slavery of women’s gina&butt tinglez of depraved lusts!
    BUT MOSES&JESUS says all they that don’t exalt civilization but instead their lusts will get their full reward with the other wicked that have gone before them into the pits!

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